Dan Feeney will return for final year of elgibility #iufb

Dan Feeney gave Indiana a major shot of off-season momentum on Monday, announcing his plans to return to IU for his final year of eligibility this fall.

The right guard was named a first-team All-American by ESPN after finishing his redshirt junior season with a team-best 102 knockdowns in 1,069 snaps. Feeney also received All-American nods from CBS Sports, SI.com and Associated Press.

IU confirmed Feeney’s intention to return to school through a press release issued Monday afternoon.

“I am excited to continue to be a part of this great program,” Feeney said in a statement. “Coach Wilson and coach (Greg) Frey were extremely valuable during this process and I thank them for their assistance. They are great coaches and have taught me so much both on the field and in life. I look forward to continuing to learn from both of them.”

The Hoosiers finished the 2015 season ranked first in the Big Ten in total offense, passing offense and scoring offense, while finishing second in rushing offense. IU also became the fourth team to have a 3,500-yard passer, a pair of 1,000-yard rushers and a 1,000-yard receiver in the same year.

Up front, Feeney teamed with senior left tackle Jason Spriggs to lead an offensive line recognized as one of the top units in the nation. Feeney’s extra year was made possible after a lisfranc injury forced him to redshirt in 2013.

“I am blessed to have great teammates who are like brothers to me,” Feeney said. “We are not satisfied and are looking to finish what all the coaches and players have started. With the commitment this university and administration have made to this program, we are ready to reach a new level and can’t wait to get started. Go IU!”

Wilson, who received a new six-year contract last Monday, has lauded Feeney’s work ethic over the last year, calling the Illinois native the Hoosiers’ most consistent player.

Wilson joked last summer that Feeney does everything the correct way, including putting on his socks.

“Dan put a lot of time and thought into this decision,” Wilson said in a statement. “We are excited he is returning and really like the direction this program is headed. Dan is one of the best players I have ever been around. He is the total package, not only on the field but in the way he approaches the game and who he is as a person. This is a great opportunity for him to continue to grow as a player, teammate and leader, and enhances the value of his football future. By the time he is done, Dan will be one of the best to ever wear an Indiana uniform.”

Feeney isn’t the only offensive linemen who recently decided to return for another year at Indiana. Wes Rogers, who can play both center and guard, will return for his redshirt senior season. Rogers previously participated in IU’s senior day ceremony on Nov. 14 before changing his mind.


  1. It is great news Dan and Wes are coming back to lead they younger players on how to play and prepare to be exceptional. I was hoping Feeney would come back but I was afraid it was wishful thinking.

    Now I hope Coach Wilson leaves Patrick at receiver because we need a beast out there and the back up RB have shown they can play when given a chance.

    Things are looking up for next year and I hope the defense shows with the change that they can compete on defense against the best offenses.

  2. Great news. Particularly when one considers where the game is played- at least, offensively-, and football championships are won…inside where players like Feeney and Rogers set the tone. Howard would have been wise to allow himself another year to increase his base value (first contract sets the base for the entire career); nevertheless, wish Howard and our great QB (and all other seniors lots of success.

    Indiana fans have good reason to feel and anticipate ‘the turnaround’. Hiring Wilson, allowing him to evolve into a Head Coach, build a solid staff and program, renewing his contract for a period that rewards his talent and work, and empowering his vision and direction were decisions that may give Hoosier fans a real chance to enjoy a top caliber program and happy seasons. Well done!

  3. Yes, absolutely good news for IU Football, especially Feeney’s younger teammates who will now benefit from getting to learn about consistency and discipline from a highly talented, veteran leader. And next year’s running game just got a great boost.

  4. Great news. Think that Spriggs and Feeney being All-Americans this year had anything to do with Coleman being an All-American last year? Possibly? And wasn’t Marcus Thigpen an All-American return man in 2008 or thereabouts?

  5. These are the type of heroic deeds that make for future Hoosier legends …They are program-altering, pole vaulting ascents, to clear those bars just missed on many previous attempts…They are the stuff of guts and glory. pushing programs over the top and beyond the cusp, not found in names like Zeller and Dipo.

  6. Great news and loyalty to program that will pay huge dividends. Rather than leaving at first chance dedicated to returning. This is the kind of loyalty I have been talking about when others have lacked such loyalty. Great!

  7. This is great news. IU ought to have another good O line next season. This news along with addition of new coaches is cause for excitement. CKW is developing quality depth & experience at each position. I’m wondering if it might be good to develop Camion Patrick into a RB to go along with Devine Redding. He’d be a good sized back to have. I like Wilson, Brookins & Rodriquez, & I think Chris Gess will be a find addition too. Patrick could be a good WR but we return the entire WR corp from last season along with JaShun Harris off injury/rehab. If IU gets the defense worked out iu football will have a very high ceiling. Go Hoosiers!

  8. Glad to see Feeney staying although I am surprised. I wonder why he’s not going pro after an All American year? What is left to prove at the college level? I wonder if he is going to move out to tackle or to center to show more versatility?

    Seems like we will have a great line, good receivers, great running backs (Reading plus Patrick) and a good QB. Again we need the defense to step up. D backs will be better but we have 1 returning starter on the d line and now we need 4 not 3. Sounds like a problem. We also need big defensive backs/ quicker linebackers for the hybrid defensive back outside linebacker positions. Again, don’t see a lot of depth there.

    http://www.425defense.com is a good site explaining the 4-2-5 defense that the new DC will be installing. It’s basically a 4-4 defense with some hybrid outside linebackers that can cover. But the big advantage is that the assignments are easy to understand so the players can play fast and it gets more speed on the field.

    Seems like we have big run stopping linebackers and small cover corners right now. Hope it doesn’t take a couple of years recruiting to get the defense turned around.

  9. Personnel, schmersonnel. If this 4-2-5 is simpler for the players, I’m all for it (not that anyone cares). IU DBs aren’t miles away from the nearest receiver ’cause they run 40 yds. in 4.7 sec. instead of 4.5 or are three inches shorter.

  10. With the great news about Feeney returning, yes there are rumors of him moving to left tackle, so I hope coach leaves Patrick at WR. I think we have enough RBs to get the job done and although we have plenty of receivers it is unlikely any will be the beast that Patrick is reported to be. Our offense the past two years has missed having the beast receivers we had in 2013. It would be much tougher to stop Patrick at receiver in the Red Zone while defenses can crowd the box to stop him at RB.

    I see players for the defense to run the 4-2-5 the question will be how much depth does IU have and that will be based on how recruiting finishes up in 2016. Running stunts in the 4-2-5 will make up for some shortcomings up front. IU is also adding talent at C and S. The hybrid Huskey and Bull could be handled by incoming JC safety Thompson and Dutra returning from injury along with a number of LBs that could play there IE Scales, Covington, and Jones just to name a few. Coach Wilson was confident the team has athletes to step up and play well in 2016. We will just have to wait until Spring Practice to see how the defense is coming around. I hope with the energy of Coach Allen the defense can play every quarter the way they played the 3rd quarter this year.

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