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  1. Yep Crean, everything was great… good analysis. Troy was awesome – just ignore the terrible defense, the excessive turnovers, and the lack of box outs. He had a great stat line so everything was great…. oh, but don’t look at the stat line when analyzing Bryant’s performance – for that you have to watch what was going on on the court.

    Your sales pitch is weak. You aren’t even self-aware enough to understand everyone is tuning this cr@p out. If you want anyone’s respect then begin to admit that issues exist, even in wins. Be honest. If you’re happy with effort that’s great, but become critical about the lack of execution. I’ll cue up some quotes for you for next time:

    “I loved Troy’s effort today. He was all over the court and gave us great energy, but he also still needs to do a lot of work on taking care of the ball. We’ve been waiting for a break-out rebounding game from him, and was happy to see the what, 19 rebounds, but most of those came from being a great athlete, not positioning or boxing out. For him to translate that success to B1G games we need him to be more consistent with the fundamentals. And to his credit he’s working on those things, but he needs to understand that there’s still work to be done.”

    “Bryant may not have had the best box score, but I though he did some things that don’t show up pretty well… like adjusting his ball-screen defense from the beginning of the game to the end. I thought he gave us good energy and effort. However, he still needs to work on his post positioning. There were a few times he posted too close to the baseline and gave himself poor angles to finish. The coaching staff also needs to do a better job incorporating him in the offense… that’s on me. Especially in a game like this where we can afford to be a little more patient, and where our perimeter players are getting what they want, that’s a great opportunity for us to slow down from time to time and run some sets for Thomas and get him some confidence.”

    “I really wasn’t happy with James today. He needs to learn to bring consistent effort and performance. He is so important to our ultimate success… we will only be a great team if we have him playing well, and not just some games, but every game. We don’t always need him to get 30, like he did the other night… or even 20, but he needs to make good decisions, play good individual defense, help us out on the defensive boards, and be a leader. His offense will come, we aren’t worried about that.”

    “I was happy with our bench play today, but I probably should have done a better job incorporating them in the game more. OG really should have played more minutes. We probably should have got Nick more involved… I mean he is probably the best shooter in America and we didn’t get him a single shot tonight. That’s on me, and that’s on his teammates. A lot of our offense is predicated on just finding the open man and taking a good shot, but we know that later in the season there will be times when we need to get a bucket, and this is the time to practice executing scenarios where we get our best shooters good shots. We failed to do that tonight.”

    “We can’t just be happy beating a team by 25 points… we need to take these opportunities to work on things and get better – both individually, as a team, and as a coaching staff… and I don’t feel like we did that today. I feel like it was a bit of a wasted opportunity. So now we have to practice hard the next few days and get ready for a very talented Notre Dame team that is certainly a step up in competition, but also probably more disciplined than us. We have a lot of work to do.”

    Thanks media, tell the fans Happy Holidays and we’ll work our tails off to try to give you something to celebrate on the 19th.

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