Where will IU bowl? Here are some options #iufb

Christmas in New York City? That’s one of the bowl possibilities for Indiana’s football team.

Bowl eligible for the first time since 2007, the Hoosiers’ final destination — and opponent — won’t be assured until next Sunday, but at least a few sites are already real possibilities for IU.

The Big Ten has a long list of bowl tie-ins, and the likelihood that up to three conference teams will be included in either the New Year’s Six bowl games or the College Football Playoff means Indiana has a good shot to land either in New York City, Santa Clara or Jacksonville/Nashville.

Of those options, the Pinstripe Bowl could be at the top of the list.

Held at Yankee Stadium on Saturday, Dec. 26, the Pinstripe Bowl will match Big Ten and ACC opponents, with IU among the early favorites to receive a bid, according to current projections at SB Nation and Campus Insiders. Those projections see Louisville and Miami, respectively, as possible opponents. Indiana athletic director Fred Glass, who echoed coach Kevin Wilson’s desire to see IU matched with a marquee Power 5 opponent, joked after Saturday’s win at Purdue that his wife enjoys taking trips to New York.

She could get her wish.

“I think a bowl game is like some other things I can mention, maybe like cold beer, there’s not any bad ones,” Glass said. “So we’ll be happy where ever we end up. And, as Kevin said, I think we’d enjoy the opportunity to play a quality opponent, an opponent with a national profile. We’ve been playing them all year and we’d like to take that show on the road a little bit.”

With a 7-5 record, Penn State is essentially on the same bowl tier as Indiana. The Nittany Lions played in last year’s Pinstripe Bowl, and it’s unlikely — if not completely impossible — that they would return for consecutive years. Adding to Indiana’s Pinstripe profile is IU’s large East Coast alumni base, especially in the New York area.

But don’t book those flights or finish those travel plans just yet.

The Foster Farms Bowl, played on Dec. 26 at Levi’s Stadium, is another possible slot for Indiana. This bowl, however, could end up with one of the league’s 5-7 teams — Nebraska, Illinois and Minnesota. With a record 41 bowl games this season, including the College Football Playoff championship game, and not enough teams with winning or 6-6 records available to fill all the slots, there will be programs with losing records selected to bowls this year. Although at least one could come from the Big Ten, it won’t affect Indiana, and should keep IU from trips to conference bowl tie-ins at Detroit or Fort Worth.

The TaxSlayer Bowl in Jacksonville hosted Iowa last season, which means — if they alternate — Nashville’s Music City Bowl could receive a Big Ten school this year. The selection process between these two bowls is a bit murky, but either of these destinations could take Penn State since the Lions aren’t expected to return to the Pinstripe Bowl.

That, of course, could lead Indiana to New York City.

The Hoosiers joked Saturday that they’d enjoy a trip to someplace warm, but after eight years’ worth of idle Decembers, Indiana is simply happy to be playing and preparing for postseason football.

“I know we’re very blessed in the Big Ten that we’re gonna have a lot of great options,” Wilson said. “We’ll gladly go anywhere. I would hope we’d get a chance to play a marquee name. … In the end, I know our administration is going to work hard, and we’re gonna do it the right way. More than anything, we want to keep going and show that we’re a good football team and represent the Big Ten — represent Indiana — the right way.”


  1. An I U and Louisville match up in the Music City Bowl would be nice for the fans of both schools and a good crowd draw for the Bowl sponsor. This would be less of a expense than going to New York and spending Christmas in New York .

  2. If IU and UofL play, it will be in NYC. The bowls have conference tie ins. They will not play in Nashville.

  3. No mention of the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth (home of TCU)? It has a Big Ten tie in this year and we’d qualify for it with 6 wins.

  4. How righteous yesterday that IUFB’s jerseys omitted the player names! When I coached pee-wee football several years ago, it was a small additional cost to have the lads’ names put on the back of their tiny jerseys. But I knew some of the boys in our neighborhood couldn’t even afford even that, so I told them we were a TEAM and that names on the jerseys would be antithetical to that concept. OK, I probably didn’t use “antithetical” (or at least I hope not), but my little speech was met with cheer and the Welles Park Panthers went on to play sans names. (We were almost sans wins, too, but that is another story.) I wonder whether KW gave a similar speech before the PU game. (If so, for sure he didn’t use “antithetical.”)

  5. Bring on New York. Who cares about the weather; with it being an El Niño year, it may be balmy anyway.

    There is a nickname for IU whereby the “U” is replaced with a short name for a religio-ethnic group that has a major population on campus and rhymes with “U”. Said religio-ethnic group has a huge presence in New York, and said group is loyal and spends money. We’d have good turnout, and the players would have a good time in the big-time atmosphere in the city.

  6. What the hell are you all talking about they’re going to a bowl game period where and who is irrelevant until next Sunday

  7. Seahawk Tom, I hope you are NOT a Hoosier! Comments like #6 have no place in this or any other blog.

    I think the location and opponent are less important than the fact that our guys and the coaching staff pulled off a great win and made our Thanksgiving weekend that much sweeter. From coming together after losing Allen to battling back after a disappointment at Rutgers, to taking OSU and Michigan to the end and more, this team has shown remarkable resilience and character. I’ve always been proud to be a Hoosier and our team has done everything to validate that feeling. Congratulations guys!

  8. iufan23: what do you mean, “comments like #6?” Please, entertain me. I can’t fathom what you are seeing there that is inappropriate. Is there anything false about the insinuation?

    If I were talking about Notre Dame playing a bowl game in Boston in front of the large Catholic population there, would you feigning outrage too?

  9. Seahawk Tom- I was raised Catholic. Your comparison with Catholics in Boston is not germane because no one uses the term Catholic as a pejorative. (Unless you have an offensive term for IU Catholics as well?) Saying, “There is a nickname for IU whereby the “U” is replaced with a short name for a religio-ethnic group”…. yeah, repulsive. Referring to “said group” instead of just our NYC Alumni also has an ugly “us” and “them” feel to it. Acting like you don’t know why your comments are offensive is also disingenuous. You ask (#9) if there is anything false about your insinuation. Not if there is anything false about YOUR COMMENT but YOUR INSINUATION. I certainly don’t want people to think that your posts are representative of me or any IU student or alumni that I know.

  10. That the poster of #6 knew his words could be inflammatory is obvious from his choice to use circumlocutions. Several questions are raised:

    1) Is it wrong to write “Jew?” I think not, and if you are reading this we may safely conclude that the Scoop powers-that-be agree.

    2) Is it wrong to site sporting events based on the perceived interest/loyalties of certain populations in a geographic area? I posit no. I presume that the Polish national soccer team schedules its US friendlies in Chicago (instead of, say, Santa Clara) because it can count on a healthy turnout from the large number of Poles and Americans of Polish descent living here. That seems pretty harmless.

    3) Is there an affinity between IU and the Jewish community in the NYC area? I have no idea about that, but I do recall a Wall Street Journal article years ago about why “so many” NYC area Jews did choose to attend IU. The article’s premise was along the lines of “why would a Jew from New York choose to attend some college where you can’t get a decent bagel.” Years later I cannot recall to what conclusion the author came, but I do recall that the piece (apparently intended to be humorous or whimsical) struck me as rather strange. (I couldn’t locate it in the WSJ online archives).

    4) If the above described affinity does in fact exist, then is it strong enough to sell an amount of tickets (a/k/a bring in enough money) to offset the perceived superior desirability of other bowl locations? Who knows (as to both clauses of the conditional)?

    5) Is it wrong to write “IJew” in place of IU? I think so, unless it is in a reasoned discussion of the term itself. Now we’ll find out what the Scoop powers-that-be think of reasonable discussions about touchy subjects. But if this isn’t what poster #6 meant, than what did he mean?

    1. Davis, et al:
      I missed the original post earlier today, and it does straddle the line of good taste. I read it to mean some people use that term to refer to that particular group — Seahawk did not want to do so, but also unnecessarily did so indirectly. The point of the draw with NYC is a fair one, the derogatory terminology is not. So do I think that term should be used in any other context besides this reasoned discussion? No. And it will not be.

      However, since the post is up, as are responses to it, I will leave them for the sake of discussion at the moment. If this takes an ugly turn, it all goes away. With good taste in mind, carry on.

  11. There’s a current joke circulating around the backrooms of the Establishment that controls NCAA investigations, brackets, East Coast expansion into the Big 10, bowl locations, etc., that Tom Crean coaches for IQ. And within the context of such backroom snickers is why they love him coming to MSG.

    The only reason I can think of anyone from the East desiring IU is because you get the hottest blonds for the cheapest buck a degree….along with relatively easy admission when the parents kick in some Trump change.

  12. So, I googled bowl lineup predictions and went to one of the first hits. After reading them perhaps my biggest relief was that the bowl predicted for the Hoosiers didn’t have an embarrassing name.

    “Welcome to the Immodium Stop Diarrhea Bowl”.

    Dear God. Can that possibly help in recruiting? The consensus I read has us in the Pinstripe Bowl vs. Pitt.

    I look OK in pinstripes…I guess.

  13. “Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl”

    Wasn’t that in ‘Starship Troopers’ or ‘Rollerball’?

    I believe they played to the death.

  14. For what it’s worth, I’m just going to say that Seahawk Tom is a longtime blogging friend of mine. Back in the days of IDS Basketblog(over 8 years ago)is when I stumbled upon a tremendous writer and compassionate ear.. Any implications that he is some sort of small-minded man that categorizes people as a means to discriminate or belittle are simply the furthest thing from what I know to be his heart.
    He was making a commentary on those that make such comments…He was being no different than a comic that pushes the envelope(have any of you ever heard of Bill Maher)?
    If there is any honor to be found in this world, I shall be comfortable in knowing that Seahawk/Husky Tom is a good soul. There is a real growing virus of arrogance on this site. To be a fly on the living room wall of many on here that take such stances of perfection and assessment of every foundation of character but their own, would be a truth to ugliness far exceeding the worst day of the chosen accused.

    The Devil himself is likely a very fine human being. Please step down from your arrogance plateau and tame your tongues. Bllomington has plenty of history and plenty of current bigots that most of you paint as Mary Poppins..

  15. What’s the hubbub? Tom and Davis I cannot understand 1 iota in your posts. Must need to be touchy feely sort, right JP? Otherwise it is way over my head. I do know 1 thing I’d rather go to the Motor City for a bowl game than NYC.

  16. As I mentioned before I’ve been in NYC on December 26th. That’s a mistake I won’t repeat.

    How does one find a hotel room in NYC during the holidays on three weeks notice?

  17. Harvard for Hillbillies tells us: “you get the hottest blonds for the cheapest buck a degree” and a relatively easy admission……….””there is a growing virus of arrogance on this site……that many on this site take such stances of perfection of every foundation of character but their own”

    I assume that he does not consider himself among those with this virus nor one to take those stances. He is permitted to express views just like everyone else who post on this forum as it should be. So I direct this question to him: Do those who by stating a another belief offend your sense of what should be permitted and what constitutes arrogance. I have a degree from this fine university as do two of my three sons, one of them with a second degree in medicine. I have three grandchildren enrolled at IU including one in graduate school and my association with IU is a source of pride for me. It is for those reasons that you offend me, H4H, with your frequent negative and often personal disrespect regarding the University, even when I do not necessarily disagree with your point. But I do not accuse you of arrogance nor fail to respect your right to express a different view, choosing instead to take a critical view of what I consider only poor manners and choice of words.

    Perhaps you need to take a closer look at the purpose of this forum

  18. H4H- old codgers in a coffee shop can say things that will make someone wince and roll their eyes. Post those same comments on a blog and those posts become much more offensive. The reason is the lack of context. No one reading online knows that its just a bunch of harmless old codgers making the comments. What if you are Zander Diamont’s family and you read Seahawk Tom’s comments? How would you then feel about sending your Jewish son half way across the country to go to IU? This coffee shop can have a pretty big reach.

  19. Walker-

    i don’t think the arrogance I’m hearing on this site is rooted in a belief. I really don’t care what anyone believes(in terms of faith doctrines). My interpretation of the arrogance on this site is an attempt to boast continually about your own lot in life. Nothing at all wrong with being proud of IU and proud of your work at the fine institution to achieve those dreams.
    i do realize that I push the envelope and that may offend some people. I have many flaws. I’ve always seen IU to be a place with open arms to all. I don’t like it when figureheads of this institution push a particular belief doctrine to the point of posturing IU, or any branch thereof(e.g. athletics), as more loving and accepting to that particular sect/belief than any other.

    I do think IU is a place that can offer a world of diversity. I hope it always strives to stay that way. I hope one day we don’t belittle inner city kids that fail in the classroom when recruited by our coaches and leaders. But there are too many factors in life overlooked to blame someone or some group for “wrecking” an institution’s image. All of us don’t have loving and secure homes that instilled the necessary tools to succeed. And that’s where I have problems with a certain form of arrogance that constructs these failures of others while selling a faith in a sentence/statement/ public declaration immediately after such labels aimed at those that did not do things perfectly at IU(e.g. you degenerates under Kelvin wrecked our program…I proclaim myself to be a standout Christian).

    But I am a sucker for political incorrectness. I think we need to offend some very extreme beliefs. I think we need to dumb them down a bit. The world is a far too serious place and extreme beliefs lead to extreme violence and divides. None of us have the answers to what is in store for us after these mortal days. Life should be cherished.

    The only truly inferior class of people in this world are those that cheer for that bait and tackle shop down in Lexington. Other than that, we’re all relatively equal.

    To conclude, I may not be a fan of Tom Crean, but I still love the ideals of Indiana. From what I know of Seahawk Tom, he is a man that would have the back of any decent person that strives for those same ideals ; a public university striving to educate and make the playing field more even for all. Maybe there’s some arrogance as in all of us, but never to run people away or blame any man already inherently flawed in our imperfect evolution.

  20. Oh, and I still think Bloomington has very intelligent and attractive coeds….Attractive(hot) is a relative term, of course. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…The greatest sex appeal for this old codger is a uniqueness underneath the facade.

    And in terms of what some institutions(especially private schools) are demanding in dollars for a college education that can never guarantee ultimate dreams, I do believe IU to be a very attractive choice. It doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. My own child wanted nothing to do with IU. I’m glad, even with all the debt incurred that will follow my wife and I to grave, that she was able to go where her dreams called.

  21. Hey Clarion, I just saw that the NCAA voted on the proposal you referred to which would allow 5-7 teams to play in bowl games due to the shortage of eligible teams under the current formula. There are currently 75 teams at or above .500 going into this weekend and 40 bowl gsmes. Apparently, eligibility for these teams would be based on their APR.

    Currently, Nebraska has the highest APR of the 5-7 teams.

  22. Chet- what does annual percentage rate have to do with it? I agree that Nebraska might draw the highest interest of any 5-7 team, but I don’t think that’s the interest you mean by APR.

  23. davis,
    Good question. I don’t know what APR has to do with it either. I’m assuming you really know what academic progress rate is about.

    My guess is they wanted to sound altruistic while, at the same time, they are letting below average football teams into bowl games.

  24. It’s my understanding that plans are in the works for a “There is Nothing Credi-Bowl about College Football Bowl.” This bowl will be played at Border’s Bookstores Commode Arena in Duluth, Minnesota and will allow the worst four teams(determined by an expert panel consisting of judges from Bloomington, Indiana) to play three games for the all the worst marbles…..

  25. Chet I have kept my ear turned in that direction. I am the last 1 to want to stymie competition in collegiate FB but does anyone who controls the existence of bowls think 40 is maybe 4 too many. Honest to gosh culminating an exciting season with 2 games of FB a day for 18 days would be quite a rush. Although maybe it could work in reverse in years for some .500 teams(IU) to be left out.

  26. Chet- Didn’t really think that it referred to interest rates, but I did not know what it meant in this context. But now that I know, I like it! (Although UN is still not an American Association of Universities member.)

  27. HC: Yeah, who does “control” bowl games, indeed? I don’t know the answer to that one, but I do know that you and I are subsidizing them (presuming that you are a taxpayer) Bowls are organized as non-profit charitable organizations, i.e., taxpayer subsidized. Money spent sponsoring them is thus a tax deduction- as are booster contributions. According to the Washington Post, if you want to buy season tickets to Duke BB for the $1,000.00 face value, you must first donate $7,000.00 to the Duke non-profit booster org. Be sure to itemize that one on your 1040!

    Plenty of these bowl organizations pay their chairman/president/whatever in a range well above $500k. In 2009, Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker was paid about $670,000.00 for working fourteen hrs./week.


    According to USA Today about 2% of bowl revenues actually make it to an eleemosynary outfit. With this paltry rate of contributions trickling down to actual charities, Chet, it’s obvious that more, not fewer, bowl games are needed. You must be some kind of Scrooge!


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