Lagow, Thompson sign with Hoosiers #iufb

On the first day of the junior college signing period, Indiana added a pair of mid-year enrollees.

Quarterback Richard Lagow and defensive back Jayme Thompson officially signed with IU on Wednesday, giving the Hoosiers a head start on replenishing two areas of need. Both players are expected on campus in the coming days, and will be eligible to practice with the team this weekend before the Hoosiers leave for the Pinstripe Bowl in New York early next week.

They will not be able to travel with the team to the bowl game, but having them in the fold ahead of schedule is a luxury afforded by the extended practice season.

“If they’re here these couple or three days, I think that’d be kind of neat to escalate our process of ‘Hey, these are the things you need to work on as January comes back,'” Wilson said last weekend.

Lagow, a three-star quarterback from Cisco (Texas) College, committed to IU last Monday. According to ESPN’s Jeremy Crabtree, Lagow is the No. 1 junior college pocket passer in the country in the 2016 class. Although Lagow will compete for the starting job in the spring, he is the expected frontrunner to replace graduating senior Nate Sudfeld.

This season at Cisco, Lago threw for 2,285 yards and 21 touchdowns, while completing 66 percent (175-of-265) of his passes. Originally a Connecticut commit, the 6-foot-6 quarterback transferred and redshirted the 2013 season at Oklahoma State before joining Cisco’s program and passing for 2,221 yards and averaging 353.5 yards per game in 2014.

Thompson, an Iowa Western Community College transfer who committed to IU in July, is considered a three-star safety and the No. 2 junior college safety in 2016, according to the 247 Sports Composite. He originally gave a commitment to West Virginia out of high school before signing with Ohio State’s 2013 recruiting class. Thompson redshirted the 2013 season after suffering a broken ankle and later asked for his release from Ohio State during the spring of 2014.

As a high school senior, the Toledo, Ohio native was the top-ranked prep safety in the state and a consensus four-star recruit.

Like Lagow, he’ll have two years to use his final two seasons of eligibility.

The two mid-year enrollees are able to join the program because Sudfeld and punter Erich Toth are graduating this month.

“We were limited to two mid-year spots in this recruiting cycle, and signing Richard and Jayme is a great opportunity for them and for our program,” Wilson said in a statement Wednesday. “They will get a chance to practice prior to our bowl trip and will be here on January 1. We are excited to get to work with them and pleased to welcome them to IU.”


  1. If these 2 players indeed get to IU in time to practice a couple of days is a sizable benefit for next year. The coaches get to put them through fundamental drills and playing situations to determine strength and weaknesses to focus on. Lot of ends and outs to the NCAA rules.

  2. “Thompson, …….. is considered a three-star safety and the No. 2 junior college safety in 2016, according to the 247 Sports Composite. He originally gave a commitment to West Virginia out of high school before signing with Ohio State’s 2013 recruiting class. As a high school senior, the Toledo, Ohio native was the top-ranked prep safety in the state and a consensus four-star recruit.”


  3. “Although Lagow will compete for the starting job in the spring, he is the expected frontrunner to replace graduating senior Nate Sudfeld.” Lagow’s participation in practices before the bowl game is writing on the wall for at least one of the quarterbacks currently on the roster. I expect to read news, either after the bowl game or after spring football camp, that at least one of them is transferring. “Survival of the fittest” is just the way it goes in Power-Conference football.

  4. I seriously doubt CKW will jettison any of the QB(s) on the roster. Its just too vulnerable a position. We might see one or two of them repurposed to other spots. For the first time in IU’s history, we have a coaching staff that is strategically focused on building a long term roster rather than just evaluation who can play what this next season.

  5. I’m with you iufan23. I can certainly see Zander moving to the slot. He’s demonstrated both vertical speed and lateral lateral quickness. Both are needed to abuse a LB or S who has the job of guarding that position. Zander’s also physically and mentally tough (also needed when said LB or S catches up to the slot receiver).
    Welcome aboard to Mr. Lagow and Mr. Thompson. Go Hoosiers.

  6. I think that would be a good use of his skills. I was impressed when he ran away from the OSU defense. That kind of speed is way more valuable in the slot than holding a clipboard.

  7. Chet,

    As much as I’m impressed with his physical tools this kid is TOUGH. His bio lists him at 6’1″ 180 (if he measures out to that, “I’ll eat all of the hair off of my head”, as my grandmother used to say). He consistently competes at an extremely high level. I absolutely love his confidence. He will really help the program as a slot receiver (if he buys in to a position change). Of course this is all conjecture, but I love this kid and LOVE the direction of this program. Go Hoosiers!!!

  8. I’m not suggesting Wilson will try to repurpose any of the QBs now on the roster. But I believe one of them will transfer, either after the bowl game or after spring practice. If you’re the fifth string QB, especially if you’re going into your Junior year, you’re just not going to get the chance to play, ….EVER! In that scenario, if you choose to stay around for two more years, it’s usually to pursue a degree, in a field of study where a degree from IU is valuable (Kelley School of business, journalism, etc.) If you’re fifth string and going into your sophomore year, you’d likely try to red shirt if you thought you had a chance to play as a redshirt Junior, after Lagow graduates. But if you really want to play, and believe you’re good enough to play at D-1AA or D-2, you’re probably going to transfer. And not that they are going to do anything underhanded or unethical. but the coaches will apply subtle pressure to help you decide to transfer. They don’t want to waste a scholarship on a player that is unlikely to contribute on the field. Anyway, we’ll see how it works out. Should be interesting.

  9. Another recent recruit is Coy Cronk from Indiana. He played at LCC the 1A champion at OT and ILB; he is 6’5″ 270 lbs. I was concerned about him coming from a small school so I looked up his films and he is impressive. Just the fact that a 6’5″ 270 pounder plays LB indicates he can run and has good feet. I watched his play at tackle and he brings a pop when he makes contact. He does a very good job fitting the block and finishing off the block. I believe he will be another standout after Coach Frey works with him.

    The concerns about next year’s QB can rest easy after I broke down Lagow’s tapes. I believe his arm is every bit as good as Nate’s but his feet are much better and he is a more natural runner. He also does a better job finding receivers from 1/2 the field when on the run where Nate was limited to the #s to the sideline. Nate had a great year but I think Lagow will be an upgrade. Don’t forget Nate’s improvement was limited by sharing time and then missing most of his junior year. I haven’t seen any Thompson film yet but getting a former OSU recruit that was a 4 star coming out of HS has to be a good thing for our secondary. I did read where his JC coach was playing him some at OLB so we will have to wait and see where IU plays him.

    This program seems to be reaching the point where they reload each year and not fade following a good year. 2016 will show if IU is really at that stage in development or not. We lose some outstanding OL players but many forget that the backups are considered just as talented but are needing playing time to improve. The one concern is the Big Ten is getting to be as brutal as the SEC so you could be an excellent team and still come up short now and then. This is a reason that I agree with others that an extension needs to get done. Coach Wilson and his coaches deserve pay raises to match at least what the average coach’s pay is in Power 5 schools [PU is paying their coach $2.3 million]. As long as the program keeps improving I want this staff to stay at IU and raise us up to one of the top 25 teams in the country.

  10. Podunker, what is the point of your speculation about the other 4 scholarship QB’s? You possess no special knowledge or information about any of these kids. Why start harmful gossip in the midst of IU’s preparation for it’s first Bowl trip since 2007. You get no prize or free tickets for your guess and some harm is done! Back-off and let it play out as the kids make their own decisions. I can see good reasons for all 4 to stay with Lagow at IU. Certainly, in retrospect, Caufman would have been well-served to have stayed at IU and been the #1 QB for the last 6 and 1/2 games in 2014. He could have led IU to it’s first Bowl game since 2007 in 2014, been an Indiana legend, and gained national prominence, none of which occurred at Wyoming!

  11. Through all the barriers, mistakes, etc,etc,etc bottom line is IU football program continues to trend on improvement. Maybe not as easy and fast which KW has noted several times regarding wins and success but he is always positive and he is right. The current trend of IU football program is that it’s stronger and continues to IMPROVE!!! As a result more success is schedule in the near future including next season.

  12. the question is which QB will step up and become the starting IU QB….I agree that coach Wilson was worried about the position somewhat are he would not have went after a JUCO (Richard Lagow) QB….but i still think that Zander Diamont has a chance at QB……just wish that Zander would have gotten his redshirt doing his freshman or sophomore year… good would Nate Sudfeld have been if he would have redshirt his freshman or sophomore year!!! if Zander had gotten a year to redshirt, how good would he be?? i really think the competition battle between Zander and Richard is going to be very good!!! Zander really knows Coach Wilson offensive systems, Zander is very athletic (ability for the offensive to run trick (gadget) plays and he is very very confident (cocky as Johnny Manziel)…maybe this is the year that Zander gets to redshirt….if not Zander will be a very valuable backup…five QB on scholarships, hopefully all will stay and IU will not have to worry about a QB in the future…especially since IU has a trouble getting the in-state QB (Brandon Peters, Hunter Johnson, Tommy Stevens and Gunner Kiel) to commit to Indiana University

  13. v13, when you write, “Nate had a great year but I think Lagow will be an upgrade,” you’re stretching your optimism into the realm of unrealistic expectations. While I hope you’re right about Lagow, that’s a big reach. I’ll be delighted if Lagow performs at a level that is 90% as effective/productive as Sudfeld has been throughout his career at IU. I believe Sudfeld is going to be on an NFL roster in the years to come, and that puts him in a very elite talent pool.

    BeatPurdue, The Hoosier Scoop is not a cheerleading site for IU athletics. The Scoop is for people to share opinions and discuss IU Athletics. If saying something negative about IU Athletics is inappropriate, half the people writing comments about IU Basketball these days should be shunned, especially some of the most prolific posters on The Scoop. And speculation is a big part of commenting about sports. It’s a national pastime. “How many games will IU win in 2015?” is speculation! “How much of a pay raise will Wilson get with his new contract?” is speculation. “How will IU’s 2016 recruiting class be raked in the Big Ten?” is speculation. Your comments in #10 are straw-man arguments, and they are inaccurate. I did not suggest or imply that I have any special knowledge or insight regarding IU Football. And that’s one of the points. A blind man can see that Wilson recruited Lagow very hard because he was not confident that any of the QBs on his current roster were ready to meet his expectations in the near future. And a blind man can see that IU will not need five QBs on the roster for the next two years. And I was not starting a rumor or passing one along. I was simply making a prediction and wondering about if, who and/or how many. And it’s nonsense to suggest that my speculation about the potential of one player transferring might somehow damage Wilson’s program or diminish IU Football. When you think about it, one of these guys transferring because Lagow is now on the team would be a good sign for IU Football, because it is evidence that IU has upgraded its talent and is now closer to playing with the big boys. Player transfers are very common with the best teams in Power-Conference football. Having less talented players leave the program because more talented players are ahead of them on the depth chart is the natural byproduct of a team that is improving its level of talent. Lastly, it’s a fact that Wilson/Johns did not do a great job managing their stable of quarterbacks in the recent past. We had two previous starters, who were quality QBs, transfer in the same year. One of those transfers caught Wilson by complete surprise and left IU with a 160 pound true freshman, a converted linebacker and a walk-on with zero playing time as backups. And when Sudfeld went down with an injury, that cost IU a winning season and left Wilson scrambling to sign quarterbacks, one of which had not received any other scholarship offers. In many other programs, that scenario would have cost the coach his job. I’m glad to see that Wilson is back on track with the signing of another outstanding QB prospect. That’s great news for IU Football, but maybe not so great for one of the other four QBs on the current roster.

  14. Podunker, my optimism about Lagow is my experience at breaking down film which I did with the films I could get about Lagow [yes I could be wrong about him being better]. He is very accurate throwing the ball and can make all the throws that Nate can do. His advantage over Nate is he moves better than Nate and runs better than Nate. He has a quick release and as I said very accurate with his passes. Add in our better receivers next year and I can guarantee Lagow will be better than Nate based on the films I have broken down. Lagow reads the defense very quickly and gets the ball out of his hand quickly. I will be very disappointed if Lagow doesn’t do better than Nate [remember he shared time for two seasons, injured most of his junior year, and only one year as a full time starter]. Lagow got pressured very quickly many times yet moved well still looking downfield to complete 66% even when the coverage was very tight. There is a good reason Lagow was rated the #1 JC QB.

    The defense is getting at least two 4 star [in high school] players to help make our DBs better. We will have many 3 star and at least three 4 star players on the defensive field next year. We have a 3 star DE coming in with this class along with other DL players. Our coaches are upgrading the roster every year and as Coach Wilson said IU has more very good players stepping up next year.

    The bowl game will be here in nine days and I can’t wait to tune in and see how our Hoosier do in their first Bowl game under Coach Wilson and his staff. I am glad Wilson has experience with bowl games so he knows how to prepare this team for the Pinstripe Bowl.

  15. I agree about Lagow and for about the same reasons. But adding a measurable plus for RL. His release is fast after quickly processing the D developing. I thought Nate did not always release as fast he he should have. I don’t know if that was more time needed to read the D or just a slower motion to release. Those 2 things plus having feet to extend plays keeps stalls from occurring in offensive posessions as it has done at times over the last 2 years. Also I don’t think made it to 240 until this year. RL will be probably 245 or 250 come Fall and a man with good feet and that big is hard to knock down.

  16. v13, I won’t argue that Lagow may have better footwork, may have a quicker release, and may be more mobile than Sudfeld. And I won’t deny that those are important attributes for a QB to have. But as I’m sure you know, there are a lot of other variables that determine a QB’s productivity and success. I just think it’s too early to predict that Lagow will be better than Sudfeld based on your review of videos of him playing against JC competition. Let’s see how he does against some of the best defenses in college football like MSU, OSU, MI, etc. I really hope you’re right, and that Lagow turns out to be the best QB ever to play for IU. But honestly, if Lagow is that talented, one has to wonder why he didn’t receive more offers from top 40 college football schools?

  17. IU offensive quality control coach Courtney Messingham will be the new OC at Montana State.
    Ex-IU LB coach Mike Ekeler will be DC under HC Seth Littrell at North Texas.

  18. HC, how long was Ekeler at USC? Was his time there cut short due to the coaching changes, or did he survive them. If he left USC shortly after arriving, where has he been since he left USC?

    That profession must be tough on the families of these men. Working your way up the coaching pyramid involves a lot of long hours and relocations. Having moved nine times before I started Junior High, I know what their children go through. But if these men are talented and hard-working, and they have some luck, the financial payoff is HUGE. D-1 college head coaches and top assistants make a ton of money. Good to see former IU coaches doing well.

  19. Ekeler is going to be a in great position at North Texas. Littrell has another couple good seasons and he could have some bigger programs calling and Ekeler could have a shot at HC there. Good for him.

  20. I remember questioning Ekeler’s move to USC for a lateral position. Yes, big name football school, but located in very bad part of town (it makes the old “combat zone” in Boston just beyond the walls of Harvard look like a playground). And the difference in cost-of-living between Bloomington and LA wiped out most of his salary increase. Wish he would have stayed at IU for another year or two, but I’m glad the short stint at USC did not hobble his career progression. He’s a good guy with a bright future. I wish he and Littrell all the best, unless IU plays North Texas again.

  21. Since the end of the 1st season at IU I have not been high on Ekeler. I believe he is easily enticed to the grass on the other side of the fence. But being a gypsy in that industry is a positive if you can attain goals. I think that jury is still out on him.

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