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QUESTION: MODERATOR: Good morning, and welcome to today’s IU sports chat. Thanks for joining us. As we mentioned last week, we’re changing up the format a bit for the chat. No, no, it’s not a good-bye but a new beginning.
Our talented sports reporters will still read and take your questions — but on a rolling basis with a mail-bag format. And you’ll have more ways to connect with them. You can find our staff on Twitter and reach them there or you can email our sports department at — please include the type of IU sport in the subject line.
We’ll roll out the questions and answers on Friday on The Hoosier Scoop and HTO.
Sound good? Ok, now to today’s sports chat.
Mike, Andy, Jeremy: How are you doing today? What’s on your radar as we head into the weekend?

JEREMY: One last time in the old chat format. Excuse me while I shed a tear … OK, I’m good.
Still plenty on the radar in late December, primarily IU-Notre Dame in the Crossroads Classic Saturday, but we’ve still got football, just had a soccer season wrap this week and the MLS Combine/Draft in the New Year, not to mention women’s basketball and that rarest of winter creatures — IU football. Let’s chat.

MIKE: Good morning, moderator. These parts are as busy as they have been in years. Football, basketball and — oh my god, I need to do some Christmas shopping.

ANDY: Greetings, all. And for the final time in this particular format: Thou Shalt Chat.

QUESTION: The officiating so far this season is ruining the flow of the game. Many of the fouls called are no impediment to the offensive player and should not be whistled. Seems like every time down the floor, a foul is called. I know the reasons for the hand-checking foul emphasis, but it’s hurting the game, not helping. What say you?

Mike, Bloomington

There have been games where the officiating is painful and others where it’s a non-factor. The biggest obstacle is always the consistency of the officiating. If the game is refereed consistently, no matter how painful over the long haul, then it will be a better game. We’ll just see if these points of emphasis last into February and March.

MIKE: Hey Mike,
To me, the bigger issue is how uneven games have been called this season. On some nights, the whistles are brutal. Others, not so much. I’m willing to let it play out over another month before I really form a more concrete opinion. It’s a process of adaptation and understanding for everyone. We’ll see how folks adjust.

ANDY: Mike:
I don’t disagree that the number of whistles has seemed counter to the game’s flow on many occasions so far, but I think we still need to give it more time, and I actually like the premise behind the new approach. I think it the officiating emphasis remains consistent and once coaches and players further adjust to it, more freedom of movement and better basketball will eventually result. And for a team that plays the way Indiana likes to play, it could prove especially advantageous.

QUESTION: Any talk of a coaching change in the IU volleyball program?

Ken, Bloomington

I haven’t heard anything on that front, but with the NCAA volleyball championship being decided this weekend, something would almost certainly have to happen soon if it were to happen at all.

MIKE: Hey Ken,
Haven’t heard anything.

ANDY: Ken:
Nothing concrete that I’ve heard.
I would note that one could have a damn good volleyball team and still struggle in the Big Ten. Same goes for wrestling.

QUESTION: Gentlemen –
Looking ahead, what needs to happen in your estimation the rest of the season for Tom Crean to return as coach next year? What is a minimum level of success that needs to be achieved?

Kevin B, Mooresville

JEREMY: Kevin B.,
As I mentioned in the previous question, I’m not big on setting one particular benchmark as the make or break point short of maybe the Final Four as a make.
In the cumulative sense, I suppose a top two or three finish in the conference with a top four or five national seed would certainly set the Hoosiers up for a potential postseason run that could cap a season that might yet meet expectations. That could all combine to add up to the minimum level of success you asked about, although I think there are still a lot of variables within all that that shape how people view the program and feel about the progress of the program.

MIKE: Hey Kevin,
Given the talent and expectations for this year’s team, I don’t see how IU can afford to finish outside the top three or four in the conference. If IU loses to Notre Dame, a top three or so finish in the league may be its only shot at the NCAA Tournament. Outside of a trip to East Lansing — and maybe Iowa City — there just aren’t that many opportunities for great road wins within the conference this season. It’s a problematic situation this team has put itself in. Outside of maybe the 2011-12 team, this program doesn’t have a track record for February success. I still have my doubts that changes this year. Those in administration will weigh the entire body of work, which up to this point, has been very, very poor. That includes the bad body language from players, the untapped potential and inability to teach — and apply — adequate defensive concepts. A lot needs to happen — and change — before these big picture benchmarks are entirely clear.

ANDY: Kevin B:
It is just such a highly-speculative topic. Who really knows, except Fred Glass and others in the IU hierarchy? And even they might not have any specific “meet the standard” number or circumstance in mind. One thing I think I’ve learned about Fred Glass is that he never boils evaluation down to a single game or even a single season, but rather gauges the entire body of work when making final evaluations. I don’t know what the “minimum” might be. If Indiana would fail to make the NCAA tournament, given the talent on-hand and the expectations heading into the season, that would doubtless weigh in Fred’s evaluation, but that would hardly be the only factor weighed.

QUESTION: Has Crean ever had a more important game in terms of his job security than the game this weekend?
Also what must IU accomplish to keep him after this year. Clearly I think we can all agree if IU misses the tournament all together he’s gone but is a 9 seed with a quick one and done acceptable?

Mike, Seymour

I said last year Tom Crean’s job status was never a one-game referendum, and I’ll reiterate that here. The only true one-game referendum might be advancing to the Elite Eight or Final Four. Beyond that, I’m not sure that the big picture looks any different if IU is out in the first round of the NCAA or in the Sweet Sixteen.

Now, that said, this Notre Dame game could be crucial for getting in the NCAA Tournament or even for seeding to determine how the postseason plays out. If it plays out as a nine seed and done, then I don’t think any segment of the fan base would find that at all acceptable. However, I would argue again that the bigger picture isn’t about winning or losing one game, but where Indiana stands in the Big Ten and national landscape.

MIKE: Hey Mike,
It’s tough to say, but it won’t come down to one game. This one is obviously hugely important, but there are two months to make up some ground if it doesn’t go well. Personally, if Notre Dame wins tomorrow, I’ll have my doubts about IU’s season trajectory, but Crean’s tenure won’t come down to one game. To your other point, it will be difficult to justify the status quo outside of a sizable and serious run through March.

ANDY: Mike:
There is no doubt winning the Notre Dame game is vital for IU’s tournament resume if the Hoosiers end up being a bubble team to make the tournament field. Given this season’s remaining schedule, on paper right now, there just aren’t that many choice opportunities to make RPI gains in terms of Indiana’s Big Ten road games. But if IU would manage, say, a top-four Big Ten finish, it will still make the NCAA field comfortably and the Notre Dame result, win or lose, wouldn’t loom as large. Seeding would be slightly affected, I guess, but a strong finish in league play would still probably result in a decent seed, anyhow. As to what Coach Crean must accomplish on-court to continue coaching at Indiana indefinitely, that seems a very broad area of speculation. What some IU administrators or fans might find “acceptable” could still vary significantly from what other fans and administrators might think.

QUESTION: 1. Can you guys stop reporting Curt Miller resigned for a health issue? I am not exactly sure what happened (I have some ideas but not clear for sure) and I know IU reported it that way but its not fair to your readers to spread what is false. Stories should say “resigned for unknown reasons” regardless of what IU tells you.

Matt, Bloomington

I think Jon used the right wording in the latest story when he said Curt Miller resigned for health and personal reasons. I would only say that health can encompass a variety of physical, mental and emotional issues. Beyond that, until we can provide something more concrete, I’m not sure what else there is to say.

MIKE: Hey Matt,
Unfortunately, there’s no other way to phrase it at the moment. We’ve been turned away, stonewalled, sent to voicemail, denied access, etc. as we’ve tried to report the story with more depth. We’ve heard a lot of rumors, chased a whole list of them and found a dearth of sources willing to either go on the record or provide enough of an informational base that we could report from. I’m as frustrated as anyone that there hasn’t been more to report. Until there is, we can only go with what we have.

ANDY: Matt:
I don’t disagree. IU did specifically state that health was a factor, and I can’t categorically prove that’s false, but I would say your “resigned for unknown reasons” is not an unreasonable way of putting it. But I’m not even sure “resigned” is the right word. I might say “departed for unconfirmed reasons” or something along those lines. Reporters heard plenty of rumors, of course, but sources failed to confirm. IU officialdom and Miller himself obviously chose to keep a very tight lid on the topic. And “chose” is probably the wrong word there, too. I would think it’s contractual.

QUESTION: 1. Really? People are surprised attendance is so low between I-69 construction and Assembly Hall Construction? I said from the get go getting here would be a nightmare and if IU doesn’t want its lowest crowds ever it better meet expectations. Well its not and so people are not coming. No surprise and no reason to call out the fans.

2. Not totally IU related but the shot clock change affects Bo Ryan’s struggles and retirement this year a lot. In past years (not talking about last couple years) when he hasn’t had amazing talent (which is several of his teams) he won by slowing the game down. If shot clock were 35 seconds he could have gone back to his really slow style and won that way. With that not possible Wisconsin’s lesser talent finally showed up and wanting to give his assistant a chance he walked away. With that said Ryan was a great coach.

Darren, Martinsville

JEREMY: Darren,
1. I suppose the low attendance could at least be in part due to the construction issues, though I think that part of things has more to do with I-69 than Assembly Hall. But the bigger problem is the teams playing at Assembly Hall and to a slightly lesser extent, the early season performance of the home team on the big stage in Maui and at Cameron Indoor.
I don’t see the fans as a problem at all. They want to support IU basketball and have long done so, but the product is letting them down in a variety of ways, including the lofty expectations for this year, and the difficulty in accessing the product only exasperates the whole issue.

2. I’ll disagree with you on Wisconsin and Bo Ryan. If he still had Frank Kaminsky, Sam Dekker and Traevon Jackson, a shorter shot clock would not make any difference. This was always going to be a transition team for the Badgers, and the uncertainty of Bo Ryan’s retiring, not retiring, retiring immediately didn’t help ease that process. Now assistant Greg Gard is handed the job and a chance to develop the Badgers going forward this season.
Regardless, Ryan had quite the run with the Badgers, a team you wouldn’t have pegged to be one of the Big Ten’s best and most consistent programs 20 years ago.

MIKE: Hey Darren,
Yeah, that Kennesaw State crowd next week could be among the smallest the building has seen for an IU men’s game. I don’t think anyone is blaming fans. The non-conference schedule up to this point has been a dud. Combine that with the disappointing on-court product and travel woes around your hometown, and you get — maybe — 10,000 people at these games. It hasn’t been pretty.
Honestly, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. This was going to be a rebuilding type of year regardless of the duration of the shot clock.

ANDY: Hi, Darren:
1. Did somebody call out the fans? If so, I guess I missed it. Regardless, I think everybody involved at IU understood that the construction might have some effect and, after Maul especially, the mood regarding basketball altered a bit — though that could obviously alter again, one way or another. But well before the highway and Assembly Hall construction began, and before this season, it was noticed by many that some IU ticket-holders habitually either arrived late or left early or both, or never arrived at all. The same was true at football games. And attendance declines are manifest, nationally, for a lot of college football and basketball programs. With virtually every game televised and with technological advances, people are, among other things, choosing HD TV in the comfort of their own home. Athletic directors are well aware of the issue. The situation is exacerbated some at IU right not because of the construction, but I don’t know there is much anybody could do about that. Athletic directors are trying to enhance the game-experience for attendees (though, frankly, some of the bells and whistles trotted out are more irritating than enticing and therefore probably counter-productive). But the biggest factor is, as you note, winning big or at least exceeding expectations, and spurring enthusiasm and attendance that way.

2. Great coach, indeed. He did a phenomenal job. His string of top-four finishes in the league is truly amazing. And I know a lot of Indiana fans will feel perpetual gratitude to Coach Ryan and the Badgers for winning a particular national semifinal against a particular opponent led by a particular Italian-surnamed coach from just south of the Ohio River. And I’m not talking Louisville.
Interesting take on the shot-clock. Not sure the reduction had a truly profound affect on Wisconsin’s approach to play, but not sure it didn’t, either. Coach Ryan clearly intended to retire last spring but stayed on an extra semester due to health-related issues affecting Coach Gard’s family. And I think had Bo stayed longer, he’d have likely figured out a way for his team to play successfully in the context of the new shot-clock. I think any current struggles simply had a lot more to do with the significant graduation and departure losses from last season’s team. Having said all that, I’m not a fan of the new shot-clock. In fact, I’d have moved it the other direction, if at all. I like seeing teams forced to play defense for a while. I think that should be part of the basketball test.

Thanks, as always, Darren.

QUESTION: MODERATOR: Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end. But while our chat is changing it’s not ending. Again, reach out via email ( and on social media anytime.
Thanks for the time everyone, we’re glad you come here and hope you’ll stay with us. We want to hear from you.
Mike, Andy, Jeremy: Thank you for your time, guys. We do appreciate it. What should we know?

JEREMY: We’ll keep you covered on the IU sports front this week, and for a nominal fee, gift-wrapping and last-minute Christmas shopping could also be done. Looking forward to the new chat format and in the meantime, we’ll see you on the Scoop. Happy Holidays to everyone!

MIKE: Thanks for checking in, everybody. Busy weekend and an even busier week ahead. Jeremy and I are heading to the Crossroads Classic tomorrow, and we’ll really ramp up the football coverage next week leading into Saturday’s Pinstripe Bowl. Photojournalist Chris Howell and I are heading to New York on Christmas Eve, so we’ll have plenty from the Bronx over the next week. Stick with us on the Scoop and on

ANDY: Thanks to any and all who have participated in chats via this format over all these weeks and years. It’s been a pleasure and privilege to interact with IU fans this way. But I’m hoping the new approach proves conducive to even more and better interaction. Please, all, do stay in touch and send us a quick note via email or social media whenever something crosses your mind that we could address for you.


  1. If CTC doesn’t pull a rabbit out of his hat and finish in the top three of the conference AND make it to the Final Four the athletic department is going to take a serious kick in the wallet from the boosters if he remains HC.

    Mike Davis had overwhelming support compared to CTC.

    This started out as a ‘make or break’ season but, so far, it’s been more of a ‘crash and burn’ season.

  2. When Jeremy answered Darren about the game attendance, he hit the nail on the head. It’s not 69 construction or building renovation…fans are let down so far and playing cupcakes hurts.

    Chet, I’m not sure Davis had overwhelming support his last couple years at IU. The difference is Crean is mentally tough with thick skin…Davis the exact opposite. Also, the fans don’t get to Crean like they did Davis.

    Today is an out of conf must win for Crean and our Hoosiers!

  3. #1, If you get your team to the Sweet Sixteen no college is ever going to fire the Coach! Nor should they. Get real!

  4. I don’t know what “Big Picture” Jeremy could be talking about, but if Coach Crean can get this squad to the Sweet Sixteen this season then he has earned a long term commitment from Indiana! In case Jeremy and others have forgotten this is his 8th season as the head coach. The first 3 DID NOT count! We all agreed to that at the time. Then IU had Sweet Sixteen teams in years 4 and 5. Years 6 and 7 were disappointing. However, if IU makes the Sweet Sixteen this season, that will make 3 in 5 years. Excluding KY, Duke and MSU I can’t find a single college program that can better that record! You do realize that every year there are at least 50 very good college basketball teams. To get to the final 16, you have to win 2 tournament games, at least 1 against one of those very good teams. That can never be called a failed season! Not to make the Tournament at all in 2 out of 3 seasons DOES justify firing immediately! Making the Tournament but failing to make the Sweet Sixteen is the murky gray area where AD’s earn their paycheck. Good luck Mr Glass!

  5. Chet- Northeastern playing #1 MSU as I type….Entertaining game.

    Hire Bill Coen now!

    Wouldn’t Luke Walton as an IU coach also be fun? Alford(surrogate son of Bob Knight) ends up at UCLA…Luke Walton(son of John Wooden’s surrogate son ends up at IU)…? It’s destiny.

  6. I don’t follow the women’s game other than reading a few stories here and there, but the Miller situation is concerning to me as an alum. Something(s) happened and I’m completely at a loss at how a University funded by public money, is able to keep what happened behind closed doors. To know what happened isn’t to be ghoulish, it is being informed that beyond following the law, Indiana University is upholding its values that go far beyond that. Transparency is crucial.

    This brings to mind Jim Izard. A guy who ended up dating and then marrying one of his players. The man had been super creepy and had stepped over the line many times before. He used his position of authority to cross this line with young girls. Everyone who worked in the AD at the time knew it. Thank god there are lawyers out there like Ken Nunn (who didn’t represent Izard of course, he was chasing other ambulances around Bloomington), and Izard was able to win a modest “discrimination” suit against Indiana after being fired for performance reasons.

    So, when something like this happens and the University thinks it is ok to keep everyone in the dark, it should be concerning to all of those associated with school. Jerry Sandusky’s behavior led to a cover up a Penn State at all levels and it almost destroyed the institution. That stain will never wash off of PSU.

    I’m sure whatever happened at IU was far from what happened at PSU. But I do think that those who graduated or have found employment at the school at anytime have the right to demand more transparency about this situation. Here’s to hoping that some sources have the courage to get the truth out. If Indiana is covering up something big, our Administration has to answer to it.

  7. Beat Purdue-

    Note to you…The team you want to ‘beat’ will forever embarrass Indiana under Tom Crean. Your
    Sweet 16’s are because of one “everything hinges” name….That artificially infused Crean stock market has crashed…We are now experiencing ‘The Great Tom Crean Depression.’

  8. JPat, I was engaging in hyperbole. Of course Davis did not have ‘overwhelming’ support. I said in comparison to CTC right now he did.

    BeatPurdue, First, IU isn’t in the Sweet Sixteen so let’s not give them credit for that quite yet. They barely made the Sweet Sixteen when they were ranked #1. They might not be a tourney team. Kansas, North Carolina, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Syracuse, Wichita State, and Louisville immediately come to mind as more successful tourney teams in recent years. I’m sure I could find other more successful tournament teams in recent years with the Google machine. If you think a Sweet Sixteen run for a team that started the season flirting with the top ten would be indicative of a successful season that’s up to you. Getting to the Sweet Sixteen was special only because we had been so bad for so long. It never used to be cause for rejoicing.

    I disagree that a Sweet Sixteen run would guarantee job security for CTC.

  9. BeatPurdue, I respectfully disagree. Evaluating a coach needs to take into account the sum total of the coach’s leadership of the program. A program, but for one of the 8 years, where he has fallen short of expectations, the instability of players leaving the program regularly, the off the court issues and his relationship with the fan base is important. Let’s not also forget that he’s also not well regarded with the high school coaches in the state that produces more hoops talent than anywhere in the country.

    A lucky tournament run (which is doubtful) doesn’t wipe that slate clean. Chet is right. It’ll take something truly magical for Crean to keep his job. He’s just worn out his welcome for many reasons beyond W-Ls (which haven’t been there either).

    Plus, the standard at here isn’t how many Sweet Sixteen hats & shirts we can sell (every UK fan laughed their butts off at us bragging about that). Indiana’s goal is hanging banners (the National Championship kind in case folks have forgotten), not making it past the first week in the tournament.

  10. Chet- you may disagree, but unfortunately you’re not the one making the decisions. I fully expect that if Crean gets back to the Sweet 16, Fred “Gleeful” Glass will make another one of his brash and defiant public “votes of confidence” saying how much he supports the coach and what he’s “building.” Then Crean, empowered by his protector, will relax and IU will promptly lose by 20 points to the #11 seed.

    The more and more Zeller and Dipo prove themselves to be capable NBA players, the more I look back at that lost opportunity against Syracuse and say “how the heck did we not go further that year.”

  11. Chet, pretty good guess: 4 right, 3 wrong. The relevant years for my point are 2012, 13, 14, and 15, coupled with the results for this season. Sweet Sixteen appearances during this 4 year period are: 1) MSU and Louisville 4; 2) FL, KY, AZ and WI 3; 3) UNC, KS, Duke, Xavier and Indiana 2!

  12. By your calculations a team that went to the Elite 8 and won a national championship during that period, as Duke did, has the same performance as Indiana in the NCAA Tournament. That’s absurd and no one but you thinks that.

    I stated that the teams I named outperformed Indiana in the NCAA Tournament in the past few years and every one of them has. A title or even an appearance in the Final Four is not the same as limping into the Sweet Sixteen and getting a butt whipping as your argument claims. You might be surprised to know that winning the title is actually better than going to a Sweet Sixteen.

    I’m 7 for 7 and I didn’t even have to do fuzzy math as you did..

  13. I agree, Double Down. Highly misleading and manipulative number crunching there by Beat Purdue. Counting recent Sweet Sixteens to argue that we are in a category with Duke and Kansas?…… Didn’t Duke win it all one of of those Sweet Sixteen trips? And didn’t UNC and KU go to Final Fours?

  14. […] the more I look back at that lost opportunity against Syracuse and say “how the heck did we not go further that year.”

    Geez…, you’re three years behind, Mr. Perceptive. You didn’t want to listen to 4guards… Michigan (you know, with Meyers) beat Syracuse a week later after our debacle and you still — still didn’t get it. It took three years and it finally dawned on you… Fortunately tonight the players literally took over. Bryant was super-hyped at the end. That kid is as of yet untamed. That is really the only hope we have. Let’s see how long this lasts.

  15. Good job Chet, distort, misrepresent and then congratulate yourself. You will search my posts in vain for any mention of IU being “better” in post-season play. I simply talked about Crean and possible Sweet Sixteen appearances during a potential 5 year period. This had to do with calls to fire him. I said that IF Indiana can reach the Sweet Sixteen this year ( a big if) there is no way that Glass will fire him, because 3 in a 5 year period is very good ( as the facts show). Learn to read a little better. Yes, I did know that winning the Tournament is better than just making the Sweet Sixteen. But that is not relevant to my post.

  16. beat purdue i am sure you were heartbroken when lynch was fired right after beating … purdue. please don’t start an argument with chet. for him bob knight came to indiana to pad his resume (since he only got three national titles out of five here) and duke was already a power before coach k got there (on account that coach k only won five of the five national titles duke has but duke went to the finals a few years before coach k arrived). you see going to the national title game is important (unless it’s mike davis) and getting three banners is easy at indiana (unless you are tom crean).crean is easily the weakest coach indiana ever had (tied with lou watson maybe) … so my advice is leave chet alone! … you see, you can take the man out of kentucky but you can’t take the kentucky out of the man… there …

  17. Geez…, you’re three years behind, Mr. Perceptive. You didn’t want to listen to 4guards… Michigan (you know, with Meyers) beat Syracuse a week later after our debacle and you still — still didn’t get it. It took three years and it finally dawned on you… Fortunately tonight the players literally took over. Bryant was super-hyped at the end. That kid is as of yet untamed. That is really the only hope we have. Let’s see how long this lasts.

    I can feel your anger and frustration. Now that more and more people want Crean gone, its going to get harder for you to troll people and keep your rivalries going. Hang in there, buddy, I’ll do my best to keep you entertained. Oh, and sorry about BYU losing last night…those Utes have a good thing going!

  18. I never argued with BeatPurdue. I just presented the facts. Not a single one of them is in dispute. Now, he wants to retroactively change his narrative to fit those facts. I really don’t care.

    Not my problem.

  19. It’s ugly watching IU when they lose, it’s ugly watching IU when they win. They showboat and dominate bad teams and then showboat and lose to good ones. Who cares how high Troy Williams can jump when he so often plays out of control? Who cares how sweet James Blackmon’s jump shot is when he sits out playing defense? Who cares how individually talented Yogi Ferrell is when he avoids passing to open players so he can pad his own scoring? They have enough individual talent to beat mediocre teams. But they will never be better, or even just as good, as the sum of their parts.

    Love to watch Butler. Love watching 5 guys work together. Watching them take apart a very good Purdue team was athletic poetry. Like IU used to be- a disciplined, tenacious, unified TEAM.

  20. Hannukah Tom: If you feel anger and frustration it’s only because you harbor them. I recall when you left Indiana you wrote a farewell of sorts and posted it on this blog. In it you wrote what you thought defined you as a Hoosier fan: “above all I learned to hate Purdue and Kentucky”. And that’s the heart of the matter (or, sadly, the lack thereof). You are not a Hoosier fan. You don’t love the Hoosiers, you just hate others. You hate Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, you hate WSU and various parts of the state of Washington, you hate USC, you hate extensive areas of Los Angeles, you hate Bill Lynch, Doug Mallory, Steve Alford, Bob Knight, Eric Gordon… there’s not much room left for loving anything except perhaps yourself. It must be sad to be you.

  21. ^Supremely soulful and poetic! Preach it, my friend. You have always been the strongest and most admirable source of compassion, tolerance, maturity and understanding on this blog, so coming from you, those words really really really sink in.

    I’m not sure where on earth you found a “farewell letter” from me. I don’t remember writing one. Maybe I did, and don’t remember. Since you always have so much time on your hands for minutiae, why don’t you go find it…or create it, if you don’t find it. I’m always entertained by your artistry.

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