IU to provide student bowl tickets for $10 #iufb

Indiana University students will be able to attend this month’s Pinstripe Bowl at a discounted price.

Athletic director Fred Glass announced Monday that his department will sell bowl tickets to students for only $10. Tickets for the Pinstripe Bowl in IU’s allotment are $55, but the school says it will underwrite the cost of those tickets to students by using departmental funds to pay the $45 difference.

The Hoosiers will face Duke in the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium on Dec. 26. The game will be televised at 3:30 p.m. by ABC.

“Our students have been fantastic all season and we really want them to be able to experience a bowl game in one of the world’s truly iconic sporting venues,” Glass said in a statement. “It costs $10 for a student to see a game in Bloomington and we wanted it to be the same for them to cheer on the Hoosiers in the Big Apple. We are thrilled to offer them these greatly discounted tickets so they can help cheer us on to victory on the 26th.”

Students can purchase bowl tickets through iuhoosiers.com or by calling the ticket office at 866-IU Sports. They will be asked to provide a student ID number to be eligible for the $10 ticket.

According to an IU release, students who purchase the $10 ticket for themselves can buy additional tickets for friends or family for $55 and be able to sit next to them for the game.


  1. “Our students have been fantastic all season…..” Yes sir, all 253 students that attended the first half of each home game before joining their friends for beer pong at the tailgate party across the street were fantastic. The $10 tickets is a nice move by Glass, but when he makes such openly patronizing statements, it diminishes his credibility. Glass is such a politician.

  2. My thoughts exactly, Chet! But hey, they’re college students, so no problem. I remember Spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale my sophomore year, my friend and I passed out in our hotel room and woke the next morning to find 12 total strangers crashed throughout the room. Neither of us had a clue who they were or how they got into the room. I went into the bathroom and found a young lady passed out in the bathtub, covered with a beach towel.

  3. I hope the student have figured out to stay until the game is over because at the Michigan game almost all them did stay and the stadium was rocking until the end of the game. Maybe next year they will stay until the end of the game and party afterwards.

  4. Hey wait guys…. We are in the Pinstripe bowl because Glass’ wife loves NYC. What a bunch of shtuff. When he said that I about crapped!

  5. @FWHoosier

    You have no idea how bowl selection works, do you?

    We were picked. We were attractive because we have a huge alumni base up there. We also got lucky because this is a higher tier bowl than we would typically be in. PSU and ND were in it the last two years. So naturally, we campaigned for it, but we don’t pick what bowl we go to.

    And someone’s wife liking NYC is just about the least surprising development ever.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised to see IU arranging charter buses for an overnight trip there and an overnight trip back, no hotel needed. Probably could do the whole trip for under a $100 per person

  7. This should be the Indiana hillbilly invasion of the Bronx. Great idea on the chartered buses too….I would also consider leaving early Christmas day, erect a tent city of sorts(also no hotel needed) upon bus arrival, to keep the smallest % of Indiana Football fans, the in-state Hoosier hillbillies, in the Yankee Stadium parking lots.. Contact Yankee Stadium to arrange for plenty of porta-potties for the J Pat family. I would also like to see if we could have Fred and Mrs. Fred ride on the lead bus to conduct sing-alongs of various Indiana tunes, fight songs, and all Ellie Goulding hits.

    Does anyone have the numbers on the “huge alumni base” up there? Did we send out emails so they could be ready to welcome the buses…? Maybe a pitch-in could be organized(this qualifies as a charitable contribution tax write-off…It is Hoosier football, after all) for the hungry resident Hoosiers…? Pigs in blankets with candy-striped dyed Pilllsbury crescent roll dough seems appropriate…

    I also fully expect that the people of buses are given specific seating areas in Yankee Stadium….close enough, but not too close, to the huge alumni base in NYC that built Memorial turd year by turd.year. This, of course, would only be for easy bus departure and to keep head counts…The highlight of the trip for our Hoosier families’ return trip will be a scheduled stop at a Clinton, NJ, Cracker Barrel for dinner. Adhering to time deadlines will be essential.

  8. Haven’t we already seen Hoosier Football invade NYC…?

    OFF-TOPIC WARNING(proceed with utmost caution):::::::::::::::::::!

    May I just offer one small off-topic commentary/complaint pertaining to regrettable changes made to the Hoosier Scoop comment section….? I think it was wrong to remove the “Website” box(just below the “Email” box) that allowed Geoff to put his name in the same color fonts as an HT journalist. Really…? I mean, REALLY!? The dude lives in Maine. He brought basketball to lobster fisherman. They now wear Nike candy striped waterproof bibs/waders and load candy striped lobster crates upon their fishing vessels because of our Scoop Geoff… They’ve learned to cut down nets for bad fishing days . They’ve learned that a “dribble drive” is not just a car ride home from all-you-can-eat lobster roll night at Lobster Louie’s ..

    I vote for RED NAME Rights to be returned to Geoff! At minimum, we should allow a democratic process and conduct a Scoop Fishing Poll…to test the waters of such an idea…See if it has a shell of chance…Cast a vote…I don’t mean to be crabby, but C’Mon Man!

  9. Goeff(a.k.a North Bay Area Lobster Apologist)-
    If you steal the candy striped lobster crates idea and subsequently become the Donald Trump of Damariscotta, I do expect a 40% cut and lifetime tickets to any Celtics vs Bulls games in Boston(hotel, travel, fine dining accommodations included).. Keep the lighthouse light on….for Harv.

  10. Speaking of wives, Mrs. Glass isn’t an issue here. A NYC trip is just the ticket for mine- but I don’t have to even buy her one! She hardly knows what football is; I’ll go stag! The tough sell will be getting her on a plane on Dec. 25th.

  11. I love the idea of charter buses and I hope the athletic department comes through. It would be a great trip and could be a lot of fun going and coming back. Harvard you have been on a role and bringing a lot of fun to the site with the bowl game topic. I do think your idea about charter buses and tents in the parking lot for the passengers along with seating in the same area. It would also be great if a large number of NYC alum come out to tailgate before the game.

  12. IU offered season ticket holders transportation to NY, one night hotel, ticket for game and transportation in NY for over $1,300 bucks!

  13. Bless your heart, vesuvius. It’s been a tough crowd on here of late. Jeremy must have my usual friends and supporters in the censorship holding tank. I’m glad you have a sense of humor to go along with your football expertise.

    Amazing how a lot of the Wilson undermining crowd are now having recruiting discussions with you as if they suddenly drank all the kool-aid We know their names… But you have not wavered..It makes me a bit nauseous when I see their comments next to yours knowing how they have thrown so much doubt at Wilson for the last 6 months(some even longer.
    If any those aforementioned doubters are on the chartered bus, they should be locked in a rest area bathroom stall somewhere in a remote area of the Pennsylvania mountains..Maybe they can hone the rough edges of their newly discovered brighter attitude while hitchhiking to “Happy Valley.”

    You take care.

  14. Family of 4…well over $5,000 with spending money for one night…who is IU athletics catering to? I have two degrees from IUB and cannot begin to afford that. Harvard, maybe Glass will call lol

  15. But you can get the tickets for $9.99! Reminds me of a line from the old Steve Martin stand-up routines…

    “How to be a millionaire in five easy steps…? First, get a million bucks.”

  16. JPat: Sounds like a hustle to me (#16). Today I booked round trip air (JFK in LAG out) and three nights (12/25-26-27) in Midtown for $1,684.21. For three people. Subway to Yankee Stadium not included. Apparently IU athletics is catering to people who can’t use a computer.

    H4H: Above does not include price of admission. Please advise where I can get the ten dollar ducats! Only two needed; Mrs. Davis will entertain herself nicely while my boy and I cheer on the Hoosiers. Anyone know where the pep rally will be?

  17. I’m serious about the pep rally. Or at least what hotel IUFB will be staying, we’ve gotta cheer ’em on in the parking lot as they get on the buses. Unless they’re staying in New Rochelle with Rob and Laura Petrie.

  18. New Rochelle is too pricey. I heard that they are hanging with Ralph and Alice Cranston.

    In the Honeymoon Suite

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