1. I think it’s time for Crean to go when every other word spoken from the announcers is about IU’s lack of defense. I honestly think my daughters 8th team plays better defense than IU. If Crean didn’t see before now that defense was a problem with this team, then he never will. It’s time…. FIRE CREAN! He’s doesn’t measure up to IU standards. But hey he’s a nice guy.

  2. Wonder IF Crean will look at TV and hear the commentators talk about Defense….there’s not ONE commentator that doesn’t identify defense deficiency…same as was last year. SOMEONE call the MONEY MEN and tell them to listen to the Basketball Experts….CTC has to go he couldn’t teach defense to a snowman guarding a snowball in a refrigerator. He has no offense clue either ..too much Free play ..might as well go play on the cement courts at the park.

  3. Dick Vitale said ” I Guarantee during the era of Robert Montgomery Knight those kids came to play with pride and passion they may not have shot well but you knew they would play defense”

  4. These teams are miles apart in terms of talent and coaching. The defensive skill level of IU’s players is atrocious. Bielfeldt and Hartman have no business playing major roles at this level against athletic opponents. Bryant is slow reacting and gets beat time and time again. Equally disturbing is his lack of rebounding. JB simply cannot stop his man driving down the lane. This list goes on and on. Crean has not put together a balanced squad and he will pay a price. He will be fired at the end of this year, because IU has to have a better future than what Crean offers.

  5. Fire Crean!!!!!!! I have coached a lot of basketball and have never seen a team so lazy, so unorganized and such a pathetic effort on defense. Pathetic game plan, and effort. Their two three zone stopped nothing and gave lay up after lay up after lay up. This isn’t Indiana basketball and clearly doesn’t get what that means. There isn’t a player on the team ready for the pros, or even the big ten schedule.

  6. Softness. Lack of awareness. Lack of patience offensively. All themes during Crean’s tenure. This honestly looks like an NIT team. We’ll see if Glass has any standards or not at the end of the year. Hopefully the media can stop defending a coach with a mediocre record who makes 3.1 million a year. Big money, big expectations, let’s be grown ups and stop defending this guy.

  7. Someone needs to grab the neck of IU’s President and shake him to wake up and fire Crean’s ass…He’s a terrible excuse for a coach and doesn’t DESERVE the title of Coach ..He couldn’t “coach” a Hibernating bear to sleep. A-B-S-O-L-U-T-L-Y atrociously horrible.

  8. Bryant was a McDonald’s All American??? HOW??? Bruce Pearl better get a call to come to IU.Stevens is not coming…Crean should be fired on the way home.If Glass won’t fire him then fire him also.

  9. Again, I know it is very early in the season and this one game should not dictate Crean’s future….but since the hot seat thing was reported by the local Bloomington media two years ago, the national media last year and now it seems we are hearing more about the boosters being involved on the periphery, is it time to start thinking about IU without Crean for next year? IU PR puts on a wonderful marketing front but the team just looks individual agenda driven from a player standpoint. It just seems to have the making of a bizarre season. Like Trestman last Bears season weird where large portions of the team checked out.


  10. I think most of us were of the opinion that this was a game where CTC needed to pull a rabbit out of his hat. It didn’t happen.

    I’m pretty sure we all know where this is going.

  11. we look worse then last years team. How much embrassment does this group need to wake up.!! Duke could have scored 120 if they wanted to. But hey we beat the hell out of Acorn St. that is want we have become!

  12. As we, the passionate ones, feared, we got absolutely exposed and embarrassed. This could’ve been worse had Duke not let us drive uncontested the last 4 min. with their 7 – 12th men.

    40 pts. in the paint for Duke. Imagine a Bob Knight team letting that happen! Or a Coach K team, Izzo, Motta, Bo Ryan, Calipari, Self, Pitino, and on and on and on.
    26-7 in 2nd chance points. This alone was the difference in the final score.

    Back to basketball reality at IU, play more cupcakes in the bottom tier of their leagues. Pad the win total. Lose badly to ND on a neutral court. News flash: ND plays defense.

    Is IU a top tier basketball school with 5 national titles? YES! So why do we have to live with this incompetent coach & his staff?

    I’m convinced Crean could be a fitness coach & a recruiter, but that’s it. He’s not a coach of the game we once knew.

  13. Don’t fret folks, barring a B1G miracle Crean’s a goner after this year. As for this game if one were to handicap it beforehand Duke playing at home would be good for 10 points. Add 10 more for coaching and viola, there you have the final result. Our boys never had a chance, but sadly made it easier by – as usual – caving in once the going got tough. The truth remains that Crean, Glass, and Wilson all need to go, but few are willing to admit that IU’s major sports are an embarrassment.

  14. Someone on here mentioned going after Bruce Pearl. The problem there is that once you buy out Crean’s contract, you have to buy out his Auburn contract and then pay him a salary. Now, I am sure his buyout number isn’t huge, but that is still a financial burden. I would like IU to look at Rick Barnes. He made basketball relevant at a football school. Hard to do that in Texas.

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