Feeney, Howard collect 1st-team All-Big Ten honors #iufb

Indiana right guard Dan Feeney and running back Jordan Howard received first team All-Big Ten honors, the conference announced Tuesday.

Feeney and Howard were among six IU offensive players honored by the league. Left tackle Jason Spriggs was a second team honoree and quarterback Nate Sudfeld was a third team selection. Receiver Simmie Cobbs and tight end Michael Cooper picked up honorable mention honors.

In addition to the school’s six defensive and special teams award winners revealed Monday, Indiana’s 12 honorees are a school record. After Tevin Coleman’s big year in 2014, this is the third time in school history that two different IU running backs have taken first team honors in back-to-back years, with Howard and Coleman joining Marv Woodson (1962) and Tom Nowatzke (1963-64), and Vern Huffman (1936) and Corby Davis (1937).

Howard, a candidate for the Doak Walker and Maxwell Awards, is second in the Big Ten with 134.8 rushing yardsand 146.6 all-purpose yards per game.

Feeney is the first Hoosier first team offensive lineman since 1989, and this marks the first time two linemen from IU have made one of the teams since 1989, when Ian Beckles and Ron Vargo were honored. Feeney has allowed just one sack in 36 career starts at right guard, and he hasn’t give up a single sack in 431 called pass attempts this year.

Spriggs was the only Big Ten player to be named a semifinalist for the Outland Trophy, awarded to the country’s top interior lineman. Led by Feeney and Spriggs, IU is tied for first in the Big Ten and is ranked No. 11 nationally with only 13 sacks allowed this season.

Sudfeld is Indiana’s all-time leader in passing yards (7,490) and passing touchdowns (58). The Wuerffel Trophy finalist leads the conference this season in passing yards per game (289.5), passing yards (3,184), total offense per game (293.2), total offense (3,225), passing efficiency (153.9), yards per completion (14.5) and yards per attempt (8.8).

Cobbs, a raw but talented sophomore, is third in the Big Ten with 16.9 yards per catch and fourth in receiving yards with 914. Cooper leads IU’s tight ends with 16 receptions and has been recognized as the program’s offensive player of the week after games against Western Kentucky and Iowa.

On Monday, Griffin Oakes was named the Bakken-Andersen Kicker of the Year and received accompanying first team All-Big Ten honors. Five other players received honorable mention recognition, including defensive tackle Darius Latham, defensive end Nick Mangieri, linebacker Marcus Oliver, return specialist Mitchell Paige and bandit Zack Shaw.

Center Jake Reed has also been named Indiana’s Big Ten Sportsmanship Award winner.


  1. It is great Howard, Oakes, and Feeny got 1st team awards but a shame the Big Ten leading passer was picked third. To show how capricious the picking of these teams are the only Big Ten OL to get selected to the semifinals of the Outland Trophy is selected second team. It sure seems like there was some bias that National awards didn’t take part in but Big Ten did. I am sure the player selected 1st team is worthy but doubt he is better than Spriggs. To also have Latham, Oliver, Paige, Mangieri, Shaw, and Cobbs honored. It is a special privilege that Reed won Indiana’s Big Ten Sportsman of the Year. We are starting to get good enough that several players get recognized. I hope the recognition helps the coaches on the recruiting trail especially with the players that are expected to be selected by the NFL. IU will soon start to be known as a football school know matter how it was before.

    On BTN they named Ferentz coach of the year and listed him, MSU, and NU coaches. When they went to the contributors of the show the Michigan guy finally was someone that recognized the job Coach Wilson did. He will get the award once they get the defensive players they need.

  2. 12 IU football players honored, a school record!! Wow!! Congratulations to all the players and the IU coaching staff.

  3. Yes, which left tackle in the Big Ten was better than Jason Spriggs? Leaving him off the first team seems dubious, especially when, as v13 stated, he’s a semi-finalist for the Outland Trophy. It will be interesting to see how the NFL draft “rates” Spriggs relative to the player selected 1st team for the Big Ten. My guess, given Spriggs upside and overall athleticism, he will be picked higher. Given his frame, you could easily see Spriggs weighing in at 325 while maintaining superior quickness and footwork.

  4. Give Glass a break…He’s busy with presenting Crean another 10-year deal for flying United.

  5. It is clear that with IU having a record twelve players recognized that the program got more respect than previously. As far as an extension goes AD Glass said in an interview he would talk to Coach Wilson about an extension when coach got back from his recruiting trip and they could talk about one. Fred Glass is a decent and honorable man that he will do that and resign Coach Wilson. I hope the money the school got on the latest shoe contract that there is plenty of money for Coach along with his assistants to keep him and his coaches together heading into 2016.

  6. v13, yes Glass is a good, decent and honorable man. He’s probably a great administrator. I just wish he could demonstrate that he is a dynamic leader. So far, I’ve not seen it (Giant American Flags flying on real tall flag polls don’t cut it). Announcing Wilson’s contract extension would have made Wilson more effective during this current recruiting trip and created more good news (i.e., press) for IU’s Football program coming on the heals of a victory over Purdue and the first bowl-game eligibility in many years.

  7. Podunker, I agree that Fred should have been having this discussion before the Purdue game so it could have been wrapped up the day after Purdue. Fred is a lawyer and most lawyers have caution in decision making [doesn’t mean a good decision when they make one] because they try and think of the long term consequences. I think the long term consequence he needs to worry about is keeping the momentum going on an improving football team.

    t, maybe we will get news this weekend about the extension.

    Maryland just got their coach – the DC from Michigan; along with the Illinois move the Big Ten only has one opening left.

  8. v13: You watch too much TV.

    PO: #7 agreed about flags on poles (or hungarians (small “h” in case all you out there didn’t get it) for that matter). Not sure about the timing; are that many recruits really and truly clinched before bowls are played? Glad IUFB (presumably) is going to be in one, but extending (seems like a foregone conclusion around here) the KW contract should be done soberly, not exuberantly. KW got a seven year deal for a good reason: KW was given that amount of time to turn around the listing battleship (to use others’ simile) of IUFB ’cause both Glass and Wilson were well aware of the rocky course upon which they were embarking five years ago (to continue the maritime simile).

  9. Davis, you are right but being disabled and limited to sitting in my zero gravity chair most of the day and night TV, computer, and reading are about all I can do. I am already missing the BTN fix every evening as they talked about football. Now they are covering the teams but with other events too.

    Although I want the extension to get done within a week you are right that recruits aren’t going to lock into a school yet in most cases. The extension will help 2017 more than it will in 2016 although I expect a bump up in 2016. In the 2017 class IU can get commitments from higher rated players that would have committed with other Big Ten schools instead of IU. It is just nice to be excited about IU football and have a concrete reason to believe things will get better.

  10. News of the extension, news of the bowl game, and the fact that there has been a lot of coaching turnover, especially in the Big Ten, should, if handled properly, allow Wilson to poach several better-rated players that were previously committed to other schools. That’s the reason Glass should have gotten it done by now, and by taking his sweet time, Glass may be wasting a rare opportunity and hobbling Wilson’s ability to upgrade his next recruiting class. That’s why a lot of other schools moved with hyper-speed to announce the hiring of their new head coach! It’s just common sense. Yes, signing day is in early February, but NOW is the time when coaches make the push to sell recruits on the benefits of signing with their program.

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