IUWBB: Indiana falls to WVU, 75-64

Indiana lost to West Virginia, 75-64, on Monday night, dropping both of its games in the Florida Sunshine Classic in Winter Park, Fla.

Tyra Buss scored 23 points to lead the Hoosiers (7-4), but they were unable to close with the sharpshooters from WVU.

IU lost to No. 23 Miami, 89-75, the night before.

The Mountaineers (10-2) led for all but 21 seconds of the game, hitting 8-of-13 shots from beyond the arc in the first half. That included three 3-pointers from Katrina Pardee, who finished with a career-high four treys and a team-high 16 points. The Mountaineers led, 37-23, with 3:03 left in the second quarter.

After shooting 4-of-18 from the field in the first quarter, though, the Hoosiers found some offense to keep pace with the Mountaineers. IU hit six of its final seven shots of the first half, and finished the second quarter on a 7-0 run to cut WVU’s advantage to seven points.

But the Hoosiers were never able fully close the gap. An offensive rebound and a putback by 6-foot-5 center Lanay Montgomery, plus a free throw, gave WVU a 57-45 lead heading into the final quarter. That was part of a 10-2 run dating back to 1:31 left in the third quarter that eventually put WVU up, 62-47, with 8:33 left in the game.

IU cut WVU’s advantage to nine points, 67-58, after a 3-pointer by Buss with 2:48 remaining. The Hoosiers wouldn’t pull any closer.

For the game, IU shot 20-of-48 from the field, or 41.7 percent. West Virginia hit 23-of-55, including 10-of-23 from 3-point range. The Mountaineers also outrebounded the Hoosiers, 35-28.

Alexis Gassion finished with 11 points and five rebounds for IU. Amanda Cahill had 12 points but only one rebound. Karlee McBride finished with 10.

IU will get a week off now, returning to Assembly Hall for a Dec. 28 contest with Yale before the start of Big Ten season on Dec. 31 at Wisconsin.


  1. The story of this game is quite simple, it sounds like beating a dead horse but, to much size and athleticism again. We had 5 shots blocked inside, three by 6′ 5″ center Lanay Montgomery. West Virginia hitting 10 three pointers was instrumental in the game. Our 20 turnovers was also key to the loss. One positive was getting 4 players in double figures this game after only three the night before. It was good to see Karlee McBride have a good offensive night (10 points) off the bench. Amanda Cahill had a very rare rebounding game only securing one in the game although she did score 12 points and had a team high 4 assists.. We were outrebounded 35-28 in the game. We really need Jenn Anderson to start rebounding better than 3 a game which she is averaging this year as our tallest player.
    I will agree that playing this tougher schedule is better preparing us for the conference which had 6 teams getting votes in the last poll. This trip to Florida was certainly not easy to say the least with Miami at 11-1 ranked # 23 and West Virginia at 10-2 being a very strong opponent. The girls, in this tournament played two teams that were simple better than they were with their size and athleticism and yet were very competitive in both games although they were beaten by double figures. We are going to run into the same issue in most of our conference games this year where we are behind in size and athletes. Next year we have more size and more athletic players coming into the program which should make us more competitive in our conference. This program will continue to improve as coach Moren and her staff continue to recruit as they have this past year. Hang in there women’s fans, things will improve.

  2. If you know anything about athletics at iu…you know they only tell you what they want you to hear. And as for moren being a better coach than miller–thanks for the laugh tracy. Her record sure doesn’t show it. Some of the wins we do have we barely scraped by with the W. Team assists are low, rebounds are low. Most of our points are from freethrows. What’s going to happen when we don’t play at assembly with our hilariously biased refs? The chemistry problems are apparent. How do players systematically get worse under moren? First agler, now jess walter.. obviously mind games are a big part of this program. We can act like everything is dandy at assembly hall, but the whispers are out there and recruits know what’s going on here

  3. And the comment about moren being a better coach is from the post about miller’s new coaching job..the website wouldn’t let me post a comment on that thread no matter how hard I try. Our bench points are pathetic this year. Our assists are pathetic. Rebounds. I can’t see this program getting better but if you can mike, please explain.

  4. @hoosierfan – yes, they aren’t where we want them to be yet but I’m under the impression that Coach Moren (and staff) have done a tremendous job with the team. Especially teaching defense. They are so much better this year when it comes to team defense.

    Do we need bigger, more aggressive/talented, athletic women? Women that can score? Of course we do, no one is disputing that. Another year of recruiting plus another great year of skill work (Anderson and her great post moves) will get this team to a very competitive place.

    Go Hoosiers

  5. Good grief Hoosierfan, did u not read what I referred to in my post? Bigger and more athletic players will do the trick! Tallguy said the same thing I did. Most of the teams in the conference are a lot like Miami and West Virginia with their size and athletic ability. We had the same issue last year and I was hoping that Royster would help us in that regard but, so far she has not adjusted to the college game yet. Again Hoosierfan, I said all of this in the previous post?

  6. You addressed part of my comment. Yes size and athleticism will help with rebounds and hopefully with assists …although I’m not optimistic. What about how players seem to get worse under moren?? Jess walter was one of our best shooters last year and now she can’t make a shot. Very reminiscent of agler from freshman to sophomore year…

  7. Yes, Jess hasn’t had much success shooting but that could be because of the emergence of Towner who wasn’t even part of the team last year.

    Agler’s situation was unfortunate and I really did like her hustle on defense. She had a great basketball mind but she wasn’t as athletic and seemed to lose her confidence as the season wore on. New coaches, new gamelans? Who knows…

    Jess will improve with more playing time but she’s seems to be backing up Buss mostly which means very little time on the floor.

  8. FWIW–Jess Walter missed the first four (or so) games due to a concussion. Having been down that road myself, it takes a couple of months to get back close to 100%. To that you must add in lack of physical stamina and mental awareness.

  9. Hoosierfan, I will address two more things you stated in post #2. What chemistry problems? You have been drinking all the cool aide that Casual Observer has offered to us, I would like to point out that in the Herald Times article on the morning of the Samford game (12/11/15), John Blau wrote the article and apparently interviewed Amanda Cahill and Alexis Gassion prior to the game. Both players addressed the chemistry on the team with both stating that the team’s chemistry is much better than last year and both stated that the team was much closer and tighter than last years on and off the court. So lets stop all that crap once and for all. It seems as though the person with the so-called inside information is not quite as accurate as they would make us think?

    And the other thing, “Most of our points are scored on free throws” you state. We are averaging 69 points a game and of that, 15 points a game are free throws. Hoosierfan, I would assume you are old enough to remember coach Knight’s teams? If you are, you would remember that his teams normally made more free throws than the other team attempted? He always made a big deal of that, and rightfully so! It is the mark of a good team! Anyone with any basketball knowledge would know that. To criticize a team for being successful in that area seems a little short sited? This team’s offense is a dribble drive style which constantly puts them on the free throw line. vgBMG addressed the problem with Walter’s health at the start of the season, I agree with TallGuy and vgBMG that as the season wears on, Jess will come around when she gets her legs and conditioning back under her.

  10. Recruit as they have in the past year?Are you kidding me Mike c? Coach moren brought in 4 players this year. One has already left. 1 never gets to play and the other two combined for one point in the last two games. You are delusional or senile. Its kool aid by the way and yes we have chemistry problems as anyone can tell by the way we play on the court. Dribble drive? is that what you call it Mike. We have double the turnovers we have aassists every game. No ball movement too much dribbling. Our point guard has 17 turnovers the last 4 games as she dribbles the air out of the ball looking for shots. So Lex and Amanda say the chemistry is so great this year. What the hell do you think they’re going to say. In the last 4 games we’ve lost 2 away games where the free throw attempts were nearly even. We won 2, one over a 4- 7 team and the other at home where we hosed a team at the end to win it. We shot 31 freethrows to their 6. Coach moren recruits athletes over skilled players and that’s why when Miller’s recruits are gone we better play great defense because we won’t be able to score. Take a note of Indiana State who are all morens recruits. There are 4-7 so far this year. I guess Mike we need to get some of these great athletes you’re always talking about or get a coach who can bring the best out in everyone, and doesn’t have to have all the best athletes. Chemistry problems mike c? I know so much that you don’t . Wish I could share but I just can’t. Go Hoosiers!

  11. Here we go name calling again, are you 10 or a college student? Here’s all I know Casual, before the season started this year, Moren said that the chemistry was better than last year and the team was closer. The next day, Tyra Buss said the same thing. So, I mentioned in a post that the coach and a player were talking about good chemistry. It took you one day to post that. since Buss and the coach are joined at the hip, that is what you would expect to hear from Buss. You then stated that (and this is your quote in the post) “If I would hear this from Amanda of Alexis, I would believe it!” Well, now they come out and you “of course” denounce what they say. What else would we expect. It is quite obvious that you have it in for Moren, but really, now we need to not believe players that you point out if they say something that goes against your thoughts, really! This is starting to sound like two 6 year olds arguing over candy.
    The guard that dribbles looking for her own shot is averaging 13 shots a game, Gassion is averaging 12 shots a game and Cahill is averaging almost 10. So I guess Buss is not dominating the ball as much as you say if the top 3 shot takers are so close? Another thing, we have 33 more turnovers than assists, not double. That averages out to 3 a game. My, how you exaggerate! And yes, dribble drive is an offense that is real, it’s simply not what I call it. It is the main reason we shoot more free throws than other teams. Just a little update on free throws, you say we hose teams at home because of officials, let me point out to you free throws on the road. In 7 road games we have hit 104 out of 143 attempts. Our opponents have hit 63 out of 93 attempts. So, I suppose according to you we are also hosing the home teams with their officials. Again, dribble drive offense causes fouls, it’s that simple.
    I have been watching women’s basketball for 30 years, and I am telling you that especially in todays game, if you have bigger and stronger athletes than the other team, you will win 90% of the time, it is a fact. You either match up on the floor or you don’t! Moren and her staff realize this and are trying to make this team more competitive by recruiting those type of players, it is the only way to compete in todays game. The recruiting I was referring to was the class that is coming in NEXT year. This recruiting class that coach Moren and her staff has coming in next year is bigger and more athletic than what we have. You refer to the class she brought in last year, she was hired late in the process and had very little time to recruit the kind of athlete that she needs. So, she got what she could get at a late date. Chemistry issues, keep going on about it, I and other fans don’t seem to see it “on the floor” like you seem to see it? It’s a shame that you can’t share with us because the more you go on about it, the more petty it seems.

  12. We can beat anyone at home where we shoot a lot of free throws but on the road we don’t get those calls and can’t win against average or good teams. The flopping works at assembly not so much anywhere else. by the way Mike C I think what casual is same is players say what is politically correct to the media. I think a six-year-old would understand that.

  13. So Hossierfan, you didn’t see the stat about free throws attempted on the road? Ffifty more attempts than the other team. Casual is the one who opened this up in his earlier post of “if Amanda and Alexis says it”, not me.

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