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Camion Patrick might be the best football player on Indiana’s team, but his future may be at running back instead of wide receiver, Mike writes.

Indiana rallied from 16 down to get a much-needed win over Notre Dame Saturday at the Crossroads Classic, Mike writes.

The Hoosiers found some pride and some unity just in the nick of time against the Irish, I wrote.

Freshman O.G. Anunoby played just seven minutes vs. Notre Dame but was at the heart of the Hoosiers’ comeback, I wrote.

A huge third-quarter rally lifted No. 23 Miami to victory over the IU women’s basketball team, we reported.

Troy Williams may have saved Indiana’s season on Saturday, C.L. Brown of ESPN.com writes.

On the heels of beating Notre Dame, Indiana needs to have the right response against a lesser opponent in Kennesaw State, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel.

Indiana discovered its defense to beat Notre Dame, Kyle Ringo of Yahoo Sports writes.

Notre Dame collapsed and gift-wrapped a win for Indiana in the process, Tom Noie of the South Bend Tribune writes.

Indiana found its defense, and the offense took care of itself in the Crossroads comeback, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

IU recruit Grant Gelon scored early and often in getting back on track over the weekend against Munster, Michael Osipoff of the Merrillville Post-Tribune writes.

Indianan signee De’Ron Davis helped his Overland, Colo. team to the title at the Tarkanian Classic in Las Vegas, David Schoen and Damon Seiters of the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote.

A bowl trip to New York is all good for Indiana football, John Mutka of the Chicago Tribune writes.

If Camion Patrick is moving to running back, he may want to take advice from Pink Floyd and “Run Like Hell.”


  1. Some of the more ridiculous comments posted on this site in the past:

    Husky Tom #64 Wednesday, June 2, 2010 – 5:12 PM EST

    In fairness, however, one has to question anyone who calls Cody Zeller the “most important recruit in the the Tom Crean era.” I can think of six or seven recruits who are or have been equally, if not more important than Zeller during the Crean era (no particular order):

    1) Kyrie Irving
    2) Josh Selby
    3) Maurice Creek
    4) Christian Watford
    5) Verdell Jones
    6) Branden Dawson
    7) Hanner Perea

    …etc etc

    Need I go on?

    Cracks me up every time I read it.

  2. ^Haha, nice find. I think that post was from Rico Chet during one of his (ongoing) schizophrenic fits where he was imitating everyone’s Scoop identity.

    Whoever wrote that post, he was definitely right about Kyrie Irving. Crean’s failure to land him is most emblematic of his inability to crack into the top tier of NBA-ready 5 star recruits.

  3. It was clearly suHky Tom who else? Read the entire post here.

    “Whoever wrote that post…” Smarmy, man sorry, dude, how else can I describe that comment.

  4. Maybe I need a bit of an attitude adjustment, but I’m absolutely puzzled as to how beating a team that we were down to for 32 minutes of the game, who lost to Monmoth and Alabama at home and had a schedule almost as soft as ours constitutes “saving our season.”

    Indiana still hasn’t proven they can play a solid basketball game, yet. They still have a lot to prove and the game against Notre Dame did very little to show that they are getting improving their glaring deficiencies. We played 8 minutes of good defense. We also played 8 minutes of good defense against Duke, we just did it at the beginning of that game versus the end.

  5. Nope, that one was definitely Crazy Rico, posing as Husky. Stay crazy Rico, for the sake of our entertainment.

    Double Down, couldn’t agree with you more. A desperate comeback against an overrated team a quality victory does not make.

  6. Tom,
    He’s still reposting a comment of mine where I dared to say that Cody Zeller “was no Larry Bird”. I also blasphemed by saying “I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse” than Cody.

    Obviously, Cody is the second coming of Larry Bird and I’ve never seen better or worse (whatever that means).

    Personally, I enjoy the reminder that I was absolutely dead on in my assessment.

  7. Chet-

    Just sit back and enjoy the spectacle. He’s having another meltdown as we speak. Predictably, it’s been very hard on him to see a consensus developing about Crean, and he’s trying desperately to return to the days of controversy.

  8. In terns of an incompetent coach(a guy that would soon run out of time to be simply a Hoosier ‘rah-rah’ man and villain chaser) desperately needing a recruit that would that would satisfy the apologists and acquit Crean of his glaring X’s and O’s shortcomings(obvious to any fan with the most basic of basketball acumen), Cody Zeller was a hundredfold more critical to Crean’s future than Larry Bird to Bobby Knight.

    Most of us that saw Crean for what he was/is, understood the clapping clown got unwarranted validation with Zeller and his “Movement.” The comparison had nothing to do with the skills of Zeller compared to Bird(that would be as stupid as comparing Oladipo to MJ). Those that wanted to ridiculously place the discussion in that court were the apologists purposely ignoring how Zeller changed everything for Crean.

  9. Harvard Hillbilly your a jerk where did u play ball. Your a Kentuck fan really, go IU no matter what…..C R Iowa, go Indiana Don

  10. The truth still angers the lingering apologists though(as Seahawk stated in post #7) there is now, miraculously, a “consensus building about Crean.”

    What exactly is that consensus, Seahawk?

    And why did we even accept another year of Crean after losing 6 out of 8 down the stretch of the regular season last year(including three straight at home and losing both meetings to a Purdue team that embarrassed the Hoosiers on McCracken)?

    8 months of incompetence…8 weeks…8 years….? It doesn’t matter. If the light hasn’t gone on in Bloomington, it never will. It was plenty obvious that this guy was a coaching genius after 8 minutes on McCracken. We were blessed.

    He hired his own A.D. It guaranteed millions in contracts and extensions. It was always going to be a sell job of excuses. We all knew the story.

    A lot of these East Coast an West Coast regulars on Scoop have far more favorite teams due to geographical complexes….The enjoyed nothing more than to watch IU drift into even greater irrelevance under Crean….There is no credible sports analyst from New York to LA that considers Crean to be of anything higher than mediocre basketball acumen….He doomed talented players to seasons upon seasons of below average teaching from the bench and practice courts. This is why they defended Crean….It had nothing to do with “giving the man a chance” that brought us to “everything hinges” and manufactured hype “Hoosier Rising” videos as if a prophet from the ashes….

    The Establishment was always pumping a fan base easily bamboozled with hype phrases and the praises of “must have” recruits to leave Indiana straitjacketed in the world of “average” and dysfunctional team basketball.

    Sorta funny…While typing this post, I had a movie on the Turner Classics channel playing…Suddenly the name of a guy named Russell Wilson appears in a scene(played by Robert Culp). The movie is called “Sunday in New York.” The 1983 film also stars Rod Taylor(not to be confused with ‘Don Taylor’ above) and Jane Fonda.

  11. Harvard,
    You are absolutely correct. Indiana basketball has been watered down for the last eight years. Many of us saw it happening and were slammed if we dared point it out. I tried to give Crean the benefit of the doubt but he lost me during the second half of the Northern Iowa game several years ago. Not much has changed since then. This team has the talent to open the conference with several wins but that depends on how well they are coached. If Crean does not finally rise to the occasion he needs to go.

  12. Double Down ; you are absolutely correct, to get excited over not showing anything in the area of improved defense for 32 minutes shouldn’t give ANYONE rise for hope or encouragement. ESPN analysts ( on paper ) projected IU an elite eight and possible final 4. Realistically a 9th seed and that’s only if no injuries sideline this toy train of a team. I suggest Ohio State learned more in beating Kentucky than IU did beating Notre Dame.

  13. “Everything hinges on Zeller”

    “Everything unhinges on Bryant…?”

    Wow…just…wow. In two months Bryant has displayed more raw andvolcanic emotion than you’d see from Zeller if he had to be eternally caught in a Twilight Zone of a Syracuse Sweet 16 game.

    Was Bryant’s proclivity for total meltdowns in the recruiting footnotes? I actually love the fire in his belly…Whatever he refuses to confess, I hope he keeps refusing. I was getting so over placid choirboys that that played as if ALL emotion was usurped by the blinding boredom of a thousand born again sermons.

  14. I’ve been praising our early season, non-conference opponent Western Kentucky for a lot of this year. Well, just to put an exclamation mark on their season, they won their bowl game today to finish 12-2. Their only losses were to Indiana and LSU. Both games were on the road too.

    That was our best win of the regular season. They should finish in the Top 25, although I think they’re underrated. Pretty darn good football team.

  15. HT fellas,

    Kent Sterling said that “off the record,” Crean gets no love from Indiana High School coaches. What do you guys think? Off the record of course. 🙂 Of course, the results are in we only have 5 kids on our roster from the state. That has to be an all-time low.


    Anyway, read the rest of that article. Crean hung a banner at Marquette for winning the Great Alaskan Shoot-out. Marquette took it down and auctioned it off a few years ago.

    What an odd ball.

    When Crean is gone, I hope the players from the Big Ten Championship team implore the next program to take down that banner and put their year up there with the rest of them. It is in better company there.

    1. DD,
      Without going off the record, I think the roster speaks for itself — five players from Indiana and two of those are walk-ons, two are upperclassmen. Blackmon is the only underclassmen from Indiana, and there is one in-state signee for next year in Grant Gelon. Keep in mind the numbers were higher before Etherington, Hollowell, Jurkin transferred and Davis and Perea were dismissed, but also factor those things into the in-state relationship equation, which is not limited to high school coaches.

  16. All Crean banners should stand alone as a testament to the season of miracles and faith. If you stare at a Crean banner and truly give it more than a casual glance, you will be moved….A faint halo will be seen hovering above its glorious beauty symbolizing a man that resurrects basketball programs via the most humble assists from the best point guard to ever come out of Celestial State.

    Sure, we can say it was Wade..or it was Zeller. But I like to think that Big 10 championship at IU and a Final Four at Marquette…and a pair of Sweet 16’s at Indiana are symbolic sprinklings of faith where the apostles of basketball resurrections prove that anything is possible in a halftime prayer. Nothing wrong with displaying those achievements granted on what can only be the wings of faith. They come to Crean from a place where the most humble of assists never goes into a stat column. I can fully understand it now….I almost believe we should hang a banner for those last 10 minutes against Notre Dame. There was something bigger at work in that game. To not witness and give acknowledgment of such inexplicable miracles spits in the face of those that knew why Crean was chosen to bring Indiana from the ashes its lost purpose and darkest hour.

    No better time to realize that a Crean banner isn’t just another Bobby Knight present under the tree. I’m not sure any other coach could have led Indiana out of the soulless place we had gone where winning became more important than a faith beyond the floor burns of Danny Moore. So banner up! and cut down nets after losses…for the glory is deeper and explanations are in the heart not found in the score.

    Merry Christmas….and Tijan Forever.

  17. Thanks JP. Good stuff. Yes, the results speak for themselves.

    From an administrator’s standpoint, this alone should be worth considering dismissal. In losing its flagship status in the state with more basketball talent than anywhere in the country, the results aren’t just tragic, it is neglectful filicide. He left his baby in locked in a car with the windows rolled up on a 95-degree day.

    Also, if these bridges are burned, I can’t imagine why Crean would want to stay at Indiana himself. He isn’t going to get the top talent in the state. Instead he gets to look forward to getting beaten up by Purdue, Butler, MSU, OSU and Michigan as they grab these kids. Looking ahead, he’ll be lucky if the only time he gets booed is when he calls for the Man–>Zone Chaos Defense.

  18. Hehe….nice Harv. Hanging a banner for the last 10 min of the ND game comment was Kyle Schwarber turning on an inside fastball. Well hit, sir.

  19. My favorite Crean banner of all time was Harvard’s “Ferris St.” banner in one of his doctored images. I wonder if he can did it up for us again…

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