1. First step; get those earrings out of your ears + no head phones unless it is lectures on defense, taking care of bb, rebounding, getting loose balls . If you win 20 games and are 20 and 0 then you can have option of 1 earring and head phones playing other than bb..

  2. Little annoyed at both of them here – kind of a “who cares man” vibe from both of them throughout this whole interview. Clearly very little respect for Crean. The whole team has this funk hanging over them. You almost get the impression that something has happened internally (i.e. in the club house in front of the players and the coaches only). Was it a fight, was it a player totally disrespecting Crean in front of the entire clubhouse? What was it? But something is way off. Too much talent on this team to suck this bad.

  3. The teams whole mannerisms seem like taem in termoil. and it is only game 8. They seem like they just want it over already!!

  4. Total embarrasment to Indiana basketball….players arrested…player’s kicked off….if Glass won’t make the move to fire Crean….then Glass should be fired first.Indiana is in a free fall..but it will get much worse before the season is over.Congrats to Steve Alford and UCLA for a very impressive victory over Kentucky.UCLA would beat IU by 20 playing them even in The Hall because they will play defense.If Bruce Pearl or Steve Alford is not the head coach here next year…then Indiana will turn into a football school.At least the football team is going to a bowl…the basketball will be lucky to make the NIT.

  5. That dunk by Ali over Poythress has to be the play of the year so far in CBB. Cemented momentum and fouled out UK’s most experienced player. And it was massive.

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