Dakich has strong words for Knight’s absence #iubb

On his radio show Wednesday, former Indiana player, assistant and interim coach Dan Dakich tore into Bob Knight’s latest no-show.

Broadcasting on 1070 AM in Indianapolis, Dakich delivered a piercing takedown of Knight’s refusal to attend Tuesday’s celebration of the 1976 undefeated national championship team at Assembly Hall.

Nine players — Quinn Buckner, Scott May, Kent Benson, Bobby Wilkerson, Tom Abernethy, Jim Crews, Scott Eells, Wayne Radford and Jim Roberson — returned for the gathering, as did scores of family members, friends and others connected to the IU program. Knight, who was fired by the university in 2000, was invited but did not attend.

Knight previously declined to attend his IU Athletics Hall of Fame induction in 2009, and later passed on former guard A.J. Guyton’s request to attend his induction ceremony in 2014. Knight has fielded multiple overtures in recent years asking him to return to IU, and while he’s been back to the city of Bloomington, he has refused a return to campus.

“I have never seen in my time a more self-interested, self-involved display than I saw last night by coach Knight not being there,” Dakich said during a nearly 12-minute segment discussing Knight’s absence. “If he truly believed that this team was the greatest, he would’ve been there.”

For Dakich’s full segment, listen below:


  1. Miller both you and Dakich know very well that Coach Knight already has addressed this topic already a long time ago… Coach Knight was were it mattered when it mattered — specifically in 1976, on the sidelines, coaching that team — there’s absolutely no need for him to come to Bloomington to validate the nincompoops (or, should you prefer a fancier term, epigones) that are running the program now.

    The “Mighty” Quinn Buckner said it clearly: “We are who we are because of Coach Knight. He’s [here].”

  2. The “Mighty” Quinn (Buckner) is an NCAA champion (1976), NBA champion (Celtics, 1984) and 1976 Olympic champion (Montreal, Canada). He is currently broadcasting for the Pacers with Chris Denari on Fox Sports Indiana. Meanwhile anything memorable that Dakich has done in recent memory is an on-going impression of Gene Keady.

    Bob Knight offered Dakich a scholarship at IU, and he enrolled in 1981. In A Season on the Brink, the classic book about Knight and IU basketball, author John Feinstein described Dakich as the “prototype slow white kid who couldn’t run or jump.” But he was a gritty player. What he might have lacked in athletic ability, he made up for in smarts and toughness.

    In the 1984 NCAA tournament, the Hoosiers played a top-seeded North Carolina team that featured six future NBA players, including Michael Jordan. Knight assigned Dakich to guard him. “Jordan took a turnaround jump shot, and I remember thinking, as I had my hand up, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar could not block this shot,” he says. But Dakich committed to Knight’s game plan of taking away offensive rebounds and back cuts to the basket, even while battling foul trouble and a stomach bug that had him throwing up before and during the game. Jordan scored 13 points, seven fewer than his season average, and the Hoosiers won. Dakich became The Guy Who Stopped Michael Jordan.

    If you ask Dakich about the game—and one or two people a week still do—he’ll tell you IU’s victory was a lesson in toughness and the effectiveness of Knight’s system. “Coach Knight was the greatest coach in the history of basketball,” Dakich says, “because he won with guys like me.”

  3. The truth is that Indiana has a walk-on coach … and a (more or less) walk-on AD … If Dakich really means it … he should take his foot out of his mouth and just walk … Dakich resigns in protest … that would be so powerful … the protest would be strengthened even further if Fred “The AD” Flinstone and Barney (the) “Rubble” Resurrector would join in similar fashion! … Whoah … I imagine students would immediately flood the campus at the news … proceed to turn the Showalter fountain upside down again … in frustration … and ultimately gather by the thousands in Dunn Meadow asking the above mentioned three to reconsider… 😆 <snicker>

  4. Next year when they celebrate the 1987 team I hope they invite Ricky Calloway too.

    They should make Ricky the emcee.

    I actually think Fred and Barney can easily raise a banner every year that ends with 0, 1, 3, 6 or 7 (to celebrate a whole number of decades since the original banners). Years ending with 2, 5 or 8 we could have half-banners (whole number of lustra since the 1987, 1940 and the 1953 titles, still impressive)… and they need not stop here … for years ending in 9 … there’s 1979 NIT title … for years ending in 4 … CCAT champions in 1974 … so there you have it … every year: a banner. Elite.

  5. Bob Knight was a brilliant coach. But he’s a pathetic man. Myles Brand is long gone but Knight continues the feud. Again..just pathetic.

  6. Hard to believe how dense DD is. Or is he just pandering to an audience? As long as he was around RMK he knows he has always done as he damn well pleases. In other words we all know what we’re going to get. Anyone who is/was an RMK/IU fan knows Knight considered the 1975 team the very best he coached.

  7. Dak is not helping matters. Coach Knight owes nothing to IU or anyone else. Why not leave him alone?

    Some day I hope IU and Coach can work thus out. That’s what I want. That’s what many of us want. For now it is clear that is not what Coach wants. I can respect that.

    Dak is hunting listeners with his shock game. Without Coach Knight Dak is never heard of. He should show more respect for the man that made his career for him. I’m done with Dak.

  8. We should have a McCracken reunion celebration for Dan’s hair….and the first raising of a bald spot banner..

    I once heard a rumor that Dakich applied for working as an assistant coach under Knight at Texas Tech but ‘The General’ was too cheap toupee him.

    Knight originally claimed that Dan was the best recruit he ever had from what is known as the “Region” of male-pattern hair loss. This is a Generally known fact.

    Pick-up games for Dan always involve ‘mop-up’ time before it tips off. or something to that effect.

    Dan never got his big shot to guard MJ in the NBA…He missed going in the 2nd round by a hair.

    The hit movie of the day during Dan’s high school years was ‘The Shining’…which is, coincidentally, Dan’s nickname at ESPN.

  9. Dakich is right on the mark. Bob is, was and always will be a child who happened to be a brilliant basketball coach. IU owes him nothing.

  10. Want more…?

    When Dan and Joe Lunardi show up at the same event, it’s known as ‘Thatchetology.’

    Dan’s dressing room is sometimes referred to as the ‘Staples Center.’

  11. Wow there are alot of Knight lovers good riddance he is like child holding grudges because of his own arrogant behavior im honestly getting tired of even talkin about him

  12. We all know what this is about, folks. Bob Knight has the most luscious waves of sun-bleached wheat that a scalp could ever dream. …while Dan is Wheat Thins…and thins …and thins..

  13. Dakich has a radio show and need something to get the fans up in the air to keep his ratings up, to borrow a Dakich phrase, who gives a rat’s a– what Dakich thinks. For I U fans Coach Knight love or dislike him his teams put I U on the elite list and now that’s all history with the current coaching situation. Also ask yourself, if you had a job and were shoved out the door would you go back and suck up to the employer for their benefit of putting you on public display?

  14. Dan changed barbers today…The last guy refused ‘Rug Doctor’ coupons.

  15. When I think of Dakich I remember the 1984 regional final against Virginia. With the score tied in the final seconds of the game Dakich gets his pocket picked and Virginia scores and wins the game 50-48. Dakich is a legend in his own mind.

  16. He probably should have got his one year for cleaning up after the frivolous NCAA witch hunt.

    All the celebrity in the world doesn’t mend a broken heart. Indiana broke his heart. His so-called “fans” see him as more the radio clown than the “coach” he dreamed they would embrace.

    Would we have been worse off hiring Dan for a couple years than taking the recommendations of Joey Glass sending slobbering letters home to daddy and future ‘caddyshack committee’ Indy lawyers?

    Dan was bamboozled by insiders at Indiana that were already putting their plans into place. They wanted committees…They didn’t want Dan. And the daily tragedy of such reality speaks everyday out his microphone. Dan’s not bitter at Knight. It’s simply the only place he can place it.

  17. And somewhere deep inside such twisted love and twisted rejection experienced by Dakich is likely veiled snickering at every dysfunctional Crean mess of a Hoosier game he gets to broadcast for ESPN….It’s the closest thing to payback for a scorned lover.

  18. Totally agree with #5 triple and #11 Dorien. Loved Knight when he was our coach but lost all respect for RMK when he started strangling players. IU for life! Go Hoosier!

  19. So many new screen names on this thread…Welcome aboard new name #1 and new name #2…and new name #3. Maybe 1 + 2 = 3…and 3 – 2 = 1…and 3 + 2 = 1 + 2.. How do we ever know..? How do we ever know/?

    Maybe Dakich = 1 = 2 + 3 = move subject off crappy Indiana Basketball and crappy coach Crean = rating boost for Scoop.

    The videos of Crean’s teams “choking” in March Madness at the sight of every superior coach are not of the blurry Sports Illustrated variety.

  20. At the end of the day, that’s the self-serving purpose of these endless reunions and constant dancing of the old Knight skeletons. And when Crean had his twitter account active, his next favorite subject after Joyce was Bobby. He’s chased Knight in New York and forever chases his name at Indiana for validation. It’s an endless carousel of marketing and facades to take the focus off sub-standard basketball at the dysfunctional hands of a weak coach and weak AD at a once storied basketball school

    Wake up, people. If you were “IU for life,” you’d be capable of seeing it for what it is. It’s not a surprise to any of us that Knight was not a perfect man …nor a perfect coach. But see this bullcrap for what it is and demand better of Indiana and yourself.

  21. To comment number 9. You said IU owes Bob Knight nothing an the way I see it Bob Knight owes IU nothing either. Dan D is nothing but a self proclaimed know it all. If you listen to his show real close you can hear the beep beep beep of him backing up when someone proves him wrong ( which is quite often) or he hangs up on them an calls them names.

  22. The media circus that would have ensued with the return of Knight would have completely taken the spotlight away from the team. I’m glad he wasn’t there. I’d be happy to see Knight return to Indiana someday (although, I don’t think it’ll ever happen), but Dakich is wrong. I think it would have been more selfish for Knight to return, taking away the spotlight from the players.

  23. I’m a bit older and see things differently than I did at one time.

    Had Coach Knight come to the game. He would have become bigger than the team. Every eye would have been on him. All attention would be on him. He would have become the story and would have been the focus of the press conference…. NOT HIS PLAYERS….

    Personally I think by not coming, Coach Knight allowed the focus to be on his players instead of himself.

  24. totally off of IU basketball, but where does Fred Glass and Kevin Wilson stand on completing a contract extension for CKW? Has that been done, I’ve not seen nor heard anything about that for a while? Can you update me on that?

  25. A “media circus” is certain to be a big reason Knight has chosen on many occasions to stay away from some special events. No doubt other feelings are involved too. He has had his time in the center ring and does not want to dilute attention from those he holds with respect. He did just the opposite when coaching as Buckner explained about the team during the ’76’ season never felling pressure because RMK managed the circus away from them. He is now 75 years old and at some point I suspect will come back for another 1 of those player reunions But I doubt it will be for something orchestrated much by the University or the BB program.

  26. The important question of the day….

    Why give Dakich free advertising on Scoop when it’s Rick Bizitch(daddy of the ITH apologist), and not Jeremy Price, that gets invited to talk on Dakich’s radio show?

    Solution; It’s all in the “ich”….Jeremy needs to change his last name to Prizich and join the Iron Curtain…Join the totalitarian government of total Crean supremacy and devotion. Jeremy Prizich, RAISE THAT SPAM PROTECTION WALL and JOIN THE HOOSIER IRON CURTAIN HALL! Your numbers won’t dwindle while the Hoosier world you’ll swindle!

    Knight will return to McCracken from his ass-up burial chamber upon Crean’s first banner….It will be a massive holy meets holey event as none never witnessed before. A fountain will be installed in Bob’s ass-likeness where fans can mingle on a summer’s day and toss coins into the Skjodt-Cracken Bannner Wishing Fountain….

  27. make that the The General’s Skjodt-Crean-Cracken Banner Wishing Fountain. It spurts….It just spurts.

  28. I agree Knight would have been the biggest story on the night. But WHO perpetuates that factor…., Knight. I’m one of his biggest fans, but even he must see that he makes the “story” bigger and bigger by resisting all the invitations. Surely, it would be a large event if he returned. But like all other enormous media events, would be put into perspective within a few days.
    And a return of Bob Knight to IU, we all know is not as important to Coach Knight as it is to the thousands of fans who revere him and only want a chance to show their appreciation.
    Some things are meant to be, and others….., we can always hope that things might chance.

  29. Best description I,ve heard yet for CTC (from # 3) “a walk-on coach”. From his last performance what he really needs is a cheerleader outfit. What IU basketball needs is a new banner. We once were elite.

  30. It’s very simple. Knight does not want to return to IU or to Assembly Hall. He does not want to participate in any ceremony that honors him or his teams’ accomplishments in any way. I don’t believe he will ever return. I respect his choice, and it does not, in my mind, diminish his accomplishments at IU or detract from any of the great teams and/or players that he coached. It’s obvious that Knight has let all that go. Time for us to do the same.

  31. I love all the amateur psychologists and experts on Bob Knight. Some of them undoubtedly self-appointed and perhaps born since his last Championship. Irregardless.

    None of us knows his motivations or reasons.

    The fact is that the fan base is still fractured. IU needs him to come back to try to repair that fracture. Him coming back to IU casts legitimacy on the program as it is. I suspect he’s happy fishing and living life on his terms. No matter the pettiness lesser men extend him here..

    As someone who lived and died every game from 1963 to 2000, I couldn’t tell you when they play again.
    But for me, I’d pay pretty much anything to watch him walk out of that locker room one more time in my own lifetime. Head down. Hand in his pocket. Red sweater. But I give him the choice to make that call for himself.

  32. A bit off topic, but am I the only one who projectile vomits every time they read the “Ken Nunn Loves IU Basketball” sign right at the scorers table?

    I can’t believe that IU Athletics has sold it’s soul to take that crook’s money. What’s next, neck braces with Candy Stripes?

  33. Autocorrect has made me its prison term for the one of the bottom today.

    That should be “scorer’s table” and “its soul”.

  34. #31 was a gem and truly a marvelous post…It hits to my own emotions.

    Maybe it happens if we someday get a coach instead of a buffoon. No house should die fractured. No man should never be left dishonored and unforgiven for his bad deeds relatively minor in comparison to the amount of good attempted and accomplished..

  35. AJ Guyton is blowing up Twitter. Dan Dakich said that he and Luke Recker ruined Indiana basketball.

    LOL. AJ is the absolute model for earning and wearing the candy stripes with class, dignity and toughness. Someone needs to stuff a candy striped sock in DD’s mouth.

  36. Thank you Harvard. I appreciate that. Now that I’m “older” I see things differently than ever before.
    In my youth I was as big a Knight devotee as there was. But time, experience, and recognition of my own issues in life have revealed to me that he was mortal like the rest of us. Bigger than life and flawed as well. As you said, his flaws while public were much less than the good he did that program, school, and young men he touched. Certainly not perfect. But we’re all better for him having coached at IU.

    Today’s students and young folks cannot comprehend the reality of IU basketball circa: 72-93.
    The pride people in this state had for this program.

    As fans, we reveled in several things:
    That they played truly beautiful team basketball.
    That they beat the heck out of other teams with lesser talent.
    That they beat the heck out of teams by playing smarter and more unselfish.
    That they beat the other teams with kids who went to class and were recruited honestly.

    Those teams were the exact opposite of the program as many see it today. The players weren’t saints. But they toed a pretty tight line. People appreciated that the National Player of the Year didn’t own a car and rode a bike and walked around campus. That the All Big Ten center drove a nasty old station wagon that looked like it had taken anti-aircraft fire.

    There was a beauty in the way they played.

    And there was one reason the teams avoided NCAA issues and graduated players and won all those games.
    Whether he wants to come back and be acknowledged by the school or not.

  37. Dakich throws up more on the air than he did when he heard he was going to guard MJ.

    If RMK was going to return to IU, it would not be for this game. If he had shown up as many people wanted, the all the lime light would have been shifted away from the guys that won the championship, 32-0 season.

    Dakich mouths off because he gets to. He’s paid to. Part of keeping up his image and his job.

  38. Knight was fired. Who in the hell comes back to a place where you were fired? I guess though it just depends on the man. Mike Davis had no trouble showing up for his honoring. It shouldn’t be a surprise Knight didn’t show up. I don’t ever expect him to show up. In fact, I could care less if he shows up. That ship has sailed away.

    DD is an entertainer. Plain and simple. To survive on radio, you must “rock the boat” if you will for the simple fact of ratings. I like how he speaks his mind but why oh why did he have to bring the whole Kniight saga up again? Oh, I forgot. Ratings.

  39. Ghostridah- You don’t have to be old to have wisdom…and getting more is no guarantee with age. I tend to remember that I never got too caught up in the basketball at IU…I loved it when they were still somewhat of a Cinderella(even with a coach that had a one-of-a-kind mind for the game) when heading into every March. I loved the first deep run with Downing …and got completely absorbed in the Final Four against Walton….
    But when you’re young, it’s all so relatively unimportant. I don’t think the young IU fans of today are any different. I don’t judge them for not filling stands or accepting bad coaches vs. good coaches…Those obsessive over Hoosier sports on Scoop, Twitter, and other sites (including yours truly) are inclined to make everything bigger and more inflated than it could ever be in those days of youth and distraction.

    You have allowed me some reflection. It was all so much more fun to watch IU…or high school ball…or my favorite heroes of professional teams when life wasn’t lost its wisdom to the favor of narcissism, cynicism, and critique of all things. Maybe I do chase phantoms. Maybe it’s just a result of the smirk on the face of the wall clock that makes for twisted logic of days shorter and thus more examined…and, thus, more wasted. The ironic twist of living every breath as the seasoned “expert” and critic to apply “wisdom”: is how it steals the carefree days of loving something you love simply because it “is” i…

    All the stuff that matters so much now seemed to exist completely removed from the days that all the fun was just in watching or partaking.. And watching a favorite team or a big game, it twas back to the dorm or back in the arms a girlfriend…or back chugging some beers in solitude and putting on a album.

    I think the wisdom in life is not having any. What does get a life even mean anymore? Social media and the speed of lighting delivery every nuance of every aired/internet story get us all so caught up, consumed, and miserable. It’s not free time. It’s overload and the nature of our beast is to feed on everything while the important stuff in life and love get shunned to corners of lost innocence and lost gratitude…But without the quite waters that truly feed the soul of happiness and recklessness for the pondering eye that desires time, we will grow a miserable existence.

  40. And watching [watching] a favorite team or a big game, it was back to the dorm….

  41. I started at IU in the Fall of 1972 and graduated in the Spring of 1976. I was there when this team was formed and then reached the ‘mountaintop’ in 1976. I was a Knight supporter and then apologist in subsequent years. I reached the conclusion that he should be fired for his behavior before Brand did. His termination was completely justified. I hear Dakich on ESPN basketball broadcasts and on the radio when I am in ‘Nap. I don’t particularly like him on TV nor do I agree with much of what I hear on the radio. In this, he’s right. This isn’t about Bobby Knight. It’s about the 1975/1976 IU undefeated NCAA Championship team and their fans. He should have been there and wasn’t “big enough” to do the right thing.

  42. oops.. found another

    [quiet] waters.

    That’ will do me…

    Goodnight and good luck.

  43. He doesn’t do the “right’ thing…He does the “Knight” thing…and allows others to accept, decline, or to play God. Crean is so polar opposite of the man and likely the roadblock that makes him vomit when he’s within 50 miles of wonderful memories.

    Now it’s goodnight …and good luck!

  44. One of my kids behaved in a similar manner as RMK but grew out of it by the time he started preschool.
    So, he’s avoiding a ‘media circus’?
    If you haven’t noticed he is in the center ring of that circus by choice.
    Let it go. Forget him.

  45. Let it go. Forget him.

    Tell that to those that tweet his quotes in pretending to model his coaching and student’-athlete values, chased him like a lunatic when he was working for ESPN(when he was wanting to mind his own business), and organize every bogus reunion in the world to invent a new way to force a hand. If it’s time to get over it. Please tell Crean’s greasy handshake….his glorious tweets and podium quotes always wrapped like a present for himself with a Bobby crimson bow., and the circus director/marketer/pyrotechnic expert that is solely about fielding the next promotion on McCracken instead of delivering winning basketball in this long removed ere from the short shorts now Kent Benson’s XXXL candy striped Depends.

    Isn’t winning basketball the best medicine in the world to forget and move on….?

    But what choices do the clowns have when they can’t reel in the fans with such an ugly basketball product? Instead, our coach, and AD….and Dan Dakich(on airways) endlessly hark of the past, find more dollars to erect the next museum entranceway, paint more graphics of the past on hallways leading to Crean’s office, spend more dollars and drive the same subject matter home to carve the statues of the best lifelike representation of Knight and his former teams..and endlessly conduct year after year Box Office
    Assembly Hall hits to sell tickets for getting a glimpse of Knight’s former players(many of which from those iconic teams on record with regard to their feelings and loyalties toward Knight)(as if torn between two lovers) instead of a glimpse and new deep tournament runs and championship trophies coming home.

    And the entire mission of Ringmaster Glass and his # 1 draw, ‘InTompetent the Clown,’ is to resurrect nothing of finely played basketball. It is their mission to forever make Knight and the past relevant because it makes them relevant at what, they, themselves, are not capable. Every reunion is an intended transcendence of validation in a bottle sent upon the ocean of remembered images and old heroes strutting across McCracken’s Nostalgia Sea to connect the eras from past to the future as if it comes on the same time traveling sails for NCAA greatness.

    They hoist these past events upon their own shoulders in ‘Banners for Everyone!’ ceremonies . The true cutting down of storied nets associated with the game’s most stellar achievements they can now transpose to be part of their own hapless and blasphemous Assembly Hall careers as they sell the ghosts of title runs swirling about their pirated ship made of nothing their own March Madness hardwood a sturdy keel. Their game is Monty Hall…meets Let’s Make a Banner Deal.. The deficient product of the NOW is their pirate sail..The gold is their own need for validation among the circus attendees in the seats that are of passive and defeated minds without a compass or the heart to brave a new day.

    It is their choice to not build their own ship and set their own course. It is their fears and not Knight’s bitterness that brought these stagnant days of reunions and excessive perfumes of marketing…. They don’t have the constitution nor the desire of a Knight…They are the night without the ‘K’…They are the oils without the sweat and grit on the decks of true will to fight with undaunted Indiana spirit.

  46. Chet – Congrats on your advanced parenting skills. I know you’re proud of your child.
    Normally I elect not to get myself involved in such discussions. However… Your response seems rather simplistic. And typical of most folks who are anti-Knight and lack the ability to articulate a reasonable response in more than a flippant or brief quip. None of us know the motivations he chooses not to re-affiliate with IU. Not me, not Harvard, and certainly not you. But it’s his life and he’s living it. And I’m sure he’s quite happy doing that. He doesn’t need our approval to do it either. I know I’m going out on a limb here, but I’d venture you’d give almost anything for your child to have been one of those guys at the reunion.

  47. Damn…..Ghostridah. I love your stuff. Correct, I don’t know Knight’s motivations…But sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. I just tend to think Bobby doesn’t take a real liking to frauds promoting and lofting themselves up to his teams’ banners. I would love to see him come back under a brighter day of forward thinkers..and quiet achievers that can build their own ships.

    Last time I had this much fun is when NoMendacity shook up the Grand Poobah order.

  48. Until IU wins another NCAA Championship, many IU fans will continue to allow their nostalgia to distort their memory and remain critical of any coach that fails to return IU to its former glory. Crean’s not going to lead IU to a National Championship. He generated some hope a few years ago, but losing to Syracuse crushed that hope. And many fans will never forgive him for that. It seems a lot of the criticism directed at Crean today is really just an expression of the desire for a coach who can renew that hope and return IU basketball to a style of play they came to appreciate and then cherish. But that style of play no longer exists and Knight was not effective with it during the last decade of his tenure at IU. How many of his teams were ousted in the first round of the NCAA? As he once confessed after one of those first round losses, “sometimes I think this game has passed me by.” I some times think that to some IU fans, nothing less than Bob Knight’s return as IU’s head coach will suffice. In reality, all that it will take is for IU to win another National Championship. After that, the style of play and coaching philosophy used by that IU team and coach will become the new standard, and the nostalgia for Bob Knight’s IU teams will diminish. It’s not going to happen soon, but until it does, those of us who were around to witness it can bask in our memories of “the glory of old IU.”

  49. I loved the Sampson teams…I loved their heart on the court…They had style.

    I don’t sit with my lump of coal waiting for Bobby ball or Butler ball…or for Brad to call. I’d simply love to have a coach that understood basketball….in any form. Give me street ball on pogo sticks…Give me Bill Carmody ball…and the Princeton offense…Give me Mike Davis ball(..His teams played defense! He got to a Final Four through a basketball intellect door that Crean would be still revolving. It’s not the nostalgia I long…It’s not the banners I long….

    I long for teams that play together and guys that move together with passion and orchestration. I long for all of them from any time window before these back-of-the-classroom wannabees hijacked it with 2nd grade b-ball education..I long for the damn “losers” as much as those that get all the damn adulation at reunion parties.. You’re never a loser if you don’t sell Indiana short with coaches that are of empty tool shed and jello-brained head. Our players of today have all the heart in the world..They simply lack a teacher that can make them a nostalgia party in 40 years as well. And that is a horrible disservice to these young men playing today. Our administration dangles the “glory days” of the past in front of them while never giving the necessary best component to allow them to achieve that carrot as large as Godzilla but fully out of reach. Their coach is the guy plenty in the present day as he stares blankly to the Twitter heavens with his mouth still hanging open next to Izzo. He has no clue nor tools to complement and turn the talent on the floor into anything but a revolving door of a bad rerun movie. He’s in their with them(or so they believe and pray at halftimes) as it spins…and spins…and spins. Finally it stops! One hurries his way out as he finds the opening into the NBA department store.

    Nostalgia? To quote Dakich, “I don’t give a rat’s ass about nostalgia for more than the five minutes someone with a reunion pop-quiz dangles it in front of my nose. My nostalgia is simply for an Indiana that lives up to being a place to learn. If basketball is the classroom, they should have the right to receive a quality instructor instead of just the dangling of atomic bomb carrots in a Glass case of hype, clapping, and cry tissues for old farts in Depends.

  50. And the irony of Crean’s squeaky clean “classroom values” nose that is so falsely juxtaposed next to Knight’s, is that Crean couldn’t cheat his way to anything done at UK. He’d find what he believed to be the magical numbers and he’d 3-way call himself into a washing machine. The only crime Crean commits is not of NCAA microscope variety. His junk is cleaner than a Volkswagen trunk There are no emissions. There is also no engine…No working parts whatsoever. The only crime of Tom Crean is never knowing where talent could blossom and blend with the required intellect of a teacher that all teams measured require. Our young men are so wrongfully measured because they are juxtaposed next to something they’ll never have. The “crime” of Syracuse is the injustice of how they are measured aside the indifference of not giving them a true teacher of the game. It is not their crime when all the ‘A’ for effort of lifelong basketball is paired with the injustice of a lifelong ‘F’ instructor/teacher of the game.

  51. And just one other comment on the “dwindling numbers” of participants on poor ol’ Scoop our Podunker remains so concerned.

    The removal of LiveChats during games killed a lot of participation. And endless stream of Mike, Jeremy, and Andy’s tweets and controlling stages their 3-way interactions during games is hardly an avenue to encourage Scoop participation….The comments within these games was some of the most unique fun that is now denied. It was also a great product to provide a bit of escape from long-winded posts(thank you) and to make in-game comments involved fans in the immediacy of the viewership alongside the ‘brand’ of Scoop. What are they afraid of? What has not been said anywhere in news or forums that would blind our eyes on a LiveChat?

    The second greatest hit to any paper/blog covering IU Sports is not functioning within the backdrop of a winning basketball or football product…Even those half-inspiring trips to Sweet 16’s turned into stumbling embarrassments still make these boards light up like Christmas trees.

  52. HT must have very deep pockets from the Knight years….Why on earth would a Bloomingon newspaper not run more scathing commentary on dysfunctional basketball if their last dime teetered on its vibrancy? Mile Miller’s huge salary and operating costs invoices can’t be paid with nostalgia checks forever.

    Blame our stagnant sports on me if you will as it putters alongside Scoop’s “dwindling numbers,” but I hardly doubt that it has one iota of impact to what can truly ail a small town newspaper that once lived in a banner B-town high on hoops ecstasy instead of vodka stories in the 7-Eleven parking lots.

  53. And the journalists that felt the stagnancy coming with smirks at Northwestern press conferences flew out of Bloomington faster than Knight on his white horse. Ole Miss, UCLA, and Tennessee are healthy as can be and it’s why Kellenberger, Kartje, and Dopirak took their business of writing away from Bloomington and HT.

    So stop validating with silence all of the punkdunker deceptions, o.k.?

  54. Can there be two people who type so much and say so little as Ghost and Hillbilly? To know so very little and to use so many meaningless words is a real talent. As for Knight and Crean, neither of you could hit your plate with your spoon and fork where those two are concerned.

  55. See how it works, Ghostridah…? They are very small and jealous cowards that hide behind ‘close encounters of the insult kind’ screen names….It rears its ugly head when they feel very threatened and the status quo pacifism of indifference at IU is challenged. Don’t be fooled by that little added Crean insult thrown in…They are the anonymous donors of the Establishment; the backroom dealing lawyers that allow a coach to hire their own AD, who prefer it to forever remain irrelevant, Nostalgia U. They have other teams they truly love and cheer for…like U. of Washington…and what not.

  56. Oh heck Champ, I know a lot…. To start off, I have consistently known the answer to the spam protection equations since the start of this thread. Heck, you might be surprised at what I know. AND more importantly my willingness to be as verbose and relentless as anyone. In the spirit of Bob Knight not caring what people think about why he doesn’t return to IU…. I don’t care what you think of me or my responses either.

  57. Harv rates Davis and Sampson above Crean…well that certainly sums up just how far IU has fallen. Just don’t forget that Knight started the process long before he was canned.

  58. Ghost, there’s no possible way to be surprised by what you know. Meanwhile, you and ‘Billy’s can resume your inane “discussion” regarding RMK’s latest impression of a 6 year old throwing a fit in the toy department.

  59. Let’s move on a get a capable coach and help IU in the now. The only thing “inane” is the current state of affairs for IU Basketball…The rest of this malarkey and reunion mud-slinging is merely the spit of distractions in a bonfire of Crean incompetence….And for the most part, that is it’s sad purpose.

  60. Samson’s teams had heart and style? Well, I can agree with you about his first team – the one led by Hoosier legend DJ White, the one that gritted its way to a victory over Gonzaga in the first round and almost upset eventual Final Four team UCLA in the second.

    As for the second Sampson team, their identity and team cohesiveness was unfortunately overrun by a limp-handed ex McDonald’s All American who deigned to give IU a half-hearted year of his precious time on the way to his illustrious career on the NBA Injured Reserve list.

    I would actually put Sampson’s second year team alongside the Zeller/Dipo Sweet Sixteen team as one of the most disappointing Hoosier teams of all time (even before the scandal erupted) in terms of talent vs. achievement.

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