Current, former players react to Pinstripe Bowl #iufb

Here’s a sampling of what current and former Indiana football players were saying on social media after the program accepted its first bowl bid in eight years.

Receiver Mitchell Paige:

Punter Erich Toth:

Running back Devine Redding:

Kicker Griffin Oakes:

Tight end Austin Dorris:

Linebacker Tegray Scales:

Former cornerback Tim Bennett:

Defensie lineman Joe Belden:

Former receiver Isaiah Roundtree:


  1. Since so many of the players have never experienced New York or Yankee Stadium, this will be a great experience for them. They’ve earned this reward. Throughout the season, in the face of adversity, they never gave up. So enjoy the trip. Enjoy New York. And bring us back a win.

  2. Oh, dear..Oh, dear….New York City, Fred..? It seems so far …What will I wear? Will it be cold? Gold gloves or my arctic fox gloves? It seems like just yesterday when we swung under the Bloomington evening stars on our cozy porch swing… I do hope that Mellencamp boy can attend…What’s a walk-on? While the rest of team jogs out onto the field, does he get more attention by walking? Will he catch lots of passes at our friends down in Duke..? I guess this is another one of your marketing schemes, ain’t it though? Football Hud vs Hoosier Pigskin Dud? You are the best, my Freddie….This could be bigger than Carmen Basilio vs. Sugar Ray Robinson.. That’s right…I almost forgot…You don’t jack from sports…Fire up the jet, Fred…Fire up the jet, my dear. I wanna shop and see the Christmas lights…and Yankee stadium…and that cute Hud boy. Was this my Christmas present? You’re so sweet.

  3. I agree with Walt D that this is a good reward for this team with how hard they played and never gave up. They really earned this the way they played this season. Have a great time guys and enjoy NYC but stay focused on beating Duke.

  4. Given some of the locations for bowl games, NYC is pretty good: Shreveport, La., Annapolis Md., Mobile, Ala., various Texas, Montgomery. Ala., Boise, Idaho (except that would be OK for me ’cause my sister lives there). Besides, football was meant to be played in crappy whether. Hope IUFB is practicing outside as much as possible. Heck, truck the whole lot of ’em to da Region for some lake effect snow in their shoes! Weather around here is actually pretty mild for Dec., but if it gets snowy that would be a great publicity stunt. IUFB- READY FOR ANYTHING.

  5. I like Boise but that’s the kind of place I would expect to like.

    The bowls in Louisiana and Texas all have cheap (sometimes free) motels frequently located next to organ transplant centers. Don’t take your Ambien.

    So…there’s that.

    I’m sure there are going to be a ton of folks thrilled to be in NYC the day after Christmas. I just won’t be one of them.

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