Glass looking to extend Wilson, examining 4 bowl sites, #iufb

This is always the busiest time of the year for Fred Glass.

But this year, as the Indiana athletic director juggles an extended football-basketball overlap period in early December, there are two new goals on his immediate agenda — campaigning for a decent bowl bid and rewarding football coach Kevin Wilson with a contract extension.

Indiana’s landing spot for its first bowl game in eight years will be known by Sunday, and a possible announcement on Wilson’s extension may come soon, too.

“We have been working all those fronts,” Glass told The Herald-Times on Thursday evening. “I got home at 4 a.m. from being out at Duke, and we’ve been working a lot on this bowl stuff and making our pitches to different bowls that we have. We’ve been reaching out and talking to people and influencing a variety of decision-makers that are involved. Then, yeah, Kevin and I are talking about what comes next with him.”

Wilson, who is in the fifth season of a seven-year contract that pays him $1.2 million annually, has been on the road recruiting this week, but is expected back on campus this weekend as the program hosts official visits in Bloomington. The recruiting angle is among the primary reasons for addressing an extension for Wilson, who would be able to sell a vision of long-term commitment and sustained success to high school targets that may be curious about the coach’s status at IU.

But beyond the recruiting angle, Glass said he has been pleased with the program’s progress on the field and behind the scenes. While Glass declined to address a timeframe or possible terms for a deal, he’s hopeful an agreement can be reached relatively soon.

Schedules for both Wilson and Glass could play a role in the process. While Wilson is tied up in one of the busiest recruiting windows of the year, Glass is scheduled to be in New York next week to attend the National Football Foundation dinner and surrounding events.

But Glass says he’d like to arrange a deal “sooner rather than later.”

“It’s no secret that I’m a fan of continuity and consistency, and I think it’s no secret that I’ve been real pleased with the progress,” Glass said. “Not only getting to the bowl level for the second time in 20 years, but the eye test of going toe-to-toe with four top-10 quality teams. I just think there’s been an awful lot of progress. Kevin and I will talk about what comes next, and I’m optimistic about that.”

In the meantime, IU is only days away from officially accepting a bowl invitation.

At the beginning of this week, the IU athletic department sent an email to fans with hopes of gauging interest in seven possible postseason destinations for the Hoosiers. Of those seven options — which also included bowls in Detroit, Fort Worth, Texas and San Diego — Glass says four of them now appear to be IU’s most likely landing spots.

The Pinstripe Bowl in New York and the Foster Farms Bowl in Santa Clara, Calif. — both of which will be played on Dec. 26 — are among the primary options, as are the Music City Bowl on Dec. 30 in Nashville and the TaxSlayer Bowl on Jan. 2 in Jacksonville, Fla. The latter two are an either/or package, with both bowls agreeing to take only one Big Ten team between them.

To Glass’ understanding, the TaxSlayer Bowl organizers may have the first pick this season, but they may also have the freedom to defer the pick to the Music City Bowl. Though it’s a bit murky, Glass said he believes the TaxSlayer Bowl, which selected Iowa from the Big Ten last year, is likely to pick another team from the conference this week.

“But maybe not,” Glass said. “All of this stuff is very dynamic. It’s like a draft day and things change all the time. We’re trying to prepare for any contingency and talk directly to the bowls that are among the group where we’d like to go. If we end up in Jacksonville, Nashville, New York or Santa Clara, we’ll be happy campers because they’ll all be, in their own way, really great experiences.”

The Pinstripe Bowl seems to be the popular prediction for Indiana among most bowl prognosticators. Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports each recently slotted IU in Santa Clara.

“We’re not taking anything for granted,” Glass said. “There’s kind of a pecking order contractually, but that can move around for a variety of reasons. We’re trying to put our best foot forward with those people. I’m probably not the best athletic director in the world, but I have worked on these selection things before. I understand working with local organizing committees and what they care about, and attendance, and TV ratings and quality matchups. We’ve been working that pretty hard and not taking anything for granted to make sure those decision makers understand what we think we bring to the table.

“We’ve got this high-octane, highly-regarded offense and it’s going to be really fun. We’ve had a lot of national exposure because we’ve played all those 3:30 games. The Ohio State game was one of the top-10 (most-watched) games in the country this year, so we’ve got a certain identification around the country. We’re the third largest living alumni base, and in all those markets we’ve got a lot of IU people. You put that all together and I think we’re a real quality team to make a good case for any of those bowls that might want us to be one of their partners.”


  1. With complete sincerity,

    I hope he gets the extension done quickly so he can continue his incognito basketball coaching search.

  2. Very excited to see what happens after we extend Coach’s contract and hopefully that will include pay raises too.

    We’re becoming a respected football school and I can’t wait to see how far we can go.

    Keep up the great work Coach Wilson and assistants!

  3. TallGuy, I agree IU is becoming a football school and pay needs to start being comparable with the pay at other Big Ten East schools; I include assistant coaches because we have a couple that are being talked about which raises their profiles.

    We did have a team that can play with any team in the country but we need to get better athletes for more depth to beat the best teams. I know the coaches know who will leave but it will be nice when fans get some news so we know what to expect next year. I know we will have one of the top receiving groups in the country especially if Thornton and Westbrook improve the way Cobbs did between his freshman and sophomore year. We have six receivers that are 6″2 or taller so we have size to go along with the quick shorter receivers we have coming back. We will be okay at RB if Howard doesn’t come back but we will be great running the ball if he comes back. Our OL got a lot of playing time as back ups plus coach has developed outstanding lines every year the past 4 years. It could add up to an Offense that will break all kinds of records both at IU and Big Ten. I could see our offense being in the top 5 Nationally if we have a QB that can fill Nate’s shoes [Don’t forget he was a good QB as a sophomore as Austin King could be if he steps up].

    Now it is time to redo Coach’s contract along with whatever he thinks they need to do to improve the chances of getting even better players on the team. Coach has been around a National Championship Team so he knows what this team needs and getting those players is the key.

  4. I really think the IU fan has been spoiled by the play of quarterback Nate Sudfeld over the last four years….he has truly been wonderful as a quarterback, i can only hope that the IU coaching staff find someone just as good…i feel that everyone has given up (not yet) on Zander Diamont as a starting quarterback for the IU football team next year? If i remember correctly coach Wilson was very high on him coming out of spring training camp last year…..i also realize that coach Wilson and his staff are out recruiting a JC QB in Richard Lagow, which maybe telling us that hes not quite sold on Zander Diamont himself… hard is it for JC transfer to get into Indiana University? didn’t wide receivers Camion Patrick had some troubles getting accepted into Indiana University as a JC transfer…..i think that could be a major stumbling block for Richard Lagow deciding to attend IU….according to reports, IU fans will know on Monday if he plans on attending IU.

  5. IU79, I think Zander can be our QB but our offense needs to incorporate the zone read so we gain from his running ability [out running OSU defense showed me something]. Coach Wilson during the season commented that he didn’t know if he had the future QB on the team right now. I had the impression that bringing in Hale [Wilson mentioned him] along with Zander Coach knows we would have to change the offense. What he knows best though is the shotgun passing game so I think he would prefer another Nate which Austin King could be. I just think Coach knows how good the team could be with an experienced shotgun passer and he is afraid the team would take a step back if we go to the zone read. It’s not that he doesn’t believe any QB on the team is good enough but like bringing in Howard to replace Coleman he would feel more secure with a QB that could do what Nate has done this year. We have to remember too that Nate only gave us part of a great year as he missed due to injury and last year most of the games in the Big Ten he missed.

    Personally I think if he can’t get a replacement for Nate he really needs to decide if IU offense will be more like OSU’s offense or if he will bite the bullet and go with Austin King. The advantage of King would be three years of having the same QB as long as he can avoid injury. The problem is IU has more “running” QBs on the team rather than drop back passers. It is a tough choice because it is easier for IU to get the running QB and I am not sure they can recruit good enough passing QBs.

    There is a major advantage of running the zone read; that is the OL leaves one man unblocked so they can double team a player or be able to block everyone else in the box. It also make it easier to pass as it creates big openings in the secondary because the defense has to pull in a safety to help on the run. I guess we will find out in Spring Practice which direction coach has decided to go.

  6. Austin King will be QB if not next year, junior or senior year. At some point he will start a t QB for IU. King looks like a good passer.

  7. I know it sounds crazy but what about the Cameron kid? I thought his arm looked great when he played this year and he is def a pocket passer. Just curious

  8. Glass should stop dilly-dallying around. He needs to make the decision now. How much more information does he require to make it? He needs to give Wilson a strong vote of confidence before the bowl game and help him obtain top recruits. That will help Wilson continue to develop the program at IU and have it function at a higher level.

  9. I agree that we need to get Wilson extended as soon as possible. In the games against top 10 teams this year we were basically one play away from victory, can that be said by any other coach we have had lately? Consistency is the key, keep him here to continue the process! As far as the QB next year, getting JC Richard Lagow would be the key in my estimation. If you have seen his video, you could not help but be impressed! He makes all the throws and goes deep like you can’t believe. He is 6′ 6″ and around 240 lbs. He looks physically like Sudfeld. I saw an 11 minute video on this kid and he is extremely impressive.

  10. I’m very curious to see where and who we play in our bowl game. On the other hand, I don’t know who or when the basketball team plays next. Or care.

  11. An extension for CKW and staff is well deserved. The culture of the IU football program has been changed. It’s up to us as fans and alumni to change the our culture and truly support this program through our attendance, and leaving at halftime doesn’t count. We need to create a home field advantage for our players, much too often the visiting teams fans are louder than us in Memorial Stadium. This revenue will add more to the coffers which will allow the athletic department to continue to invest in the program (better pay for CKW and staff). I’m sure AD Glass will wrap things up before the team starts preparing for the bowl game. Go Hoosiers!!!

  12. WaltD, you are spot on! In fact, Glass should have already gotten this done. Every day he delays diminishes the “news” value and the buzz associated with announcing that Wilson’s contract has been extended. And it’s not about how much information Glass needs, it’s about him covering his butt and making sure that everyone in a position of power or influence agrees with his recommendations about duration of contract, money, incentive bones, etc. Good lord, Miami hired Georgia’s former head coach within two days of his resignation from Georgia. At best, Glass is tone deaf, At best he’s nothing more than a risk-averse administrator.

    As for Lagow being recruited, with four underclassmen QBs on the current roster, two of which have game experience, if Wilson was confident any of those three could run his offense well, he would not be recruiting Lagow. If Lagow signs, expect one of the three current IU QBs to transfer, because no ambitious and self confident QB will want to wait two more years before getting the chance to be named the starter for the one year remaining in their eligibility. But maybe, Lagow gives Diamont the chance to finally redshirt so that he can build up his body. At 180 pounds, Diamont still needs another ten to 15 pounds before he’ll be big enough to survive as a Big Ten QB.

  13. AD Glass I am satisfied and relieved you are ignoring the cries Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!.

  14. I always find it interesting on here on how the standards are different for football and basketball. On one hand, you guys want to give a raise and contract extension to the football coach for a mediocre career and yet fire the basketball coach for the same kind of career at IU.

  15. Podunker, the thing about bringing in a JC QB is to increase the competition for the QBs already here. If they are unwilling to compete then they aren’t good enough to play. Whatever QB that comes isn’t guaranteed a starting spot and must compete to be the best. Coach wants to see who will work hard enough to win the job. Zander can get a redshirt year if he isn’t the best; he and the others can work harder and prove they are ready to take over the job. We have a tremendous group of young receivers what need QBs that are willing to work hard enough and lead them to work with them this summer. I sure hope they get a few really good defensive front guys too that can step in and play so we can rotate them in to keep the front fresh. If everyone works hard enough this off-season the 2017 team can better than people think they will be.

    Yes it would be nice if the extension was already done but Coach wanted to hit the recruiting trail and will sign when he gets back in town I bet. There should be enough excitement to recruit better players based on what they saw on National TV the way IU competed with the top teams. I sure hope this saga doesn’t drag on much longer but we will have to wait and see.

  16. Murfman the difference is Coach Wilson has the team trending up and getting better. the only interruption in the improvement was the year Nate got hurt and we had to play a Freshman QB that was 5th string in Spring. Two QBs transferred out after recruiting was over and screwed up the depth because they put themselves ahead of the team. What I hear about Coach Crean [I don’t pay attention to basketball] is people are upset because the talent of the players doesn’t measure up with how much they win on the court and how he manages the game. Look at this year with top talent and getting blown out.

    Coach Wilson had the top teams in the Big Ten on the ropes up to the last few minutes or the last play/OT. He did that with walk-ons/former walk-ons, 2 and 3 star players [one 4 star] against teams loaded with 4 and 5 star players. Coach challenges the players and assistant coaches getting them better so they can play and coach with the best in the Big Ten. He also does it with less money to recruit and less money for his assistants and himself in the Big Ten. Football is tougher to develop a roster that was depleted when he got here because players didn’t want to work as hard as they need to and a lot harder than they did before. He has greatly improved this team and if you have to compete with the best teams with a roster that is depleted it takes a while to build up the roster. Stop looking at the record and see the improvement in the team and see why we want him to get an extension.

  17. A program failure in a Crean apologist just caused one to stray outside the fences of ITH……Warning: They have posed a fair question instead of just anointing the “McCracken Wizard of Lottery Pick Saints” ….Would somebody call Bizitch with the pick-up order? Bring the stun gun and the Dipo tapes.

  18. Murfman, understanding the double standard that some IU fans have about the expectations of IU’s football coach and IU’s basketball coach is very simple. Most IU fans have much higher expectations of the basketball program than they do the football program. I personally know several otherwise loyal and enthusiastic IU alums who literally don’t care if IU plays football or not! These people have long-since given up on IU football, don’t go to football games and simply don’t care how IU’s football program performs. But if IU basketball fails to win the Big Ten Championship every other year, those same people become irate. Of course, many IU fans and alums are stuck living in the past. They have never really understood the importance, from a financial standpoint, of IU having a competitive football program. And they still hold on to the fantasy that IU is an elite basketball program, even though that hasn’t been the case for decades. “Everything is relative to expectations!”

  19. V13, teams that recruit a JC QB are indicating they have an immediate need to fill. Sure, Wilson wants to create competition at every position, but he could do that by recruiting another talented freshman. But when you’re going after a top ranked JC QB who has limited eligibility, the implication is that he’s going to be the starter for two years. Otherwise, you recruit a freshman who you can groom for two years before plugging him in as the starter. Ironically, in spite of his past at Oklahoma, and as good a job as Wilson has done to improve overall recruiting for IU, he has not done a great job recruiting or managing quarterbacks. Sudfeld came to IU because of Seth Littrell, who he had recruited to Arizona. Wilson had very little to do with recruiting Sudfeld.

  20. Podunker, I understand the implications of getting a JC QB but he better come in to earn the spot or he won’t be the starter. Without question Coach Wilson is looking for an upgrade at QB because he believes our receiving corps will be so strong. Wilson’s get of Austin King is going to turn out to be a good get and he has been mentioned as a potential starter with what he has shown so far. It sure is nice to be talking football this late into the year.

  21. Some things in CFB happening related to Wilson at IU.

    Seth Littrell is the new HC at North Texas.

    Barry Odom is new HC at Mizzou. He was someone while DC at Memphis KW wanted at IU for DC

    Brent Pease who KW originally hired for OC will not have his contract renewed at Washington as WR coach.

  22. HC, thanks for the up-dated info; one more to add is Rutgers close to hiring Chris Ash from OSU. That should finish up the HC hirings in the Big Ten.

  23. Thanks HC. That appears to be a great first head coaching job for Littrell. Looks like he made the right decision by taking the OC job at UNC. No way he’d have been offered any head-coaching jobs this soon if he’d stayed on as OC at IU. IU has not been the best place for ambitious young assistant coaches, because performance plus exposure is key to getting promoted. Hopefully that’s beginning to change as IU football improves. Littrell knows that Texas/Oklahoma area from a recruiting standpoint, and he’s a bright guy. I predict he’ll do well and will be a head coach at a Power-Conference program within four years.

  24. PO and others: I don’t get it about recruiting/signing JUCO transfers for the sake of “competition” at the QB spot. Maybe I’m silly, but why not recruit/sign the best players for positions that need to be filled? You and v13 (posts #21, 22) are worried about “implications” and “indications.” If IUFB needs a QB, sign one!

  25. davis, Coach commented in the middle of the season they weren’t sure they had the 2017 QB on the roster and the coaches might have to look at JC or transfer QB. He said they would evaluate the QBs on the roster and wouldn’t decide until the end of the season what direction to go. I think it is clear they think they need an upgrade at QB for next year which is why they are pursuing Lagow. By all accounts they think the offense will be more explosive next year if they have a talented drop back passer.

    Podunker, I agree Littrell had a much better opportunity at NC to get a HC job than he did at IU. IU does seem to be changing the perception here and assistant coaches wanting to get a HC job should be able to do that here in a few years. North Texas will be a good level for him to get his HC creds. He could do well and get a bigger job as the next step like Dino Babers from BGSU just did.

    With all the coaching changes it makes me even more hopeful Coach Wilson finishes turning IU into a solid football job and retires here. But, if he continues to improve IU football there will be schools offering more money and a better situation for becoming Nationally prominent team. Littrell said the reason he took the OC job at NC was due to the recruiting base made it easier to get top talent for the offense. I know coach hasn’t got IU to National prominence yet but let’s say he does in the next 5 years; will IU compete with “football” schools to retain our coach? I don’t know if coach can get IU up another level but I do worry that IU doesn’t care enough about football to build on any success that happens.

  26. from all the press i have been reading lately….IU has a better chance of becoming a football school, under coach Wilson than a remaining a basketball school under coach Crean……AD Glass redirect some of the finance direct to basketball to football…GO IU football

  27. The only salient objective should be to stop Fed Glass’s POcastination in emoving Cean….It steals ‘r‘ hopes of becoming elite in hoops again.
    We must pay fo a miacle. If it happens, this will be the essence of Havad singing to the Hoosies that saw the light.

  28. I’ve taken 6-7 individual occasions over the last 3 weeks paying attention to both Indiana and Ohio HS FB playoffs. During that time I’ve come to focus more and more on IU commit RB Cole Gest of St. Edwards. We all understand what highlight videos are trying to accomplish. But watching enough of them about a player builds a trend of commonality. At 5’8″ & 190 lb. this kid has something to offer IU’s preferred balanced attack. He has a nose for the hole, feet to get into it and burst to get through it. He has vision, balance, does not shy from contact as he regularly comes out the other side of crowds. He can spin, turn, twist and change direction to avoid tacklers. He has good hands out of the backfield. His full throttle may not yet be Tevin’s but is certainly crowding Howard’s. He always runs with his choke out as he smells the goal line even outside the red zone. He is called a weight room brat. I don’t know how much bigger he can get but his balance and speed will only get more enhanced from the training. He may only become a depth player in the end but the way he goes for the goal line leads me to believe he won’t be satisfied accomplishing less than a 2 man rotation. Check him out his 2015 videos aren’t hard to find. Deland McCullough, RB coach was lead recruiter and sold him on IU.

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