1. Both of you fellas get Sour Banners to hang after tonight’s Scoop Talk.

    You are channelling what a lot of us are feeling. I just don’t understand how we can see a team with this much talent look exactly the same every night. Wait, never mind, I do.

    Our opponent tonight came into the game scoring .9 points per possession, and they bumped that up to 1.08. It was simply our guys getting beat off the dribble. No screens, just guys taking off and running right past ALL of our guards.

    Yogi Ferrell is a senior. He got beat at least 4 times off the dribble tonight.

    For the entire season (and last), it seems that every time an opponent cuts to the lane with the ball, instead of our guards locking into their chest, moving and causing that ball carrier to rethink his strategy, they’re looking for someone to close out in help defense. Next thing you know, its an easy layup.

    I can’t remember the exact quote (one of you guys can probably enlighten us), but Knight had a much simpler and effective defensive approach: a winning team makes the opponent react to them, whether they are on offense or defense.

    Our defense just reacts to what the other team is doing. It is passive and stuck in its collective head. Yay deflections. How about a stat for the number of times you kept your man in front of you? You can get a man to man banner to hang in your room if you manage to do it a few times in the course of a game.

    I’m just utterly exasperated. Totally horrendous schedule and equally awful basketball. I can only shake my head and look forward to the B1G season.

  2. FWIW KenPom has us win the next seven games, losing by one point the eighth (at Wiscy), then beating Minny by 15 in the ninth game (at home). So come Jan 30 Indiana should be 8-1 in conference play. Not impossible.

  3. I’ll hope Ken’s right but if I were a betting man I’d bet we fall a couple games short of that.

  4. HT Guys, This Q is prompted by the notion in my head I must have scanned somewhere over the last few days. Is Stephen Houston working in the S&C area of the athletic department?

  5. HC,
    Stephen Houston is indeed working in some capacity in S&C. I’ve seen him on the sidelines during Football games (not wearing a visitor’s pass) as well as behind the bench during IU Basketball games. I believe Lyonel Anderson was on CKW’s staff before leaving for the University of Houston a few years ago and then returning this year as the Mens BB Strength Coach. So he may have used some networking to get the spot. Go Hoosiers!!!

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