Texas RB Tyler Natee commits to IU #iufb

A day after losing one running back, Indiana moved quickly to add another with a similar profile.

The Hoosiers accepted a commitment Tuesday from Texas athlete Tyler Natee, a 5-foot-11, 258-pound prospect who profiles as a running back at the next level. According to online recruiting profiles on 247 Sports and Rivals, Natee chose Indiana over his only other listed offer from Arkansas State, though Baylor, SMU and others also reportedly expressed interest.

Natee is a three-star recruit in the 247 Sports Composite rankings, and played both quarterback and fullback this season for Trinity High School near Fort Worth, Texas. While leading his team to a 10-1 record, Natee rushed for 875 yards and seven touchdowns on 103 carries, averaging 8.5 yards per touch. As a quarterback, Natee also found success through the air, completing 38 of his 71 passes for 468 yards and three touchdowns.

But Natee could be in line for a full-time role as a running back at Indiana. His high school highlight reels reveal him as a bruising runner that could be difficult to bring down in short-yardage situations.

Natee is the second running back in IU’s 2016 recruiting class and the 10th verbal commit — not counting junior college quarterback Richard Lagow and safety Jayme Thompson, both of whom have already signed with IU. The Hoosiers are also expecting to sign three-star Ohio running back Cole Gest on National Signing Day in February.

With Natee and Gest in the fold, Indiana is adding depth to the position after losing starter Jordan Howard to the NFL Draft on Monday. Devine Redding, who rushed for 1,012 as Howard’s backup, will enter spring ball as the expected starter, though he could also receive competition from Camion Patrick, a junior college receiver who may be in line for a move to the backfield.

Natee has been on IU’s radar for nearly a year. Days before he took an official visit to IU during the weekend of Dec. 11, Indiana offensive coordinator Kevin Johns and tight ends coach James Patton visited Natee in Texas.


  1. Saw somewhere his estimated 40 yard time was 4.8 which is a decent time for a guy who is honestly more of a fullback than running back

  2. This could be our copier room version of Marshawn Lynch….

    The first few seconds of the following clip is dedicated to Husky/Mariner/Seahawk Tom.

  3. This kid looks like a stud to say the least. Seeing his height and weight listed, you would think he would be fat but, he must be chiseled because he doesn’t appear overweight in the videos. Seems to be very athletic with very nice moves. It obviously takes more than one player to take him down. You never know but, with the running back coaching he would get here, looks like he could be the next outstanding running back at IU.

  4. Tyler certainly appears to be a great “get” but I’m a little troubled. He has a 3 star rating, great size and speed so why has he not gotten more attention from marquis programs? Is there a character or academic challenge here?

  5. Did anybody hear the Fred Glass interview on 1070TheFan last evening? Glass sure was evasive about whether Wilson would even be offered a new contract ! Perhaps Glass’ less than positive attitude in this interview was merely a negotiation tactic, but Glass said nothing to make me think he wanted to extend Wilson’s regime at IU.

    This interview was the first time I’d ever HEARD Glass actually speak, and I was taken aback by how juvenile he sounded, as if he were a “cool cat” college student instead of the grownup in charge of IU athletics. He used slang language and sounded like he was one of the telephone commenters instead of a mature administrator taking his job seriously. Apparently he also had not prepared for the Pinstripe Bowl introductory press event, and FORGOT to introduce Wilson ! Of course he was savvy enough to “take full responsibility” for this oversight/overslight, but this added to the very CAVALIER attitude he projected about his job/role.

    Maybe he was having way too much fun making his wife happy about the NewYork trip instead of taking his official role there much more seriously.

    Anyway, I was really surprised by this interview on a multitude of levels. Maybe one of the SCOOP editors or regular commenters could post a link so others can hear all this and decide for themselves whether this interview revealed interesting new info about Glass himself, or his plans for Wilson’s future at IU.

  6. @iufan23:

    He doesn’t really have a defined position, so a lot of programs probably moved on. He looks like an excellent athlete though.

  7. Love this pickup. Yeah he only runs a 4.8 fourty but he is going to give us something we just didn’t have last year– a blocking back for short yardage and the redzone. Too many drives stalled inside the 5 yard line because we couldn’t pound it in. This kid can block as well as get tough yards when the other team knows you are going to run the ball.

    Also just saw where Darius Latham is going pro- didn’t see that coming. Sure seems like a guy that could have benefited from the one extra year in college.

  8. A few comments. First, Natee will probably lose ten to 12 pounds before he plays a down for IU Football. Secondly, we may find him playing linebacker before we see him playing running back. Lastly, I too was disappointed by the way Glass responded to the questions during his interview on the radio. Why has it taken so long for Glass to sign Wilson to a contract extension? And did anyone here him say anything about that being imminent or a formality? I don’t want to read too much into his interview, but based on his statements, I’m no longer very sure Wilson is going to sign a contract extension any time soon. He may simply have rejected IU’s offer. It would not surprise me if Glass tried to low-ball the offer and Wilson said, “no thanks.” As I pointed out a few weeks ago, USA today listed five college assistant coaches that are making considerably more money than Wilson is making as IU’s head coach. I’m sure he’s thinking, “hey, if you want me to stay for the long term, you have to put your money where your mouth is.” And as we know, IU has a long history of being cheap when it comes to football. Hope what I inferred from that interview is way off target.

  9. Podunker is probably right that Glass and Wilson are negotiating. I’m not too concerned. While it would be preferable to keep Wilson for continuity and he has made significant strides in developing the program, he is not perfect and a huge contract probably is not warranted and may not be affordable even if it were deserved. Wilson has shown ability to lead a staff that can recruit. He has some talented assistants that I assume he’s recruited. On the other hand, he has some assistants that need replacing that he also recruited. He’s not that great with the media and has shown very little game day coaching ability. He is a disciplinarian which I like. All in all, good performance…not great, but definitely worth keeping at the right price.

  10. I do not understand why anyone including AD Glass would want to give Kevin Wilson a long term contract for doing his job. He was hired to change the football program around, which he is doing. Why give a long term contract for doing what he was hired for. We’ve made the same mistake with CTC for beating KY. Let’s not make the same mistake. Give a 2 yr contract extension, which would make a total of 4 yrs so he can assure his recruits that he will be there for at least 4 yrs. If he continues improving the program then he may deserve a long term contract.

  11. Welcome aboard young Mr. Natee. This kid is under the radar. 5′ 11″ 258 usually = thumper, but…after viewing his tape three things stand out.

    1. He has excellent balance & change of direction in traffic.
    2. Leg drive after contact is phenomenal.
    3. He has really good vision.

    Once he signs on the dotted line, he can be special behind our O-line. Great get CKW & staff. Keep the momentum going. Go Hoosiers!!!

  12. It is good to see a different type of RB to go along with Geste coming into the 2016 class for IU. It will be interesting to see how he develops under the tutelage of Coach McCullough. It looks like he is the #2 RB out of Texas, is that possible?

    Coach Wilson has an agent negotiating with Glass for a contract extension or a new contract. I sure hope this isn’t a case that IU football will try to go cheap. At least pay our coach what PU pays their FB coach.

  13. V- don’t know why you are so excited about Gest? He’s 5’8″ 180. He might be a very good HS running back (7,7 yards per carry), but he’s too small to play for at least a year. Maybe he turns into something in a few years but I doubt he sees the field next year. Only rated the 116th best rb prospect.

  14. Hoosier ’86, I don’t see Gest as a starter for two years but I am excited about him as a spread back. Watching tape of him, it is clear he is a very good runner but also an excellent route runner. I don’t pay much attention to the rates unless it is a player rated in the top five as there are many examples of outstanding back not being ranked very high. I might have missed it but I don’t remember Coleman being a highly recruited back but he turned into one of the best in the country.

    I look at players coming in now as starters after a couple of years. I think IU has upgraded their roster so incoming players have to earn their stripes and sit for a year or two. We will see in 2016 if IU has moved up with a roster that can replace 5 or 6 players moving on to the NFL.

  15. Hoosier ’86, Gest is a solid 195 lb. and some places I’ve seen him listed at 5’9″, so he is not a shrimp nor a bowling ball I do know he has torn it up in Ohio HS FB for 2 seasons. He does have uncanny balance along with fine vision. So he has talents a B1G back needs.

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