Hoosier Morning

Defense was missing in action again as Duke handed the Hoosiers their latest troubling defeat, Mike writes.

The IU women’s basketball team willed its way to victory over Georgia Tech on Wednesday, Jon writes.

Five IU swimmers will take part in this weekend’s U.S. Winter Nationals, we reported.

As Indiana fans get riled up, Duke’s effort was the difference against the Hoosiers, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

By the end of the night on Wednesday, all the Hoosiers wanted to do was talk about Thursday, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Indiana took some shots to the head in Maui, but got knocked out Wednesday at Duke, Justin Albers of AllHoosiers.com writes.

It’s getting late early for the Hoosiers and Tom Crean, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

The hapless Hoosiers appear to be hopeless after serving as a patsy for the Blue Devils, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Angry Duke simply destroyed visiting Indiana, Laura Keeley of the Raleigh News & Observer writes.

Freshman Brandon Ingram stepped up as Duke pulled away from Indiana, Ryan Hoerger of the Duke Chronicle writes.

It was a memorable night for Brandon Ingram’s coming out party and Indiana’s defensive woes laid bare, Luke Winn of SI.com writes.

The biggest drama of Indiana-Duke was the Max Bielfeldt-Coach K collision at halftime, Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo Sports writes.

Duke has been better than expected, while Indiana has been a letdown, Matt Norlander of CBSsports.com writes.

The concern is less about the lows for IU than it is about a suddenly limited ceiling, Brody Miller of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Jenn Anderson stood tall in the IU women’s victory over Georgia Tech, Taylor Lehman of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

A fitting tune for Indiana’s latest loss on the road — Jake Bugg with “Trouble Town.”


  1. The article is blistering and brutal but 1000% honest. We are witnessing the last days of Tom Crean at IU.

    TW is no VO.

    Our prized post player had no rebounds for the night.

    The is no doubt RMK can be credited for teaching K at least 1 thing as we watched Duke play IU D last night.

    Last nights on court performance was the most egregious affront to IU BB I’ve ever watched, recall or heard of.

    An obvious carryover from last year is the whole squad has lazy feet. A fire needs to be lit under those feet.

  2. That’s not to say that Crean’s a perfect fit. In my estimation, his biggest strength and biggest weakness are horribly mismatched with Indiana. Crean’s biggest strength is his ability as a promoter. His pre-game Jumbotron messages to fans, a mind-blowing number of promotional give-aways, and his tradition of shaking hands with the student section on the way out to the court all helped to build interest in the program. And while it never hurts to be a great promoter (just ask Bruce Pearl), I’m not sure that that’s what Indiana needs. Indiana basketball has never seemed to me like one of those things that needs much promotion. People in Indiana are always going to be basketball crazy, even if you don’t give then a bobblehead and constantly shake their hands. They don’t need to put butts in the seats–they just need someone that knows basketball.
    And that brings me to what I see as possibly Crean’s biggest weakness–he’s a pretty shaky game coach. Simply put, if there are 15 seconds left on the clock and my team’s down 2 points, I’m not feeling real confident if I look over at the bench and see Tom Crean putting together the plan (why do I feel like I’m foreshadowing a Wisconsin loss at Indiana next year where I end the night feeling like I’m being repeatedly kicked in the groin). I could be wrong, but Indiana seems to me, more than almost anywhere else, to be a place where they’d value an Xs and Os genius. Tom Crean is not that. His ability to get guys to run through walls for him can mitigate this weakness a lot of the time, but I have to think that his lack of remarkable basketball acumen with not play well with a fan base that expects their coach to be a skillful tactician.

    Talk about an augur….


  3. Good article! The bitterness toward Crean has been brought on by his own arrogance and his refusal to recognize his coaching strategies are flawed. That makes him a less than sympathetic character and that’s on him.

  4. Hate on Coach K and Duke all you want, but tell me as a Hoosier fan that you aren’t green with envy with what they’re doing down there in Durham. Every year Coach K has a new crop of kids coming in and he whips them into such a mental state that everyone one of them would rather eat a steaming pile of fecal matter than to get beat by you. They play as if their mothers is being held hostage. Sure you might make it through the lane a couple of times, but you’re going to feel it for the next week. They fly to the ball, but never over-pursue. They play together as a team. They protect the ball. The wiggle and power through lazy ball screens and, many times, even though good ones. They find weaknesses and, most importantly, they make you PAY for them.

    It is beautiful basketball and it makes me sick to see it in contrast to the guys in the red jerseys.

    These kids have quit. Well, that’s not fair. To say they’ve quit means to say they actually started. Looks like the offseason was full of parties and bottles of vodka instead of working in the gym moving laterally with their hands up.

    Mike Davis’s guys may have loved him, but they also quit on him in that last year, too. When your coach is in over his head, there really is not much you can do knowing that the effort you put out has a very limited ceiling. Sampson took that team sans Vaden the next year and had them playing ball. If we get the right fella in here next year, I think he’s got a lot of great pieces to work with. I can say with certainty there will be less transfers after this season if Crean is gone than if he stays.

    Crean said last night that the problem was that we didn’t defend “the ball.” This dude has been so obsessed with deflections, he has completely lost these guys on anything that could be considered positioning. Did anyone notice the first set Duke ran last night? They set up in the half court and got a cutting Allen the ball without a screen, yet JBJ was still trailing and Allen attacked the rim immediately. JBJ was at least 3 steps behind him by the time Allen drove past the elbow. Allen then kicked out to Ingram as Bryant closed and splash.

    For those who are better at basketball than me (which is probably everyone), please enlighten me. Tell me how a silly scheme where you switch from man-to-man to zone within a single possession (let’s call it the Creamed Defense) is employed to stop the scenario above? Do these kids just turn to the wall and laugh in practice when they are being taught Creamed Defense in practice? Duke must have been holding their sides watching film of our Creamed scheme in prepping for this matchup.

    On to Kennesaw….I mean McSomething….or some other “State” school that I have to look up because they are so obscure I’d gain massive hipster cred if I could remember them from memory. I listen to bands that haven’t even been created yet, too.

  5. Davis’s coaching embarrassed the ‘K’ at the 2002 Lexington regional… Davis’s halftime adjustments were brilliant and K walked off that court like a whining little sh__ crying at the refs…He’s basically a piece of leftover stool from Bobby …He owns recruiting because of the big politics of donations, boosters, etc. at the dweeb farm in NC.

    No coach could have handled the backdrop of Knight being ousted any better than Davis.
    Sometimes it just isn’t meant to be…If he wins that championship game against Maryland and the Hoosiers bring home the banner? If Steve Blake doesn’t go unconscious against us…? I’m not sure if there wasn’t a lot of very small people claiming to be Hoosiers that were cheering against Mike Davis in that Maryland game. And I do believe there may have been some justification for Davis feeling disenfranchised from the world of elitists that run IU Athletics like a law school fraternity.

  6. Grayson Allen looks like a smirk-faced a-hole as well..Robert Johnson should have given the Dumes elbow. Crean should have gone ballistic when RJ was called for a flagrant one…RJ was getting the farm dweeb out of his face long after the whistle had blown…If anything deserved a technical, it was the instigation and shenanigans after the whistle that Allen forced.

  7. Yup IU then a downgrade to UAB and then a further downgrade to Texas Southern. Outstanding resume. What a joke. TC will suffer the same resume building exercise.

  8. Everything is a downgrade from IU…IU is a downgrade from IU post Bobby Knight. And if we keep going after carnival salesman that are more into backroom deals than teachers, it’s going to stay that way.. Is what it is.

    It doesn’t change the fact that Davis out-coached ‘k’ and his #1 Blue Dimples in the 2002 NCAA tournament. Masterful halftime adjustments and all the whiny old brat could do is act entitled and robbed by officials…
    And if ‘k’ is getting into Crean’s face because an IU player accidentally brushed up against his raunchy cologne, it only adds to the proof that he may just be a bigger douchebag than he was 10 years ago..

    Crean needs to grow a pair…We all know that. Those that have protected him and fed the playing of the IU victim act at IU also need to grow a pair. It doesn’t change the fact that those throwing IU under the bus(analysts like ex-Dukie Dweeb, Jason Williams) have always had an agenda ….They will get no closer to my praise than anything playing up in Lafayette. They will forever be envious of the coach in Bloomington that had their intellectual number.

  9. “Grayson”… if that isn’t the brattiest, barfiest white country club kid name I’ve ever heard. Right up there with Chandler, Connor, Brantleigh, Carson, Chance, Channing etc. And of course, the face fits the name. When you name someone “Grayson,” do you really expect them to turn out otherwise.

    Brutal game last night. And to whoever on here said that Crean looks exhausted and terrible, that was spot-on.

    This situation sucks. But, there’s some relief, at least, in knowing that the IU fanbase seems to finally be on the same page about this. The promise of the “foregone conclusion firing” is what will give us a light at the end of the tunnel from all this mess.

    I think that those who see a mass exodus of talent and another rebuilding process ahead after this year are jumping to conclusions. The only way that happens is if we hire an unproven homer like Fife, searching for the old glory days. We need instant visibility. Calipari took over a talent-laded Kentucky team from Gillespie and went 35-3 his first year due to his ability to recruit immediate-impact talent. We need a splash that sends a message to recruits that we are going forwards and upwards, not taking a chance on a distant fruit from the Knight coaching tree.

  10. Seahawk Tom, queue the Alford supporters. Hehe.

    I agree with you. Time to unleash and get the best.

    BTW, I almost coughed up a lung when I read “Brantleigh.” Well played, sir.

  11. Ouch…If recollection serves me right, I believe Geoff’s boy is named Grayson. …or, maybe it’s Greystoke?

  12. So are there any big name x and o coaches that can recruit with Kentucky and Duke. Is there any big name coaches that want to come to IU and start the rebuilding of a once elite program? If its a foregone conclusion that CTC is gone after this year (its not a foregone conclusion because this team could come together at the right time and with the right draw in the tournament make it to the sweet 16, which would give Fred reason to keep CTC as the coach) then please suggest a few coaches that might be the right guy at the right time! Where is the next young coach out of Army?

  13. Do I wanna see IU get it together and make a big run deep into the tournament or will this be like hoping your NFL team goes 0-16 so we can get the next Manning or Montana?

  14. IU hiring an unproven homer like Fife would be akin to MSU hiring an unproven homer like Tom Izzo. Actually Fife starting at the age of 25 did a fine head coaching job at IPFW even with their recent induction into D1 level. Every season at FW Fife’s W/L record got better. Before becoming an assistant for Izzo Crean wanted him, JB at Meatchicken wanted him and Painter wanted him bad as his assistant HC at PUke. If IU was serious about the squad playing hard nosed tough D they could do way worse than DF. I believe he holds the IU record for career steals and was B1G D POY. Tutelage under Izzo and RMK may not make him flashy but it certainly makes him damn viable.

  15. Then again, we did have Cody, Jordy, and Danny…and the rest of the Partridge family.

  16. The EX players comments suggest they forgot what CTC said LAST year after the Montreal trip. CTC talked about improving Defense then and Here we are a YEAR later with YEAR older Players doing the same crap on defense. The REAL Story is WHEN to do what you HAVE TO DO. If the administration doesn’t act quickly enough; they send a message to the players and fans that they SUPPORT this fiasco; then you get mass transfers( Like THAT is something that hasn’t Happened) Act too quickly and you “temporary” chaos. The Idea is to HAVE a competitive BB team ,,,,and right now they play and look discouraged…… and in trouble of a complete meltdown

  17. Clarion, I agree that Fife might be a good defensive teacher, and that is attractive. But the guy’s shining accomplishment is an 18-12 season at Fort Wayne, after four years of “getting better” by winning one or two more games than the previous year (aka, the Kevin Wilson pace of improvement). Is that an attractive sell to recruit immediate impact talent? Or would we once again have to watch 4 years of a coach instilling “his system” with “his kind of players” with the distant promise of a return to the top 25, while UK, Duke and UNC keep piling on national championships?

  18. I still say IU needs to look at Rick Barnes as well. He might be older, but he made basketball important at a traditional powerhouse school. That isn’t an easy thing to do.

  19. Please tell me that the Rick Barnes suggestion was delivered with a heaping plate of sarcasm. Barnes makes Crean look like Phil Jackson.

  20. I offer THIS person for consideration…..Stew Robinson, a former assistant coach at both Texas Tech and Morehead State, enters his fourth season in the same capacity on Head Coach Howard Moore’s staff at UIC.

    Before returning to the Midwest, Robinson spent the previous eight seasons as an assistant with the Red Raiders under Head Coaches Bob Knight and Pat Knight. Tech advanced to three NCAA Tournaments (2003-05, 2004-05 and 2006-07) with Robinson on staff, and won 19 or more games four times.

    After serving as an assistant at Plattsburgh State for one season, Robinson accepted a position on the staff of the Morehead State Eagles (2002-03). At 20-9 that season, the Eagles were co-champions of the Ohio Valley Conference and registered their second 20-win mark in school history.

    Robinson was a three-year starter and two-time assist leader at Indiana (1982-86) under Bob Knight, helping the Hoosiers advance to three NCAA Tournaments, including two “Sweet 16” berths. He was also a member of Indiana’s 1982-83 Big Ten Conference championship team. During his career, Robinson scored 630 points and dished out 391 assists. Overall, Robinson has competed in post-season play in four seasons and coached three teams in the post-season.

    A native of Anderson, Indiana, Robinson was an all-state basketball player at Madison Heights High School. He is married to the former Tracy Baxter of Bloomington, Ind. They reside in suburban Chicago with their four children: Isaia, Mekhi, Amani and Amire. The couple also has an older daughter, Sara.

    1. Stew Robinson is now an assistant at Youngstown State. Moore was relieved of his coaching duties at UIC last year and replaced by IU assistant Steve McClain.

  21. TJ: I was skeptical about your idea of Stew Robinson, until you revealed that he had an older daughter named Sara. That’s exactly the kind of coach we need.

    But seriously, I can only hope the powers that be, when Crean is removed, will be doing a lot more than scavenging for distant connections to Bob Knight era in the ranks of Horizon League. Alford, maybe; he hasn’t lit the world on fire at UCLA, but at least he’s got gobs of tournament experience as a coach in addition to being a local hero. Short of Steve, however, most “legacy” hires come with a high degree of risk.

    Jamie Dixon??? He was in the conversation prior to the Crean hire. 307-111 in 13 seasons.

  22. Tom do not short change the good job Dane did at FW just 2 years after they blindly entered into D1. That was a very exposed and sobering position he jumped into. Anyone in FW will state the same as attendance was never better before or since. Crean has proved getting commits from high flying athletes is not a guaranteed recipe for success. Izzo like Knight proved chemistry is the key for a team not salted with 1 and duns. Why do you think Izzo wanted Fife, to teach Izzo D? It was to recruit for the Spartan brand after losing his main recruiter of many years Mark Montgomery.. Look up the rosters and view the results since he locked arms with Izzo. Fife has the whole package.

  23. Seahawk….. My offering was one of more about experienced coaching in successful programs PLUS age..someone in Mid 40’s to early 50’s that has “been around the block”…not too sure a mid-30’s coach has enough experience for IU job.

  24. Harv, pretty sure that was a sniper shot… But hey, not everyone, not even every Seahawks fan, can be so lucky to share a name with Mr. Brady.

    I loved post #15… putting Manning in the same sentence as Montana. That’s rich. And even more rich if Bart is a Colts fan… since that’s exactly what they tried to do about 4 years ago.

  25. Yeah…I remembered your son’s name via song attachment recognition…Just how my weird mind works..It was one of those 3:00 am posts/exchanges we had and you were telling me of the first lullaby that you would use to sing Grayson to sleep. I think you said that you and your wife had selected the lullaby together and it was based on your early days of falling in love in New
    England(please jump to the 0:54 mark of the clip/lullaby).

  26. Geoff- Is your son named Grayson??? My apologies, that was not a sniper shot towards you. I’m sure that your son is one of the good Graysons out there in the world.

  27. What is A.J. Moye doing these days? That would be my choice for the next head coach. I have never seen a Hoosier play with bigger heart than A.J… Here is a man that is tenacious, undaunted by any competition, and would forever represented the candy stripes with the humble grit and determination that they should always represent.

  28. Hey Geoff, they put up the stat that Brady is 6-8 lifetime against the Broncos.

    I had no idea. Can’t be too many teams like that.

    There are plenty of things I don’t like about the guy but he’s an unfreakingbelievable quarterback.

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