Getting to know Pinstripe Bowl opponent Duke

Over the next three weeks we’ll take a much deeper look into IU’s matchup with Duke in the Dec. 26 Pinstripe Bowl. For now, familiarize yourself with the Hoosiers’ first postseason opponent in eight years.


Record: 7-5, 4-4

Coach: David Cutcliffe, 47-53 in 8th season at Duke; 91-82 in 14th season overall.

Offense: Redshirt junior quarterback Thomas Sirk has completed 234 of his 390 passes for 2,462 yards and 15 touchdowns. One of four Power 5 conference quarterbacks to lead his team in both passing and rushing yardage (648), Sirk averaged 7.3 yards per attempt over Duke’s seven wins. His offensive line has protected him well, led by fifth-year senior center Matt Skura. Duke finished the regular season ranked second in the ACC in fewest sacks allowed per passing attempt. This is also the third consecutive season the Blue Devils have scored 20 or more rushing touchdowns. Duke has the ACC’s No. 5 scoring offense (30.5 points per game) and No. 3 total offense (431.3 yards per game).

Defense: Safety Jeremy Cash earned ACC Defensive Player of the Year honors after posting 101 tackles, 18.0 tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks, eight quarterback pressures, four pass breakups, three forced fumbles and one fumble recovery. Safety counterpart DeVon Edwards has also played well this year, picking up 93 tackles, 2.0 tackles for loss and a team-high four pass breakups. Duke’s pass defense is ranked No. 12 in the ACC with 228.6 yards allowed through the air per contest.

Season arc: The Blue Devils won six of their first seven games before sliding to a 7-5 finish. Losses in four of Duke’s final five games began with a stunning defeat against Miami. The Hurricanes used eight laterals to go 75 yards for the game-winning score at the end of regulation.

Highlight: Sept. 26, 34-20 win over No. 20 Georgia Tech. Running back Shaquille Powell rushed for three touchdowns and Duke’s defense held the Yellow Jackets to less than 200 yards rushing for the first time in 17 games. DeVon Edwards returned a kickoff 100 yards for a score and Jeremy Cash made 12 stops, including three tackles for loss.

Lowlight: Oct. 31, 30-27 loss to Miami. Duke took a No. 22 ranking into the contest before the Hurricanes’ game-winning, eight-lateral kickoff return knocked the Blue Devils out of the polls.

Bowl history: Duke is 3-8 all-time and has lost bowl games in each of the last three seasons. The Blue Devils haven’t won a bowl game since closing the 1960 season with a Cotton Bowl victory.


  1. What is the deal with RB Tyus Flakes decommitting from IU after leaving Bloomington form his official visit and prior to that describing his visit as awesome. He must have got a good look at the corp of RB’s IU has in the stable and 2016 RB Cole Gest who I believe was in Bloomington at the same time

  2. 12 hour drive… NYC isn’t that bad, especially with more than one driver. I hope you’ll try to make it!

  3. IU makes a bowl for the first time since 2007 and you’re complaining about which one. Like it is up to Glass. Don’t be that guy.

  4. The university and AD can campaign and do have say. I get WC…driving a family of 4 to NY on the 25th, hotel and tickets…not for middle class America….but good for Fred’s wife. It sucks! Thrilled IU made it to a bowl but I was hoping for Nashville.

  5. One thing I have learned this week is that IU fans are completely oblivious as to how bowls work. We get chosen…we don’t pick. And we are playing in an area with an enormous amount of IU alums on ABC at 3:30. ND played in this 2 years ago. It’s a solid game to get.

  6. JimmyO, you’re absolutely right. For being a low profile 6-6 team this is a pretty high profile bowl. At least as far as marketing goes.

  7. Man, why on earth would a team that is historically at the bottom of all of college football, who routinely has more fans that hang out in their parking lot than watching the actual game, opt for playing in a bowl in the largest media market in the world, versus staying local?

    One of those mysteries of the universe.

  8. This is a great bowl to play in. Indiana, given how on the ropes their season was before the strong finish, really earned a good one after going toe to toe with a lot of team playing the marquee bowls.

  9. J Pat- You mean to tell me that you already spent your Merrill Lynch parachute package, your 245 million in 401K annual reserves, and the 150 million in severance that came after the Wall Street financial collapse of our Bill Lynch sister company?
    Yup, you’re right, J Pat…Maybe some of those finer NYC alum at the 50-yard line seats near the filed will cut you a loan. Call Fred and see if he can hook your family up at the guest house of one of former Duke or IU frat rat investment criminals that cheated their way to Connecticut mansion..See if they can help out an old Hoosier homey that has put his family in the Memorial bastard-reserve seats for the last 20 years while they were cheering the Yankees in the postseason….Tell them to hit you up with some of that Christmas eggnog sipped on the stealing of hard-working Americans lifetime retirement accounts…or maybe they can send you a chunk of their Saturday morning peppermint bark to make good on that chunk of your honest work now part of a cappuccino budget …, ?

    J Pat- Your decades of family receipts and ticket stubs for your years of support for IU Football deserves more thanks from IU than anything that rests its head on a goose down pillow in Manhattan. There is no “market” without you. There should be a way to send you and your family all expenses paid. They should have a Macy’s parade spot for your children…And they should have a handshake at the airport while they put you on Fred’s corporate jet. When the Hoosiers win, they should pay off your mortgage. Don’t let them belittle your joke …They are the joke. You are the humble and decent pride of Indiana. You are the fire that still burned and poked through after every dark cloud that never drifted away from Memorial. They’ve got nothin’ on you in their heartless cold mansions.

  10. oops…[near] the field.

    And why do I simply know you’ve saved every ticket stub for every IU Football game that you attended with your family, J Pat? Christ, why do I know you’ve made decoupage end tables and cocktail table and bar stool backrests that adorn the Hoosier room addition off the kitchen….? I just know.

    The Cubs were cursed for eternity for not allowing a lifelong supporter to bring his goat into Wrigley. I wonder how long Memorial will be cursed for robber barons never to share a frosty beer of kindness from Yankee Stadium toasted to J Pat’s Hoosier museum of occasional decoupage accent pieces..?

  11. The posts of positive thoughts are correct. This is a very good bowl for IU to be chosen to compete in. Famous venue in a high profile media market, a 3:30 kick on ABC, past Pinstripe competitions have included big FB names, good amount of resident alumni and an opportunity for national recruiting exposure displaying IU’s high flying offense. But for us flyover folks NYC is ick. The drive is not terrible except at Christmas time + trying to navigate when there and the expense of NYC is unacceptable. I personally had hoped for Santa Clara, Nashville or others. If promised $5k I would not be in NYC on 12/26/2k15. So the post of negative thoughts are also correct except it is not AD Glass’s fault. Redo the chrome helmets for the occasion. But just the same very good for the Hoosiers, GO IU!!!

  12. Harvard, I enjoyed that tremendously. Funny, I do save ticket stubs lol. I am thrilled we are bowling. Good for the kids, good for the coaches, good job to Wilson and co. I have made plans for a party on Dec 26 as it will be much more fun to watch with friends!!

  13. Beautiful, J Pat. Some just don’t know how to have fun on here. My highfalutin condemnation of the robber barons above was more than tongue-in-cheek…..but, then again…

    That being said, I would love nothing more than to hear about some antonymous donor that would send you and your family to NYC….Your loyalty and heart for IU Football has been a constant and stands as my only real connection to the seats of Memorial… You’ve put your money where most, after decades of removal from the sights,and dreary Saturdays of cold Novembers in disappointment, simply stick their opinion. It saddens me that such a trip to NYC and a Pinstripe Bowl may not include J Pat cheering from the right filed box seats of Yankee Stadium. Your kids would have a blast..But either way, I’m sure you’ll all have just as much fun..

    I am happy for IU Football, but I am even extra delighted you’ll have an after Christmas party to cheer them on. Cheers to you. ..and get on that decoupage!

  14. I type fast…I have typos…Sometimes it’s typos and sometimes it’s just atrocious spelling(atrocious just got underlined). The typos create spellcheck(spellcheck also just got underlined but I’m leaving it as one word) alerts with underlined words(as just noted)…..I click on the spellcheck option that appears correct but it is incorrect because I am in desperate need of glasses.
    What’s with you? It’s really not worth asking because it’s clearly evident. It’s rhymes with “a bowl.”

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