Blackmon to undergo surgery today #iubb

UPDATED: 6:40 p.m.
Tom Crean had this to say about Blackmon during tonight’s pregame show:

“We’re anxious to get back with him when that time comes and help him get back in the process of healing. His attitude has been fantastic the entire time since he got hurt. He’s really done a great job. This was not the news anybody wanted, but the bottom line was this was what was needed. We’ll do our best with it and we’ll determine where that leads us. We’re confident. I know the family is confident in the care. (But) it’s a blow. There’s no other way to put it. It’s a blow. He’s a great young man, but he’s one of the great young guards in America. The numbers back that up. … We’re getting better and James was getting better too. That’s the hard part.”

UPDATED: 4:15 p.m.

James Blackmon Jr.’s season may be over.

Indiana announced Tuesday that the sophomore guard will undergo surgery on his right knee this afternoon, and according to, Blackmon is expected to miss the remainder of the season.

A timetable for Blackmon’s recovery is not immediately clear, but the program expects to have a final determination on his status by tonight.

IU coach Tom Crean has declined to discuss the specific nature of Blackmon’s injury while he underwent evaluations over the last week.

Blackmon has missed IU’s first two Big Ten games after he injured his right knee in practice last Monday. Knee injuries have been a recurring issue for Blackmon, who underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee in July. Blackmon previously tore the ACL in his left knee while in high school.

“This is a very tough outcome for our Indiana team, but most importantly for James,” IU coach Tom Crean said in a statement. “He is establishing himself as one of the most elite guards in the country this season. I feel terrible for him and he has a tough road ahead of him but it is one he has been down before and we fully believe that this process will lead him to have an incredible future in the game at Indiana and well beyond. We look forward to helping him with his full recovery and I know he appreciates everyones thoughts, prayers and concerns.”

Blackmon, who considered a jump to the NBA after his freshman season, is second on the team in scoring at 15.8 points per game. He is third in the Big Ten in 3-point field goals made per game (2.8) and is seventh in 3-point field goal percentage (46.3).

In two seasons at Indiana, the Hoosiers are 21-0 when Blackmon shoots 47 percent or higher from the field.

Indiana hosts Wisconsin tonight at 7 at Assembly Hall.


  1. JB plagued by injuries and that is tough. He is not one of the most elite guards in the country, just a TC comment so he can say we lost another best player in the country or we may have a better record.

  2. I feel bad for Blackmon. The silver lining to this cloud may be that this injury causes him to return for a third year at IU, allowing him to mature and refine his skills before attempting to play in the NBA. And I feel bad for IU, because this is a blow to IU’s offense. It seems we’ve suffered injuries to several key starters over the years.

  3. Hopefully, James is able to use his ‘down time’ to do whatever needs to be done to prevent more knee injuries. His upside is unlimited if he can stay healthy long enough to refine his game.

  4. Supreme Indiana talent. I lot of people hated on this kid because they hate when a top guard from within our borders doesn’t go to Michigan State or Michigan…or SMU. But it’s kids like EJ and JBJ…and Yogi and Gary Harris…and that wonderful little guard that plays on SMU(can’t remember his name right now) that keeps at bay the stereotypes many of the Establishment want to paint upon Indiana hoops(as if it’s cornfed Cody and cornfed Bobby Plump…and barns, and Hollywood films depicting all that Hickory Dickory Dackich, Milan, Plump, and Bobby brought it to Indiana…hogwash).

    Hate to break it to ya, but this guy was also “Hickory, Dickory, Hoosier” (and that’s not a barn owl….it’s more of a Baryshnikov of Attucks)

    Ballers abound from this paradise of hoops diversity. And James Blackmon is a baller.
    He’ll be missed. Wishing you a speed recovery James.

  5. Nic Moore is probably the SMU guard’s name you’re trying to remember, from Warsaw? Post # 1 — you call yourself an IU fan? Hogwash. JBJ’s absence from the lineup will undoubtedly make a difference in IU’s final record. On another note, I’m still recovering from last night’s triple OT game in Lawrence, KS. Special players on both teams, first time for me to watch Hield (sp?) of OK.

  6. mi (comment #6), you’re right. No Blackmon will make a difference in IU’s final record. It will be better than it would have been with him playing. He walks around, he never feeds the post, and his effort on D is deplorable. In the 7 non-conf guarantee games he avg. 19 ppg. In the other 6, the 5 away from AH plus Creighton, he put in 12/game.

    If you need someone to put up 30 on the Braves of Alcorn State he’s your guy. But if you want a more cohesive, active unit (read: more OG), one treats defense as more than just what you do until it’s your turn to shoot, then IU is better off w/o him. Sad but true.

  7. ^Watford received the same sort of garbage on here until he made THE shot against UK that gave Crean is extensions and validation(and escape route to never play UK again)…And then the crap sorta gradually returned for Watford until he made the huge block to save the Temple game in March Madness….and thus another Sweet 16 for Crean…and more extensions.

    Too bad we have these lazy Hoosiers…I’m kind of pissed because without them, Crean would never have his biggest victories.

    Did I bring up Remy…? Yeah, he sucked as well …as he saved us against @ Purdue(more Crean validation…I mean, what do the fans love more than a win in Mackey?)…and saved us in a March Madness game by bringing up the ball against a VCU press when Jordy was getting swallowed alive.. Never forget how Crean when into complete meltdown with Hulls…

    I do like OG…I do like the Missouri connection.

    I doubt if we’ll see Blackmon in a Hoosier uniform again. Maybe he gets his sophomore year back in full if he transfers? I would honestly not be surprised if he ends up with a better coach with more inside weapons …And that means UK. He probably should have went there from the beginning.

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