IUWBB: Yale at IU

FINAL: Indiana 76, Yale 60.

END OF THIRD: Indiana 62, Yale 45

Alexis Gassion leads all scorers with 15 points after nine in that third quarter. Tyra Buss (13), Amanda Cahill (12) and Karlee McBride (12) all in double figures for IU.

6:51 (3Q): Hoosiers come out scorching in the second half. Three-point shots by Alexis Gassion, Jess Walter and Amanda Cahill help make it a 49-31 lead for IU.

END OF FIRST HALF: Indiana 36, Yale 29.

Tyra Buss leads all scorers with 11 points. Amanda Cahill has nine.

For Yale, three players, Tamara Simpson, Jen Berkowitz and Nyasha Sarju, have six points.

Neither team shot poorly. IU was 12-of-24 from the field, and Yale was 12-of-26, but IU had 11 turnovers in the first half. The Hoosiers have, however, won the rebounding battle, 18-8.

It seems that IU has just made better use of Yale’s turnovers than the other way around. Yale has four points off of IU’s 11 turnovers. IU has 11 points off of Yale’s seven turnovers.

END OF FIRST: Indiana 21, Yale 15

Tyra Buss leads with nine points. Six first quarter turnovers for the Hoosiers preventing much more of a pull-away from Yale.

5:37 (1Q): Tyra Buss making plays early. She went hard to the bucket to make a layup and a free throw to give IU a 6-2 lead. She then drained a 3 from straight ahead, and that gives IU a 11-6 lead over Yale at the media timeout.


Updates to come from Assembly Hall, where the Hoosiers (7-4) will match up with Yale (8-5). Stay tuned.


  1. Enjoy the game tonight. This group plays so damn hard on defense and offense. The way they communicate, move and switch off is beautiful. The mens team could learn a thing or two. Gas is great, really improved going left or right. Buss is.special but cradles the ball low off the drive…wish they got her more open looks from 3. A good point guard is needed so she can concentrate on 2 guard. They need bigs badly. If you want to see a very well coached team that plays hard every second…go see IU women play!

  2. A nice effort tonight heading into the Big10 schedule, good to get back on the winning track. J Pat, you are on point about the IU women, You are right on as far as needing a pure point guard. Buss is playing the point simply because we have nobody else that can play the position the way it is needed. Even last year when we had Brooks here, we had two guards that both were actually scoring guards. And yes, we are lacking in the size department although we will have more size arriving next year.
    We had 4 players in double figures tonight and another with 6 and 2 others with 5 which made for nice balance. Jenn Anderson may have been in double figures if she would not have turned the ball over under the basket 3 times when she was one on one. It was good to see Jess Walter play well tonight as she is now starting to get her conditioning back after the early season concussion. I really believe she will be huge for the team as the season moves on. It was great to see Karlee McBride have her second game in a row in double figures. She is a very good offensive player when she is on her game. Again tonight we made more free throws than the other team attempted which has been a strong point of the offense all year long by us continuing to drive the ball to the basket. We will now be traveling to Wisconsin on Thursday beginning big 10 play. BTW, one other thing about tonight’s game, we had a great crowd of over 3,600 which was terrific to say the least. It’s great to see more people coming out to watch this team play. Our next home game will be this coming Sunday at 12:30 noon, hope we get another good crowd to help the women to victory. Go Hoosiers!!

  3. Mike, I was responsible for about 30 in the crowd…it was a big crowd. Give IU credit, dj playing just inside the doors, free face painting and free caricature artist…wow! My 2 kids were in heaven! McBride was impressive last night…she might have the quickest first step on the team!

  4. It sounds like the team is responding to good coaching and has good players. Just not enough size and athleticism. Recruiting will be the key! But the home court atmosphere as described in these posts seems awesome! Get some W’s in the B1G! GO IU!

  5. Yale was a pathetic excuse for a team, and yes, they made us look really good last night! I love how this team thinks playing Yale is going to prepare us for b1G play. We should have beat them by 40 points. Also, buss isn’t a 2 because she has a less than impressive 3 point shot. She depends on freethrows to score. She drives into the lane and flails around hoping a foul will be called. Anytime we play a well known school, we try to build them up to be some great team. Let’s actually do something impressive instead of embellishing facts about the mediocre teams we’re playing. The second half of this season is going to look like the second half of last season. I hope we make the NIT.

  6. Good solid team effort. The main takeaway from last night was that the team surely has work to do but we’re on the upwards swing, not the other way around.

    The team is really good on defense this year. They can play with a lot of teams and be competitive (top 25 win already). That’s what excites me the most. They may not do well in the B1G against the better teams, but here they come ready or not. I’d much rather play the schedule and see what happens than declare them terrible and give up.

    I think they could have some surprises for the B1G this year. We’re going to find out…

    Go Hoosiers!

  7. Hoosierfan, don’t remember anyone saying that Yale was a good team nor do I remember anyone on the team saying that the game last night was helping prepare us for the conference? The Buss bashing by you and Casual observer is really nice? Still trying to figure out what she has done to you or casual to deserve your scorn? BTW, Buss, over the last 3 games appears to be finding her 3 point shot by hitting 7 of her last 13 from beyond the arc, two of those games against very good competition. And about that schedule which you are criticizing, #25 Chattanooga (at the time), Ohio which was 27-5 last year and appeared in the NCAA tournament, DePaul # 25, Georgia Tech (power 5 conference team), Miami ranked # 22 and West Virginia which is a very good team don’t seem mediocre to me?
    I am really amazed at the criticism that the coaching staff and a certain player continue to take from you and Casual observer? This coaching staff has done all they can to try to prepare this team over the last two years, when you consider that coach Moren was a late hire and was way behind on recruiting for IU, I believe they did all they could last year under difficult circumstances. It’s a real shame that just a couple of people continue to be so critical of the program, mainly the coach and an isolated player? It is quite apparent that most posters on this website are quite happy with the team and staff by what they post every week. But, of course there will always be a couple of naysayers who complain simply because they can. It is a fact that the conference schedule will be incredibly difficult for this team which will be lacking in height and athleticism in almost every game they play. As true IU fans we need to hang in there and support this team as much as we can this season knowing that there is help on the way next year which will improve us in those two areas. Keep the faith true Hoosier fans and come out Sunday and support our girls! Go Hoosiers!!

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