4 storylines for Indiana’s game at Nebraska #iubb

1. Hoosier ball security
The turnover problems that helped sink Indiana’s appearance at the Maui Invitational reappeared during IU’s trip to the East Coast. Indiana’s season-high 23 errors against Rutgers on Wednesday were a major cause for concern, and had the Scarlet Knights not missed so many uncontested layups, they could have sent the Hoosiers to yet another troubling defeat. It all added up to a nearly disastrous turnover percentage of .307 — an unacceptable and unbecoming figure for a team that leans so heavily on offensive production.

2. Will anyone play defense?
Indiana’s penchant for defensive breakdowns has been well-documented. Nebraska, meanwhile, is also showing signs of defensive failure. Cornhuskers coach Tim Miles expressed frustration in his team’s defensive effort after blowing a double-digit lead in the second half at home in Wednesday’s 81-72 loss to Northwestern. The upstart Wildcats were playing without big man Alex Olah, but that didn’t stop them from outrebounding the Huskers, 40-25, and taking the fight straight to the home team. “They broke us,” Miles told reporters after the game. Will IU be able to deliver a follow-up punch?

3. Clarity on James Blackmon Jr.’s status
Blackmon accompanied the Hoosiers on their trip to Nebraska, and, according to an Indiana spokesman, the sophomore guard is “continuing to be evaluated.” Blackmon suffered an injury to his right knee when he hit the court wrong during a non-contact drill near the end of Monday’s practice. It’s not the same knee that suffered previous meniscus and ACL injuries during recent years, but the lack of clarity on the situation is troubling almost a week after the injury occurred. Blackmon is 10th in scoring in the Big Ten with 15.8 points per game.

4. Andrew White’s impact for Huskers
After transferring from Kansas and sitting out last season per NCAA rules, White has emerged as one of the Big Ten’s top offensive weapons. The 6-foot-7 wing leads all conference newcomers and ranks fifth overall with 17.4 points per game. He’s finished in double figures in 12 of Nebraska’s 14 games, including three 20-point performances. “(He) has come in and is playing great for them,” IU’s Troy Williams said. “I think their strengths are how they move without the ball. Andrew White can really play with the ball or without it.”


  1. Maybe Troy should watch someone play with out the ball. And the whole team watch someone play defense

  2. Prediction for B1G season. Best 7-11 worst 5-13 as they are playing now. I don’t see JB as that big of loss. He can’t, or better yet WON’T guard my refrigerator. Unless this team gets a lot of toughness, decides to play defense, and protects the ball that’s how I see it.

  3. Troy will score 23 today.

    We need more East Coast recruits.

    I love this revolving door of mini MJ’s with no jump shots. But just like Banner-Dipo, the jumpers will start dropping in the NBA for a crappy team that nobody watches

    Meanwhile, these ballers from Massachusetts and Maryland, and the MJ basketball academies that turn them out, keep us relevant. I like being relevant. Don’t you like being relevant?

    Blackmon and most Indiana kids got no game. They are as lazy as Hollowell(now leading GS in boards and 14+ pts/per game0 with lead in shoes. They rest on defense as much as on their petty Indiana high school laurels. They have gatherings at steakhouses to fantasize about an NBA they can’t reach without the Dipos and Troys of the world.

    Our only hope is if Crean can keep the pipeline to the East open, If we support such endeavors, I thoroughly expect a Final Four within his fourth extension somewhere around the year 2028. . Keep the faith.

    Indiana 84
    Nebraska 72

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