1. Maybe it’s just me…? Does it seem rather silly to do a ‘live ticker’ for IPFW? My old “ticker” could barely take the excitement of watching The Smothers Brothers of Jeremy and Mike playing twitter pong. .

    Man, I miss Double Down…and Wilmont’s Kissy Face….and Landon Turner Overdrive..on the once, gloriously unique and fun, LiveChats for the games.. Even the few trolls weren’t so bad…I mean, love you guys…I think you’re great at just about everything you do at Hoosier Scoop and HT.. But it just seems like this was an area(live games) that we could step away from the growing political correctness that seems to be taking a hold of HT. I always had this idea that some of you guys enjoyed the interaction on the Live Chats…It was akin to an opportunity to sit at the bar stools with all your Scoop family and be one of the guys. Anyway….

  2. Alford scored 42 on 02/04/1987 against Michigan State.

    Prior to that the record was 41 (Steve Downing, 1973, vs. Illinois).

  3. I miss the Live Chat a lot. It is better than Twitter (which isn’t very interactive and noisy), and the message boards are just too dead. They were incredible during the rough football seasons we had to endure. I’d love to chat with others and commiserate with fellow Hoosier fans over our basketball team, especially having to suffer through match-ups like this one.

    I know they aren’t as sharable to the wider audience as Twitter is for you HT guys, but I thought the interactions were really fun for us knuckledraggers that interact here regularly. Serious bummer that they are gone. Why not both?

    1. Guys, sorry I didn’t respond to this sooner. I know what you’re saying about the live chats. I don’t think they’re necessarily dead and gone, but it got to the point where it was requiring far too much effort to moderate and handle trolls while trying to actually watch the game. Last year’s football game at Iowa was really the final straw for me. I was by myself moderating a room that got out of control with impostors. Just didn’t seem worth it. Basketball, I believe, is a different case. I know at one point we were doing that in conjunction with the IDS and Inside the Hall, and both of those places dropped out. I’m not opposed to potentially revisiting their place here, but the moderation became far too much of a burden.

  4. Thanks Mike, I’m with you on that. Sad that a bunch of d-bags can ruin a fun thing for people. Hopefully there is an alternative solution that can make the admin side better in the future. 😉 Look forward to the future.

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