1. Mike – it is interesting that you edited out the beginning of what Coach Wilson said at the start of the press conference.

  2. OK. Let me help you out with that. Here is the link with the full press conference.

    Around the 18.20 mark is where Fred Glass doesn’t even introduce Kevin Wilson or give him any props on a great season even after Kevin White spoke so graciously about Coach Cutcliffe. Fred had the blueprint for the appropriate introduction but failed and in my opinion, embarrassed IU.

    Pretty sad since IU hasn’t been to a bowl game in how many years and Wilson got us back there this year.

  3. Wilson is a more impressive and impromptu public speaker than the businessman/lawyer AD that was hired by our goofy basketball coach.

    IU Athletics is an easy fix right now. Keep the energetic and intelligent football coach(not sure who did the maneuvering to get Wilson to Indiana, but I’ve got to believe it wasn’t Glass). Put Glass and the ‘money pit’ at Assembly, Crean, on a bus….

    Hire a new AD and start calling Brad….or Bill Coen…or just about any competent X’s and O’s coach that puts accountability on his own shoulders; a fearless and calm leader that can teach instead of only preach/pander and give disproportionate favoritism to freakish, low b-ball IQ, Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde spastic East Coast ballers that learn as they go(uninspiring to the NBA) at McCracken’s expense.

    Wilson emits the bright light of genuineness and unpretentious confidence. Glass and Crean are the ball and chain…They waste the millions…
    They witch hunt and happenstance their way toward making our basketball program into a joke . The state of Indiana has way too much heritage and roots in the game to allow this carnival act to make an embarrassment of the storied candy stripes that once moved in same stride with those statewide basketball traditions built from love, craftiness, the honoring of all facets of the game, and simple grit. .

  4. Actually AD Glass is absolutely the 1 to hire Wilson after consulting with Chuck Neinas a high profile expert in collegiate sports administration. Wilson was prominent on the Neinas list of candidates rated high for IU to target for a host of reasons to meet IU’s/Glass criteria. I distinctly remember as soon as the hire was known Glass’s 1st acknowledgement to the hire was “I got him, I got my man”. Nuff said!

  5. …and Crean had no more to do with selecting Glass than anyone else on the committee who were charged with adding to a list of candidates for the Pez and the BOT to select from…I doubt highly they ever had met before…

  6. Glass’s son went to Marquette…

    And a basketball coach at IU doesn’t belong a football field near the room that will hire his new boss….unless said basketball coach’s name is Bobby Knight .

  7. …a Son attending Marquette…that certainly is not proof of anything…if you’d stick to facts you would not be so perpetually long winded on this blog…

  8. FACT: You weren’t in the room.. (unless your withholding your grand influence on the process)
    FACT: Glass’s son attended Marquette(would later attend IU’s Law School)
    FACT: His son worked in journalism while an undergrad at Marquette ..He worked at writing sports stories for the campus paper, “The Marquette Wire,” while Crean was coaching at Marquette.
    FACT: Fred Glass had Indy ties to a lawyer that sat on the Crean hiring committee.

    FACT: Those are facts. They are not conspiracies. They add up to no more or no less than anything your fly sh__ sticking to a wall of a hiring committee room you were not inside.

    FACT: Crean was part of a committee that would utlimately decide the name of his own boss who would determine his own pay and the length of his stay…and extensions…and more extensions…and more pay..

    SPECULATION you can bet your electric pie-making Proctor Silex Iron Skillet,,, and your pig farm on:
    Fred Glass will never fire Tom Crean. We are stuck.

  9. This is sort of interesting…I would even say it’s sort of scary.

    Letter to the Editor

    September 28, 2006

    After an athlete or coach signs a large contract, it’s easy to list reasons why he or she might not deserve the money. I was therefore not entirely surprised to read your editorial ripping Tom Crean’s new contract extension.

    Common sense, however, says that Marquette is right to do everything possible to keep Crean here. He took over a struggling program and helped push it back into the national forefront. This year, he heads a squad that many believe to be one of top 20 in the nation.

    To compare Crean’s situation with Tom Izzo’s is ridiculous. Izzo inherited a basketball powerhouse at Michigan State, while Crean revived a program that hadn’t succeeded in years.

    One must also consider that basketball is the sole source of athletic revenue at Marquette and therefore a much bigger investment. Saying that Crean owes his success to Dwyane Wade is equally absurd. Having marquee players like Wade and now Dominic James is only a testament to his ability as a recruiter.

    Marquette is lucky Crean hasn’t already been lured by other bigger name programs
    (he was reportedly on the short list at both Ohio State and Indiana) and should feel good about securing such a vibrant, successful coach for the next 10 years.

    Joey Glass is a freshman in the College of Communication.

  10. Fine, your facts are good trivia. But prove nothing. You now, as usual have no substantiation for your BS. And no I was not in the room, so please prove you were and I will believe you. So are you the 1 withholding? Something has to give or you are still unbelievable as usual.

  11. I just never realized that in 2006 Crean was already a scary good coach. Those “committees” were scary good camouflage. Hell, why can’t we run a quality backdoor play when it’s during that silly phase of a job called a basketball game?
    Yup, that is also very scary. Competence at that level scares the hell out of me.. Scary to see people so invested in Crean that all ended up at IU. And the irony..? They actually ran only two plays that we’ve never seen a Crean team competently run: A solid weakside play to free up a backdoor opening and an inbound play ….It worked from Marquette to Indy to Bloomington. Hell, that’s better than the Homer Drew can draw up for Bryce ….Scary good sh___ …I’d say the men were like their wives in Manhattan…They were primed to go shopping.

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