3-star DE Allen Cater decommits from IU #iufb

Indiana lost a member of its 2016 recruiting class on Friday when defensive end Allen Cater announced his plans to decommit.

Cater, a three-star prospect from Kennesaw, Ga., originally committed to IU in June, but had recently shown signs of wavering. Earlier this month, Cater took an official visit to Arkansas. The Razorbacks have been in the picture with Cater since late last month, when Cater made his first visit to Arkansas and received an offer from coach Bret Bielema.

“I would like to thank coach (Kevin) Wilson and his coaching staff for giving me the opportunity to play at Indiana University,” Cater wrote in a message posted to his Twitter feed. “But after a lot of prayer and family discussion, I have decided to open my recruitment back up and de-commit from IU. I would like to thank the family of IU and the fans for all the love and support given. #iufb”

Cater’s decommitment gives IU 11 players in the upcoming class, including junior college signees Richard Lagow, a quarterback from Texas, and former four-star safety Jayme Thompson.

Cater is the second player to decommit from the class after running back Tyus Flakes pulled his verbal pledge two weeks ago. Indiana’s 2016 class is expected to include between 15 and 20 players.


  1. I know it may be common practice to continue recruiting after a commitment but what kind of message does this send to kids? How can we help develop good character and high moral standards if we don’t hold ourselves to higher standards? Maybe I’m old and grumpy. And yes let me say that it IS a community that helps ensure younger generations have role models and builds young men and women into good upstanding people.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Spe, I agree with you that switching from a commitment to another school is teaching our young people the wrong message. We have so many commitments we must live up to in life.

    It is the way is today though and IU has benefited from players decommitting then coming to IU. I wish Cater good luck.

  3. Agreed. I wish the verbal commitment was never used. The old saying, “My word is my bond” means very little. I know people will say they these guys are young and change there minds but they do have parents and mentors who should be saying to just say nothing till signing day. Schools recruit to the end no matter what the kid says.

  4. The problem is that these kids see coaches jumping from job to job regularly after telling a kid that he will be there for 4 years. If the coach can’t be sure he will be there while the student/athlete why should we hold the the athlete to a higher standard than the coach. A coach can move fairly easily but the athlete can’t. A flaw in the system.

  5. You win some and you lose some, we got the QB Richard Lagow, but we might of lost the DE Allen Carter..who knows the reason why the kid decommit,…maybe he just wanted to play closer to home and family..whatever the reason we still should wish him the best of luck and have a great career….but it still goes to show that the IU coaching staff is finding better football recruits/players….Recruits/players that are able to turn the IU football program or take it to the next level….now all we have to do is find a way to get the recruits signed, sealed and delivered….hopefully, Allen Carter still decide to go to IU, but if not his scholarship will still be awarded to some deserving student/athletic that can have an great career for IU football

  6. iuhoosier1992, I agree it is a flaw in the system but it is part of the business.
    IU79, I do wish him the best and being from Georgia if he goes to Arkansas he will play games closer to his home. I would like him to reconsider and come to IU but you are right it opens up a scholarship for another player and who knows maybe a better player [I thought Cater was very good except for his 40 time]. We never know who will be in this class as IU even has players decommit from other schools and come to IU. The two JC recruits are in town and getting a head start; they are very good for this team. If IU can pull off a better year next year [they were very close to being 8-4 or even 10-2 this year] they will be getting better recruits next year.

  7. IU fb is a continual barrier filled challenge and KW and staff continue to prod along like a hard working lineman to achieve success. It never has been even close to easy since KW arrived. However, he keeps going and it is an improved program looking for more.

  8. Wilson is poised to make an annual salary of about $2 million, so he better “keep going.” And why would anyone be surprised by a kid de-committing from IU to play for an SEC team? Especially a defensive player! Wilson needs to find a way to sign some quality defensive players, and he needs to do it fast. Only 11 players “committed” with about seven weeks remaining before LOI day. Not a good sign.

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