1. Florida vs Michigan State….Butler vs Tenn….UCLA vs Gonzaga….NC vs Texas and
    Indiana taking on….McNeese State..weak but maybe appropriate.

  2. more unforced TO’s from Troy…. still not blocking out, just jumping over people… glad to see he’s using this game to improve.

  3. What is the point of these games? Just a want-a-be thug beating up a weakling. Do the right thing coach. QUIT!!!

  4. I didn’t, see the athletic director attending the game. we left at the half, we won a free pie coupon and thought it would be more fun to go to Krogers for the pie, than watch another mismatch.

  5. Harvard – I thought that article you were quoting from Joey Glass was simply a coincidence… But holy cr@p that really is AD Glass’s son!!! That is a riot… so telling.

  6. Geoff- You have seen the light. When I dug into the internet where no man has dug before, I knew it had to be divine intervention for that piece to appear. And it is no coincidence, my friend ..Although some, in very serious denial, call it mere “trivia.”

    Seahawk Tom came out of hiding right when I posted that revelation of sorts…I think all of you got a bit caught up in your name-dropping and brushes with NBA greatness. But I’m glad you proved to be a true baller…Amidst the storytelling, you decided to survey the floor(blog) and find what is very telling of the people we have running athletics at Indiana University…It is a riot, indeed. A very sad and scary riot…Never trust lawyers…N-E-V-E-R.

    But, then again…I sadden and scare easily.

    Wow…How about that Edwards kid, the 7-footer from Montana, on the Zags..? I have a new hero…He never played AAU ball. I love it. Couple of really good coaches going at it tonight. And Bigs everywhere!

  7. Geoff- No surprise that you turned on the Celtics to cheer for GS; I correctly predicted you’d sell out your local team. I also predict that as soon as Brady starts to fade, you’ll “find yourself rooting for the Panthers,” or whoever the hot team is at the moment.

    By the way, how bout those Milwaukee Bucks…

  8. I have no compulsion to deny anything substantiated by facts. If trivia transitions into proof I’ll pay attention. Until then you are just pretend boogieman.

  9. nah, it’s just the NBA… if my loyalties were that cheap I’d have left the Rangers a long time ago, oh, and I’d be divorced.

    It’s simply something about my love for watching outstanding basketball.

  10. You’re as in the dark as Crean’s coaching. A letter to the editor slobbering all over Crean two years prior to his hiring at Indiana is proof of many things. It’s proof that little Joey is awfully emotionally invested..It’s proof that he’s also a very poor judge of quality basketball. And it’s proof that he was more than just a student at Marquette indifferent and removed from the sport(which is exactly what you were hoping/implying before I found the letter to the editor and the creepy Crean endorsement). What undergrad student even feels a need to write a letter to the editor to endorse a basketball coach? …unless?

    Now we get to the real nuts and bolts..? Who hired Sampson knowing fully well that he would soon be taken down? Who was spying on him? And what on earth would make anyone think he would drop his old recruiting methods? And to think all of that internal snooping was going on with all the coincidence of Joey Glass slobbering all over the great Tom Crean.

    And Crean is the boogieman…He built his entire stay on witch hunts and villains. He scared of a zone defense and attempts to deal with it via a ghost party of excuses ….He prays to invisible entity to build favor and turn Bloomington into his Christian compound that will protect his millions in lieu of the coaching that is fully lacking. He is haunting McCracken with the worst brand of basketball ever brought to the court. And what is truly scary is the amount of stupidity in a room that could collude and advocate such a poor excuse for a sound basketball coach.

    Has Joey sent a letter to the HT editor to defend this level of horrific basketball? If it’s taken him 10 years to know ugly basketball when he sees it(minus any personal investment to get in the way) , I can only conclude that he must have a pair of glass eyes.

  11. Even your self ordained internet research talent has not found any proof. So you are just offering a biased blabber.

  12. 99.9% of Crean’s coaching is clapping. To endorse him is 100% blabber. To watch his teams attempt to defend and run offensive sets is painful. That is plenty of proof of an incompetent and collusive set of events to bring him via bogus committees to Indiana. Poor Joey…He just couldn’t help himself. All that unfair criticism of the coach that would soon be part of putting his father into the AD position at IU. All that dining table chatter just had to find his keypad.
    And if you need the proof of Glass’s interactions with an Indy lawyer that was on the Crean hiring committee, I’ll gladly provide that(again) as well.

    Did you know the NCAA is headquartered in Indy?

    And whatever it proves or disproves in your brain, I really don’t care. I will post the Joey letter regularly and allow those that read it to from their own conclusions. It’s public record and speaks plenty for itself.
    It also has the same odor of of everything Crean has chased out of Bloomington. It has the smell of uppity arrogance and to insert a voice where none has been earned.

  13. Hehe, Glass Joe? Remember Mike Tyson’s Punchout? He was the epic cupcake that everyone could beat on that game. Yet, he would have had a higher Ken Pom rating than half the schools on our schedule this year.

  14. Letter to the Editor

    September 28, 2006

    After an athlete or coach signs a large contract, it’s easy to list reasons why he or she might not deserve the money. I was therefore not entirely surprised to read your editorial ripping Tom Crean’s new contract extension.
    Common sense, however, says that Marquette is right to do everything possible to keep Crean here. He took over a struggling program and helped push it back into the national forefront. This year, he heads a squad that many believe to be one of top 20 in the nation.
    To compare Crean’s situation with Tom Izzo’s is ridiculous. Izzo inherited a basketball powerhouse at Michigan State, while Crean revived a program that hadn’t succeeded in years.
    One must also consider that basketball is the sole source of athletic revenue at Marquette and therefore a much bigger investment. Saying that Crean owes his success to Dwyane Wade is equally absurd. Having marquee players like Wade and now Dominic James is only a testament to his ability as a recruiter.
    Marquette is lucky Crean hasn’t already been lured by other bigger name programs (he was reportedly on the short list at both Ohio State and Indiana) and should feel good about securing such a vibrant, successful coach for the next 10 years.

    Joey Glass is a freshman in the College of Communication.

  15. 10. spends ten times as much on recruiting as bo ryan
    9. loses to bo ryan 9 out of 10 games.
    8. high school kids said so.
    7. harvard says so.
    6. I say so.
    5. his players spend a lot of time dealing with legal issues.
    4. the perpetual wrestling match with keeping his pants up to his armpits.
    3. fails to utilize talent.
    2. fails to produce defense.
    1. actually considered changing his name to harbaugh when he got married.
    1. 2012 ncaa tournament.
    1. 2013 season.
    1. at times has 5 players playing five different defenses at one time and in mid possession all five switch.
    1. believes this defensive strategy confuses the other team.
    1. duke game.
    1.seems to recruit attitude problems.
    1. cannot beat the 2-3 zone.
    1. cannot coach the 2-3 zone.
    1. blow by handshakes.
    1. not as successful as notre dame.
    1. not as successful as butler.
    1. not nearly as successful as purdue.
    1. doesn’t effectively recruit Indiana.
    1. turns four star talent into three star results.
    1. brought a michigan football coach to an iu basketball game.
    1. he is grossly overpaid.
    1. the worst coach at the harbaugh family dinner table.

  16. The fact that anyone would waste precious moments of their life trolling any man is pathetic, but to troll a man who in the last several years has coached multiple teams to top 25 rankings (including #1), multiple sweet 16s, produced 3 lottery picks in the NBA, and won a big 10 title outreach is just sad. I sincerely hope you can take a look in the mirror, figure out something worth doing with your lives, and do that instead of trolling people who by any measure are successful and decent human beings.

  17. Great, I accidentally said ‘outreach’ instead of ‘outright’. Guess I’m up next for being trolled. Bring on the people who make the Hoosiers Scoop comments section unbearable.

  18. Crean didn’t coach anything to a #1. He landed one recruit, Cody Zeller(, that provided enough hype to climb into the slot. Zeller was not coached to come to Indiana. He aligned with Crean’s faith doctrines and was endlessly pursued by Austin Etherington.
    Against Syracuse, and multiple times since(especially in the NCAA tournament), we’ve witnessed a level of ineptitude in so-called “coaching” from Crean not worthy of the quality a high school coach would have to be held accountable..

    Nobody is trolling Crean…He has lost support of the fan base(and certainly most on this site) because he refuses to accept any responsibility for poor performances and citizenship of his own recruited players.

    And instead of taking aim at those you label as trolls, why don’t you ask where his supporters have gone? Why don’t you ask where the loyalty of Joey Glass has gone? Is Joey writing those same letters to the HT editor that he was writing to the ‘Marquette Wire’ in 2006? Of course not. Everybody has their millions robbed from Indiana. They will gladly watch the bus drive over Crean repeatedly He was their righteous blowbag(talk about the King of Blabber?) that became their ticket to the pot of gold they now have their hands firmly deep at Indiana. The are the trolls for not vehemently defending his name now that he is at the “bigger name” program they claimed with arrogance he was worthy.

  19. Copying an opinion (of no one of any particular expertise) to use as an opinion on a sports blog may be the sign of an impending apocalypse.

  20. You mean the ‘opinions’ often offered as links in Hoosier Mornings are from those with expertise? And Doc Libby’s Crossover(a link still existing on the homepage of Scoop to her website now defunct) would be an option to get anything more than “fluff,” personal bias, and opinions swayed by personal investment?

    We have been deluged with the blabber of apologists….All that is being done now is to show you more of the same(going clear back to Sept. 2006 @ the Marquette Wire) that came from the son of the current IU Athletic Director that Crean helped put into position.

    I would hardly say that anyone here is as invested as our AD’s son that was sending a letter to an editor in 2006 to slobber all over a coach that had gone to one Final Four.

  21. I just can’t imagine devoting so much passion to anything that doesn’t involve attractive women or the possibility of death or serious injury.

    Maybe I’m a bad fan. I find CTC disappointing. It doesn’t really affect me much more than that.

    I’m a failure of marketing.

  22. ^ Dude you can’t even distinguish between Northeastern and Northwestern… so you’re hardly a benchmark not the brightest bulb out there.

  23. I just can’t imagine devoting so much passion to anything that doesn’t involve attractive women

    Well, I’ll give you credit on that one, Chet….You just explained why Calipari thought Crean deserved Coach of the Year.

  24. Chet-

    Where was your indifference card when certain posters on Scoop were calling for Wilson’s head over the last six months? They acted as if the entire future of the institution was going to be undermined if Wilson was to be granted an extension while not winning six games.

    If Crean has made you feel indifferent about Indiana Basketball, then it is a sad but very understandable day. i still have hope that it is not so dead in all our hearts to want better. But there is a point when something becomes such a mockery upon itself that it is just easier to not care.

  25. more top 10 list of reasons tom crean sucks

    1a. he regularly forgets to buy feed for the twitter bird
    1aa. never suggested Max Hoetzel’s slogan for Jesus to land some recruits
    1b. his halftime prayers only work for the other team
    1bb. refuses to buy the vodka for walk-on’s.
    1c. never uses “our team is old” as an excuse for winning
    1cc. still thinks Joyce Meyer was a former Depaul coach.
    1d. did not return Guy-Marc Michel’s 1-piece fleece jumpsuit

  26. Harvard, I’m crushed that you never responded to my “Aztec skull” comment from when you posted the Crean and Knight pic. I was hoping it might make one of these top 10 list.

  27. It hit too close to home…My forehead is so large that my daughter calls me ‘Hummer Head.’

    But I’ll work on something….

    It recedes..It just recedes….?
    He coaches with his cerebral Cortés..?
    Ali had the ‘rope-a-dope’…Crean employs the ‘slope-a-dope’….?
    Keeps wondering why cyclists put their helmets on the wrong way..?
    it’s Bob Knight’s brain with more aerodynamics…?

    Sorry..Best I can do on short notice.

  28. Bears out of it…..Now, of all people, Robbie Gould is throwing the games instead of Cutler and Fox….Bulls struggling….Hoosiers kaput for eternity under Crean…Cubs get hopes up and then get swept by Mets…

    And your Seahawks are rolling again.

    It’s hard out here for Harv

  29. Haha, I’ll take it. It ain’t about forehead, though; I got plenty of that myself. It’s more about the “up and backwards,” and the funny haircut that sits atop. I suppose it’s childish for me to even bring it up, sorta in the same vain as the “Tan Cream,” “Lord of the Clappers” and “Orange Man” jokes that were in vogue in year 2 or 3 of the Crean regime.

    Thanks for the thought.

  30. Clapping is a habit…Bad coaching can be corrected if humble enough to seek help from assistants.
    One can not do anything about the shape of a skull.

  31. Hawks are rolling, but major injury yesterday to our wonderful rookie from the humble MAC. This season might be a story of “too little too late”….best case scenario, we have to go through Carolina and Arizona to get back to Super Bowl. Ouch.

    As for the Bears, I really thought they had things going in the right direction after that game a few weeks ago against the Packers. Turns out that Cutler is in the same category as Crean; permanently damaged goods. Too bad, because there are some nice offensive pieces in that offense. I’m sorry my friend.

  32. The Panthers started the season as a cautionary tale due to all the injuries to key players. They have not only survived but thrived. The Cowboys game was a laugher. The Falcons were picked by many to win the division and that game was over in the first quarter. They are getting noticeably better every week.

    Arizona is looking pretty good, too. It’s looking like the Colts held onto the wrong coach but firing Pagano would have been a PR disaster.

  33. Cowboys fans are always entertaining. In the comments section of a recap following the Panthers game multiple Cowboys fans stated that the outcome would have been completely different had Romo been available to play. Romo did play. He was hurt in the 3rd quarter with the game completely out of reach at 30-6.

    The Cowboys actually scored more points after his exit than when he was in the game.

    Has anyone ever seen Tony Romo and Jay Cutler in the same room? They may be the same person.

  34. Can’t complain….My best memories are still of the Chicago teams of my youth…They were some of the best with or without championship rings. Faint memories of highlights from the great Gayle Sayers(I still believe to be the most gifted and elusive running back I’ve ever watched)…Walter Payton’s unbelievable power and durability …Sweet swinging Billy Williams….Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks….Santo….Stan Mikita….Bob “Butterbean” Love….Chet Walker….Stormin’ Norman VanLier.. Just all very cool guys that did their speaking on the field…or court. Back in the day when Chicago had something of that blue collar toughness….combined with a kindness, decency, and appreciation for the fans they never forgot as most important in the equation of success. These are different times. I’ve tried to evolve but much of sports leaves me as indifferent Chet now seems toward Indiana Basketball. The cheaters aren’t even as interesting at the cheats of old. The bad-asses not nearly as bad. The cool swagger not nearly as cool. No NBA name today can replace the swagger of Dr. J. They all look like boys playing in what used to be a man’s game.

    The six championships with Jordan were pretty unbelievable, but my biggest heroes remain the unsung from the truly gritty hearts of guys I believed were the embodiment of Chicago; relentless, humble, fun personalities, and guys that gave back in determination tenfold a single cheer..

    Champions are often just the best of the best in any given year. It doesn’t make them the best of character nor any more important in a memory. I’ll never forget what Scott Skiles did in a high school basketball tournament….Those are the ‘godlike’ sort of things I miss far more than Curry pointing to the sky after sinking shots in the course of an endless NBA season.

  35. The sedating of my passion lies mostly in the belief that this is what it is. They are not going to suddenly be a team that plays defense in a respectable manner. I just don’t see the ingrained fundamentals necessary to react without thinking. I simply don’t see any improvement though, to be fair, how could one tell playing Mayor McCheese State?

    I’ll still watch but I won’t rearrange my schedule (as if I actually had one) to see a game. I’ll still sit on the edge of my seat as I watch a 12 point lead disappear in the final 5 minutes because no one can figure how to stop a layup or they insist on shooting a 3 with 25 seconds left on the shot clock.

    I’ve seen this rodeo before.

    I think we have a marvelous collection of talented players taking the floor at AH. I just wish they could grok the game.

  36. Harvard,
    Do you root for any Indiana pro teams or does your passion belong strictly to Illinois? I realize there’s no MLB in the Hoosier state but the Bulls are only a year older than the Pacers. The Colts have been in Indiana for 31 years. Even the Pistons started off in Ft. Wayne.

  37. The talent is overrated, Chet. The basketball IQ is very low on the guy with the most athleticism. The McDonald’s All-American has to be at the bottom 5% of anyone I’ve ever watched listed as such a recruit. Our back-up big body behind him(the transfer from Meat Chicken) is basically a utility guy with nothing in his game that a mediocre defending team could easily deal with.
    Our point guard is not a natural leader. He doesn’t even command respect from a freshman teammate. There is no true floor general. The team defense is atrocious. .

    We could rule the world in a game of horse. …Our best athlete could get to a Final Four dunk contest.

    But as bad as it all appears….(along with much of the continual overrating of Crean as a recruiter…Other than Zeller, he misses on the best talent from Indiana), it’s quickly repaired, improved, and polished with a competent coach.
    A guy like Bill Coen could get this disjointed team restored and into a position to make a Cinderella run by March. X’s and O’s…attitude…leadership…communication….help and weakside defense…relentless individual defense effort…closing off penetration….getting our post player involved and confident.. All these things just take a teacher. We don’t have a teacher ….We have a preacher and a bozo that is easily manipulated by the lawyers that gave him his job. If you know your profession, nobody can push you into a corner you don’t belong. True power resides in your “know how.” Real respect from your team and your peers resides in the same. You can’t clap or Bible quote your way to fooling anyone.

  38. Chet-

    I grew up in NW Indiana…I grew up on Chicago sports teams and television stations…My parents would take us to Chicago to dine …They loved the city and loved to eat at top restaurants…I have other connections to the city, but if I got too specific, I’m afraid I may be stalked.

    I will cheer for the Pacers and Colts if in an underdog position against Establishment teams….But my heart really does belong to Chicago. Jack Brickhouse was like a surrogate father to me…I had no brother ….and my dad was always working himself as if chased by demons. I would spend countless hours on a basketball court in lonely existence…I would skip the cafeteria at school lunchtime to shoot around at Chesterton’s Goldsborough Gym…Summer nights were spent under old street lights …I would shoot game-winners to crowds of bats buzzing from out of the darkness to the flight of my jumpers…

  39. Oh, and I believe Indianapolis has very stupid owners….Fred Glass did not build Lucas Oil Peyton Manning built Lucas Oil and it was a crime of all crimes to not give that most upstanding citizen of Indianapolis the moon and a skyscraper of his choice to keep him in a Colts uniform. Much like MJ of the Bulls and “Sweetness” of the Bears forever only in a Chicago uniform, Manning was an Indy legend that no amount of luck could ever replace.

    What little I began to invest in following the Colts ended with the departure of Manning…I wanted nothing more than to have him pull back the hands of time to destroy the Colts in their last meeting with Denver at Lucas Oil…It wasn’t to be…

  40. Yeah, I grew up on Reds baseball. Cincinnati was a a little over an hour away and their games were televised locally (Louisville stations). It was a great era to be a Reds fan. Most of the Machine is in the HOF (notably without Rose). I’ve always liked the Bengals but only in a lukewarm fashion.

    You’d get a pretty good argument from the teams that have to play them that Indy has poor ownership. Over the years, along with the Broncos and the Pats, not too many teams have been as consistent at winning games as the Indianapolis Colts. They even got to the AFC title game with Harbaugh at QB.

    While he has his own issues, as far as the NFL is concerned, Irsay is doing something right.

  41. You do know that MJ played for the Wizards, right? That kinda takes ‘forever only in a Chicago uniform’ off the table.

  42. Holy crap…I forgot the Wizards years… My bad, Chet. But that was Jordan’s choice to come out of retirement after being a part owner. It wasn’t Chicago telling him he was forever washed up.

    I guess Ernie should have been my other “forever” example with “Sweetness.”

  43. I don’t follow the Colts that closely…but it’s my understanding that winning in their AFC division doesn’t define consistency in the same way as playing in the NFC Central.

    Harbaugh was absolutely horrible on the Bears. I would equate his run to an AFC title game as Crean getting to a Final Four. Sh___ happens.

  44. The NFC North/Central has been mediocre to bad for twenty years. It has been thoroughly dominated by the Packers, who have only managed one Superbowl win in that time. That’s the only Lombardi that’s come out of that division.

  45. I wouldn’t trade 10 Super Bowls for never having the chance to watch Sweetness. .But the “black and blue” do beat the crap out of each other during the regular season grind….I’m sure it takes its toll.

    And the Bears with all their drought over the past 20-30 years still hold the most wins for a franchise in the history of the NFL. Without George Halas there is no NFL and he could devour Double Douchedown and all of soft California on a Ritz cracker.

    And in relative terms to the history of the NFL, the Super Bowl years are barely past the teenage years of Double Down’s maturity.

  46. And we did get to that Super Bowl game in 2007….But there was this thing called ‘The Grossman Effect’ ….Indiana QB’s just keep giving it to my Bears like Robin Thicke to Miley Cyrus..

    Without the Grossman Effect, we would have had 2 Super Bowl titles in 20 years….And a 2007 title could have certainly changed fortunes in the next 10…

    Either way, the Bears are my team. …and it’s not like I’m spoiled by success in cheering for the Hoosiers. The last banner for IU basketball is basically an even drought race to the last Bears Super Bowl….

  47. And if you really wanna get hung up on “What have you done for me lately?” debates, we could chat up some Hoosier Football….That’s enough “drought” for a sprinkler to fill 100 Sahara Bowls. But heaven forbid we digress on a Hoosier chat forum where talking success is king. Yup, Bob Knight is getting as old as Mike Ditka….Yippee..

  48. Harv, you have been obsessing about Tom Crean so much, you’re starting to sound like him. Excuses, excuses, excuses. It’s all about the Lombardis. Being the whipping post for the Packers for two decades probably gave you enough CTE that you believe that a division that contains the Lions, Vikings and your Bears exudes toughness. The only thing black and blue in that division are the welts from the belt your Packer daddy regularly applies to your backsides.

    Enjoy your memories of the antediluvian days of Chicago football glory. We’re all very impressed by your association with them.

  49. And what do you obsess over, Double Down…?…as you wet yourself like Tom Crean at a Syracuse game when good ol’ Harv disappears from the pages of Scoop for a month? Don’t know what you were whipping, but it wasn’t my Chicago Bears. I didn’t see all your sappy posts, but those I spotted began to sound like a Calvin Klein commercial done by Joyce Meyer…. And now here you are right back at it….I should really refer to you as Dick Butt-kiss. Attacking good ol’ Harv again….because he won’t waiver on his sentimentality of some Super Bowl Shuffle memories, albeit as old as Duran Duran(and actual famous DD and undoubtedly somewhere on a top-5 Tom Crean), but barely as old as the last banner raised in Assembly Wanting and wanting …..and wanting. Chasing Harvard…Chasing Knight….Chasing Harvard….Chasing Knight.

    Everyone can claim a whipping post, my friend. But your “obsessions” are a bit different. You kiss on the butt and then you whip…You are akin to a Tower of London torturous series of whining and self-inflicted guilt with a cherry of compliments and sprinkles on top …and you probably own all the dungeon toys.. Now lean back into that black tufted leather chaise lounge of inherited comforts in your Sausalito castle of ‘blinds always closed’ and ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ parties….On Sunday everything will be alright as you cheer and chest thump your way to painless glory of what Colin Catnipernick may have looked like facing Richard Dent. ,,,.Just play the Seattle victim act, search for the Harvard on Scoop…. and do that whipping post thing.

  50. Never thought that pointing out that your favorite football team is in a mediocre division would elicit such a personal response. As someone that doesn’t think that the teams he roots for (even his alma mater) are a reflection on my person, I find your return fire to be as lethal as a Crean inbounds play.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  51. Unlike Bobby Knight, I wouldn’t refuse you as he did Tom Crean. So, who is becoming Tom Crean?

    I’d probably still give you the “creeped out” stare-back, but I would shake your hand. Anyone that goes to so much trouble, crying on the pages of Scoop for my autograph, should get a handshake….I’d bring my McDonald’s sandwich-making gloves for ‘Double Arrogance’ protection. Sometimes a man goes through life having everything……and in doing so, must chase Labradors like hostile Pit Bulls in a septic tank turned into fight ring. But I’d still give you a handshake. …(bring a spare pair of my Big Mac surgical gloves, of course).

  52. Your opening sentence in post #53 had nothing to do with insulting the Chicago Bears.. and it came as piling on after some other snidely remarks from another source.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family, as well.

  53. You’re Bobby Knight and I’m Tom Crean? You sure have some elaborate fantasies apart from those that don’t involve spankings. But you are right, I did miss you around here. Truly. Please come back when I induct you into the Scoop Commenting Hall of Fame.

    I’m happy to see you’re willing bring your McDonald’s sandwich-making gloves. Firstly, you didn’t tell me you got a promotion. Well done my friend. In two years, you might make assistant manager. That’s when the big bucks start rolling in. Secondly, using those gloves for anything other than touching food sounds like a health violation. Be careful, you might get busted back to fries if you get caught.

  54. Your standing awfully tall as you spend your days typing into these same tiny boxes. Unfortunately, that’s in the category of truth rather than fantasy. And if this truly is my “Hall of Fame”….may the belittling voice typing in the box the same, please find the room with the mirror for only those not obsessively vain..

    Many of you use Scoop to anoint yourselves more than Donald Trump.

    Gosh…oh, gee, oh gosh, golly me, Double Down, Can you please tell me again how Kobe left testicle skid marks on your forehead when he dunked on you while you were sporting that cute little jersey of private school privilege? Afterwards, do that spin move to the mirror that lands you right back into this fantasy prison of boxes for the incurably brilliant and narcissistic. .

  55. Kobe and I both went to public school.

    If I was standing tall, Kobe wouldn’t have jumped over me. I could have used the boost. On that play, I played defense that even JBJ would have been ashamed of.

  56. To be ‘something ‘reaching high above ‘nothing’ would surely not place anyone here. I’m sure you are engaged, as I, in world-altering decisions, between the hourly posts on a Scoop Tuesday afternoon.

    It would be a privilege and an honor to stand next to someone working a McDonald’s fry station than to wallow in the conceit of where jackals orgy in eternally lost decency of heart. But I am not that guy…I’m typing in tiny boxes.

  57. You take care too, Double Down….Your stuff was really funny. And what you claim is true…Outside the Super Bowl trip in 2007, the Bears have little to brag about over the last couple decades…. We thought that was going to change with Cutler, but it did not. I really don’t know if I’d call the division as mediocre as any others…If it’s all about the “Lombardi,” then you’re a right again. But is the Big 10 a mediocre basketball conference, though only one team from the conference has taken home a banner in 25 years?

    Enjoy yourselves. …and Merry Christmas to all.

    Still can’t believe that I forgot MJ came out of that 2nd retirement to play with the Wizards …..? Maybe Peyton Manning will always be remembered as a Colt….Something strange happens to the memory when I watch a Manning without godlike powers and presence evaporate into the thin mountain air….I guess something happened to my memory cells as well when a “god” of a clutch and complete package basketball player that stuck it out through thick and thin to bring two three-peats to the city of Chicago and no longer jump in suspended animation form while claiming to be “comeback” Wizard. I think I likely just wanted to wipe those memories away in the same fashion a Manning ‘Hall of Fame” passing machine now tossing wounded ducks barely going 30 yards.

    But such is the fashion of any critic today that will find the tales of stays too long to ruin the beauty in their former dominance and mastery of a game….But nobody twitted their arm to give it one more try. When all you know are those moments you ruled your kingdom of field or hardwood, it likely is very difficult to say goodbye.

  58. Harv… you refused me on multiple occasions. Remember all the times I offered to buy you a burger and beers on my way through IN…

  59. I’m sort of an introvert. But my apologies. Persistence doesn’t cost a thing. You never know …Maybe you’ll catch me on a day that I’ll risk my Scoop Commenting Hall of Fame status and destroy my anonymity.

    I’m really not that interesting. I don’t have 1/10 the stories and seasoned life of all those on here far more successful and cultured. But I do have game…If we were to meet for 1 hour on a basketball court(I’ll bring the McDonald’s), I might just leave the cave.

    Sorry if I seem so standoffish….I’m just very insecure and lost…like a puppy dog without a home.

  60. Harv, for the life of me I don’t know what got your hopes up with Cutler. Denver fans were dancing in the streets when he went to Chicago. The conventional wisdom in Denver was ‘we’re not going anywhere with Cutler taking the snaps’.

    Of course, then we got saddled with Josh McDaniels. No one will ever mistake that clown for an NFL head coach.

    Now you’re stuck with Cutler and Fox. My sympathies.

  61. Harv, I would fly out to meet you for a burger and beer summit. Life isn’t about having interesting stories.

  62. its decided then… next time i visit the folks i’ll be driving north for an hour of court time and double quarter pounders with cheese

  63. Last time I was this in demand was when Missy Speckhard asked me to senior prom…Really nice girl…Very shy…braces on her teeth ..skinny as a twig….I was such a dimwit…Look at me now. Who’s asking me out now? My wife his more interested in her nightly Resse’s cup….Don’t even have a Christmas tree up…No spirit. Can’t even remember the last time someone flirted with me in a grocery store.

    You are all good friends….but my heart belongs to Tsao He also has a highrise apartment on Lake Shore Dr…..I turned him down for beers and Bears tickets, for god’s sake! If that doesn’t prove I’m Sméagol, Lord of the Onion Rings….?

    I’m glad you came back to the thread Double Down….I’m a nasty SOB sometimes and you didn’t deserve that.

  64. Guessing you have something that can poetically be described as half of your life to look forward to. Might want to get started on that.

  65. holy cr@p! Did anyone else know that Ryan was going to retire? This is not good news… wish he would’ve waited until after we hired a new coach.

  66. Hopefully there isn’t some ominous health reason behind his decision. What a coach. Sure had IU’s number for a long time.

    I’ll be interested to see how Wisconsin approaches the coaching search…whether they promote from within, lure a battle-tested proven guy from another program, or find the next up and comer from the lower ranks.

    Will they look at Dane Fife? Seems like he would fit the profile of what they do in their program (defense and fundamentals). If his name is mentioned as a possibility for Wisky, then I’ll be far more inclined to believe he’s a “whole package” product (to quote Clarion) who could hypothetically take over for Crean.

  67. Bo’s longtime assistant is going to get a 3 month interview for the main job while working as interim. Alvarez wants Tony Bennett of Virginia.

  68. Wisconsin would be a good fit for Bennett. While he’s a great coach and definitely gets a lot of wins out of a modicum of talent I just don’t know if he’s the guy for the Hoosiers job. Bobby’s old teams look like the Globetrotters compared to the rugby teams Bennett puts on the floor.

    There’s not a lot of entertainment value in watching his teams. He is able to do more with less. I’d like to see a guy doing more with more.

  69. if I were Bennett, I’d stick it out in the ACC… I’m not sure how many years K, Boehiem, or Williams has left. UNC will probably always be great, but I’m not sure that Duke doesn’t hit a rough patch. K just seems to be the culture of that place and I don’t know how quickly they could recover from his loss… UVA is kinda the 3rd dog in this race, but could very well become king for a good stretch under Bennett. I’m skeptical of how relevant Cuse bball will be going forward… with all the problems, a legendary coach leaving, and their remote location. I just think that the B1G has more competitive teams year in and year out for top billing. UW just doesn’t move the needle on the national stage like being the king of the ACC would… Doesn’t mean Bennett wouldn’t leave for his home state, but I wouldn’t if I were him.

  70. “I don’t follow the Colts that closely…but it’s my understanding that winning in their AFC division doesn’t define consistency in the same way as playing in the NFC Central.”

    You’re kidding, right?

    Add in the fact that, since Indy is usually a division winner, they have to play the other division winners during the regular season. Chicago rarely has that problem. Substitute division winners with 3rd place finishers and that’s another difference in their yearly schedules.

    No, Chicago definitely has an easier path.

  71. Geoff, two years before Coach K arrived at Duke they were playing in the NCAA title game. They were good before he arrived and likely will be good after he leaves. Certainly not AS good as he’s probably the best ever but I don’t think Duke is going anywhere.

  72. The most moronic foul in the history of IU Basketball was committed by Fife….

    The Hoosiers had gone up by 4 with just seconds remaining after heroically battling back from a 17 point deficit against #1 Duke (2003 regional semi-finals in Lexington)…Fife fouls Jason Williams on a final 3-point attempt with only a couple seconds left …Shot drops. Williams misses the free throw that would have tied the game and moved all OT momentum back to Duke… The ball kisses gently off the rim and glass …Destiny balances in frozen state of total despair vs. monumental elation …..I’m seeing the despair side as I prepare myself for all hopes a Final Four vanish ….I see Carlos Boozer gaining position and grabbing the board with his vise grip hands to put back the miss and win the game for Duke as the buzzer goes off…I have already said “FIFE, YOU COMPLETE F%(#*#(%*&&#(*#(#*@)^#^%ING A-HOLE!” 604 times since Williams’s bucket, the walking to the foul line, the charity stripe prep..and the charity strip attempt….It’s over. Fife just stuck the knife deep into the well of dreams and hopes we no longer have to dust the old banners and plan the next Bobby meets Stevie 1987 reunion… Duke will win on the put-back…

    But then Mr. A.J. of the Moyes, a gladiator in candy stripes, summons his incomparable guts and determination to react and go immediately up into Boozer, Somehow..someway, A.J. cleanly stuffs Boozer and saves the Hoosiers from horrific heartbreak. Don Fischer explodes in relief and unbridled happiness.

    Dane Fife? No thanks.

    Were we discussing “fantasy” earlier…..? It is a complete fantasy to talk of a coaching change. Tom Crean is our guy. He ain’t so bad. He recruits…He sells the dusty banners…He prays…He wouldn’t be afraid to put “Merry Christmas” on a Starbuck’s cup. He checked the appropriate box and hired his AD on the recommendation of IU lawyers and gargantuan donors. Lawyers rule the world. Crean is their puppet on a string. But that string has all the job security of a ball and chain around our necks.

    Alford is living the dream at UCLA….Stevens is living the dream with Boston and parquet….Hoosiers living the dream with margarine and a coach as close to butter as Parkay. Hell, Crean rhymes with cream…rhymes with dream…rhymes with ream…..rhymes with lean….rhymes with obscene…rhymes with pristine…rhymes with MJ didn’t have a lover named Billy Jean….rhymes with Hoosiers never heard….and Hoosiers never seen….anywhere, ever, beyond a Cody Zeller Sweet 16.

    I think I’ll keep Tom Crean.

  73. Harvard, that’s funny; at the same time it would not be beyond you to swing around to a pro-Crean position just to be the one guy who said “I told you so” if happenstance pans out and Crean takes the team to the Final Four.

  74. Chet- Shuddup….Your condescension is as stale as your shorts. The Colts suck..Luck is as overrated as Dipo.. They play in a dome….Football is for soldiers that play in Soldier Field outside with negative wind chills . Colts play in a soft division in a nice warm dome. Pass records are easily accumulated in such wonderfully temperature controlled setting befitting a retirement home…
    The Colts will go to the playoffs with a record barely more stellar than something comparable to an IU team going to a bowl.. .Three cheers! Geoff will buy the beers! They hijacked the team from Baltimore in the midnight hour….They are cheap horse thieves and the Ravens will forever haunt them like an Edgar Allan Poe crow knocking at the door. After getting their asses handed to them by the greatest QB to ever play since Unitas, they have to make a sh___ mountain over balls having a few ounces less air.. If you sack a QB’s sorry but, guess what? He goes down with his soft, easy-grip, balls. ….and maybe you don’t spend the next six months scratching your own in room full of lawyers while you attempt to sue your way out of a butt-shellacking. Lastly, it is Rex Grossman that should have the Lombardi on his mantel….He single-handedly gifted it to the ponies playing in their carpeted corral…

  75. Being the over-the-top antagonist, has always been a pro-Crean position. I became the villain as the masses circled their wagons to save the holy man so unfairly attacked…..That wasn’t happenstance..That was Harv keep his holy bro out of the fires.

    Huh..? Pro-Crean Nation….? Sounds a bit like procreation. We will always be guaranteed many NCAA berths….?

    I think I’ll keep Tom Crean.

  76. Did I tell you guys I had a brush with greatness during the NFL Draft in Chicago…I do have stories!…I was just taking a weekend trip with the family for pizza and museums…I didn’t even realize the NFL was in town….Just so happens that I ran into Andrew Luck at the Field Museum of Natural History.

  77. correction: it used to be a “dome.” Now it’s sorta like a giant glass doll house. …owned by an oil tycoon…with big pretty picture windows…and walls all painted in powder blue…and barbies that own riding horses…..It’s a happy place….It’s a big doll house too….When your driving east down hwy. 70, it dwarfs everything … It’s like right in your face and it stands more ostentatiously than a Lilly EDD commercial….

    If you’re Super Bowl run leading up to a game against Brady lasts for more than 4 hours, consult a deflated ball expert immediately….?

  78. oops…If [your] Super Bowl run…

    Crean @ Jeopardy….Funny stuff. Brilliant as always. It’s Remora that has the stories!

  79. Chet-

    Don’t you have some raccoons to feed? Some mountain streams to fish…? Some Durango wrangler to compare stonewashed jeans? All the wonders of nature cannot be found in Scoop boxes. What’s the wife doing? Why aren’t you firing up the Kawasaki’s….? What do you call an overweight Japanese drunk on a Yamaha? Answer: A CowSake…

  80. Here’s my best answer for Crean Jeopardy:

    Alex Trebec: “This is the best way to stop a 2-3 zone defense.”

    Tom: What is, “We need to be more aggressive, play harder, and realize what’s at stake. We’re young, you know, but we’re learning as we grow together.”

    Alex: “Ooooohhh…I’m sorry, that is not what we are looking for. Let’s see how much you wagered.”

  81. That’s funny, Seahawk…Can I play?

    Alex Trebec: “This is the best way to stop a 2-3 zone defense.”

    Tom: What isssszo…?..Force my two stars into the NBA so we don’t have to worry about a next time?

  82. “Oooohhh… (beep beep sound). We’re sorry. The answer we were looking for is, “What is, expose the middle and penetrate the top.” Also would have accepted, “What is, find the next Dwyane Wade.”

  83. I don’t think Indy is going anywhere this year. Offensive line sucks and Luck is paying the penalty. They’d better fix that before he seeks greener pastures. They have lots of deficiencies. I’m not convinced Pagano is the guy, either. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s gone after this season.

    Indy and Carolina have the next ‘generational’ quarterbacks, IMHO. Luck and Newton are head and shoulders above any other young quarterbacks including Russell Wilson. RW is a good player but his early success was partly due to his unique style of play and a younger Marshawn Lynch. Luck has better tools than I’ve ever seen if they can put a team around him. He still takes too many chances. Newton has had to grow into his role but he has amazing talent. Carolina is loaded across the board. If Kelvin Benjamin hadn’t been lost for the season they might be undefeated…oh wait.

    Harvard, I do spend most of my time outside but it is winter (well, in a few days) and you gotta come inside sometime. I spend way more time putting callouses on my left hand fingertips than I do looking at my computer, though.

    Only an idiot would feed a raccoon.

  84. Chet, those are fighting words. Cam is great, Luck is obviously a premier talent, but how can either of them be “head and shoulders” above Russell? Are you kidding? Have you watched football the last three years outside the AFC and have you seen what Russell has been doing of late? He’s had pretty much the best 4-game stretch of any NFL QB in the last 3 decades. Yes, two of the teams were fluff, but the other two were the Steelers and the Vikings. And he’s done it all with an underachieving O-line, rookie RB out of the MAC, and a bunch of no-name receivers who he is turning into stars. Hell, as Beast Mode, Jimmy Graham and then Rawls each went down, Russell only got better.

    It makes me laugh to hear people continue to criticize Russell and undervalue his worth and talent compared to Luck or other “prototype” quarterbacks, even as Luck (or before him RGIII) flail through failed seasons. The blabber just won’t go away. Meanwhile Russell absorbs criticism and only gets better. By the time these so called “generational” quarterbacks ever define themselves and MAYBE win their first Super Bowl, Russell will have already stamped, branded and copyrighted the generation and tucked it away on his shelf next to his trophy collection.

  85. I used to go to a restaurant with the folks called ‘The Spa’…It was in an area next to Porter Beach(very near Dune Acres) .. and just outside of Chesterton as you get closer to Lake Michigan..It was a beautiful timber/rustic style, fine dining place that was a fixture of the area….Was in business for many years..Did weddings, banquets, business meetings, etc…in addition to always being packed on weekends…
    ..Very good steaks and lobster tail..Unfortunately, most of my memories also involve numerous occasions of my mom drinking too much..She would get loud…She grew up very poor during the Great Depression..I think all those insecurities would unleash once the liquor took full hold…She was also a very loving mom…I digress.
    But the real draw at The Spa was the racoons..Big plate glass windows to view them….You could look out onto a deck surrounded by huge trees…They would light it up like a Friday night football field and you could watch the racoons munch on stale rolls…No kidding. I remember the racoons carrying around rolls. Cutest damn things. Vicious too. I grew up in the country…Our dogs would regularly come back with battle wounds from woodchucks and racoons…

    Luck has issues with accuracy. Great physical specimen…Probably a lot smarter than his dorky persona…He is yet to be proven as true clutch performer.

    Great defense always makes for better offense. Wilson is a great “in the moment” QB ..He’s a great play extender and improvisor….(also a top trait of Rodgers)….But Rodgers has a far bigger arm ….On that last second Green Bay win a couple weeks ago, Rogers threw the damn ball 65 yards in the air…

    Cam Newton is pretty unbelievable. But Brady is the quintessential….He sets up just like Reno Hightower from the movie, ‘Best of Times’…He was born to play the position…He is the most natural pocket passer since Namath…Perfect balance and surveys the filed like Terminator searching for Sarah Connor.
    I’m by no means a Patriots fan, but I admire the art…(often in awe) in how effortlessly Brady plays the game. I would never bet against him. And that giant dinosaur of a tight end, makes the Patriots all the more lethal.

  86. And, of course, those wimpy Bears allowed their dinosaur of a tight end, a very, very very talented tight end…escape to Carolina. Couldn’t afford him with the entire mortgage spent on Cutler. What’s his name…? Greg Olsen?


    -Very strong defense makes for even better offense.
    -Brady is the quintessential. Nobody as natural in the pocket…Nobody surveys the field as well.
    -A superior beast of a tight end that is impossible for thugs like Sherman to defend, makes for a nice “it factor” Carolina is very fortunate that the Bears ownership enjoys shooting itself in the foot.
    Wasn’t Ditka a tight end….?

    My dad played tight end…Mammoth hands..Working hands. .Nobody would ‘f’ with my old man…They just looked at his gorilla hands to go along with cuddly carefree personality and they would be so puzzled as to say “no thank you.” Gronk reminds me a lot of my old man…Even looks a bit like him…My dad was still more handsome…Movie star looks.

  87. That Sherman plays such a tired and old routine…..He stole that entire act from a character in ‘Best of Times…’ (go to the 1:50 mark of the following clip). Kurt Russell = Reno Hightower = Joe Namath = Tom Brady.
    Robin Williams is the wimpy receiver trying to rearrange destiny by organizing a rematch of a game played decades before…. ( a high school game that has haunted him his entire adulthood).

    This was sorta fun…

  88. Harvard, I share your admiration of Brady; I think he’s probably the best to ever to play the position. Obviously not without some controversy. The hardness of his balls has been called into question, and even tested in court, but kidding aside, he’s had a Jordan-esque impact on the sport.

    I was just thinking about his penchant for creating superstars out of little white slot receivers. It’s amazing. He also sets up the run with the pass, resulting in some pretty great seasons from less than world-beater running backs. Except Corey Dillion, of course; that Husky was the real deal.

  89. And thus we will pull away our ships…withdraw our cannons …..raise the main sail….don our Tom Jones’ leather hot pants and bid each adieu in peace. May your seas be alive …May the be untamed but forgiving…May they be kind to not swallow when anger rages from their depths….May they guide you calmly to tropical ports and friendly islands our best days. May we remember it all upon the final voyage and hope we shall be granted something back of the far and in between of sharing with those less strong, a decent thought, and a kind pursuit….

    Until we meet again…Today, tomorrow, around the cape of all happiness and twice back again through sorrow.

  90. ST, Wilson is great. A winner to the core. He won’t be able to play the style he’s playing in three years. Maybe less. He’s one ‘extended play’ away from retirement. Newton and Luck, with good fortune, can play the same style for a long, long time. Newton rarely takes a hit, even less than Wilson, and he’s 7 inches taller and 60lbs heavier. Luck takes hits.

    Brady is the best but he’s nearing retirement…no mater what he’d like to think.

    Olsen is one of the three best tight ends in the game. It’s too bad for the Bears that they couldn’t hang on to him but Chicago isn’t exactly known for their savvy personnel moves. I’m betting they stick with Cutler for years to come. Outside of Green Bay that division hasn’t seen a top flight QB in forever. The Panthers defense got better when they got rid of Julius Peppers contract and got someone who wants to play every down.

    “Probably a lot smarter than his dorky persona”
    Luck had to skip Colts minicamp his rookie year because he was finishing his degree in architecture in three years…from Stanford…while being the best college player in the country. Yeah, he’s probably smart.

    The Kelvin Benjamin injury made the Panthers a better team. Benjamin is a (lot) bigger, smarter version of Dez Bryant plus he can actually catch…most everything. He’s truly amazing to watch. He was so good that you could count on the ball going to him in the clutch. The Panthers started relying on other guys and they all stepped up to the plate. They’ll probably be better next year.

  91. Chet, you’re underestimating his ability to evolve. He has a QB rating of over 140 for the last 4 weeks, first ever to do so. 16 TDs and 0 INTs. What you probably didn’t know is that over 85% of this production during this span has come from throwing inside the pocket . He is no longer relying on being Runnin’ Russ of the last two years. Of course, when he does occasionally leave the pocket, he still hurts you deep. And his ability to avoid injury by being smart and sliding is second to none.

    The arguments against him are simply ceasing to stick like they used to. This is a guy who when people say “You can’t do this, you’re too ____”, he goes out, works his butt off, and embarrasses them.

    Reminds me, actually, of Stephen Curry this year, who has become an efficient force scoring from short range after listening to people last year tell him he couldn’t.

  92. It’s not like architecture is molecular biology….Right now he’s just been handed the front door keys to that giant glass dollhouse Manning built. Only time will tell what he can build anything in the NFL from blueprints his potential…For now he’s basically just taking care of the family poodle Irsay….

    Is Wilson looking under his linemen’s crotches to find receivers? I simply don’t know how he does it when not rolling out…The only thing he could survey would be belt loops of 400 lb. tackles ….Maybe he’s got some sort of GPS system linked from receiver’s helmet into his own that alerts him when the route is about to be completed at a preassigned destination….? Pocket passer? The guy is small enough to fit into a pita pocket. .Break his receivers off their normal routes and get good inside pressure on him…Don’t let him step up….Keep the edges contained and bring the heat inside the tackles.. Clog the center.

  93. “It’s not like architecture is molecular biology.”

    Ummm, yeah. It’s a helluva lot harder to get into an architecture program than a molecular biology program. Places like Stanford or Cornell it’s ridiculously hard. Like medical school hard.

  94. ST, maybe so.

    He would be an exception. Certainly for a starting QB. Doug Flutie was about the same size (only an inch shorter) and he had a nice career but much of it was in relief.

    There’s a reason why he’s an exception. What’s the old line? “Slow and steady may win the race but it’s not the way to bet.”

    Seems like a good guy. Easy to root for. He’d be a first…at least for the modern game.

  95. I was accepted to a very good one, Chet. and I wasn’t a superstar athlete…But it is probably a lot harder to get into the architecture program because the dropout rate won’t take care of the numbers on their own…Those accepted likely stay in.

    Chet- I simply don’t get you…You can paint with a brush that insults any and every athlete that will attend UK because it’s a “bait and tackle” shop, but a poke of fun at someone’s dorky persona is an affront to your high standards of political correctness. He looks dorky, Chet. It is what it is.

    Peyton Manning may process the game much faster…We really don’t know. Peyton Manning may also make a horrible architect. Now if we’re comparing SNL performances, I don’t you’ll ever get a superstar jock to be as natural at the acting game as Manning. Have you seen him in SNL skits? Even in those terribly written Papa John’s and Nationwide commercials, he has the natural “it factor” in front of the cameras…On SNL he was a better performer and more comically on point in timing and delivery than the the best seasoned Hollywood actors that have hosted…

    Ben Carson is a top neurosurgeon….He also thinks the pyramids were for corn. He has his own form of dorky.

    Jay Cutler is easy to root for….Pouty persona….Always has that look on the sideline like the sulking kid that just had his lunch stolen by the school bully. Where are you now, Santa Claus bully! Did I ever tell you guys that Cutler is actually from Chesterton..(hometown and grade school years)? His father played QB at Chesterton High School….Home of the Golden Trojans…Trojan Filed…and legendary coach, Ray Banary.

  96. oops..Trojan Field(there was nothing filed at the field nor any “filing” for Trojans…unless it was prom night).

    Jim Gaffigan is also from Chesterton…Matt Nover of Blue Chips as well! Matt Novak of Michigan too! And then there’s that Mitch kid that took the NCAA tournament by storm….Hell of swimming program at Chesterton too. I watched four girls at a state tournament shockingly take the 4 x 100 relay event(sort of the premier event everyone comes to watch) away from the the Goliath of swimming, the Carmel Greyhounds(they hold national records for consecutive team titles…It’s only a high school of almost 5000 students). Chesterton barely graduates anymore than the days of my youth; around 350 or so a year..

  97. oops Zack Novak(wanted to get that in before another ‘fact check’ from Chet, senior fact checker and writer for Wikipedia, came salivating like Pavlov’s dog to another Harv brainfart). Pavlov’s dog actually made it into Stanford’s architectural program…Little known fact…It’s the bone-a-fide truth…Of course, he was hell of a Frisbee chaser..Was on full ride….often with window down in cars when they’d take him to the ice cream shop after a day of massive salivating…Strangely enough, ice cream created a bit of dry mouth …

  98. Yeah, he looks dorky, no question about it. I’d have probably gone with ‘goofy’.

    Lots of guys at Stanford look dorky. They don’t end up at the same places as guys that go to Kentucky.

    Just out of curiosity, how was it that you applied to schools of architecture but ended up going to Indiana? Kind of a diametrically opposed academic curriculum.

  99. I dropped out of the architecture program, Chet. It was a return trip to college and it just didn’t work out…..I had a brother-in-law tell me “Who’s going to want a 40-year-old architect?”…..He’s a very wealthy man that lives in Georgetown, DC. I had a lot of skills in drawing and drafting…It’s really sort of another :”too bad:” segment of my life…The director of the program took a lot of time with me on the phone and found a way to squeeze me into the program on a very last minute application process. I applied 3 months before the beginning of the fall term… One week in, i had a panic attack and felt as if the world was crunching in around me…..It was no Stanford, Chet…But it was an opportunity at a place that I had a dream to go when first getting out of high school. I thought that I could go back to that dream. I can say that it was too much money…I can tell you that I had a child only 2 years old….But at the end of the day, it was just fear.

    Wow…I’m not in touch…I didn’t know Scott Skiles was now coaching the Magic…And what’s going on with Oladipo..? Is he hurt? I notice he’s not starting many games and the numbers are dropping….

  100. I don’t know, Harv. I’ve had failures, too, that were purely the result of my own failures of one thing or another. I guess I just reacted differently.

    I’ll hit the big 6-0 in a couple months. I’m still wondering what kind of trouble I’m going to get into next.

    I hope you find peace, my friend. Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.

  101. I have a great daughter, Chet. Somewhere down in the reserves, I’m a person of hope. When your parents die, you sorta find out how empty things can feel…And my siblings left me wondering just where the love goes….But I got game. And I’ll hit that winner when the shot clock expires…I hope. You take care too.

  102. My daughter’s getting married next month. Great guy she found. I already think of him as a son. Her relatively fearsome brothers like him, too. He’s now part of the mafia. Her brothers can dispose of a body with the best of them.

    She completely left me off the hook on the wedding. She’s getting married in their new home just south of Indy where she’s in grad school. How weird is that that she would end up going to school in Indiana? Immediate family only. She spent a good part of the past year being the maid of honor helping make the perfect wedding possible for her southern belle childhood friend. I think it made her ill.

    Our wedding was an event in Knoxville. I knew no one outside of the bridesmaids and groomsmen and immediate family. Were it not for the cute bride I would have had no part in it. It was so far removed from what either of us were comfortable with.

    I’m happy for my daughter. I have offered to pretty much pay for anything she wants but her biggest desire is to pull this off on her own.

    Don’t wake me.

  103. Enough, Geoff, you’re making us sick.

    You know what, I just realized that Golden State hasn’t even played the Spurs or Thunder yet. So that pristine record needs a slight asterisk.

    I’ve always loathed the Spurs in the past, but this year, I will be a prime member of their cheering squad when they play Sasha Baron Cohen, I mean Klay Thompson and co.

  104. Chet, it sounds like you have raised your children well. Congratulations!
    P.S. I also have a daughter who lives in Greenwood.

  105. To Reek-oh:

    A look at Washington State guard Klay Thompson versus Washington.

    Feb. 27, 2010 — 2-14 FG-A, 1-7 3P-A, 0-0 FT-A, 6 rebs, 3 ast, 5 pts, 32 min, 59-52 defeat at WSU
    Jan. 30, 2010 — 2-15 FG-A, 1-6 3P-A, 2-2 FT-A, 8 reb, 1 ast, 7 pts, 31 min, 92-64 defeat at UW
    March 7, 2009 — 3-7 FG-A, 1-2 3P-A, 2-3 FT-A, 4 reb, 0 ast, 9 pts, 28 min, 67-60 defeat at UW
    Jan. 3, 2009 — 3-11 FG-A, 2-5 3P-A, 0-0 FT-A, 3 reb, 0 ast, 8 pts, 30 min, 68-48 defeat at WSU
    Thompson, a Pac-10 Player of the Year candidate, is averaging 7.3 points, 5.3 rebounds, 1 assist and 30.3 minutes against the Huskies.

    Oh yeah, and then there was the Pac 10 tournament in 2011 when Ali G scored 43 against the Huskies and still couldn’t come away with the win.

    Congratulations, you sucked me in. But I won’t be back to play with you today; you’ll have to keep picking on Chet

  106. RAM,
    Thank you. She made a lot of good choices along the way. They are living in the major metropolis of Fountaintown.

    That’s the same age I was when I became an SLP. Sorry that didn’t work out for you. What’s next?

  107. picking on chet? he would have to completely change his personality for me to do that – I find him to be as respectable person as there is at the Scoop.

    How about Klay last night though… 43 pts on 15-22 shooting and 5-5 FT, and didn’t play in the 4th qtr…

  108. Geoff, that comment was for Rico Chet, not you. You don’t pick on anyone. Rico commented that Klay tormented the UW Huskies while at WSU. I was straightening him out.

  109. Geoff I have had it on my mind since you 1st mentioned it. But with my bride’s side of the family coming(starting this evening)to spend this weekend for the Christmas get together at our abode it means my time as you all know is not mine for the next couple of weeks. And she and I will then be traveling for the holidays next week. So It most likely will be a New Years resolution, as you have generated a curiosity.

    No doubt Grayson will be more fun during the upcoming holiday this year. Enjoy!

  110. Where is Rico’s post?


    A look at Washington State guard Klay Thompson versus Washington.

    Is that statement even at all accurate? Why did you leave out the 2 head-to-head games from 2011? And including stats as a freshman while leaving out two games as a junior hardly seems fair. His junior year consisted of averaging 31.33 ppg against U. of Washington….while going 2-1 against the Huskies. I don’t think it’s “torment” sort of numbers, but they shouldn’t have been omitted.

    March 10 2011 43 points L
    @ W Feb 26 2011 26 pts. W
    Jan 30 2011 25 points W

    Great to be a Husky apologist, but C’Mon, man!

    And Rico doesn’t “pick on” anyone here more than the next guy…He’s not a Crean apologists and he calls out those that skew the facts and become excessively arrogant/snidely.

  111. Spoke as if it were Rico himself. But we already knew that, right?

    Thanks for all your research, Harvard the Remora. Your two personalities make a great team.

  112. Harv: Thanks for the support. The torment is real and on-going. Look how raw he is.

    suHky: come on man don’t go there. It’s a really dark place for you… (dude).

  113. Seahawk-

    Just having some fun with ya, man. I’m not Rico. Jeremy could clear that up in an instant. But commonsense sorta gets you there anyway…Why would Rico’s posts get taken down and mine remain? We’re sorta like the Scoop ‘Splash Brothers’….But Rico has way more game..

    In all honesty, you should think of Rico as Isaiah Thomas…and Harvard as Isiah Thomas.

    Are you becoming a Kent State fan living near Cleveland? I often wonder if that was your hippy jump from the Soma coffee shop and the Kirkwood bell-bottom blues… .

  114. Harvard, my theory may never die. You guys are so in unison, always. Yes, you are indeed the Splash Brothers, but not the basketball type, dudes. More like Greg Louigainis.

    The two of you have done so much research on the Huskies on my behalf over the years, you should be awarded an honorary PhD. I’m glad I can command so much of your labor.

    Not a Kent State fan per se, but I do like the coffee shops there. There’s one called Scribbles that I like even more than Soma. Look it up. The logo is a squirrel, one of Kent’s honorary mascots.

    Legendary Husky coach Don James coached at Kent State once. Julian Edelmen played there too. A lot of sporting talent traces back to Ohio origins, including little Bobby of Massilon.

  115. Tom, Bobby may have been born in a hospital in Massillon but he was raised in Orrville.between Wooster and Massillon. Orrville is also the home of Smucker Foods and the original home of Steiner Mowers before it was bought out. Spend and have spent countless hours in that area and all of Ohio. For a different flair drop south into Holmes County. Try the Trail Bologna and Walnut Creek variety of cheeses(and all their products). Both “old time” flavors of original quality and exceptionally priced.

  116. HC: Thanks for the recommendations. Holmes County…does that count as “Amish Country”? I think my neighbors do down there a lot on weekends.

    How well do you know the Northeast corner of Ohio…Akron/Canton/Cleveland? Interesting place, I’m finding. It’s a confluence zone where the cultures of the deep rural Midwest, the Rust Belt and the East Coast swirl together. You can feel like you are in urban Philly or Martinsville, Indiana, depending on what street you are on.

  117. Where did you find the ’09 and ’10 stats for Thompson? My “research” was not very intense…I just visited ‘basketballreference.com’ and looked him up….Thing is, when a clicked on “career stats,” the site would only give me gamelogs for 2011. I couldn’t even access his freshman and sophomore gamelog numbers….(so I’m taking your word that those numbers are accurate). You must use a better site that I’m not familiar with….I tried for a few minutes to find a site that would display his game by game stats for those first two seasons at WSU, but no luck.

    It’s Remora that is the true fact checker around here…He’s also the clever ‘Splash Brother’ that believes you to be Podunker…Remora has a ton of fun with Podunker…He’ll unveil numerous instances of flipflopping via the accessing archives like no other. He also hits him hard for his hypocritical stances and ‘ultimatum’ type viewpoints(particularly aimed at our football coaches)that are never applied to Tom Crean.

    I’ll be honest, there used to be times that I also believed you to be Podunker….I know your writing is strong enough to drop all the idiosyncrasies and grammar/usage identifiers that would make it impossible for yours truly to pull something like that off. You could dumb it down enough to be Podunker …Maybe even erase any existence of a personality to become such a robotic entity that spits posts out with the absence of any feeling our heart….And you did just prove a slithery side in your omission of Thompon’s final junior year as a Cougar….But do I destroy all my deep and sincere thoughts of you by assigning such a cold and distant personality to my old Basketblog friend that so much personal and fantastical episodes of live and dreams were shared? Do I do believe as Remora and destroy the spool threads and yarn of time that still unwind back to our once reclusive island at IDS..? How long has it been since a poetry throw-down on Basketblog…? Where does the time go?

    And that gets us to the motives of Remora….Is Remora “picking” on you(or Chet, or Podunker.) …or is Remora a mystic voyageur, an internet guardian angel of sorts, …a dark knight…a dark errant knight….that protects truth by cloaking his identity and leaping around in all forms imaginable to defend the frailty of decency and truth? Do I call that a “troll?” I don’t think so. If spirits can live in books …If ghosts can haunt a room…If the stars can hold in dust the hearts of eternal love and trust…? Can such powers also live in wires and software…and screens …and keyboards…and cyber rooms …and silly little chats sites where the tiniest of honor can sell a gargantuan man? Do we rely on snooping on the world to get to our truth? Or do we have faith that the Remora will always know the score before the game even tips or the coin is tossed?

    I can’t identify anything as a troll that I cannot see…I can only know that something of our conscience can be easily lost in these boxes.

  118. Here’s my ‘Smash Brothers’ version of Husky/Seahawk as Podunker…Podunker as Husky/Seahawk…in the dual personality face-off of the century.

    On the bright side, I think of the “Husky” character as Aaron Williams.

  119. Seahawk-

    Try Put-in-Bay next summer……touristy, but sorta fun(at least that was the case about 15 years ago) Take a ferry across to the small island.There was a battle fought against the British ….Included fighting volunteers from Major William Henry Harrison’s …same ‘dude’ that was known for Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!

    I once took a photo an old beautiful home that was off the beaten path on the island…It was a 2-story…Very plain…I think it was stucco exterior….Lots of old cracks and weathered with character into a grayish sandy color….a long expanse of a front porch..white trim and.large double-hung windows with old wavy glass lined up like soldiers at attention still awaiting their orders…I later did a painting of the home.. Whenever I travel, one of my quirky things is to find an old home that I admire…There usually of the untouched/unspoiled variety….tilting one way…sagging at the stress points …just like an old man or an old woman …but still standing dignified and proud.

  120. Tom NE Ohio is where I grew up during my early teenage years(just shy of 5 years. This Hoosier BB kid in Ohio became a student of the gridiron. So yes i am comfortable traveling the Buckeye. Of the large cities Cleveland and Dayton probably less familiar than the others. Talking of the varied cultures co-mingling just travel a little southeast into Columbiana County and you have entered the Corridor of Appalachia existing through every county bordering the Ohio river flowing south, southwest and west to just about Cincinnati. In fact society as a whole in that strip was 5-8 years behind what you would think normal. That has lessened somewhat over the last 15 maybe 25 years. The state is home to tons of the old famous names. Clark Gable was born in Cadiz south of Columbiana County in the old coal strip mine country. Oh and yes Holmes County is Amish country. As I am thinking while writing, I know so much about your new address, I am envious. Even though I have Amish neighbors here in Indiana my bride and I still travel to Holmes County 1 or 2 times a year for a 2 1/2-3 day weekend. I do highly recommend the Walnut Creek Food products we’ve been well satisfied with their consistent quality for years(in fact have near 3 lb. of the Big Eye Swiss Cheese in house for the holidays get togethers. Merry and Enjoy.


  121. I visited Akron once….It seemed like a nice suburb of Cleveland..

    Obviously, it sounds like Clarion is a great source for Ohio travel ideas. I have a feeling Put-in-Bay has grown into an even bigger tourist trap….This might be the best time to go there…Take a warm coat and enjoy the brisk air on the ferry.

    Take along some sausage and some of that Swiss cheese Clarion recommends…Maybe you’ll find a nice coffee shop on the island..

    Guess it’s time to dust this thread…not much else to be said..(unless Chet comes back to pick on me).

  122. Put-in-bay is cool for a day trip but is a drunken mess at night, especially Wednesday through Sunday and that comes from a guy who will take a pull on a jug on occasion.
    After 10:00 at night you better be under 33 or beyond coherence to tolerate the degeneracy. Catawba, Marblehead or Kelley’s Island are a little more tame(sane).

  123. Clarion and Harvard- fun posts to come back to. Thanks for the thoughts. I’ve been meaning to go to Put-In Bay for some time now. Although based on the descriptions, I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be infested by Bros who say “dude” and shave their pubic hair. I think I’ll elect to go on one of the first warm days of April when the bulbs are up and the trees are lime green. That way I might avoid the crowds and better enjoy the natural beauty.

    Clarion, I drove through WV this summer on my way to Maryland, and both eastern Ohio and WV were the Appalachia you described. Simple beauty. I didn’t realize this before, but even Maryland has a western strip that is in the mountains and very “Appalachia,” culturally. Great scenery, but with some scary looking people mixed in…saw more than one pickup truck in Maryland flying the Dixie flag. Rag-tag drivers daring you to make the slightest frown. The roads in Maryland were a red asphalt color; they were well maintained and in beautiful condition compared to WV and Ohio. Reeminded me of Canada in that respect

    Harvard, your description of Remora is enchanting. You almost make him likable. Almost. While I love his doctored images, unfortunately, I have less sympathy than you do for someone who foresakes the vulnerability that comes with assuming a name and personality in the internet world, instead living in the shadows and pointing out everyone else’s shortcomings and argumentative flaws. You’ve chosen to take a philosophical attitude towards him, and your portrait is pretty darned entertaining. But then again, he never targets you…. it is easy for you figure him as the Great, Mythical Mysterious Equalizer because you, the lofty Harvard, never get your name hijacked, your arguments questioned, or your grandiloquence mocked. Isn’t that strange and wondrous? The Remora, as you have it, is the supposed “fact checker” and “equalizer” of our irrelevant corner of cyberspace, yet when it comes to the the Scoop’s flashiest personality and most flamboyant diva, he is more silent than a cold starry night on Pluto. I don’t think you’ll ever fully convince me that he is not simply a persona you created to be able to be snarkier with certain people without tainting your “sincere guy” image. It’s easy to create an IP to post from that would make Jeremy, Dustin, Hugh, Korman and the gang think that you are different people.

    Oh, and

  124. ..i don’t see where the Podunker theory comes from. I always thought Podunker was J-Pat reinventing himself after his feud with Tsao.

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