Duke dumps Indiana, 94-74, in ACC/Big Ten Challenge

DURHAM, N.C. — As the final seconds of Duke’s 94-74 win over Indiana fell off the clock, Tom Crean pursed his lips, took one final look at the scoreboard above and led his team off the floor with another troubling defeat.

A week after turnovers wrecked IU’s trip to Maui — and, by extension, the Hoosiers’ strength of schedule — the troubling reoccurrence of an absent defensive approach doomed Indiana’s trip to arguably the most hostile gym in the country.

Unwavering defense and toughness are two of the most important attributes a team can carry into Cameron Indoor Stadium, but the Hoosiers possessed neither on Wednesday.

Though IU challenged Duke for a large portion of the first half, it failed to compete for the majority of a game that was supposed to be ESPN’s premiere primetime matchup in the annual ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Amazingly, Indiana turned it over only nine times and shot 50 percent from the field.

But its defense was its undoing.

Blue Devils forward Brandon Ingram led all scorers with 24 points, while Troy Williams led IU with 17 points.

Duke outrebounded IU 38-25, while the Blue Devils scored 26 second-chance points and 42 points in the paint. Indiana was well represented in North Carolina, boasting a traveling party that included a list of prominent boosters, family members and fans who watched IU’s continued deficiencies stopping dribble penetrating and putting bodies on opponents in the post.

Despite the drubbing it turned into, Wednesday’s game was competitive early.

Brandon Ingram scored eight of Duke’s first 10 points, but Indiana stormed back midway through the first half with crisp ball movement and open 3-pointers. The Hoosiers hit each of their first three 3-pointers and had a 21-15 lead at the second media timeout. Most importantly, a week after careless ball-handling ruined IU’s trip to the Maui Invitational, the Hoosiers didn’t commit their first turnover until the 11:38 mark of the first half.

Indiana’s early lead lasted eight minutes until Ingram hit an open 3 in the corner for his 16th point of the night with seven minutes to play in the opening half. It was part of a 10-0 run for the Blue Devils, who turned that six-point deficit into a six-point lead late in the period.

Through absent IU defense and the Hoosiers’ lacking presence on the boards, Duke boosted its first-half lead to as many as 13 point before taking a 51-42 advantage into halftime. Thomas Bryant, Collin Hartman and Troy Williams didn’t have a single first-half rebound between them.

As the teams walked off the floor, Blue Devils coach Mike Krzyzewski and IU’s Tom Crean shared a heated moment, as Krzyzewski appeared irked by an inadvertent bump by Collin Hartman as he ran to the locker room.

Duke opened the second half on a 7-0 run, taking a 16-point lead four minutes into the period and forcing IU to call timeout. Duke outscored IU 18-7 over the first nine minutes of the second half, sending the Hoosiers home on a night IU just couldn’t find enough answers.

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  1. The recruiting pitch 7-8 years ago: Come, be part of something special. Help resurrect the program from a renegade coach and his NCAA violations.

    The recruiting pitch 4-5 years ago: We’re on the verge of something special. With the players we have coming in, we’ll be No. 1 within a year or two and have a chance to win Big Ten and national titles.

    The recruiting pitch now: You don’t have to work hard on offense, and you don’t have to work hard on defense. Come join us.

  2. I think you guys answered some of my questions from the Twitter Comment from your mention of the prominent boosters being at this game. It looks like they are performing a personal audit of Crean from a qualitative and quantitative front to possibly make a move if things continue to be this inconsistent.


  3. That was ugly. Truly a huge embarrassment to IU. Glass can’t wait until the season is over to replace Crean. And decent team will expose our defense over and over again. And no matter how good the offense, we’ll not win. It’s time to hire Dane Fife. He’ll teach them toughness and defense, defense, defense.

  4. “Thomas Bryant, Collin Hartman and Troy Williams didn’t have a single first-half rebound between them.”

    That sums it all up. Toughness & determination to get and keep the ball are non-existent.

  5. I think this was it. We’ll no doubt win a few big games on talent but I think this was the beginning of the end.

  6. Very hard to watch. I can’t help but notice how bad Crean is looking physically. Looks like he is really feeling the pressure and stress that is weighing down on him. I would not be surprised if he voluntarily announces his resignation at some point this season.

  7. For 3.1 million a year. We should demand more. No defense kids with attitudes unbecoming
    of IU basketball. Off season issues last two years. Just what are we paying for!

  8. No surprise here. Expectation played out. Only watched first half. With score in mid 20s IU was going toe to toe with Duke. However, like other average teams; IU was spent and Duke keeps intensity, focus, skill level coming and they never stop. IU wilted like a dried up flower that was deprived of water. Duke attacks defensively and offensively in many ways at all positions. Players reflect coaches bb IQ. Of course Duke has the talent of top players. Dukes focus is so good that it looks so many times they just pull baskets out of their hat. That is a reflection of their talent, skill level, top recruiting, intensity, focus, bb IQ, confidence, all implemented by great coaching.

  9. As much as we would ALL like to see Crean gone…at THIS point , who can we talk to that wont interfere with existing contracts or require permission from schools to talk to Coaches. It, unfortunately, means we are STUCK with CTC ’til end of season. At season’s end, Yogi will be gone,Bielfeldt and Zeisloft as well. Williams will announce for NBA …JBJ may announce as well as Robert Johnson. Bryant is a 1 and done. Crean will leave IU Like he found it …bare cupboards. They play “unhappy, clueless, and a defeated attitude”

  10. Someone PLEASE explain to me how Williams is an NBA player? If all it takes is flashy plays then I get it. But to be considered one of the top players in the WORLD, that is what the NBA players are, don’t you have to be able to dribble, shoot, pass and play some defense? Or perhaps at least ONE of these? Crean deserves most of the blame, but let’s not let the players off the hook. They are currently an embarrassment to the uniform they wear.

  11. I always thought T. Williams was given more credit as being a very good player than he actually is. This is because at times he makes excellent looking plays somewhat spectacular. If he was awarded style points maybe he and IU bb could be awarded 4 points for the play. However, he and IU bb is awarded 2 points. I do not mention 3 because he is not a 3 point shooter. Of course he can complete a 3 point play after getting fouled. You see spectacular plays on highlight replays throughout the country. Not just Troy Williams. Maybe if Troy was a gymnast he could get higher judging points as he could demonstrate his athleticism. However, T.W. is playing basketball. He has some athletic ability and able to make really good looking plays, but a very good player he is not. Troy may go in a second or third round (maybe) or is good enough to play overseas. I guess that makes him pretty good.

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  13. Bob’s comment # 8 is exactly cored: “kids with attitudes unbecoming
    of IU basketball’

    The most humiliating moment in the game was when Coach K and his player were laughing openly at Yogi for flopping. Top athletic contenders bemusedly chuckling at the antics of a clown.

    We can only swagger against inferior opponents.

    This is exactly what I feared when I read how Bryant earned a technical foul early in this season for ‘staring down’ a player from a weak program after Bryant dunked the ball.

    The Culture of our program is off kilter due to Coach Crean’s lack of proper guidance.

  14. It just makes you sick to watch this team self destruct ! The worst performance to date ! Dickie V even though he is clueless these days couldn’t believe it ! He also mentioned Ingram was in the gym at 4:45 10 times because he had nothing but Duke to talk about.

  15. I believe it would help if IU has a coach that had played basketball. Would you let a doctor operate on you if
    he had never been in operating room.

  16. In resorting to the stats, Duke had 17 more shots off of 19 differential possessions (26-7 offensive rebound advantage). They shot > 50%. If 1/3 of those were 3s, that is about 6 3s, making 3 for 9 pts. If 2/3 were 2s, 11 shots x 2pts x 50% = 11 pts. 9 + 11 = 20, the complete difference in this game. The stats don’t lie.

    Coach K has a system. It gets tweaked regularly based upon his personnel, but there is an engrained system that is very successful. Part of that system is having his coaches come from the program. They know it, lived it, and can teach it. It has been in place for 30+ years, evolving and being perfected.

    Crean has a system. Chaos built through speed. It results in 15 – 20 wins, notably about 50% in conference. Crean’s coaches, like he, are merely recruiters and yes-men. We have Derrick Elston. We had Calbert Cheaney, who when offered an assistant position left for St. Louis for the same position under Jim Crews. Downgrade….Elston for Cheaney.

    Fact is, every former player with the fundamental principles required, must be cringing like we are at what we see. For example….I saw Dakich at Carb Day last year. I politely introduced myself as a lifelong IU fan. And he said “Well, I’m not a fan of what is going on down there.”

    During the first 10 min. The game was up & down. We thrived. Then after the under 12 min. TV timeout Duke extended their D to nearly 1/2 court. Things got tough and we were still running the 4 guys at the 3 pt. line weave. I do remember one Yogi cut from Bryant for a layup. One.

    This team is what it is. It is a collection of athletes, taught to run up and down and score points. We do not have the personnel, aside from Bielfeldt, that can play D. And he’s slow. We are the 2015 version of Loyola Maramont from the early 90s.

  17. We would be better off with a interm coach .CTC IS DONE ! He knows it but like everything else he is in denial . A good high school team could have beat us . We will start receiving decommits soon and who would blame them . There is no heart or fight in this team it all starts with the coach . The team takes the personality of the coach! Enough said !

  18. What a joke. What an absolute joke. At least Crean supporters are starting to see the light now. I’ve never seen a coaching style with so many glaring flaws that aren’t corrected over an 8 year span. How can you not inbounds a basketball or play mediocre defense? I’m 33 and I have not missed an IU game since 1989….but I’m done. Done. This team has so much talent Kevin Wilson could get them to the elite 8 but Crean won’t even have them in the big dance. 8 games into the season and it is already a lost cause. Creans only real success at IU was the 2 years Zeller was here. Fire coach Crean hoosier fans have had enough.

  19. I interesting…right up until the win at Maryland, folks were calling for CKW’s head even though building a football program at IU is a daunting task at best and he is actually succeeding with limited talent, resources, fan and institutional support! Crean has everything that CKW does not and can’t do the job not to mention that a basketball program can be turned around much quicker than a football program. The disparity in the abilities and performance of these two coaches is almost beyond measure.

  20. Everything hinges on Cody.

    The floodgates have opened


    The Movement

    Crean and Crimson

    We’re Back

    Hoosier Rising

    Tijan Forver


    Wing Spans

    Because it’s Twitter

    19 F’s!!!!!

    You wrecked the program

    Should have listened to Harvard

  21. TJ…. hopefully Troy will leave for NBA, but it’s just wishful thinking on his part if he does. I can’t imagine his “camp” getting any actual feedback that he’d get drafted. Blackmon same thing… although I hope he sticks around because I think he can be salvaged. If there were a 3rd round of the NBA draft, which there hasn’t been for a couple decades, then they’d both have a chance.

    However, I think there is almost zero chance that Bryant or Johnson declares. I mean Johnson is a better player than either Troy or JBJ, but he has no NBA upside. He wouldn’t even get a sniff… The friggin Harrison twins didn’t get drafted last year and they had a hype-machine and were coming from a 38-1 UK team. Johnson isn’t better than them. Bryant isn’t the freak athlete he needs to be at 6’10” to get drafted on “upside”. It will take him a full and successful college career to work his way into the draft. I mean right now he isn’t even strong enough to make a D-League roster.

    Maybe all these guys transfer away from IU, but I seriously doubt any of them get drafted. However, I still think there is an allure to IU even with Crean gone for these guys. It’s a very good school and they play a ton of games on TV. My guess is they’d wait to see who the next hire was before making any decisions.

  22. Geoff….. I mentioned Troy and JBJ as “announcing” because a new coach would force a decision to stay and adjust, transfer( means sitting a year and Troy is a junior) or announcing. to enter draft. CTC’s coaching peers are finding it difficult to even say anything positive about his coaching.

  23. Blackmon may welcome a new Coach I think he may decide to transfer if we don’t get the kind of Coach
    that can improve his game. To me and I know he was hurt some of the offseason but he and the rest of the team are no better and in some cases I think worse than they were last year.
    Sure last year they got hurt defensively but that was (supposedly) they did not have a “RIM PROTECTOR” well they recruited a (supposed) “RIM PROTECTOR” But I ask does anybody here see any rim protecting going on
    I think some of the guys are really starting to see through the veil that is Coach Crean. That if you don’t find away to get better on your own he has nothing to offer you and Blackmon as well as others may have decided not to take it anymore. Remember 1st Semester ending is just around the corner. For those of you who don’t remember Luke Fischer his freshman year transferred at that point and was eligible to play for
    Marquette at the start their conference season the following year.

  24. There was a backdoor cut for a bucket and I think Troy was the recipient of a very nice assist from Yogi…

    I should have stuck with my very first impression of Bryant(a video posted on Scoop of summer workouts in the sandpit)…He just appeared to not have all the body working smoothly in the drill..He looked awkward..He wanted to move quickly, but it was labored. I got sucked in by a few bright spots against the cupcakes and abandoned my first instincts/impressions…..Doesn’t seem like a McDonald’s All-American choosing IU should need four years to look like a Duke freshman.

    He sure looks like a nice young man, but he’s no Alan Henderson…or Kirk Haston…or even a George Leach…He’s not even as fluid as Jared Odle……Ray Tolbert….Damn, we used to find guys that new how to play the game in the blocks..Landon Turner, Steve Downing, Benson….Jeffries & Newton in 2002

    The most promising asset I see in Bryant’s game is an ability to take his time…He looks the floor very nicely before delivering a pass….He doesn’t appear to allow the pace to get him flustered. And within that patience, holds the most promise. His mind is way ahead of his body…But he’s not forcing his body to catch up…By March he may look like a complete turnaround and his mind and body will be in harmony…He has the tools..The tools and great instincts just need some time to get acquainted with each other and level of tenacity played at the highest levels of the college game…Once those things happen, he’ll get much better positioning …Going against Duke so early was beyond trial by fire. But to be a great post player, one needs to practice against other very good inside players that give adequate challenges to push those skills to develop….Losing Holt and Davis…and Fischer all plays into preparation and development…It creates challenges above those a coach may have as a tactician.

  25. I must admit that i do sort of love playing the devil’s advocate….and in doing so, I believe some of the names of alumni that lit up social media sites/twitter(as mentioned in the Indy Star) may be eating their words by season’s end. Thomas Bryant still holds the keys.. I just have a hunch that this kid is going to blossom very quickly. Confidence can be like a light switch…When Thomas Bryant gets the many skill sets to recognize each other and the body finds a place of harmony that is now a compromise of rather deliberate patience, he could be quite the force. Every game he gives brief signs of things to come….and they will come.

    Keep the faith. This team may still find a place of synergy and unity around the big guy in the middle.

  26. Soooo, I actually think that Bryant is going to be a good player. He would look a lot different on a different team. Part of the reason we don’t view him as a rim protector is because teams are scheming him away from the basket – putting him in ball-screen situations or trying to guard his man away from the basket. So when that became obvious IU decided to mix in some zone… which has only happened for the last few minutes of the Alcorn St game and Duke… Not sure how much Bryant has played in a zone, but Duke had us scrambling and out of position so much there’s no way to know if he could be effective in it. Ultimately I think he has the body and mentality to be a good defender, but he needs someone to teach him the nuances of defending in all areas, not just at the rim. Has IU, in the Crean era, ever had a big man coach?

    Offensively, Bryant is a skilled player. When he gets touches he is very successful. The problem is that our guards are:
    1) used to doing what THEY want to do
    2) not used to having a go-to, low-post option
    3) terrible entry passers
    So essentially, they are conditioned to think they are the ones that are going to win the game… they are a shooting team, and their skill is on the perimeter. To the extent that any of them have had trust in eachother it is Yogi, JBJ, Troy, Rob, and Nick trusting that they can knock down shots or make plays. The 4-out offense also doesn’t give correct spacing for a low block entry… There is almost always a perimeter defender that creates difficulty entering the ball into the low post, and if it does get there can easily double down. So our guards rarely look at the post, when they do they usually see a difficult entry pass, and then if they actually do pass they aren’t particularly skilled at it.

    If Bryant were in a more traditional offense, or had a coach (or staff) that was more adept at coaching bigs, he would be put in spots to use his skill set.

    If they were a more fundamentally sound defensive team I think he’d be a real problem for the other team because he is somewhat intimidating… but right now everyone is just lost, and so he is starting to look bewildered too.

    Again, the problem isn’t the players. Show me another school that has as many top recruiting classes, and McD’s all-americans on the roster, that looks this pathetic.

  27. But even at McDonald’s you have have an array of hamburger offerings. Bryant is currently akin to a sloppily prepared McDouble McDonald’s All-American while most at Duke and UK(would that be about 20 players combined?) are Big Mac McDonald’s All-Americans dripping in special sauce..

    Coaching is definitely an issue, but you also have to practice against guys that can truly challenge. Guess who played with Steve Downing in high school and freshman year of college(while sitting out per NCAA rules)? Practice against George McGinnis everyday band the rest of the “premier” post players in the Big 10 will be like having a day off.

  28. I agree with most of that….But you’ve got to be thoroughly challenged in practice. Having Holt, Davis, and Fischer would have provided extra varied skills to emulate/work in tandem…as well as more presentations in versatility to defend. These early games for Brant are also serving as sparring sessions against a level of opponent in the ‘ring’ he can’t get anything comparably near in practice.

  29. in the IDS article 12/3 it states that “When Duke hit its ninth 3-pointer of the game–Ferrell stood up off the bench and subbed himself in”.

    Did anyone else see that? If so, is this not a first in IU Basketball? Has anyone ever seen another player “subbing himself in” during a game?

  30. Nothing new. On March 30, 2015, we knew that IU had real problems on 1) perimeter defense; 2) turnovers and 3) defense in the paint. Now we have to add 4) offensive sharing the ball and no egocentric play. What have the coach’s been doing for the last 9 months? Recruiting, yes. Coaching, not so much!

  31. I’ve wanted crean gone for 3 yrs now, terrible coach. Decent recruiter. Just play fundamental basketball, if you lose, so be it. Even when they win, its not satisfying, because of the mind numbing, lack of fundamental, sloppy basketball. IU should do what ever it takes to land Stevens next yr….he does it the Indiana way

  32. Unbelieveable to me that Crean and this team dont understand that ALL the Duke players were laughing at them. Not IU fans are IU but them. They have no pride and the Duke Players knew it. Duke was letting Yogi score because they knew they could hold the ball for 25 seconds then run thier offense an score. The whole time smiking at the IU players. They could have scored over a 100 and held us to less then sixty if they wanted we all know itand so does Duke. My fear is that this team and Crean don’t know it.

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