Georgia DE Chris Henderson decommits from IU #iufb

Another Georgia defensive lineman has decided against coming to Indiana.

2016 defensive end Chris Henderson tweeted Sunday that he has decommitted from IU’s upcoming recruiting class, leaving the Hoosiers with one more hole to fill up front.

Henderson, a three-star prospect from Hampton, Ga., originally committed to IU in August.

“I (would) like to thank the whole Indiana coaching staff for giving me the opportunity to play at their program,” Henderson wrote. “However I have notified the coaches that I will be de-commiting!! I won’t be doing any interviews on this matter!!”

Henderson is the third defensive lineman from the state of Georgia to decommit from IU during the 2016 recruiting cycle. Allen Cater, a three-star defensive end from Kennesaw, Ga., decommitted in December and has since narrowed in on North Carolina and Arkansas. D.J. Wonnum, a three-star defensive end from Stone Mountain, Ga., originally committed to IU on Jan. 20 before flipping for South Carolina last Sunday.

Indiana has already swung and missed on other priority targets on the defensive line during recent weeks, losing Hamilton Southeastern pass rusher Collin Miller to Nebraska, losing Center Grove defensive tackle Jovan Swann to Stanford and losing Chicago defensive tackle Amir Watts to Pittsburgh. IU also lost starting defensive tackle Darius Latham in December, when he announced he planned to forego his final year of eligibility and enter the NFL Draft.

Coach Kevin Wilson said earlier this month that the team experimented with Cincinnati transfer Ja’Merez Bowen, moving him from the offensive line to the defensive line during bowl preparation. The Hoosiers will also return defensive tackles Nate Hoff and Ralph Green, and Wilson said he expects underclassmen Jacob Robinson and Robert McCray to continue their development as pass rushers the Hoosiers can rely on next season.

“We recruited well enough that we’ll expect Robert McCray to keep maturing, Jacob Robinson to keep maturing,” Wilson said earlier this month. “Joe Belden is back there, you got (Mike) Barwick, (Derrian) Meminger, Patrick Dougherty, Brandon Wilson, Nile Sykes, Greg Gooch.

“Brandon Wilson is 265. Does he keep growing to 280-85? Brandon Knight playing tight end at 285 was not a bad thing. If Brandon Wilson can play outside linebacker at 265-270 and be productive, that’s better than a 230-40 pound guy. But his body might grow. If you keep recruiting big guys and length guys and put them in a great workout program with great nutritional support, and you teach kids about sleep and get them to rest, those bodies keep growing.”

The Hoosiers have only four defensive players in their 2016 class. National Signing Day is Wednesday.


  1. this truly hurts the recruiting class and the defensive side of the football team, but if the young man heart is not into playing football for IU, then it is best that he de-commit now…..An the IU football staff can go after recruits/individual that want to play football at Indiana University…..only way to look at this is that IU will have some extra scholarships available on signing day… on the lookout for some good/great addition at the last minute.

  2. A three-star kid announces he won’t be doing any interviews concerning his choice of colleges? Must have somebody in his ear, inflating his ego.

  3. You have to wonder about these players decommitting due to our change in defense. If so they don’t think they fit our new defense scheme. I am sure Coach Allen will connect with some players IU needs for his scheme and as he builds relationships we will see better recruits next year and we may pick up some overlooked players that will work hard and develop into a star like Penn States Nassib did this year.

  4. It is tough when your job depends upon the fickle emotions of immature kids who are all convinced that they are NFL material out of HS! Save the scholarships for JUCO’s, big, 6’4-6’8 2 stars, 4.5 and under 2 stars, etc. Then look for disgruntled underclass men at the top schools!

  5. Not a huge surprise given the relatively late DC coaching and scheme changes. But it’s almost to the point where you just ignore any verbal commitments made more than a month before signing day. And even those are vulnerable! What a screwed-up process football recruiting has become. God bless these coaches, they must have the tolerance of saints.

  6. God bless these coaches…come on. Their bank accounts are full, they are compensated for their stress…unlike most jobs!

  7. These kids commit because the coaches and the schools are pressuring them to commit. You can’t blame them if a better offer comes along and they take it. This Allen Stallings who we just flipped had already committed to Central Michigan but was still waiting on an IU offer. I’m sure Henderson committed to IU but hoped his home state or an SEC school would still offer. The coaches have more to gain from a player committing than the recruit. I just don’t understand people getting too worked up about it. Generally, Wilson has been able to flip more kids than he loses so the situation has generally worked out in our favor.

    BTW, V13- watch tape on Henderson and then watch tape on Allen Stallings. I’m not so sure we aren’t better off with Stallings. He’s only 6’2″ and not very long but he’s a high motor kid with a really quick first step. And he’s a big time thumper- hits almost like Antonio Allen used to. Henderson is bigger and longer but not explosive and looked like he doesn’t always go full speed. Give me a guy who plays hard over a guy that just looks the part any day.

  8. J Pat,
    Absolutely. As far as the book on stressful jobs goes coaching isn’t even in the first couple chapters.

    I remember when my kids were little my wife came home cranky after a bad day in the ICU. One of the kids took her hand and asked, “Did everybody die?”

    That was the standard for a bad day. At the time I was a paramedic.

    Coaching? Not so much.

  9. 123, Stallings is the kind of recruit I am talking about with a good first step and high motor. There have been top Pros like Dwight Freeney that was considered too short but couldn’t be stopped due to a high motor. We never know about these recruits because of the level of competition they play against and it is hard to measure their hearts. I prefer high motor players and I hope IU finds more for the DL.

  10. They are kids on a high during their finale of HS FB recruiting and are running with their chokes out caused by the excitement and emotion. I’d say if there is anything negative going on it has more to do with IU getting less bump out of bowl eligibility than any change of a coach. I believe another flip is going to happen if it has not already. Georgia Southern commit Shaun Bonner is looking hard at IU. He is a TE and I believe it originally developed because of needing DE help but IU TE commit Ian Thomas is looking around and I suspect the need for Bonner has now increased. I still hold to the line that come LOI signing day we will be happy with the players Wilson and company bring in.

  11. Top-3 Most Stressful Jobs of 2015

    3. Moderating Scoop

    2. Teens’ Chaperone for any Twilight Saga film

    1 QC.”Picker” for Good & Plenty Candy Co. assigned to snagging all ‘irregular pea-shaped’ licorice coated in a hard candy shell amongst the required ‘pill/capsule-shaped’ standards(Conveyor Belt/Charlie Division) ….while corporate plays this tune on constant replay to drown out conveyor belt noise.

    Come on, Chet… Paramedics? ICU? Please, you don’t have any idea.


  12. J Pat, it was just a figure of speech. Keep in mind the context of comments made on the Scoop. I did not mean to compare overpaid college coaches to heroes like, nurses, EMTs, police, firemen, or people in the armed services.

  13. Chet, you said it well! Po, I am too quick on the trigger when anyone feels sorry for a coach or player at the high level…the pay is so outlandish these days!

  14. But Tom Crean ran into a house that had been ‘burned to ashes’…and ‘wrecked’…and ‘decimated.’. and taken over by ‘thugs’. He is a hero of unprecedented magnitude. But there was never any ‘figures of speech’ intended to place him on some insanely ridiculous podium by those that made it sound like ‘Next Coming.’

    You are right, JPat…People like to make gods out of these overpaid opportunists that are, most often, way more spit than genuine grit. There are far and few between that actually teach and treat young men beyond being an expendable commodity. I have no problem with kids changing their minds….How many kids get pushed off a team when a coach suddenly becomes more infatuated with a new name while having no scholarship slots available? And guys that hire their own AD have far less pressure to earn their outlandish pay than a coach that must truly answer to his/her boss.

  15. Wednesday will be an interesting day as only then will anyone know who is coming to IU football in the 2016 class. I won’t be worried about defensive players this year because the ones on the team will play hard and have more enthusiasm with our new DC. 2017 will give Coach Allen a chance to build relationships with players and bring in better athletes on the defense. It looks like the DBs coming in and the offensive players will be higher rated this year than most years. I am looking forward to see with the coaching changes [DC and strength coach] what impact it will have on the team. I also look forward to seeing how Patrick, Green, Harris, and others that missed 2015 will look like on the field in 2016.

  16. as a IU football fan, i am hoping that Wednesday signing day brings about a few surprises in the positive direction….i have looked at the Illinois and Missouri recruiting classes and considering the problems/situations that both of these football programs are having how can our present recruiting class be ranked lower than those two university…Is it really that hard to recruit football players to Indiana University?? Coach Wilson last two or three recruiting classes where very good, hopefully this recruiting class will turn out just as good……with the early departure of players to the NFL and transfers, a poor recruiting class could really stall the improvements Coach Wilson has made…i am truly hoping for some last minutes commitments that improves this recruiting class.

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