Tennessee State at IU women

Indiana wins comfortably to open play in the Preseason WNIT and will host the Chattanooga-McNeese State winner on Tuesday. Tyra Buss with 21 points and eight assists, Amanda Cahill 17 points and eight rebounds, Tyshee Towner with 18 points and six rebounds, and Alexis Gassion with 12 points and eight rebounds. IU commits 19 turnovers and gives up 23 offensive rebounds, but those are the only negatives in this one. HOOSIERS 88, TIGERS 56

Indiana built the lead quickly to 45 points before a 17-0 run by Tennessee State reduced the margin to a respectable 28. Hoosiers finished the quarter on a 6-0 run. Towner with 18 points, Cahill 17 and Buss 14 with 8 assists. HOOSIERS 70, TIGERS 36

Indiana just further blows this game open with a 22-3 run in the second quarter, holding Tennessee State scoreless for five minutes. Amanda Cahill with 12 points, Tyshee Towner 11 and Alexis Gassion 10. Tyra Buss had eight points (8-10 FTs) and five assists. HOOSIERS 50, TIGERS 14

It took Indiana less than four minutes to reach the bonus, as the Hoosiers sprinted to a 9-2 lead out of the gate against Tennessee State. Things settled down for a bit as the lead was cut to 11-7, but a 13-0 run to end the frame gave IU full control. Tyra Buss, Amanda Cahill, Lyndsay Leikem and Tyshee Towner each with five points to lead a balanced attack. HOOSIERS 24, TIGERS 7


  1. There are NO easy wins! Win every game that you can. Score as many points as you can. Hold your opponent to as few points as you can. Stay hungry and aggressive. You Lady Hoosiers are off to a fine start. Never take your foot off of the gas. Have a great year!

  2. The ladies are off to a great start , keep running and wearing teams down. Next game will most likely be Chattanooga, ranked # 25. A much tougher opponent and most likely on the road. IU ladies show em who you are.

  3. I agree the most likely opponent is Chattanooga, but the game is already scheduled to be here Tuesday night at 7:00.
    Can’t wait to see the IU women take on a quality team.

  4. Nice win for our first game of the year. Tennessee St. was relatively athletic but, not a real good team. Very good balance for our Hoosiers with 4 players in double figures and one other player 1 point away. We scored 33 baskets with 22 of them being assisted which is very good. Buss lead the team with 8 assists. Cahill and Gassion followed with 4 a piece. We shot 53 % from the floor which is outstanding to say the least. One thing that really stood out was the defensive pressure by both Towner and Buss at the guard position. Their combined defensive pressure was quite impressive on the Tennessee guards as they tried to bring the ball up court and tried to run their offense. Among 4 of Tennessee’s guards there were 16 turn overs many of which were caused by Buss and Towner’s pressure. BTW, Buss also had 6 steals in the game. It should be noted that if IU plays Chattanooga in their next game, it will be a huge test. They are coached by Jim Foster who was Ohio St’s coach 3 years ago. He is a terrific coach and they are a really good team! Good to see Jess Walter out there warming up, hope she is able to go Tuesday night, we may really need her. Go Hoosiers!!

  5. MikeC–Even though my wife and I go to the home games, I enjoy reading your posts about the games. The defense played an “up in your face” style with strong pressure on whomever was bring the ball up court. The offense show very good movement with the ball and did a good job finding the open woman. Last years freshman showed tremendous improvement by becoming this years sophomores.

    One item that you did not cover: This is the second game in a row where the popcorn was way too salty.

  6. Moren probably saw something on tape about their point guards not handling pressure real well and came up with a great game plan. Scouting like that can be the difference in the game and as long as the ladies execute they will be successful.

  7. vgBMG, well, the reason I didn’t mention the salty popcorn is because I very rarely eat at the game. I always stop on my way to Bloomington to eat. About the defensive pressure, coach Moren stated last year that she hoped to be able to pressure the ball more aggressively in the future when she had the type of athletic players that she needed in order to do that. Well, Towner is the type of player that enables us to apply the type of pressure that the coach wants. Her athletic ability along with Buss gives us a chance to apply said pressure! I would assume that Tia Elbert (transfer from Marquette) is also that type of athletic guard that we need to continue this type of pressure next year when she is eligible. Also, Ria Gulley who signed this week to come to IU next year is a very quick athletic guard a lot like Buss who will give us even more athleticism to play the type of defense that coach Moren envisions. I recently watched a couple of videos of Gulley playing AAU ball this past summer and she is very impressive! Coach Moren is a defensive coach and it is starting to show early this season in the way we are playing. Assuming we play Chattanooga Tuesday night, we will learn much more about this team, they are very well coached and have been a mid-major power for years. Really looking forward to that. Coach Moren and her staff have done a great job of recruiting so far and I see no reason for that to stop. Go Hoosiers!

  8. I watched Chattanooga play Mcneese state. The Mocs best player is 6’2″ Jasmine Joyner, state did not apply the pressure on the ball as IU will do. I see no reason why IU cant compete with the Mocs. Too bad IU cant get any fans in the stands for this years improving IU ladies team. Looking forward to the game.

  9. Just got thru watching chattanooga beat butler buldogs 60-49. One other item of interest is that the Mocs are ranked #2 in the mid-majors. They could move up from # 25 ncaa polls after the recent win over butler on sunday.

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