Bloomington North’s Musa Jallow gets IU offer

Bloomington basketball fans might now get to enjoy watching Musa Jallow play for the better part of the decade.

Because the 6-foot-5 Bloomington North sophomore, just starting to stake his claim in the prep game, has picked up a scholarship offer from Indiana.

IU’s offer came Monday in the wake of two more double-double performances by Jallow over the weekend, during which he shot .750 from the field (18 of 24).

Jallow leads the Herald-Times area in scoring (24.8) and rebounding (11.0) and is shooting .684 from the field after posting 21 points and 14 boards in Friday’s win over Perry Meridian and 22 points and 10 rebounds in Saturday’s setback to No. 4-ranked Evansville Reitz.

“I’m excited for Musa, for him getting an offer from IU,” Cougar coach Andy Hodson said Monday evening. “I talked with him about what comes with it, the level of attention and scrutiny, but if anybody can handle it, he’s one who can. He’s got a good head on his shoulders. He’s grounded. Good family.

“I told him, ‘You just got offered by one of the top five programs in the country, ever.’ That doesn’t mean you’ve arrived. You’ve got to get better and we’ve got to get better, but he’s committed to that. He knows he’s just a sophomore and there is a lot of work to be done. But the sky is the limit for him. I’m excited for him, because he’s earning it. I know how hard he’s worked.”



  1. I truly do think it’s Great that IU is recruiting Indiana kids but I wonder why it has taken so long and why Northern Indiana (I’m from the Region) is ignored. Many others (Izzo in particular) recruit Northern Indiana and seem to do well. Others (name your university but Calipari and Kentucky come to mind) recruit the “best” players out of Indiana. Crean doesn’t (wanting to be a “National” recruiter?) or can’t when it comes to Indiana kids. YES…Yogi and Blackmon are at IU (as was Zeller for 2 years) but shouldn’t there be more players at their level out of Indiana? I hope that the next coach (Yes I do believe a “next coach” is soon inevitable) will recognize that Indiana kids (with ‘additions’ from other places) can turn IU basketball around. I was at the game Saturday (McNeese State) and it annoyed me that there is a banner for “all” of the Big Ten Championships but there is then an independent Banner for the one under Crean (raised after a loss). I don’t think he “gets it” (Indiana Basketball) despite what he said when he was hired.

  2. I think T. Crean was hired in survival mindset and continues to be in survival mode to this day. I am sure T.C. would love to recruit top Indiana talent but except for a small few they do not want to play for him and staff. I consider Yogi and Zeller to be top Indiana talent. Other Indiana recruits TC has recruited were and are not top or the very best Indiana talent. Then on top of that some of the lower than best Indiana talent were involved in problems, issues and trouble which has led to not meet IU bb expectations.

  3. Woodson is an asst coach at LA Clippers & Wittman is head coach of NBA Washington Wizards. In regards to recruiting high school talent in Indiana I think CTC wants ready to go talent. I know he recruited Gary Harris & DAVauntes Smith-Rivera, Mitch McGary (to name a few) and others but failed to secure them. But when I watch 6’11” Steve McElevan (NewHaven) do well at Univ of Dayton or 6’8″ V J Beachum(Ft Wayne) at ND I wonder why they say no to IU. But it’s not just getting top talent, it’s evaluating the talent and determine if the coaching staff can develop that kid into college talent, then working with that kid to develop. Look at the kids Butler gleans year after year. I’ll show my age but as example, look at Uwe Blab. His talent lay in being 7’3″ & intelligent. When he arrived in Bloomington his BB skills were very poor. His Jr. & Sr yr at IU he was very good. If he could learn a hook shot & low post moves, I’m sure someone with more talent (Thomas Bryant) could learn them too. I don’t see any indication any one at IU is working with Bryant On these things. Perhaps other recruits see little development in 4 & 5 positions. Just a thought.

  4. The only thing worse than thinking about Tom Crean on the sidelines for another 3 years is that he’s replaced by some never-been such as Woodson or Wittman. Crean has busted more zone defenses than games those two have won combined. Crean is Patton to their collective Montgomery.

  5. There are some advantages Crean has, going to watch his son’s basketball games at Bloomington North.

  6. I didn’t know that it was gauche to suggest that a guy with a career winning % of less than .400 was far from excelling at his job.

  7. Crean pandering to the hillbilly locals again…This is what he does…Fire up the twitter grill and throw some bible quotes on the “shrimp” recruits barbie Season with too much spices of some one-dimensional NBA Cajun and serve…..a very unsophisticated form of basketball for the simpleton crowd courtesy of those maneuvering Indy lawyers that locked themselves in a committee room with our ‘Generally’ pathetic coach.

    More Jordy updates from Poland…….More wedding pictures with those that got bitch-slapped by Syracuse and bolted to the NBA….I would all work lovely as a nice wimpy assist for the dusty and insulted banners.

  8. DD, no doubt. What’s the deal with the NBA? It’s like, if you get a head coaching job you’re employed for life. It doesn’t seem to matter if you suck. They go from team to team more than Vinnie Testaverde.

    Lawrence Frank got NBA Coach of the Year when he was with the Nets. He was a student manager at IU.

  9. The NBA is not college basketball. Rick Pitino was a failure with Boston and came back to win a national championship. The same is true of Calipari. Whittman Didn’t have the players to compete until he got to Washington.and He forgot more about defense then Crean ever knew.

  10. P.S. Wittman’s defenses have ranked in the top ten in defensive efficiency in the NBA for the last three years. Where was Crean’s defense ranked last year in college basketball?

  11. Wittman is probably universally thought to be one of the 5 worst coaches in the NBA. Maybe not as bad a Derek Fischer, because as you say RAM, they do play decently on defense. Unfortunately, his teams play confused. His offensive schemes rival Crean’s defenses. John Wall talked about Wittman drawing up plays in timeouts that have never been run in practice or a game before.

    Stevens is overachieving with not a whole lot of talent in Boston. The Wizards have ten times the talent in Washington. I’d be willing to wager Stevens finishes ahead in the standings as long as Wittman remains the coach for the rest of the year (he might not make it). Washington is really underachieving.

    The only people I’ve ever heard defend him as a coach are Indiana people. Hard to shout at Crean for being a crap coach when endorsing Wittman based on almost no evidence. Calipari and Pitino were successful college coaches prior to their NBA stints. Both of those guys are excellent recruiters, so that plays a lot into their success. Dunno if Randy is that kind of hustler.

    Wittman gets a big thumbs down from me.

  12. During Wittman’s tenure at Cleveland and Minnesota both teams were going thru a rebuilding process. Not to acknowledge how much influence Owners and general managers have on a coaches record in the NBA is ridiculous. By the end of his second full season in Washington the Wizards went from 29-53 to 44-38, one of the biggest turnarounds in the NBA. To think that a former high school basketball star,NCAA champion and NBA player could not recruit in the state of Indiana is a mistake.Yes the Wizards have more talent than Boston but they are also fighting thru injuries right now including one to a key player. Wittman was just given a contract extension last year, I doubt he will be fired soon for a slow start due to injuries.

  13. Calipari and Pitino went from being successful college coaches to the NBA and then back to college. They had a great grasp of what the job of a college HC is already.

    I’m just not sure how a guy whose coaching experience is strictly in the pros would do in the B1G. Recruiting is a whole different skill set than game coaching…as we see all too well today.

    I guess the first step is to have a job to offer.

  14. Chet, you are right there is no opening RIGHT NOW. Pitino also said his years in the pros made him a better college coach. Wittman has never coached in college and will probably never coach at the college level. He did play in college and played on a NCAA championship team and played for a Hall of Fame coach. That should give him some insight into the college game that a man who never played does not have. (hint hint). There is more to Wittman’s coaching story than his winning percentage suggests and I will stick up for an Indiana guy anytime.

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