1. Does this team even like one another? I just find myself vaguely interested in the games but mostly hoping for defeats. I think Crean has proven he is an average to below average coach but is paid like an elite coach. This team is a train wreck. Next stop Nebraska. All aboard.

  2. Same Story different day….turnovers and no defense…….same problems IU had 2 years ago; at which time CTC said he was going to “fix”…….still waiting Tom

  3. Ron,

    It’s calling giving up. Yogi probably wants to get the hell out of this unmitigated mess. Hard to care when he probably just don’t care anymore. Vicious cycle.

  4. I saw Kelvin Sampson coaching Houston last night. He went 13-19 last season with them and this season they’re projected to go 18-12. I would love to see IU play Houston. I would love to just see how Crean reacts. Until then meeting with Tim Miles in a few days is also good.

    Loved the “confusion by design” phrase, very accurate. However Rutgers is at the level of Austin Peay and Morehead St. so you have to admit our nonconference schedule was very very smart. I think this is the year we hang the sixth banner.

  5. announcers were awful. when he talked about IU’s good defense I almost spit up my beer. what is really disheartening is that when IU is “my” team, and has been for life, I have to sit there and watch this ugly brand of basketball. One where turnovers are accepted as long as you play fast. Crean is, simply put, a bad coach.

  6. The gambling world had IU as a sixteen (16) point favorite over Rutgers, similar to the line for most of IU’s “cupcake” pre-conference opponents. Yet we struggled to beat this very lowly rated team by 7 points. It could have been even worse IF Rutgers hadn’t missed all their easy layups in the last few minutes. Wish I were a betting person, I could win money betting against IU no matter what the point spread.

  7. As a long time IUBB fan, I still don my IU shirts to watch this team, because I am STILLand ALWAYS WILL BE an IUBB fan. However, what’s different for me nowdays is that I actively cheer for the opposing team, figuring the more numerous and/or outrageous the defeats, the sooner and more certain will be the end of the Crean “era”. THAT goal is the TRUE VICTORY for IUBB that is desperately needed and that I enthusiastically support.

    My new IUBB watching strategy is kind of fun, even if it is kind of unusual. At least I haven’t quit looking forward to the games, nor even lost interest. I’ve merely adjusted and changed perspective. In doing so, I’ve experienced much less frustration, more interest in our currently pathetic BB mess, and especially enjoyed many, many LAUGHS during the games from the ridiculous turnovers and often shocking lack of defense.

  8. Double Down-

    It was never about basketball. Go back to something far better than a Rutgers postgame press conference. Replay the chasing Meyer video at Michigan. How does that even get taken seriously by any fan? Don’t blame Crean for what he is …or isn’t. Don’t blame him for the empty blow he was hired to righteously deliver. Blame the meddlers and conniving insiders and lawyers in committee rooms that hired Sampson for the express reason of taking him back down.
    The Establishment desired IU to rot in its narcissistic and masochistic delusions of what “we” deserved for firing Knight. Davis got us to a championship game…but the job was “too big” for his tiny, thin-skinned britches…so they told us…
    Blame those that tore up their season tickets and labeled a frivolous Sampson 3-way calling habit/NCAA investigation on the heels of March Madness as our “cancer” …once again righteously deserved upon our own need to be shamed.

  9. And shamed for what? Shamed for having a three-banner coach that didn’t have to talk out two sides a mouth like everyone hired since? Shamed for a cocky coach that could tell every East Coast and West Coast ESPN know-it-all where they could stick it?

  10. NoMendacity- Did you drop the ‘d’ because your name is being censored?

    I can’t seem to get an entire post through. Jeremy must be back at the control board(emphasis on control). Wha

    1. First time I’ve checked in all day, so it’s not me wagging the Dikembe Mutombo finger. The blog has had some occasional hiccups lately. Maybe it’s Y2K15.

  11. HFH, I didn’t do anything. I’m computer illiterate. But ,my last comment didn’t post, And I wouldn’t be surprised if you are having similar problems. Mostly accidental, no doubt.

  12. hiccups..? I don’t think so. Nothing is go through….

    Had a few more things to add, but it’s just the usual gibberish. But I’ll just give it a try with a condensed version of notes.

    -Insiders that are part of IU wanted the NCAA to fry Sampson.
    -The insiders are Establishment meddlers that don’t want IU to ever be relevant in basketball again.
    -They are mostly East Coast uppity infiltrators that bought their way into the Athletic Department.
    -They pretend to want the best for IU, but their true affiliations of the heart are with the more prominent programs of the East(NC, Duke, Maryland, Virginia, etc). They enjoy drooling over Duke and pretend to despise UK.
    -They now act shocked to find out just how poor a basketball coach we have in Tom Crean. They can’t believe how raw and undisciplined his high flying recruits that line up to use IU for an NBA beauty pageant.
    -They derailed our basketball program, created disfavor among Indiana high school ballers as recruiting spots closed to in-state talent with every new Crean phenom from some basketball academy in Massachusetts or New York…or Rhode Island…or Maryland.
    -They purposefully formed a bogus committee of people that knew nothing of basketball and plopped this preacher in our lap.
    -They don’t fool Harvard when they complain of Crean and Williams while painting lobster crates in candy stripes and bragging of their grand basketball minds born of the Establishment.

  13. Lastly, there is not a true student of Indiana high school basketball and IU Basketball that could ever buy into Crean as valid teacher of the game. It has nothing to do with knowing better. The only reason Crean was hired was because those with power within the state wanted IU to crumble in stagnancy/mockery. They never again wanted to see a coach that could dwarf their intellect or again reveal their true sense of impotence no matter societal or board member privilege. The fact their even needs to be anonymous donors for anything only proves just how power hungry those that brought in Crean wanted empty blow over substance.

    Now the tide has turned? Really? Now that Brad Stevens is cemented in Boston…Now that Alford is bringing in a top recruiting class at UCLA….? Now the Establishment commenters of Scoop are finally seeing the light? They are almost as comical and carnival as the preacher they sought to guide us into two decades of irrelevance and basketball dysfunction.

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