1. To all fans of Indiana football, especially those who have never wavered and stuck with our team over the years…enjoy today, I know I will.

  2. Well said.

    I’ve been a fan since John Pont and bought my first season tickets when Lee Corso was coach (That was nothing if not entertaining. He once kept the OSU game close by repeatedly quick kicking on third down.).

    Thank goodness for the DVR.

  3. “Duke football has formed a model of where Indiana football wants to go.” Imagine that, a “basketball school” going to bowl games numerous years in a row and being highly competitive and relevant within a Power- five conference! Let’s begin improving on Duke’s model by beating them today.

  4. I can’t count the number of times this year Oliver has over pursued when he should be filling a gap, causing a big running gain.

  5. You have to question play calling so far and timing/territory of plays called, weird! They can’t stop the run and why not a qb sneak!?

  6. Not too worried. Duke doesn’t look amazing. Most of this damage self-inflicted so far.

    We can turn this around.

  7. Sudfeld is having a rough day….reloading is killing Sudfeld today…Sudfeld is out of sync…missing Howard a lot at the moment…..can Sudfeld carry this team today…at the present Duke is out playing IU

  8. Ugh…what a great time for Sudfeld and the offense to choke. The defense….they are what we thought they were.

  9. Excellent 2nd QTR. I like how Suds settled and now the Hoosiers are rolling. Great heart and poise to rally.

  10. IU put together a great one-minute drill to close out the first half and tie the game. And the offense is starting to settle in. Running game is looking good. But IU must have the worst linebackers in the college football. They are notorious for taking themselves out of plays, allowing huge runs right up the middle. They continuously fail to fill the correct gaps, or simply fail to fill gaps at all. They are totally ineffective on blitzes, and they’re not very good tacklers. If we could just get an average Big Ten defense, this IU team would be something special (in relative terms) to watch.

    We’re tied at half. Let’s hope these young men have another great third quarter and then hold on in the fourth quarter for a big bowl-game win.

  11. Andy is correct. The ABC broadcasters are speaking with a lot of disdain, as if calling this game is beneath their professional standards. Enough with the snark, boys.

  12. What a shock. Indiana gets a 3 and out, has all the momentum, then pulls out an RPG launcher and blows off their foot, leg and anything else living within the blast radius.

  13. Wouldn’t be a complete game without Cobbs dropping a ball right in his hands, then come back and crush it on the next play.

  14. Marcus Oliver over pursues leaving the middle wide open AGAIN.

    Well, maybe that’ll give us enough ticks to drive and put this one away.

  15. Seems like Kevin Johns is obsessed with being a dope late in the game. Against Michigan with Howard running over everyone, he tries to win the game with 5ft 7in Paige.

    This time, instead of getting the ball to Redding, who was consistently killing Duke all game, Johns gets the ball to him not once, but TWICE!

    My god, I can’t stand being a Hoosier fan. Absolutely exhausted by the number of times we beat ourselves.

  16. Kevin Wilson chokes again. Nothing but trick plays in overtime. You have two All American linemen and we run panic plays.

  17. Well, well. Another game with KW in charge, another choke job. What a surprise. DD, Po, IU79, Chet, et al, let’s hear about the great future that awaits all of us IU football fans in light of this stellar effort. 6-7 with no quality wins and you call that progress? Right….

  18. They dropped touchdown passes, allowed record breaking runs, turnovers, allowing the refs to decide the game, yes…..same old Indiana. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  19. Chaz, it was only a matter of time before you unloaded your bag of vinegar and water. Your strawmen arguments/emotive comments are worse than Indiana’s defense in crunch time.

  20. Too many mistakes and sub-par special teams cost IU this game. I counted eight dropped passes, the worst of which was Cobbs dropping the ball in the end zone. How did that happen? IU’s special teams were inferior to Duke’s special teams. O.K., yea, the refs probably blew that last call ( it looked good on the replay) but the game should not have gone to OT in the first place.

    Wilson is probably going to get a new contract, but I think a couple position coaches need to go. And Johns needs to do some soul searching about his play calling when the game is close at the end. Those three plays in OT were horrific. Why not take advantage of your vastly superior Offensive line and run the ball at least twice in that last series? IU had this game in their hands but found a way to lose.

  21. Ironically, IU’s defense played well enough in the second half to win this game. Dropped TD pass in end zone and the kickoff return TD were killers. The icing on the cake was the bad call/missed field goal.

  22. IU just put on a clinic. Unfortunately, it was not one on how to win games, but on how to lose games. Duke was good. We were better. But, once again, we excelled in how to shoot yourself in the foot and throw a game away. Sad. But true.

  23. WaltD, you are absolutely correct. I used the same metaphor throughout game. We just kept shooting ourselves in the foot. How many illegal procedure penalties did IU’s veteran O-line have? Two penalties totaling 30 yards on the same play? At least eight dropped passes. Getting suckered on that QB keeper up the middle over and over and over. Linebackers that don’t know what a gap is or what they’re supposed to do with one. It used to be that when your back-up running back runs for over 200 yards and your QB passes for over 300, there’s no doubt about who wins the game. Not with IU. Wilson has a lot of work to do in this off season.

  24. DD you have it all wrong. I want IU to succeed as much as anyone, but do not understand why Wilson’s supporters continue to let him off the hook. If ever there was a year where IU football was in a position to make a positive impression it was this year. Now what is next for KW? More of his lame post mortem comments, more empty promises of better days ahead? My goodness, we handed this game to Duke, just as we have handed other winnable games over the last 5 years. As far as coaches go KW is simply another face in the crowd. We fans deserve a better product than the clown show he routinely puts on. Enough already!

  25. Indiana had opportunities to put this game away and failed to do so. The bad or missed call at the end is not why IU lost the game.

  26. So Chaz, what’s your point? Are you suggesting IU should fire Wilson because IU lost today’s bowl game? It’s a little late to begin a search for a new coach now, Chaz! Are you suggesting that IU refuse to extend Wilson’s contract? That would kill recruiting and set IU back for years. Wilson lead his team to three consecutive victories over Purdue (hasn’t been done since the 40’s) and to the first bowl game in almost a decade. In relative terms, that’s a major improvement. IU has no choice but to stick with Wilson and extend his contract, whether his critics like it or not.

  27. RAM, TJ, and Mudshark please explain to all of the KW fans here why he would be any more worthy of a new contract than that other defensive genius in B’town, CTC. Apparently routine humiliation is not convincing evidence for some.

  28. Looks like Jordon Howard made a business decision today. Can’t blame him. Unless his sources tell him that his knee will prevent him from getting drafted, it now appears going into the draft is all but certain.

  29. Chaz, you’re sounding increasingly silly. IU was not humiliated once this season. We played the big boys tough. Today, we lost a bowl game in overtime. And as I explained in a previous post, IU has no option but to extend Wilson’s contract. To not extend it now would create a disaster. My guess is that Glass will give Wilson a two year extension with a 25 to 30% pay raise. And the contract buyout will be limited. It won’t be a blanket endorsement about his future, but it will keep the recruiting vultures at bay for another two seasons and give Wilson time to prove he can lead a team to a winning season. What choice does IU have?

  30. Just getting to a bowl game should buy him a LITTLE time. His coordinators and Special teems coach should get a hard look in the off season.

  31. The only contract that should be extended is Tom Crean’s. And because our storied basketball “candy stripes” were stolen from McCracken and placed on the heads of our football team, it is only fitting that a “Rock” was inserted into the head of our basketball coach.
    These were not very good football teams, folks. IU is certainly not the standard for Big 10 football. The only noticeable difference between Duke and Indiana is just how far behind our basketball program has been allowed to fade. Winning this farce of a bowl game would not have changed the complete disregard that now leaves us claiming pride in fighting for football leftovers against a Duke school that, more importantly,owns us in what was once our national brand.

  32. I would say seven or eight years is plenty of time for a coach to prove his worth in a major sport. KW is just rounding the far turn. TC is about to hit the finish line.

  33. Chaz, YES!! i call it progress…..the IU football team made it to a bowl game, beat Purdue (not much) jfor a third time and the IU football team was competitive in the majority of the football games they played in….no they did not win every game, maybe no quality victories in your eyes, but they where competitive, they never quit in any game and they made remarkable improvements in some areas (not all)…..they basically started four freshman in the secondary, a newcomer at running back and three wide receivers that had minimal playing time…..all this from a team, most experts (sports (espn) and media) expected to finish near the bottom of the BIG 10…but most IU fans had higher expectation (maybe too high)….6 wins and 7 loses is a losing season, but when was the last time you could feel good or had high expectation for the IU football team in the coming seasons…..It has been a long time, since i felt that the IU football program was heading in the right direction…as Kevin Wilson said we lost todays game because of too many turnovers and miscues (maybe the layoff hurt the team, maybe playing on the big stage, who knows), but Kevin Wilson has turned this program around…we now have a foundation to build on and maybe we can recruits some athletics that can take the IU football program to the next level.

  34. Harv gets it. Should KW get an extension it better be tied to performance, yet I find it quite humorous that so many of you are willing to give him a pass in light of his horrible game preparation and management. If progress means moving up from doormat to second tier then enjoy the ride, ‘cuz it’s not going to get better with KW in charge. Same goes for TC. He has failed miserably to build on the success he had with VO and CZ. If the b-ball team somehow pulls off a miraculous season should his contract be sweetened? Of course not. Bottom line is that IU’s major sports are not in a good place. An appearance in a bogus game against an opponent who hadn’t won a bowl in over 50 years shouldn’t fool anyone, just as rallying to beat ND last weekend did not prove that TC has his team ready for conference play.

  35. I’ve watched all the footage I can get…I will always and forever think that kick was good…I also think the ref under the post knew it after when he was talking to the opposite ref. The crew was crappy, missed a ton of holding and a pass interference call that was blatantly obvious. Not to mention a few spots that were generous and not even measured at the beginning.

  36. IU lost, And I have another today in my lifetime. So here’s my morning perspective. Yes, the game was winnable. No doubt about it. Poor play by special teams and defense contributed to it. So did poor play calling.

    Nevertheless, we went to a bowl game. We didn’t get whipped. We whipped ourselves. Though we didn’t win, incrementally progress has been made. Despite yesterday’s debacle, the big picture shows we are moving forward.

    Yesterday, we got a lot of visibility from the media by playing in New York. It should help with recruiting, Now is the time for Glass to stop dilly-dallying around and extend Wilson’s contract. Let’s continue to build with our current coach, not start all over. Then,Wilson can continue to recruit athletes both with speed and track records of success. Our players have been slow in learning how to manage success. We need players who can. Also, Wilson needs to find another person for calling offensive plays. Johns is not cutting it.

    If Glass does what he should have done weeks ago, and if Wilson continues to get top athletes, improves play calling and the work of special teams, plus creates more consistency with our team, we’ll be back next year for another bowl game. But next year, we will win.

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