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By the numbers
Rebounds against Duke for Thomas Bryant and Collin Hartman. Also the number of turnovers for Yogi Ferrell, his first such game of the season.
1.53 Points per possession for Duke on Wednesday against Indiana, the highest rate of efficiency for the Blue Devils against any opponent in 20 years of recorded data.
6 Made 3-pointers in 11 attempts this season by Max Bielfeldt. Bielfeldt’s career high for 3-pointers in a season is 8, set last year at Michigan in 30 attempts.

Hoosier yin and yang
A quick look at the latest Big Ten statistics reveals an Indiana team of extremes. The Hoosiers rank first in the conference in four offensive categories — scoring offense, field goal percentage, 3-point field goal percentage and 3-pointers made.

They also rank first in one defensive category — steals — with 69 total steals and an average of 8.6 per game. However, the rest of the defensive categories see Indiana ranking 12th in scoring defense (72.6 ppg), 13th in field goal percentage defense (.455), 10th in 3-point field goal percentage defense (.367) and tied for last in defensive rebounding percentage (.675).

What they’re saying
“(The Hoosiers) were humiliated on national television on Wednesday night, putting their season at a crossroads. If things don’t change, if the Hoosiers can’t figure out a way to play with pride defensively, they’re going to end up missing the NCAA tournament.
And (Tom) Crean may not be able to last the season in the pressure-cooker that Bloomington has become.” — writer Rob Dauster.

“To say Tom Crean’s Hoosiers played matador defense against Duke would be insulting to the matador who at least on occasion gets close to the bull.” — writer Dana O’Neil.

“How did a team that was re-tooling after a national championship (Duke) deliver a historic scorching of an opponent that had least three NBA-level athletes and was ranked No. 15 in the preseason (Indiana)?” — writer Luke Winn.

Yogi tracker
With 28 points against Alcorn State and Duke this week, senior guard Yogi Ferrell passed Bracey Wright to move into 16th place on the IU all-time scoring list with 1,499 points. Next up in 15th place is Archie Dees with 1,546 career points.

Ferrell also picked up five assists apiece in the two most recent games and is now just 19 behind Tom Coverdale for third on the all-time assists list. Ferrell is averaging 6.5 assists per game and has a 3.25:1 assist to turnover ratio this season.

Recruit watch
De’Ron Davis, 6-9, F, Aurora, Col., 2016:
Opened the season with 26 points and 12 rebounds in an 87-76 win over George Washington on Tuesday.
Grant Gelon, 6-5, G, Crown Point, 2016: Did not play.
Curtis Jones, 6-4, G, Highland Springs, Va. (Huntington Prep), 2016: Supplied 20 points and 10 assists in 73-61 win over Mountain Mission on Tuesday, nine points in 81-67 win over Tennessee Prep on Sunday and had 15 points and eight assists in 78-71 win over Virginia Episcopal last Saturday.
Al Durham, 6-4, G, Lilburn, Ga., 2017: Scored 22 points to lead Berkmar over Central Gwinnett, 72-69, on Tuesday and scored 12 points in 62-58 loss to Newton last Saturday.

Darby Foresman, 6-3, F, Heritage Christian, 2016:
Scored 10 points in an 89-39 win over East Chicago Central last Saturday.
Ria Gulley, 5-9, G, San Antonio, Texas, 2016: Posted 13 points for undefeated Clark in 66-56 win over San Antonio Madison on Tuesday.
Bre Wickware, 6-1, F, Denton, Texas, 2016: Dropped in a season-high 26 points during a 74-29 win over Dallas South Oak Cliff Tuesday.
Bailey Broadnax, 6-0, F, Crowley, Texas (Hill Junior College), 2016: Had five points and eight rebounds in a 54-48 over San Jacinto-North last Friday. Also had 12 points and nine rebounds in a 73-45 loss to Trinity Valley.
Alexis Johnson, 6-1, F, Houston, Texas, 2017: Finished with 18 points in Kinkaid’s 64-53 loss to A&M Consolidated on Tuesday.
Linsey Marchese, 6-4, C, Lawrenceville, Ga., 2017: Delivered 18 points and seven rebounds in Archer’s 62-24 win over Shiloh on Tuesday.
Bree Boles, 6-3, F, Lapel, 2018: Game-high 24 points and 11 rebounds led Bulldogs to 63-38 win over Centerville last Saturday, followed by 18 points and 11 rebounds in a 48-45 win over Tipton on Tuesday.


  1. The article mentioned by Jeremy written by NBC Rob Dauster is a masterpiece. It is a must read. If Crean survives the season he will be lucky.

  2. I thought there was a point last season with the team not playing any defense and everyone from announcers to fans to coaches commenting on it that Crean would use the open slot on the coaching staff to bring someone in to help. I think Crean and most major program head coaches have a difficult time admitting they need help. When he didn’t bring someone in to help, you could see the writing on the wall. Not sure how Glass couldn’t see that. If he wanted Crean to be successful, he should have let him know that he needed to fix the poor play.

    Like most, I think Crean is a good man, good family man, and ethical. I just don’t think he understood the phrase “it’s Indiana” when he adopted it. Indiana is about the style and approach to playing as much as anything. The hiring of coaches that want to churn their roster, have off court problems, have teams with athletic talent but lack basketball grit is not Indiana. I don’t think you can change Crean and I don’t think IU fans will change so there is only one unfortunate outcome for this experiment. It is time to prepare for the next chapter in Indiana basketball. The sooner, the better.

  3. Eight years is a long experiment, with no favorable results. The fans are fed up paying varsity club contributions and purchasing basketball tickets to watch a bunch of inferior teams come to assembly hall. If the men’s basketball program is that weak its a failure of the athletic director not taking action to correct the coaching problem. If there’s a next year for Tom Crean there will a severe drop off in fan support for I U Basketball. I haven’t read a single article on the Duke game that shed any positive light on the I U Coach and team play. We are becoming a Big Hat, No Cattle situation with I U Men’s Basketball, no substance. I going to tonight’s game to see what the fan reaction will be,

  4. The right time to fire our current coach was in 2013. Brad Stevens was taken by the Celtics at the same time. Apologists now say they supported the success. What success you casuists? The Syracuse debacle? The fact that WSJ called his team the greatest underachievers of all times? The Myers chase in Ann Arbor? Cutting nets after losing to Ohio State at home? A lost opportunity to recognize the limits of a used-car salesman… Now it’s too late. We have a coach who is as removed from the realities of basketball as one can ever be, an utopian coach that has a “system” that doesn’t work except perhaps in that basketball-devoid mind of his. Coach Nerf. That’s how I call him.

    But he’s still the Master of Happenstance and I enjoyed his eight years of slapstick here in Bloomington. What’s his is his and set aside. Let’s beat Morehead St. tonight!

  5. Yes, because coaches would be lining up to replace that coach that just got fired after winning the conference championship for the first time in 2 decades and earned a #1 seed to the Big Dance. Whatever the reasons.

    Certainly, every coach out there would think that the firing was reasonable and that this was the job to seek out as a savvy career move.

    Yeah, that’s what would happen.

  6. ^ Darling, Indiana was not seeking a lineup of coaches at the time. Indiana should have gotten Stevens. He was available at the time. (He isn’t now.) Letting Crean go in 2013 would have been good for him too. What program is likely to hire Crean now if he gets fired in April. (I mean beside Alcorn State who I am sure was very impressed with his “system”.)

  7. I’d be happy if Stevens were the coach now, too. By ‘available’ you mean he hadn’t gotten a call from the Celtics yet. He was still under contract not that such things are honored much anymore.

    To think that firing CTC at the end of the 2013 season was in way within the realm of reason is laughable.

    You are also ignoring the possibility that, having taken the Hoosiers job Stevens wouldn’t still jump at the opportunity to coach the most storied franchise in the NBA, not to mention fact that the Celtics are paying a million and a half more per year, not counting outside compensation, than the Hoosiers are paying their head coach.

  8. Darling, your views are as removed from reality now as they were then. Stevens was ready to leave Butler, clearly. The Celtics were one option. Indiana was another. Indiana suffers from a lack of leadership as far as the athletic department is concerned. Rick was Rick, then Fred got hired by Nerf. More of the same. The call from IU never came. Stevens is now off limits. Take care, sweetie, what can I say… Daddy loves you. One day you will understand these things. One day when you grow up. You gotta finish junior high first, puppy… Until then I hope the crow jerky has a good flavor. Not that I told you so but what the heck — did I not? Too much veracity, dearie, too much (for you anyway).

  9. Too much negativity. Need to look for that silver-lining.

    For example, we may be considered a ‘cup cake’ after this season. Keep CTC and collect those big bucks in the pre-conference playing those ranked teams. Transfer CTC’s plane to Wilson’s program. Couple of years of big bucks, IU can hire a new coach and keep CTC, but put Cook and Assembly Hall off limits to him. He would be known as TC

    Really want to make it interesting? Offer the General a 3 year contract.

    But back to reality, Purdue not looking sharp in the 2nd half vs New Mexico.

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