Indiana beats Georgia Tech 69-60 in Big Ten-ACC Challenge

Indiana pulled out a 69-60 win over Georgia Tech in the Big Ten-ACC Challenge.

Tyra Buss scored a team-high 22 points. Alexis Gassion added 15, and Jenn Anderson chipped in 11 points to go with a couple of clutch defensive plays down the stretch.

The Hoosiers (5-2) held the Yellow Jackets (5-3) to 34 percent shooting and forced 14 turnovers.


  1. Liking IU women. T. Moren leadership is implementing a high character team. T. Buss in radio interview talked about things that T. Moren assigned during off season to bring team closer together and get to know one another. It was quite impressive.

  2. Great win against a very good team last night. The team showed great grit and determination down the stretch when the game was on the line. Jenn Anderson was absolutely huge last night. Played probably the best game of her career against a big and athletic team. She was instrumental holding Roddreka Rogers to 5 points and 5 rebounds. Buss was great down the stretch when we really needed her scoring. This again was a very good defensive game with both teams struggling to score against very good defensive play. Georgia Tech only shot 34% from the floor while we shot 42%. We were out rebounded by 11 but, our strong defensive play was the deciding issue in the game. We only had 12 turnovers against a really good full court defense which was a plus. I saw Tech play Georgia last week and Tech’s full court press really gave Georgia problems although Georgia won the game, I was very concerned about Tech’s pressure coming into this game considering we have struggled at times this year with full court pressure. Amanda Cahill was in foul trouble again which really hurt us. I was very surprised we were able to win this game when you consider Cahill struggled to stay on the floor, a couple of the fouls called on her were sketchy at best? This game was not very well officiated to say the least. Getting back to our defense, holding Tech scoreless over the last 4 minutes was key to the victory. One other thing, a relatively small crowd (2,222) was really into the game down the stretch which was really cool to see. These are the types of games we need against really good competition heading towards conference play. Go Hoosiers!

  3. Yes it turned out to be a good win against a very good team, especially with Cahill struggling and in foul trouble most of the game. Royster came in scored a basket and had 4 or 5 rebounds and that helps. Im sure that is a good full court press that GT applies and for the most part IU was able to break it which was very big. Jenn was very big in this game she gives a difficult problem for teams that Royster does not at least not yet but Kym will develop a different kind of problem in the future. I will admit during the game with all those missed free throw opportunities I thought would burn IU in the end , luckily they pulled it out.

  4. Glad to see Jenn, Lex, and Lindsey playing so well. Need to get Jess playing more. Along with Amanda, those five girls are the unselfish backbone of the team. You are right about chemistry issues Nathan, but we’ll have them for two and a half more years. Just have to play through them.

  5. If according to the self professed “IU women’s insider” our chemistry issues are so severe, how do we beat a nationally ranked team (at the time) Chattanooga and a very good Gerorga Tech team? It is quite obvious that our “insider” is referring to Buss by his statement of “2 and a half more years”. I am wondering what our student insider has against Buss, did she turn you down for a date request? Just curious? Our success this year so far against a much tougher nonconference schedule would indicate that this team is doing what they need to do to be successful. Me thinks you do protest to much dude?

  6. According to our so-called chemistry issues I had to re-watch the game and intensely looking for the so-called selfish plays, sorry I couldnt see any. Appears someone has some kind of vendetta against Buss. The only thing Im seeing is dish to open players, downcourt passed to lead runner and driving lanes for and ones when they are there. Not everyone on this team is quick enough to take advantage of an open lane mainly just Gassion and buss and I dont blame either for taking advantage of such. Those kind of plays had to be made in the final quarter as with 7min left and down 5 plays had to be made and with Cahill riding the bench Buss, Jenn, and Gass stepped up. Chemistry issues yes,, good ones in my eyes.

  7. Dont remember saying they were severe. Dont remember saying i was a dude. And i doubt you do much thinking. All i will say is time will tell. I know it bugs you when someone knows something you don’t. Stay on the buss.

  8. Casual, that’s right, I didn’t think you would answer my question? You remember the question, how do we compete and beat these good teams when our chemistry is not good. Steve W said it very well, he doesn’t seem to notice any chemistry issues on the court and neither do I? Couldn’t really care that you think I am bugged by what you claim to know, all I care about is how this team plays and at this time they are playing well. They appear to be a close knit unit on the court just as Steve says, that is what is important. I think it would be very nice if true IU fans would follow this team with positive comments and quit being so negative towards the players or coaches. But of course that would be a perfect world which we all know doesn’t exist. These girls leave it all on the court when they play, they deserve our unbridled positive passion. Criticizing players and coaches is petty and destructive. Come on casual, try to have a good heart and be more positive.

  9. Nobody said Georgia Tech was any good..well nobody outside of bloomington. Take a look at their non conference schedule so far. If they convince you that the opponent is good, the win feels more like it means something, right?

    Go hoosiers!

  10. Mike c. I’ll try again. We see the game from two different perspectives. I can’t help it I know things that go on at practice and away from practice. You know what Coach moren wants you to know. I really like 80% of our team. I don’t care for self absorbed players who always need to be the center of the universe. I don’t like players who take advantage of their team mate. For example, borrowing their teammates car wrecking it then sticking their team mate with the mess. I could go on but you’re not listening anyway. Just because you win games doesn’t mean you have good chemistry. Just like losing doesn’t mean bad chemistry. A lot of great girls on this team that I back. Follow them on Twitter Mike C. if you have a brain you can figure a lot out that way.

  11. Casual, I hope your major is psychology, sounds like that would be a great profession for you. Our world is not made up of everyone holding hands in a circle singing kumbaya. The world is much more complicated than that, when you get out of school and are on your own, you will understand that. In my past athletic life, I never played on a team where everybody got along and loved each other with no misgivings. The quicker you realize that, the better off you will be. Let’s leave my brain out of this, you are making things more complicated than they really are. All I know is from my years of playing the game and my years of watching the game is that, if a player is open and they are passed the ball enabling them to score, they will reach the goal they all play to achieve, victory! If they provide help defense when a team mate is beaten off the dribble, good things happen. I played with many players over the years that I didn’t like or care for but, I passed them the ball when they were open simply because I wanted to win. If our chemistry is as poor as you say it is, it certainly doesn’t show in the way they are playing the game. The team is playing well and representing IU well, that is what is important! Certainly a better product than watching the men on and off the court. I am sorry the world isn’t made up the way you want it, can’t we all just get along? 🙂

  12. The only way to get along with you Mike is to agree with everything you say. Anytime anyone posts a different opinion than you, you take them to task. I guess you’re right all the time and everyone else is wrong. You spin everything to fit your narrative and ignore what you can’t explain. Talking common sense to you is a waste of my time. Have your last word.I have a life.see ya.

  13. Have to agree with casual here, just because you know about the men’s teams ethics violations (they were highly publicized) doesn’t mean the women’s team hasn’t as the exact same issues.

    I see that MikeC has nothing to say about Georgia Tech being a mediocre at best team!

    Also yes, a player on the current womens team did wreck another teammates car and never took responsibility. In fact, her parents told the other family they couldn’t afford to fix what their daughter had done to her teammates vehicle OR the other involved car..and weeks later were posting photos of themselves at an NBA GAME.

  14. Thank you hoosier fan. Chattanooga struggled against a mediocre Butler team at home and Georgia Tech got beat by 3-3 Northern Iowa of the powerful MVC. We won both of these games at home where we get all the calls. Coach moren said Jess W needs to play better defense if she wants to play more. Last year moren raved about Jess’s defense. Jess needs to play. Also to all you video experts who watch a little film and decide how good someone is let’s give the girl from New Zealand a chance. The only thing I could tell was she can shoot and the competition was poor. I do find it funny that we had an Indiana girl who was the best shooter on our team that we never gave a chance so she left. Put some spin on all this Mike

  15. Been reading the scoop for two years now and really enjoy some of the back and forth. Also, pick up some interesting info here. I agree with Mike C that lots of teams don’t love each other but learn to play together. Teams that have great chemistry are hard to find. They’re usually called championship teams. If only all teams could learn from the Spurs. I have played, coached and watched basketball my entire life. The last two years I have watched two very special players play in my area. One was out to break every record they could and win every individual award they could. This person’s team could be up 30 and they would still be in shooting away. Teammates tolerated this but it never got any better. The team was good but never great. They never won anything in the tourneys. The other play took a different road. They did what their team needed for them to do to win. In many games scoring 20 points in the first half to get their team comfortably ahead. Then, spending the second half setting their teammates up, and rarely scoring themselves. This team improved as the season went along and went on to win several state championships. One was a great player. One was a great teammate. I have avoided posting for two years, but I am growing weary of all the stupid posts from people who drink the koolaid but don’t know what’s in it. If IU women want to achieve maximum success coach Moren should take all the girls off of social media during season. At the very least this would stop girls from re-tweeting about themselves. I don’t know anything about their team chemistry, but as a former coach I know that cannot be good for it and I would never allow it.

  16. Social media has definitely been the downfall of many players and teams. Coach Izzo did an interview a few years ago and he said it has totally changed college sports. He described an episode where one of his players was so upset about what was being said about him (player) on social media, that he was in Izzo’s office crying.
    Also, It seems odd to take to the scoop to air a young student athletes dirty laundry (true or not). Not sure I see the relevance of these comments.

  17. Hoosierfan, Georgia Tech is the type of team we have had trouble with last year, athletic and tall. They were averaging 22 offensive rebounds a game coming to Indiana, these are the types of teams we struggled with last year. BTW, Chattanooga beat Butler 60-49. Apparently Nathan, you have not been watching closely at home, we do not get “all of the calls”. So far this year the officiating has been pretty poor. Overtime, I agree that social media is bad for teams In many ways. And one other thing I agree with is that airing any of the team’s “dirty laundry” is really a bit much! Some people on this website seem to think that is ok, they bring stuff like that up to argue a point with another poster, pretty sad to say the least. It is certainly a definite lack of class to bring that stuff up. I would hope that we would be above that?

  18. You talk about team chemistry and someone gives you information you don’t like so they have no class. If it pertains to the team and is the truth I have no problem with it. Also if the girls don’t know how to use social media they should stay off it. I know the previous staff made sure the girls were responsible on social media.

  19. Funny, you comment on the men’s program, coach Miller many times, and go after anyone who says something you don’t agree with. I know a lot more than I ever say. By the way, we shoot three times as many free throws as our opponents. Try some truth Mike C. And have a little class yourself. Ron White was right. You can’t fix stupid.

  20. Criticizing coaches is one thing, they are adults but, actively going after the players is a different ball game, that is the point I was trying to make. Criticizing kids is a bit crass. Anybody who watches basketball and knows anything about the game would know that the reason we shoot so many free throws is because our offense is predicated on driving to the basket enabling us to get to the free throw line so much. I love it casual, you say I am lacking in class and yet here you are name calling. I love it! Hoosier, my comment on a lack of class was about “airing a kid’s dirty laundry” which some other poster referred to on this website. I just think it’s poor to basically blast a player on social media or a website. If you blast a coach, I guess that’s ok if you must. After all, they are getting paid a very large amount of money. When you blast the coach which you have done a lot of, I don’t condemn you for that, I simply defend what I think she is doing. I really love all this back and forth, it makes my day 🙂

  21. The teams we had problems with last year were teams with good coaches. Teams that got a good scouting report on us. Non conference teams don’t spend near the time scouting us as Big Ten teams will

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