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By the numbers
3 Hoosiers who are shooting better than 50 percent from 3-point range while appearing in all six games this season. Nick Zeisloft leads the way at 60.7 percent (17-of-28), followed by Max Bielfeldt (5-of-9) and Robert Johnson (9-of-18).
6 Place Indiana finished at the Maui Invitational seven years after finishing seventh. The Hoosiers’ lone Maui championship came in 2002, with a 70-63 win over Virginia in the title game as Bracey Wright won MVP honors.
7 Less rebounds per game for the Hoosiers during their three games in Maui than during the first three games of the season at Assembly Hall. IU was outrebounded by an average of 36.6 to 34.3 in the past three games.

Turnover prone
Indiana’s turnover woes, which came to the forefront while going 1-2 in three games at the Maui Invitational, are just as bad statistically as they appeared to be during the games.

Thursday’s statistics had the Hoosiers ranked 337th in Division I at 17.5 turnovers per game. There are only 346 official Division I teams. Five more teams are in the process of transitioning to Division I status, but all of them commit less turnovers than the Hoosiers, meaning their inclusion would have IU ranked 342nd out of 351 teams.

Indiana is forcing 15.5 turnovers per game, so the news is slightly better in turnover margin where the Hoosiers are tied for 259th with, among other teams, Purdue.

And the ranking bumps up to 172nd in assist to turnover ratio, which shows the Hoosiers are sharing the ball with each other as well as with the opposing team.

Yogi tracker
Senior guard Yogi Ferrell continues to climb the all-time charts at Indiana. Ferrell passed Walt Bellamy (1,441) and D.J. White (1,447) to move into 17th on the IU all-time scoring list while in Maui. Ferrell now has 1,471 points and next up in 16th is Bracey Wright at 1,498.

With nine assists against UNLV on Wednesday, Ferrell moved past the duo of Damon Bailey and Jamal Meeks into fourth alone on the all-time assists list. He is now just 20 shy of Tom Coverdale in third.

Ferrell is averaging a career-best seven assists through the first six games, well ahead of his 4.9 assist per game average last year.

Recruit watch

De’Ron Davis, 6-9, F, Aurora, Col., 2016: Opens the season on Tuesday.
Grant Gelon, 6-5, G, Crown Point, 2016: Scored 15 points on 5-of-15 shooting in a 71-64 loss to Lafayette Jeff in the season opener Wednesday.
Curtis Jones, 6-4, G, Highland Springs, Va. (Huntington Prep), 2016: Named MVP at The Grind Session in Houston with 33 points, five assists and three rebounds in an 84-69 win over Victory Prep last Friday. Added 21 points and 10 assists in 79-68 win over Planet Athlete last Saturday.
Al Durham, 6-4, G, Lilburn, Ga., 2017: Posted 15 points and three assists in season-opening 65-55 loss to Heritage at the Courtcred Run & Shoot Classic.

Darby Foresman, 6-3, F, Heritage Christian, 2016:
Had 18 points last week in an 80-33 win over Columbus East and scored four points in a 92-47 win over Fort Wayne Bishop Leurs last Saturday.
Ria Gulley, 5-9, G, San Antonio, Texas, 2016: Her Clark High School team is already 14-0 and ranked No. 14 in Class 6A, but no stats available.
Bre Wickware, 6-1, F, Denton, Texas, 2016: Scored 16 points in Guyer’s 65-50 loss to Irving MacArthur on Tuesday, nine points in 44-39 win over Coppell last Friday and 13 points in 68-51 win over Dallas Lincoln in last week’s opener.
Bailey Broadnax, 6-0, F, Crowley, Texas (Hill Junior College), 2016: Delivered 12 points and nine rebounds in a 64-50 win over Howard last Saturday. Is averaging 12.6 points and 7.7 rebounds through the season’s first nine games.
Alexis Johnson, 6-1, F, Houston, Texas, 2017: No stats available.
Linsey Marchese, 6-4, C, Lawrenceville, Ga., 2017: Posted 12 points and six rebounds in Archer’s season-opening 61-46 win over Mountainview.
Bree Boles, 6-3, F, Lapel, 2018: Set the pace with 37 points, 13 rebounds and six assists in a 78-66 win over Cambridge City last Friday, then had 26 points and six rebounds in a 67-41 win over Alexandria-Monroe Wednesday.


  1. Goofy season so far. Wichita St just got beat by USC. Teams that should win aren’t. Probably the norm in college bball at this point.

  2. Really. That is your comment. WSU’s best player was injured by the way. I guess if that is what you want to use to rationalize it. Good luck with that.

  3. Must be new here. You realize your comments don’t necessarily have to have anything to do with the article you are commenting on? For example, look at about 80-90% of what Harvard writes in these comment sections. Heck, he got in trouble for ripping on Crean the entire football season. Also, it has been a goofy bball season. Your #1 team goes down about 3 games into the season, Wisconsin while probably overrated got beat early and at home, Arizona barely gets by a winless Santa Clara team last night, despite missing their best player Wichita St should have beat a bad USC team, and Duke hasn’t necessarily looked like the world beaters everyone thought they were. So yes, that is my comment and I am sticking to it. Good teams lose games they shouldn’t on a regular basis. It is just the way college basketball is today.

  4. As frustrating as IUBB has been so far, there is a point to the goofy bball season so far. We have known for years that parody in men’s basketball has been on the rise. Far easier to recruit 5 players that on any given night could pose troubles for a higher caliber school than to recruit 22 and the backups needed, in a sport much more likely to produce significant amounts of attrition due to injuries.

  5. Jeremy, thank you for the recruit update. I hope you keep posting this every week. It’s always nice to know how our future Hoosiers are doing.

  6. Also forgot the Notre Dame loss to Monmouth yesterday. ND looked out of sorts the whole game. Never really felt they were going to turn it around and pull that game out. Monmouth just kept hanging around all day. Another goofy loss by a pretty good team. Not sure if they can give UK any competition in the SEC but Texas A&M looked very good beating a really good top 10 Gonzaga team. These preseason tourneys have produced some good games. Also hate to say it but Purdue looks really good this year.

  7. iuhoosier- I’ve made that point in the past, and it seems like for every Hoosier loss in fb or bb, someone will come on every week and say “such and such favored program alsolost or barely beat a Division III-AA team,” as a way to make us all feel better. We shouldn’t forget, however, that for every given week, while 2-3 ranked or favored teams may go down to lower opponents, there are dozens of other favored teams doing their job and putting the weaker teams away.

    The problem is that with Iniana, we seem to always be amongst the former, not the latter.

  8. no… the problem is that the REASONS that the Hoosiers continue to do this year after year are the same – poor defensive habits and lack of valuing the ball on offense. Every team is going to throw out stinkers every year. It could be a bad shooting night, or maybe some TO’s, or maybe they fail to contain a hot player… But IU loses when they shoot over 50% from 3-pt range, have more assists, and more steals than the other team… Because they do the same stupid sh*t they do every year… poor close-outs, poor box outs, and unforced TO’s…

    The players change, but the theme stays the same… It’s Crean.

  9. Hoosier1992. Thanks for justifying your comment like 5 times. It just sounds like loser speak (everyone gets a trophy-yea). I don’t think WSU or Notre Dame coaches make excuses and their teams will get better. We will get the chance to see ND. I guess I should have said it like Seahawk Tom.

    With that kind of attitude, how would anyone get better. Have you watched this team over the last 8 years? Maybe you are ok with it. I’m not.

  10. Actually Seashawk, I have taken a vow to not talk about the Hoosiers until I see better coaching and play. So I will talk about other goings on in college basketball. For example, if I would have told you that prior to the Alantis 4 tourney that UCONN and Gonzaga would be playing for the 3rd place you would have laughed at me. This isn’t to make anyone feel better about IU. I am just reflecting on the state of college basketball in this early season. This should make the conference part of the season fun.

  11. Either IU BB is elite, excellent, above average, average/satisfactory, below average, or unsatisfactory program. Coaching not good. Everyone seems to think players are better than what they really are. IU program is average in college basketball and big ten. IU bb is below average and really unsatisfactory by old IU bb standards or norms.

  12. Lou Watson? Wow….either you are simply looking at stats or you are an old-time Hoosier fan.

    Did you see Jimmy Rayl play in person?

  13. Hey ROCK!!! I saw Rayl play BEFORE he got to Bloomington ( Kokomo HS)…The Defense Deficiency lies strictly on CREAN. He talks “young team” but JBJ and Johnson are Soph’s and been working on “weak points since the Summer before they entered IU, and TW was a Freshman. He has Ferrell that’s a Senior, 2 Soph guards that’s been groomed to replace…Hartman and TW are juniors, Bifeldt and Zeisloft are 5yr Seniors that SHOULD have had “Defense 101 at least by their JR year in college and before they transferred. There 7 players with 2 or more years of Defensive Coaching that has YET to show ANY improvement in 2 years. Even Last year Crean acknowledged defense was porous…and here we are looking at a MIRRORED Image of what was LAST year being Played out again this YEAR…. 2 years and ZILCH improvement in defense play, Zilch growth in defense attitude. CTC needs to go .

  14. The Normal Dale School of Defense

    Maybe Tom Crean should watch the movie Hoosiers, especially when coach Norman Dale, at the Jasper Regionals, tells Buddy to guard his man so tight, that he needs to tell Coach Dale what flavor of chewing gum the guy was chewing. When Buddy comes back to the bench, he tells Coach Dale it was Dentyne.

    I can’t imagine Coach Crean can screw up that kind of coaching!

  15. My frustration is that we have been seeing the same thing every year. Crazy amounts of turn overs!!!! Everytime we need a stop the other team goes to a clear out and some guard drives left or right all the way to the basket for and easy lay up to win the game, It seems to me that this team has serveral players that are more interested in being highlighted on ESPN plays of the week instead of winning games and banners.

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