3-star offensive tackle Coy Cronk commits to IU #iufb

When the Indiana scholarship offer arrived, Coy Cronk saw an opportunity to become the program’s next great offensive lineman.

After making his commitment official on Monday afternoon, that’s exactly what Cronk hopes to do.

Cronk, a three-star offensive tackle from Lafayette Central Catholic, chose the Hoosiers over offers from Vanderbilt, Illinois, Iowa State and others. The recent success and development of left tackle Jason Spriggs and Dan Feeney was a major selling point for Cronk, and Central Catholic coach Kevin O’Shea said the opportunity to learn from offensive line coach Greg Frey and head coach Kevin Wilson was one Cronk couldn’t turn down.

“I think they’re going to get a kid in the mold of (Spriggs),” O’Shea said. “He’s a great fit for what’s going on down there. … You can see where it looks like they’re probably putting a couple of kids in the NFL. Coy saw that development and it really enticed him about getting in under coach Frey and coach Wilson, because coach Wilson is an old O-line guy, too. He wanted to have a chance to play for them.”

The 6-foot-6, 275-pound prospect is the 12th member of IU’s 2016 recruiting class, and the second offensive lineman, joining Cincinnati three-star verbal commit Ryan Smith.

Cronk seemed to be a priority target for the Hoosiers, and his commitment means Frey is adding another explosive and athletic body to his stable of linemen.

“He’s got a great wingspan,” O’Shea said. “Right now, he’s 6-foot-5 and change. He’s still growing. He went from a size 15 to size 16 shoe in just a year. You don’t see that happening too often with kids. I think he still has another inch to go. … He doesn’t have fat on him at all. I think with his build, he’s probably going to carry 300-plus in the next year or so pretty easily.

“He’s a good athlete. He also played middle linebacker for us for the last three years. He’s also an all-state catcher in baseball. He’s a big guy who can bend, who can move his feet and he’s got a 3.7 GPA, so he’s not an academic risk whatsoever. He’s a smart guy.”

He was also one of the leaders on Central Catholic’s undefeated Class 1A championship team, helping the Knights to 15 wins and a 34-7 victory over Linton in the state title game. The Indiana Football Coaches Association included Cronk on its Top-50 All-State team early last week.

Cronk visited Iowa State this past weekend, but was ready to commit to IU by the time he returned home Sunday. He told Wilson he was coming to IU before Central Catholic’s end-of-season banquet Sunday afternoon, but didn’t want to announce publicly until Monday.

“He didn’t want to take away from the state championship that everybody else was a part of,” O’Shea said. “He wanted to wait until today to do it. That’s just the way he is.”


  1. Good get CKW and staff. These young men recognize the opportunity to develop their talents a la Spriggs, Feeney, Camiel (I KNOW I’m leaving out a few more) etc. The stone table has cracked, Aslan is on the move! GO HOOSIERS!!! #BOOM

  2. This is outstanding news coming after the great All American honors bestowed on our two excellent O-linemen. Glad to know Iu is using that recent information to secure quality recruits. And considering that the AP and Sports Illustrated have probably not watched IU play football in years, even their all American Honorable Mention recognitions are special. But the recognition that matters most comes from the NFL during the Draft. And I suspect that both of IU’s outstanding O-linemen, if they stay healthy, will be well-rewarded for all their skill, hard work and perseverance.

  3. Great pick-up by Coach Wilson. I remember when signing a 3-star recruit at IU was HUGE news. Now, most of our recruits have 3-star rankings. Coach Wilson has done a great job elevating our recruiting which will continue to show dividends on the field.

    Mr. Glass… let’s get this contract extension done.

    Congratulations on your choice Coy. Welcome to IU!!

  4. Welcome to IU football COY!!! starting to feel real good about this recruiting class….just need a few more excellent recruits to make this a good recruiting class……If IU could get the 6′ 8” OL Sean Foster from Mundelein IL, then IU could be set at OL for a few years….Great job of recruiting Coach Wilson

  5. Now, if we can begin to sign the same level of size and talent that plays on the other side of the ball, IU’s prospects for the future will really begin to improve. Wilson really, really needs to improve recruiting for defensive players. And you would think that it would not be that difficult! He can almost guarantee that a 3-star defensive player is going to be a starter by his sophomore season. If you play defense and you want to go someplace where you’re going to get exposure and plenty of playing time, IU is the place to go, because there is no place for the defense to go but up.

    If recruiting for the defense does not begin to improve soon, then it is only logical to conclude that Wilson does not have the right defensive coaches in place. The new coaching compensation structure should provide insight as to how the defensive coaching staff is regarded by Wilson and Glass.

  6. Coy is a great pickup and especially since he is a Hoosier football player from LCC. I was worried about him coming from a small school but watching tape he has what it takes to develop into another outstanding OL man.

    Podunker the defense is getting upgraded [not as fast as I want] as they have a 3 star DE, a corner transfer from SC 4 star I think, and a JC Safety that was a 4 star player out of HS [it is also sweet he was an OSU player to begin with]. Jovan Swann from Center Grove is a DT IU is pursuing and he is rated a 3 star player. He has IU as one of three official visits he is taking so I hope he is the next splash in recruiting. We need the DL players to keep rolling in for this class because if the defense can become even average IU will be an outstanding football team.

  7. Podunker, I found this info on HTO about our recruits and targets for our coaches. The defensive front is making more progress than I thought.

    Phil Benker, Jacksonville, Fla., 6-2, 195 WR
    Khalil Bryant, Jacksonville, Fla., 5-10, 197, S
    Allen Cater, Kennesaw, Ga., 6-5, 240, DE
    Cole Gest, Lakewood, Ohio, 5-8, 190, RB-SB
    Chris Henderson, Hampton, Ga., 6-4, 232, DE
    Richard Lagow, Plano, Tex., 6-6, 240, QB
    Peyton Ramsey, Cincinnati, Ohio, 6-3, 190, QB
    A’Shon Riggins, Hamilton, Ohio, 6-0, 162, DB
    Ryan Smith, Cincinnati, Ohio, 6-5, 280, DL
    Jayme Thompson, Iowa Western CC, 6-2, 195, S
    (Based strictly upon non-IU football sources. Listed alphabetically and by position, with any previous or current commitments in parentheses)
    Kendall Coleman, Indianapolis Cathedral, 6-3, 235 (Western Michigan)
    Jovan Swann, Center Grove, 6-4, 270
    Rashawn Battle, Wallenpaupack, Pa., 6-3, 230 (Rutgers)
    Tim Hart, Memphis, Tenn., 6-1, 220 (Tennessee)
    Collin Miller, Hamilton Southeastern, 6-3, 225 (former Purdue commit)
    Roland Walder, Trotwood, Ohio, 6-3, 220 (Kentucky)
    Hussein Howe, Jacksonville, Fla., 5-10, 180
    Antonio Oliver, Lawrenceville, Ga., 6-0, 185
    Craig Watts, St. Petersburg, Fla. 5-10, 181 (Colorado)
    Mark Williams, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 6-0, 160
    Brandon Drayton, Largo, Fla., 6-2, 165 (Nebraska)
    Jeremiah Jones, Pittsburgh, Pa., 6-1, 176

    We have six defensive players committed so far which includes 2 DE and one DL. I have read that Jovan Swann CG has one of his three official visit set with IU within the next week. I know the DE Cater from Georgia is rated 3 star while DE Henderson from Georgia is rated 2 star. It will be interesting who IU picks up in the next batch of commitments. Things are looking up for the defense now along with the offense.

  8. I also wanted to add to my previous post that looking at IU’s defensive roster for next year it will be stocked with 3 star players and a few 4 star players. With the experience of the DBs along with the influx of talent from injured players, transfer players, JC players, and new recruits the secondary could show vast improvement. There could be major players from this season that struggle to make the field in 2016. At the very least there will be major competition for the four spots.

  9. I think the star ratings are kind of a fun way to monitor recruiting, but they’re really meaningless to anyone who’s ever coached, and they’re meaningless to IU coaches. Same holds true for highlight tapes, which are designed to make any player look like an all star. IU coaches look at entire games of tape to evaluate players and don’t get sucked into the highlight reels. Sounds like recruiting is going well.

  10. not chet, you are right the only thing that matters is how dedicated and coachable the players are. I know from my coaching experience that to really know how a player plays you need to watch series of plays not highlights. The problem for fans is we don’t have access to the tapes that would help us better evaluate the players.

    I talked to college coaches that came to evaluate and recruit my players and there are two lines of thought on how to evaluate. Once is look at the highlights because it shows you what that player is capable of and they believed they could coach a talented player up. To them the most important aspect was the level of athletic ability. A second approach was to look at game film so you could see a player through all plays not just his best plays. The most important aspect to these coaches was how a player played when the play went away from them. Did they take plays off or didn’t they sustain their level of play. Their idea was you couldn’t teach desire so if you showed great desire they thought they could coach you up in technique and weight training to improve your athletic ability.

    Each approach was taken by very successful programs; what I saw were teams that got 2 and 3 star athletes took the full game approach in evaluating players. Successful teams that looked at highlight tapes were the programs that got 4 and 5 star players. I would guess Coach Wilson and his staff look at game films as they take good players and develop them into outstanding players. I think that is the defensive staff we have now but it is now just the second year for this group and next season we will see the development of a group of 2 and 3 star players playing as well as former 4 and 5 star players play. Add to this group a few 4 star players eligible next year and I hope it adds up to a major improvement in our defense.

  11. We are in real jeopardy of losing Cater to the Razorbacks. They got on him a little over 3 weeks ago and are selling hard and he is at least listening. He visited both Fayetteville and IU in the last 2 weeks. McDaniel, Knorr and Wilson have all visited him in Georgia recently. His Senior season performance has elevated his profile to attract more suitors. I do not often state a player is going to be a stud but this guy will be the best DE IU has had over double digit years. I am putting my $ on IU.

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