1. Talk is so cheap with this team. Just show improvement on the court. I am so tired of Crean. He is not a leader and he doesn’t develop leaders. I hope he takes a big sip of his Diet Coke and heads anywhere but here.

  2. Has CREAN really looked at his team??? He says not much experience in front court, but he has TW a Junior, Colin Hartman a junior, Beifeldt a 5yr transfer that played on anther Big 10 team ( so He learned Defense before coming to IU ) and is use to the competition of Big10 schools. there’s 3 yrs + of Big 10 defense “training” to dis count what Crean says about lack of experience. We ALL knew JBJ’s defense last year consisted of a cape and him saying Ole’ as they dribbled past him. Crean has Sr point guard, 2 sophs and a 5th yr transfer that’s played for 2 years. Crean has a MINIMUM of teaching defense to those listed for at Least 2 years and the team doesn’t look any better today than 2 years ago. Turn overs the same problem as 2 years ago.Indiana should beat Alcorn State with 1 hand tied behind them . Lucky for IU that’s the way they play defense.

  3. I’m trying to decide which I like less:

    A) Crean’s observations about the Coaching Profession (which he states in order to show that he’s part of it)

    B) Crean’s defensive excuses on why he’s not being effective as a Coach (which he states in order to show that it’s his players fault)

  4. All the home games in December are crean-cakes to get your win total inflated, starting with the worst college in the ranking Alcorn State and so on. The athletic department wants $42 for all the cupcakes playing in Assembly Hall in December. I am a season ticket holder and Varsity Club donor, and we need some quality teams for the fans to watch. We were told about all of the quality teams on the schedule this year (all away games), preseason talk were going to play Vandy, UCLA. OR KANSAS. Only Duke was on the schedule because the ACC and the Big Ten bought Crean’s hype on this years team. Totally a discussed I U fan. Thank God for the I U football gives us something in December to look forward to.

  5. Alcorn will be tabbed as a team that has the potential to be ranked in top 10 in the country by IU bb staff led by coach T.C…..how great they are defensively, how they can score at will, great rebounding club, unbelievably athletic, they do not beat themselves, great coaching, it will be a real test for us, and we will be blessed to win and if IU wins no inflation of win column….that significantly strengthens schedule. Just another great value for the $. regarding IU mens BB.

  6. Ranked #348 out of 351 (KenPom). Not much else to say. Except maybe any one attending this game gets
    $42.00. Their offense ranked 346, so….our defense will be elite. This is one of those ‘why are we playing them’ games with the potential of an player injury. That would be the lead statement of every post-game for the next 3 months. ‘Well we lost this game because of the early season injury to who-ever’

  7. As as long time Indiana fan it pains me to say I can no longer watch this team on tV. Too frustrating. Not worth the aggravation.

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