JuCo quarterback Richard Lagow picks Indiana #iufb

Indiana may have found its quarterback of the future.

The Hoosiers accepted a commitment Monday from Cisco (Junior) College quarterback Richard Lagow, adding the 6-foot-6, 240-pound prospect in time to replace graduating senior Nate Sudfeld next season.

Lagow, who has two years of eligibility, completed 66 percent of his passes for 2,285 yards and 21 touchdowns on the way to picking up a Southwest Junior College Football Conference honorable mention selection, according to Scout.com.

Scout’s Greg Powers recently called Lagow “an intriguing quarterback.”

“Coming out of a powerhouse district of Texas high school football and now playing well at the junior college level ,he has the size and arm of some of the very best,” Powers wrote. “He has the strength to make all of the throws and has a pretty quick release for a quarterback who is so big. Phillips Riversesque in the way he will adapt his motion at times to make plays. Mobility is not a strength.”

IU coach Kevin Wilson confirmed Lagow’s commitment through his customary “#boom” tweet tagged with Lagow’s Dallas area code of 469.

“I am extremely blessed and humbled to announce I will be continuing my education and football career at Indiana,” Lagow wrote over a series of tweets. “Thank you God for this opportunity. Ready to get to work.”

Rated as a three-star, pro-style quarterback, Lagow signed with Connecticut out of high school but transferred to Oklahoma State prior to the 2013 season and redshirted in the Cowboys’ program for one year. From there, the Plano, Texas native returned to his home state and spent two years in Cisco’s program. He chose Indiana over offers from Colorado State, UNLV and Memphis.

Lagow is the second quarterback to pledge a verbal commitment to IU’s 2016 recruiting class. Cincinnati three-star quarterback Peyton Ramsey became the Hoosiers’ first 2016 commit when he verballed in April.

Indiana is beginning to re-establish depth at the position after losing both Cameron Coffman and Tre Roberson prior to the 2014 season. If no one transfers — or decommits — IU will also have Zander Diamont, Danny Cameron and Austin King in the mix at quarterback in the spring.

Lagow, the frontrunner to win next year’s starting job, is expected to sign and join IU’s program in time for winter workouts. Lagow is the 10th member of a 2016 recruiting class that could double over the next month. He’s also the second junior college addition, joining Iowa Western safety Jayme Thompson.

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  1. We need depth & competition at QB just like we need it at any other spot. Baylor’s 4th string QB nearly brought them back against Texas on Saturday. Glad to see young Mr. Lagow commit. Nice work CKW & staff. AD Glass, the more #boom tweets CKW sends out, the more expensive he becomes. #cutthecheck GO HOOSIERS! ! !

  2. This is very good news for IU, but you can bet that one of IU’s three existing quarterbacks will now transfer. That seems more likely than Ramsey de-committing. If not, at least one of them will red shirt next season.

    Interesting that the “scouting report” stated that “mobility is not a strength” for Lagow. I thought Wilson was prioritizing mobile quarterbacks.

  3. “With the commitment of Lagow, Wilson and the Hoosiers now have 10 commitments in the class of 2016. 247 Sports ranks Indiana’s 2016 class as the 86th best class in the country.” Ouch, that’s well into the bottom half of all D-1 football programs. That’s not going to cut it. Let’s hope the news of the Pinstripe Bowl and Wilson’s new contract (if Glass ever gets around to it) allows Wilson to improve that ranking. Less than two months to go before signing day.

  4. This is great news! I saw the video of him about a week and a half ago, he is very impressive! He throws the deep ball like you can’t believe. The video I saw was 12 minutes and he can make every type of throw that a great QB needs. He is the same body type as Sudfield, big kid. Really looking forward to seeing him compete for the number one job next year.

  5. Podunker, we had about the same number of verbal commits last year at this time of the year. We then closed very strong with a very good class. I really wouldn’t be that concerned about the ranking of the class at this time, it is still relatively early. Going to a bowl has to be a huge advantage now. With coach Wilson’s strong recruiting classes over the last few years, I wouldn’t be to concerned, he and his staff will get the job done just as they have in years past.

  6. MikeC, recruiting class rankings are not the final word, but they matter. They serve as one of several key indicators about the relative strength and future of a school’s program. They’re part of the collective “buzz” that influences perceptions as to a program’s improvement or decline. They can influence the strength of future classes and help create excitement amongst the school’s fan base (i.e., sell tickets). You talk to a die-hard fan of an SEC school the day after signing day, and almost to a person they can tell you how that recruiting class ranked in the nation, within the conference, and how it compared to previous recruiting classes. Hopefully, Glass with produce a class ranked in the top 60 by the time signing day is completed.

  7. Sorry, that should have read, “Hopefully, Wilson will produce a class ranked in the top 60….”

    And it would be easier for him to accomplish that if Glass would announce that he’s giving Wilson a contract extension. Notice the attempt by Memphis to poach Lagow in the 11th hour? Notice Lagow’s story about why he left UConn two years ago? Coaching changes make programs vulnerable to losing previously committed players. There are a lot of quality players reassessing their verbal commitments right now! Glass should do everything possible to help Wilson poach some of those players and make this the best recruiting class in IU’s recent history.

  8. On the 2014 quarterback situation, Tre Roberson bailed out on I U at the last minute and didn’t talk to the coaches about transferring . Coach Wilson helped Cameron Coffman find a football program so he could play his senior year. Coffman thought he would be the third quarterback and wanted to play. Wilson tried to help Coffman and Roberson bailed and left Wilson with no real # 2 Quarterback.

  9. I do not know who has described him as lacking mobility but they are goofy. He is surprisingly mobile. By the videos I’ve seen he can scramble to extend a play, roll out on a bootleg and without being an option QB he can run the ball noticeably better than NS. In fact his feet are just good enough to be a worry to opponents.

  10. I copied and pasted that comment from a piece written by Greg Powers on Scout.com. I interpret that comment, and the fact that he is referred to as a top ranked “pro-style QB” to mean Lagow is not considered a threat to run the ball on a regular basis. But from the videos I looked at, his footwork looks very good. Hey, he was good enough to get scholarships from UConn and Oklahoma State two years ago, so he’s got to have significant talent.

  11. He is an excellent get at QB and there will be great competition at QB. Whoever wins the job will have an outstanding group of receiver to throw to. We need to have Lagow or one of the current QB to work their minds and butts off to earn the job and make IU football team even better.

    As far as the recruit ranking this is normal with this staff as they take their time building relationships with the players which is why all them talk about liking IU due to the family atmosphere. They will pull in more players and better players as the recruiting goes on. We have more dbs coming in creating more competition for that position which is good. I would hope with the Bowl game and playing the top teams so tough excellent players will commit to coming here.

    I can see why Howard may not be back because he is a great back but looking at the NFL teams are very concerned about players that have been injured. As a result I think Howard will be back but if not we have a number of RBs that will be better next year.

  12. Podunker…Ramsey is not going to de-commit. He is a 2 – 3 star recruit and all set to take a redshirt season in 2016. The more likely candidate to leave the program is Zander Diamont – he was forced to play as a true freshman/sophomore due to Sudfeld’s injury, and could easily sit out a season and compete for a starting job at a school like UNLV or Fresno St., etc. With that said, I will be looking forward to seeing if Austin Davis can step up during spring practices and compete with Lagow for the starting job.

  13. Podunker, I think his point is that the recruiting rankings right now are hardly final. They’re meaningless up until Feb. We’ve had 3 straight top 50 classes and each one had people fretting up until signing day. The staff always finishes strong. They flip guys. We already have a few 4 stars visiting.

    And anyway, it’s going to be a smaller class, so it may not get a great ranking either way.

  14. If we happen to have a pretty dominant showing in the bowl, you will be surprised at how recruiting picks up. It could be like Minny that had that 22 ranked class several years back.

  15. Well, to all those fans that where worried about having a quarterback next year, can you stop worrying and put this problem to rest…..as informed previously whenever coach Wilson finds a need of concern for this football team, coach Wilson goes out and finds a solutions….hope Richard Lagow is the second coming of Nate Sudfeld or better, but i still believe that Zander Diamont can lead this team offensively….the ideal of a very accurate passing quarterback with the ability to run like Zander Diamont running a coach Wilson would be very exciting to watch…..really do not think any IU quarterback will transfer until next year, i think the competition at quarterback next year will be exciting to watch…whomever wins the starting position will have a lot of offensive weapons available

  16. 79, I think the reason for signing this kid is the coaching staff was not sold on who we have currently. We have several qb’s with one coming in already. I like Zander, I do but he does not throw past 15 yards very accurately and cannot see over the line. He provides a spark and played well when we needed him but I don’t think he could lead the team for a year. This is just my opinion, no more and no less.

  17. Good comments from everyone! You should always have a good prospect as a true redshirt freshman QB=Ramsey. You should always have last season’s redshirt freshman QB poised and ready to compete for the top job=Davis. Zander has shown his grit and talent on the field. I really like him, but he will never last full starter minutes for all 12 games in the B1G. However, if he will hang in with IU Wilson will bring out all of his talents and he will get recognition as the “fire” off of the bench, the great change of pace that is so frequently needed to win big games in college. If Lagow can be 2/3’s of Sudfeld Indiana could be 8-4 good or better! Cameron is better than we thought and has potential. Five good QB’s is the bare minimum given injuries during the full season. Wilson is a very smart offensive coach and most good HS and JUCO QB’s would be wise to think hard about joining his program!

  18. IU has 3 good quality qbs for the foreseeable future plus 2 good quality QBs for the 4 and 5th string. One of those could emerge down the road now has committed or already at IU. To be determined if Lagow ends up # 1. I see Austin King growing into #2 and eventually will start as junior or if Lagow gets injured. I think regardless who is starter there is a role for Z.D. in wildcat formations or plays deigned for him and those around him. He will play at times. These 3 are IU QBs in foreseeable future. Cameron will be team player and happy to be a part of team and will play if needed because of injuries etc. Fresh recruit coming in will complete stable of 5 QBs. IU fb is not over stocked in QBs but are getting on solid foundation for that position. Good team players want to play but they also participate and are content as student athletes realizing ability level and status in given situation that is good for them. They do not just bolt to Mo Valley team or somewhere but want to be in solid big ten program. As with many programs injuries do happen and a good capable 2nd and 3rd stringer so to speak is very important to offensive success.

  19. To add to the good discussion above, a few more thoughts. Five QBs are not too many for a team, but the age of IU’s QBs is the issue. Having five QBs, all with at least two years of eligibility remaining is the problem! If one or two of those guys were going to be Seniors next season, no problem. But the remaining eligibility of these five guys it is likely to cause one or two to transfer before next season. It’s all about expectations and ambition. If the player thinks, “hey, Lagow is going to be the starter for the next two years, and they have a stud in the class behind me who is being groomed to take over when he graduates, so my chances of being the starter are slim and none,” that young man is probably going to give serious consideration to transferring. And the guys most likely to transfer are probably going to opt for D-2 or D-1AA programs, where they don’t have to sit out a year and are more likely to play right away (i.e., Tre Roberson). Zander will probably stay, simply because he’s half way through and he has proven he can be productive running the ball. And given his game experience, he’s the most likely back-up if Lagow goes down. But King or Cameron would appear to be the most vulnerable to transfer. Who knows, maybe Cameron wants to be a coach like his Dad and feels he can get an excellent football education from Wilson, so maybe playing time is not as important to him as it might be to others (just pure speculation). One way or the other, it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

  20. King probably needs time. This gives him that time and grow in IU system. At some point he will be the guy. If he has to wait his turn I see 2 years of starting for him barring injury. By that time it would take a pretty prominent player to beat him out as IU fb could finally develop a system of more mature qbs. I do not think IU could recruit a high enough rated QB (for that matter not many schools could) to beat out King by the time he is a junior.

  21. The Juco QB will start next year. He’s got a lot of skill and has a B1G body. We just lost a running back who decommitted and one of the defensive ends is taking additional visits to schools. We really need to step up the recruiting. While not everything, teams that recruit well usually win more. Teams that under perform their recruiting usually have poor QB play and teams that over perform usually get better than expected QB play. So this Juco get is big. But come on IU, pick up the recruiting pace or we are looking at more 3-4 win seasons. BTW- look at Duke’s recruiting. They are currently 21 in the country. That coach took over a team that won 6 games in 4 years, now they are going to bowls every year and getting top 25 recruiting classes. It can be done even at a basketball school. Also Jordan Howard is expected to announce going to NFL.

  22. Hoosier 86, good post in #24. You echo my previous comments about recruiting and especially those about Duke Football. They have a great coach that has turned that program around. Of course, when you’re the Manning brothers’ personal QB coach, that gives you a lot of credibility to attract quality players. But Duke has proven that a basketball school with a sad history in football can turn things around with the right leadership at the helm. Duke will never equal a team like Florida State in football, but they can have winning seasons and go to bowls as long as this coach remains in charge.

    IU needs a much bigger football recruiting budget. I contend that IU needs to expand scouting and recruiting well beyond the Midwest, and that it is easier for IU to attract good players living farther away (i.e., Sudfeld) than it is to recruit kids living in Indiana’s traditional recruiting geography such as Indiana, IL, Ohio, and Michigan, where IU’s football reputation/history/poor tradition is well known and hinders it’s ability to recruit top players.

  23. Po- agreed on the recruiting. I think we need to go hard after the Northeastern players. Penn State isn’t what it used to be and Rutgers and Maryland have new coaches. With a NYC bowl game, we aught to be able to flip some top recruits. Plus Jim Harbaugh is already swooping down and taking the top talent from Indiana so I don’t know if we have a choice.

  24. Yep, good idea. All it takes is staff, travel budget and time. And I’m sure Wilson could produce better recruiting classes if he had more of all of that. Compare his recruiting budget per signee to Crean’s recruiting budget, then ask yourself why the huge (in relative terms) discrepancy?

  25. Podunker, I don’t see the QB’s class as a significant issue: 1) freshman, 2) sophomore, 3) JUCO junior, 4) Zander is still owed a redshirt year so he counts as a sophomore, and 5) Cameron’s class just does not matter as he is the last non-redshirt QB each year.

  26. Podunker, about the area IU recruits from don’t forget a lot of our current players come from Georgia and Florida not to mention a couple of QBs from California. Right now it appears they hit Chicago, Ohio, and the SouthEast as their main recruiting efforts. I expect this year to see a couple of Texas kids sign and we have a OL recruit from MN opening up recruiting and listing IU as one of his go to places. Right now the strategy I have seen with this coaching staff is to take time building relationships and picking up players late in the process. Let’s face it, up until now who would want to come to IU instead of being a back up at one of the big boys. Now we have had RB go to the NFL with another on the way; the team this year has played the big boys to within one score along with qualifying for the Pinstripe Bowl. Next year is the year IU could get early commits like the better schools get. The juco commits shows me the staff knows where they need to shore up the team to be even better than this team. Like it or not we are stuck with late commits until next year. We already have one recruit for 2017 [Offensive Tackle] and as the staff finishes up 2016 I bet we start to get 2017 recruits much earlier than in the past.

    On a side note Coach Wilson says he has an agent to renegotiate his contract so I hope Glass doesn’t go too cheap. Duke’s AD was talking about how the entire NCAA football coaches and ADs recognized the great job coach Wilson was doing at IU. I hope IU values him as much. He has grown into the HC job starting to bring IU even more success. There is no reason given time that IU shouldn’t have the success that NW and MN have shown. With the dynamic offense IU has every year I would expect the team to eventually get to the level of the top four in the Big Ten. [ I can dream can’t I]

  27. IUFB certainly doesn’t sign a lot of players from the Chgo. area. Yeah, the rest of the conf. and ND are hunting there, too, but the pop. is 8,000,000 in the metro area and plenty of alums to offer cushy summer jobs. Plus, the family can make the drive there and back in a day for games. I’d think IUFB could do better, But I realize that coaching connections matter, which is apparently why IUFB is signing a lot of players from the South.

  28. IU Football needs to fund the significant expansion of recruiting in order to secure talent from outside its historical base. The reason it needs this is precisely because of its history and reputation (as a perennial loser) that is well establish and slow to dissipate across the Midwest. Going after under-appreciated and overlooked 3-star talent located in densely populated areas outside the IN, IL, MI, Ohio region will increase the chances of improving IU’s talent. IU has a beautiful campus and offers strong academics in a traditional campus environment. That’s not as common in certain parts of the country as people might think. IU can be sold as a much better all-around college experience to young men, located in other parts of the country, that are otherwise left with no options other than marginal mid-major programs. And it can sell the exposure gained from competing in the Big Ten conference. Yes, to some of those players, weather and distance from home will be an issue. But if you’re a motivated and ambitious 3-star rated H.S. or JC football player living in California, and your choices are San Jose State, Idaho, New Mexico, or UNLV (for example), and you get recruited by IU, you’d be crazy not to give IU serious consideration. If IU is doing that aggressively in areas outside its traditional midwestern base over a sustained period of time, it will improve its talent and routinely produce top-50 recruiting classes. But Iu will need scouts and more staff to coordinate all that incremental activity. In other words, IU football needs to increase its football budgets and invest in the future of the program in something other than tall flag poles and giant American flags.

  29. Crean needs a large recruiting budget so he can compete with teams like Alcorn state and Morehead state. It’s only December so don’t expect anything great from the states highest paid public employee after eight years and $20 million. That just wouldn’t be fair. Lower your expectations and be happy with what this great basketball mind has done for us !

  30. Podunker, you are right that IU needs more money to recruit in areas that are outside the MidWest and SouthEast. There is a lot of talent in this country that doesn’t get recognize by the “big” schools; having the ability to go into those areas gives IU a chance to bring in a few gems that will improve the team. I think the coaches have done a good job taking talent and developing it; a number of our players are seen as being some of the best in the country. We often look at players IU sends to the Pros and say of course they go selected because they are great players. However if we look at them coming out of HS they were lightly regarded and it was only through their work and the coaching this staff gives them that developed them into great players IE Spriggs was a lightly regarded TE coming in from HS.

    An increase in recruiting funds could go a long way to letting this staff find players that will elevate IU into the upper levels of the Big Ten. MSU built a national power program on 2 and 3 star recruits. With their recent success they are now getting their share of 4 star and higher recruits. IU has a great school and beautiful campus that can draw in recruits. Many players can only dream of getting a degree and developing the networking skills to help them after graduating. Add in our new virtual reality center to help players “practice” their skill without physically stressing their bodies and players will have an opportunity not many other schools can match.

    Podunker, I hope Glass upgrades the program, doing whatever coach needs to make our football recruiting better and more competitive. Do they need to tie into alumni football players to find excellent football players other teams miss? Maybe there is another form of recruiting they need to pursue if they only had the money and manpower. Whatever it takes I hope the coaches get if for the 2017 season so the momentum in this program can continue.

    Ram you are right about the ridiculous amount of money our BB program spends on recruiting just a few players.

  31. V- The top 20 Indiana high school prospects are going to 7 different B1G schools. Not 1 is going to IU and IU offered all but 3-4. 3 kids are even going to Miami of Ohio. 2 of those were offered by IU. We got a recruiting problem- especially in-state. Don’t know the answer but it’s definitely a problem. Jason Spriggs may have been a lightly regarded TE out of high school but he would have IU’s 3rd highest recruiting grade if he was in the 2016 class. Sudfeld would be #1. Dan Feeney would have ranked just behind Spriggs. The rankings matter. Not totally, but you don’t win without high 3’s and some 4’s in the B1G.

    Hoping Wilson flips a bunch now that we are in a bowl game with a chance for a winning season. FYI- Maryland hired an Assistant Head Coach to be in charge of recruiting. That means Mike Locksley is probably on the way out. IU could give him the same title and pay him $800k per year for a huge upgrade in our recruiting. Just getting him to flip 4-5 top in-state recruits would more than pay his salary. This bowl is going to pay out over $2MM to IU. If they can’t find the money for the upgrade in the football program, take it way from the basketball program. It certainly hasn’t bought us anything over there.

  32. Locksley is a dumpster fire as far as coaching. He has been exposed as such at every stop made. Friedgon kept him on life support at Maryland. Hence he has never stuck anywhere very long. I am even suggesting he has changed jobs so often he takes Dramamine every morning before going to work. He is a big reason the Zook failed at both Florida and Illinois(as they are both alike). He is Tom Crean on a football field.

  33. UK’s junior quarterback Patrick Towles has decided to leave Kentucky’s program. He threw for 5,000 yards in three seasons. He’s looking for a program with a pro-style offense to complete his senior year and a shot at the pros. IU?

  34. Hoosier86: Sorry (post #34), but this bowl will pay out zilch to IU. Bowl money is split evenly among conf. teams. Which is a good thing considering that were MSU to keep its share of the Cotton Bowl spoils, it would gain about $9,000,000.00. According to Forbes magazine, a sizable number of programs lose money on bowls once travel, mandatory ticket purchases, etc. are figured in.

  35. Hoosier 86 Like you I am concerned about IU not getting Indiana recruits but over all that doesn’t impact the quality that the coaches bring in. It sure would be nice if Indiana players came to IU and helped turn it into one of the better Big Ten teams.

    I am optimistic about IU next year because of the last two games. It is one thing to play tough against the best but not winning any of those games. The way they handled the last two games shows the program has improved which means our back-ups should perform when moving up to be the starter. I hadn’t been very high on Redding but he has shown me that he can develop into a Big Ten back if Howard leaves. If Howard stays Redding will give IU two quality backs and I have a feeling a couple of the younger RBs are developing into Big Ten backs.

    I have no concerns about our offense in 2016 but I do have some worries about the defense. I do see improvement in the defense but it is coming slowly due to the problem of playing so many freshmen DBs. I would feel a lot better about our defense if we got a couple of dominating DL to go with Latham and the others.

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