Former IU coach Curt Miller hired by WNBA’s Sun

Curt Miller was named the head coach of the WNBA’s Connecticut Sun Thursday, a year and a half after he resigned as Indiana’s head coach for health and personal reasons.

Miller resigned from IU in July 2014 and became an assistant coach with the Los Angeles Sparks in March 2015. The Sparks are coached by Brian Agler, whose daughter, Taylor, played for Miller at IU; she transferred to Ohio after the 2014-15 season.

Agler and UConn  head coach Geno Auriemma were mentioned as references for Miller in getting the job with the Sun.

“I’m humbled, I’m excited and certainly proud to be the next coach for the Connecticut Sun,” Miller said at his introductory press conference.

Miller gave a “shout out” to his “extended family” in Indiana. He said he still makes Bloomington his home in the offseason. He also mentioned one of his twin sons, Brian, who he said might be watching the press conference but should be studying for finals at IU.

Asked about his journey from the college game to L.A. to the Sun, Miller noted his “sustained success” at Bowling Green. When he transitioned to talking about his time at IU, he pointed out that only one recruiting class was able to play for him.

“We quickly turned that program around,” Miller said. “And with a second great recruiting class on its way, and future verbal commitments, we truly believe we were setting the table to continue that sustained success.

“And to be able to say at the end of each season that you overachieved, there is nothing better.”

Miller had a record of 33-32 in two seasons at IU.

Miller recruits still make up the core of the Hoosiers in 2015-16. Alexis Gassion, Jenn Anderson, Karlee McBride and Lyndsay Leikem were part of that first recruiting class, including Agler and Larryn Brooks, who transferred to Texas Tech.

Sophomores Tyra Buss, Amanda Cahill and Jess Walter were part of that second class, along with Maura Muensterman, who has since transferred to Belmont.

Under second-year head coach Teri Moren, the Hoosiers are currently 7-2.

Miller was also asked about his health during the press conference. While at Bowling Green in 2012, Miller suffered a mild stroke on the sidelines. He said Thursday that his health was “fine.”


  1. I still have not seen why he suddenly “quit”. Surely by now someone who can talk must know.

  2. Just don’t understand, with all the great journalists around the Bloomington area, how none of them have broken the story on why he left the program.

  3. Good for Coach Miller. Not so good for the players who’s lives were disrupted by the sudden exit.

    The women that are here now have taken a bad situation and stuck it out. They’ve really come together and I’m excited to see what their ceiling is this season. Extremely pleased with Coach Moren and what she accomplished with one full year of practicing/teaching.

    Go Hoosiers!

  4. Resumes are all fine and dandy, if Miller would have kept on the straight and narrow, he would still be here. His resigning over health and family issues was a bunch of crap if what most have heard was true. Won’t go any farther than that.

  5. If you know anyone in athletics at IU, you know what happened. Character is huge…make dumb decisions and karma can hit you square between the eyes!

  6. OK, I know nothing other than he left without a good explanation.

    How about if you gave a hypothetical “Were a coach to do this or that then the outcome might be something like this.”

    When you claim to have inside information but don’t share it with the class it doesn’t make anyone look very good.

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