Hoosiers turn away IPFW, 90-65 #iubb

The best game of Troy Williams’ season paced Indiana to a 90-65 win over IPFW Wednesday at Assembly Hall.

Williams had 10 of his eventual 15 points and 13 of his career-high 19 rebounds in the first half, helping the Hoosiers gradually pull away midway through the contest. Williams also posted a personal-best five blocks, using his athleticism to climb over IPFW’s unassuming front line.

It was a career night propelled by Williams’ talent, but one that was occasionally stunted by frustrating fits of uncontrollable play. The junior punctuated his stat line with five turnovers.

In search of its edge as it nears the end of the non-conference season, Indiana ambled through most of the first half before outscoring the Mastodons 17-7 over the final seven minutes of the period. Open looks from outside the arc helped IPFW challenge IU’s 48-34 halftime lead, but between Williams and a career-high 38 points from Yogi Ferrell, the Hoosiers had plenty of firepower to turn away their in-state counterparts. Ferrell finished 10-for-10 from the free throw line and had five assists.

Indiana also received double-figure scoring efforts from Robert Johnson (16 points) and Max Bielfeldt (11 points), while shooting 51 percent from the field and hitting nine 3-pointers.

It was a quiet night for James Blackmon Jr, who was stuck in early foul trouble and finished with only four points on six shots from the floor. By the first under-8 timeout, Blackmon had three personals and Johnson had two, forcing freshman walk-on Harrison Niego into the game.

Niego played well in his first opportunity at extended action this season, playing a career-high 12 minutes and grabbing four rebounds — doubling freshman center Thomas Bryant’s output on the glass.

Indiana returns to Assembly Hall on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. against McNeese State.


  1. Harrison Niego is a preferred walk on, and should have received more playing time prior to this game, I U is in need of an additional guard to handle when relief is needed. These early games are for getting some of the back up players some game experience. Maybe Crean is like the Ohio State Coach, walk-ons can’t play ahead scholarship players(Titus book disclosed that fact). I am very concerned about all the minutes Yogi is playing in these blow out games. Is I U that thin in the point guard position?

  2. i didn’t see the game so I only have box score to go by, but I’m concerned that Thomas Bryant had as few statistics as he did. I’m surprised more of an effort wasn’t given to run offense through him. IU needs to teach him 2-3 post moves, because I don’t see any. It’s as though Crean has thrown him out there and said, “go do it”. Kid has potential but he doesn’t know how to play college basketball. Too bad for him and for IU. I realize Troy had a ton of rebounds buy IU needs its center to grab more than he did.

  3. I totally agree, wolfem! If there was every a game for Bryant to get game practice scoring…this WAS it.

  4. If Cody’s was true versatility and “upside” hit the ceiling of a stagnant coach that can only run guards around the perimeter in a purposeless and repetitive magical mystery weave at the top, do you really expect Bryant to climb the ladder of development and get the touches that will turn wonderful potential into a dominant post player..?

    Yogi turned down Ruth’s Chris ….

    Troy must build his NBA Trojan horse….

    Add a big helping of NBA narcissistic delusional pursuits into Crean’s magical mystery weave…? Yeah, sounds like a really great formula to turn Thomas Bryant into Bill Russell.

    Put a Thomas Bryant at Butler and he’s already putting up double-doubles on a regular basis. …or, maybe not.. You have to be unselfish to play at Butler. I’m not sure if a Crean team is built from such any team basketball DNA….The only DNA is Defense Not Available.

  5. oops.

    If Cody’s true versatility….

    Glass looked tense at the Pinstripe Bowl media event…He’s gotta be feeling the weight of a growing movement(awakening of sorts)of a fan base that is fed up with the disgracing of McCracken.

  6. I really thought T. Crean would be better than what he really is. I really began to question him when Zeller an Oladipo played on the run to big ten championship…1. Why did it come down to last game instead of 2 game lead going into last game. It started to become noticeable down the stretch after being scouted teams were adjusting and players were going 1 on 1 losing the ball and getting tied up. 2. Barely beat Temple 3. Not only beaten by Syracuse but dominated because throughout season lack of development of Zeller mid range game and Oladipo plays that worked in beginning and mid season were not working at end of season. No adjustments to strategies, no plays, lack of moving and cutting, and lack of passing = running a organized system lacking………One thing to get beat by in a close one by a top seed but to get dominated like they did as if IU looked like a 14 seed and almost get beat the previous game and before that just barely won the big ten was a forecast of things to come. Add to that not really getting its share of top recruits = Accurate weather forecast for current state of IU men’s bb.

  7. Now, it looks like T. Crean initially did a good job because IU bb program was so down, was able to get recruits (Zeller) and there was the unknown. Now, it is known.

  8. Just read editorial in The Crimson Quarry “The Wat Shot didn’t mean what we thought it meant” very thoughtful indictment of Crean and his program and what HASNT been delivered.

  9. He landed Zeller, but it came with pandering to Adams and getting hung with a slew of A-Hope projects and Sunday school AAU friends. Once Cody was gone, Crean applied inconsistent discipline and expectations to get rid of those barnacles that came with “everything hinges.” When I visited Cody’s twitter page and saw the giant glowing symbol of faith that aligned with Crean’s constant twitter purpose and Indiana filter, I knew it was more about the pew than a banner for IU. We needed a coach ..instead of a prayer of chance when we’d go against the best teachers of the game.
    Zeller was the game-changer for Crean…His presence was symbolic and he gave Crean validation that wasn’t earned.
    Zeller was a fine basketball player,,,He could have had legendary status under a true teacher that would have put the right complementary pieces around him. If he would have gone to NC, he’d likely not be getting pushed around in the NBA.

    Dipo was our defense…It was nothing taught(in terms of team and post defense) or collectively developed as a team.

  10. TJ, just read that article. It is quite good. I love this line:

    (I hate that Big Ten banner. If the program is really bigger than any one guy, or any one group of guys, who ever put on the uniform, just add that year to the banner with all the championship teams listed. The same goes for the ’83 banner. But I digress.)

    Tom Crean didn’t put that banner up there as an homage to those kids who worked hard and stuck with the program to get to that point. He did it so that he could memorialize himself with the banners that Branch and Bobby put up. Instead of being another number among the many B1G Championships, he had to put up his own.

    This was never more apparent than when he had those kids cutting down the nets after losing badly to OSU at home. I’ll never forget the look on Jordan Hulls face. I’ll bet if he went into the locker room and someone gave him the option of eating a huge plate of dog feces or cut down those nets, he would have gotten out a knife and fork and asked for a glass of milk.

    I’ve always tried to be the optimist. There bad days have outnumbered the good since becoming a Hoosier in ’95. I wanted to believe, but there was so much evidence to the contrary leading up to it. It is no surprise that we’re here now. Actually, it is a bit of a surprise. I thought we’d be a bastion of mediocrity and this team just flat out stinks.

    So onto last night. Wow, we beat IPFW by 25 at home. Three McDonald’s All Americans should be able to handle that playing street ball by themselves. But, the way we won still shows we should expect much when the competition heats up. Our team full of guards had more turnovers than assists (17-13). We work through our 6’11” All American, good passing post with the frequency of cicada outbreak. We held them on the defensive end, but I feel like I could have given them the same run their money too. I’ll believe the improvement when I see it against a real D-1 team, like ND.

    I haven’t been this indifferent about an Indiana basketball season ever before. It isn’t the players either. I want them to succeed. I just can’t stand watching a team who’s only strategy seems to be Brownian Motion.

  11. Tom Crean didn’t put that banner up there as an homage to those kids who worked hard and stuck with the program to get to that point. He did it so that he could memorialize himself with the banners that Branch and Bobby put up. Instead of being another number among the many B1G Championships, he had to put up his own.

    Crean memorialized himself as a banner stalker that must be restrained..

  12. I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the Hoosiers since halftime of the Duke game. It’s just too depressing to see such a collection of good basketball players play the game that badly.

  13. Chet i am with you. I have’nt watch an IU game since Duke. I will because I am an iu fan but to act like we are getting better against these cup cakes. No Thank You

  14. I’ve been to two games and watched the others but agree with The Rock (aka Pebbles), who agrees with boB, who agrees with Chet. Sorry Bob, had the name backwards.

  15. just watched the game on BTN replay… that was even worse than the Duke game. The worst basketball I’ve ever seen played at IU.

    Classic that you have a massive McD’s AA in the post and can’t run a play to get him a touch in a spot he’s comfortable… Classic that you have the #1 3-pt shooter in all of NCAA the last 2 years, but can’t run a single play to get him a shot. Classic that we can’t incorporate OG… Classic that Troy turns over the ball at such a high rate against relative middle school players.

    I’m nlt sure I can do this anymore.

    the only question left – do I return the IU outfit I bought Grayson for Xmas?

  16. Letter to the Editor
    September 28, 2006
    Marquette is lucky Crean hasn’t already been lured by other bigger name programs (he was reportedly on the short list at both Ohio State and Indiana) and should feel good about securing such a vibrant, successful coach for the next 10 years.
    Joey Glass is a freshman in the College of Communication.

    (Source: Marquette Wire, ‘The student news site of Marquette University’)

    You should feel good Geoff. And that warm ‘feel good’ feeling you’re experiencing jus didn’t happen overnight(over Knight?). You need a ‘glass’ crystal ball of sorts…..Begins to make me even wonder how NCAA investigations get off the ground in Indianapolis… Nonetheless, we should still feel good that somehow, someway, we got the 10 years dreams are made of…Feel good

  17. Harvard, that pic you linked of Crean with Knight in the background brings up something that’s bothered me for a while. I don’t want to seem like I’m throwing a low-blow attack here, but the shape of Crean’s head, and the way his funny haircut sits upon it, has always seemed mighty strange to me. It goes up and backwards, like the way the ancient Aztecs used to artificially deform their skulls. I’m not sure what to make of it.

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