1. Vandy just mauled WF tonight. Total domination from the opening tip.

    WF deserves a Purple Heart. Their valor spared us the prime-time humiliation.

  2. I realized today that I’ve become a disaster-porn addict.

    My better-half says she prefers that to an actual porn addict.

    But, being an Indiana alum and sports fan, it’s been like a round-the-clock, round-the-calender disaster-porn amateur swinger fest.

    Remember Glass predicting a golden-age for Indiana University athletics? Ouch.

  3. I couldn’t do it. I caught a few minutes midway through the first half and I couldn’t watch anymore.

    In all fairness I’d seen it all before.

  4. No article about the women winning on the road last night? If you couldn’t send anybody up there, why not just listen to it on the radio and then write an article about it, how hard could this be? Just wondering??

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