Hayes to Hoosiers: “Nobody on your team can guard me” #iubb

MADISON, Wis. — It wasn’t the usual postgame handshake line.

No, this one was a bit more tense.

Moments after his game-high 31 points helped Wisconsin send Indiana to its 14th consecutive loss in Madison, Nigel Hayes made sure the Hoosiers remembered the man at the heart of their latest loss at the Kohl Center.

“Nobody on your team can guard me,” Hayes said as he walked through the line at center court.

Cameras in front of the scorers table caught the moment, and afterward, Hayes intimated that his words were pointed toward IU strength and conditioning coach Lyonel Anderson.

“It was (said to) a member of their staff,” Hayes told reporters after the Badgers’ 82-79 overtime win. “There was some playful, competitive banter between myself and that individual. It occurred throughout the whole game. There’s nothing wrong with that. We can call him the ‘Madison Spike Lee.’ Usually, when Spike Lee talks, bad things happen for his team.”

Anderson has brought an excitable presence to the IU bench during his first season on the staff. Whatever the cause, Hayes had reason to talk on Tuesday night. He was a matchup problem from the outset, teaming with forward Ethan Happ to cause trouble underneath the basket. Hayes found his way to the free throw line with ease and made the most of the opportunities, shooting 17-for-22.

He had four more free-throw attempts than IU’s entire team, which went 16-for-18 at the line. At various points, Collin Hartman, OG Anunoby, Troy Williams, Juwan Morgan and Max Bielfeldt were among the Hoosiers assigned to Hayes.

“I will try to say this as humbly and respectfully as possible,” Hayes said. “I’ve got a mindset where I feel like I’m the best player on the court and no one can guard me.”


  1. It was a beat down in the paint I. U. had no answer for Happ or Hayes . Plus the turnovers were back and any road game in the BIG is always tough . Yogi kept us in the game but we also missed his assists . No one could hit they didn’t even come out on our shooters for the fact they were all broke . Bryant did not play a lick of defense all night . And the 8 year struggle to have a out of bounds play is still not fixed. Cut the turnovers in half we win . In fact inspite of all the turnover’s and homer fouls we were still in it right to the end. Have to suck it up and smoke Minn. because after that it becomes very tough .Still not out of it !

  2. He was yelling at the badgers during free throw attempts. You could hear it on the broadcast. Act like a coach, you are representing your school. Guy is an embarrassment, needs to lay off the preworkout before games. His “excitable presence” looks more like a former athlete who can’t give it up.

  3. They were chanting “Tom get off the floor.” He was walking on the court a lot during play, the student section didnt take too kindly to it.

  4. I don’t agree with Kent Sterling’s opinion that Lyonel Anderson should be sitting behind the bench. If his enthusiasm and energy is a boost to the team, then I want him on the bench motivating and inspiring the players. That stated, Cream has to have control over his staff. Assistant coaches, trainers, and mangers should not be interacting with the opposing players on the court. If Lyonel Anderson is not careful, he could end-up getting the bench assessed a technical foul. Just so there is no misinterpretation of my comment, the standard of decorum for IU’s bench should expected of ALL coaches and staff. That includes the assistant coaches, Derek Elston, Lyonel Anderson, Jayd Grossman, etc. Be enthusiastic, Be positive, Be energetic, just don’t be a distraction to the game on the court, of which you are NOT a participant.

  5. Thanks Mom…

    & Hayes was 7 / 12 and 5 TO’s.

    Still like the idea of one of those dog shock collars for CTC. Get out of his area and zapped.

    Seemed to me, lot of hesitation to shoot from players not named Yogi or Bryant.?

  6. The ‘Tom get off the floor’ chant did not seem to bother CTC. Guess he hears that enough at Assembly Hall.

  7. I would be unguardable too If a was foul called on the guy guarding me every time down the floor

  8. Lotta whining about the refs on the Indiana side last night and this morning. The refs were bad, but they were bad in both directions. Yogi passed the ball to himself for pete’s sake.

    The FT discrepancy was there because Wisconsin’s offense was constantly moving, screening and creating mismatches. They earned the vast majority of those fouls. OG did a great job on Hayes, but he wasn’t in the game the much (some folks are saying that he might have been pretty sick). Troy vs Hayes just wasn’t working…both ways.

    The outcome of yesterday’s game could have been far worse if Wisc even had ONE shooter. They missed a ton of open looks that some of their buzzcuts in the past would have buried.

  9. Gard sure is no Bo Ryan. That timeout he called while Wisc was gaining momentum with Yogi sitting at the scorers table waiting to come in was odd.

  10. IF Hayes is “unguardable” then IU better find some “meat” and strength to combat Purdue’s inside game ..or it will be floormat time.

  11. Now all of a sudden can’t no one guard him? Really what happen when he came to IU? I will tell you he was shut down by two freshman. Actually they barely got the win so for him to talk trash is Ridiculous. Maybe he needs to look at there record vs IU’s record

  12. Hayes going all bad-a$$ …? Refs giving the Hoosiers the shaft…?

    Come on, Price. Get on yourgame.

  13. Ok first of all Congrats to Wisconsin Badgers BBall Team.I will never blame the refs for this loss we turned the ball over and missed some critical shots…..But with that being said we played our worse game in 12 games missed those shots got in foul trouble and still pushed your team to OT on your floor in front of your fans ..SO with that being said your win don’t look as important to IU as it does to Wisconsin..And when we meet in the Big 10 tourney we shall see this year so far we split .and while your playing Hopefully in the NIT we IU fans will represent the big ten in the NCAA.. So Hayes pat your self on the back .But come March I hope your all healed up from all that patting …..

  14. The strength coach is an embarrassment as is Crean. IU finally plays a non cup cake team and loses. Wait till we play PU, MSU, Michigan, Iowa.

    We have a bunch of mercenary players from other states. Why? The high school coaches in Indiana hate Crean. These kids have no idea of the tradition of Indiana basketball.

    We will make the tourney but have early exit. Is this enough? No not for me and it should not be enough for Fred Glass either. But he will keep “clapping” Crean.

    Then all three seniors leave, Bryant and Williams declare early. Maybe Blackmon too, which does not matter much as the past few weeks have proven.

    So next year we start all over. Do like this? I don’t. I really want another banner in my lifetime. It ain’t happening with Crean. He came into a mess but that was 8 years ago. Nothing is getting better.

    Despite Dan Dakich’s groveling at Crean’s feet all is not well in Hoosier land.

    I have been a fan for over 40 years. I do not accept mediocrity for IU basketball. Crean has had enough time but his time is over. He cannot coach or control the players or even the coaches.

    I hope Glass reaches th err same conclusion but I doubt it.

  15. I’m not sure what Blackmon would ‘declare’ for. He’s a nice mid level scorer with a terrible history of injuries. Other than as a shooter I’ve never seen NBA level skills. Step right up and give him millions of dollars. I don’t see it.

    This isn’t a hit on Blackmon, it’s just the player he is. Nice college shooter. Him and a couple hundred other guys.

    But, yeah, next year, if all stays as it is, we’re gonna hear a lot of ‘we’re very young’.

  16. Hey Jeremy-

    Thanks for taking down the recent posts full of inappropriate hostility primarily directed at me. They were insensitive to many(not just the intended targets of the remarks) who truly struggle with afflictions and addictions.

    Thanks again.

  17. How many on this blog thinks Troy Williams will ever play in the NBA, Christian Wolford hasn’t made the NBA and his overall game exceeds Troy Williams. l Bryant needs to get his self dialed back, the refs are going to call some T’s on him . Without Yogi next year I wonder how our offense will have any movement? Very poor execution last night against an average team . February will be a brutal month for I U men’s basketball team.

  18. Christian Wolford….Wrong first vowel..Wrong second consonant. Watford. Aside from the momentum created by the signing of Zealer, the Watford shot provided Crean’s biggest national moment.
    Christian also had an incredible block against Temple in the NCAA tournament that saved the Hoosiers from certain defeat.
    And his legit deep threat. coupled with the numerous big 3-pointers he drained in countless games, allowed a relatively short and slow guard, Hulls, the chance to get way more looks than would have otherwise been the case.

    NBA? Who gives a rat’s ass? I want guys that seize big moments in COLLEGE. Sometimes the NBA formula works…Not working too well for Calipari this season.

    Zealer has not even flirted with anything close to a “showstopping” presence in the NBA. He played it safe and declared in a down year for the draft…He used the winds of hype(overrated team with heavy national focus) to secure more for himself than what the ‘Indiana’ name provided him.

    Watford was a exemplary Hoosier. Many of Indiana’s biggest wins under Crean would not have occurred without the delivering-in-the-clutch moments courtesy of Christian Watford. Games with some of our highest numbers in national viewership would have ended in heartbreaking losses instead of shots of Crean screaming to the heavens.

    I have a hard time treating those wonderful clutch COLLEGE moments as something of an asterisk in “failing” because of their absence from any NBA report card.

    The “college years” NBA report card(the hype surrounding the “selection” of certain “anticipate” names is as random as the future “basketball” success many high draft picks will achieve), in my humble opinion, is the most obnoxiously fixated factor proving a lazy lack of sophistication that now infects a majority of our college game audiences.

    And there cheap return of cannon fire for appreciating the game as much as the hype surrounding the savants that can take freakish athleticism or mastering of jump shots in repetition as likely to splash nets as a bulb turning on from a light switch? You’re just still wearing your short shorts…You’re living in the past……That day left with ‘Leave it to Beaver’ and Dave DeBusschere..

    Huh…? Did it? Who brought the ball up against VCU that helped propel our team to a Sweet 16? Who made that block against Temple that got us out of the First Round? So many blank NBA report cards that provided the push that raises banners from merely dreams to reality and reunions. They happen everyday in the college game…They happen with all the frequency as they happened in short short days…But the audience has been pummeled with a different sort of gas in the air. …Some choose to breathe the NBA perfume that obnoxiously disguises the beauty of well-coached basketball blending with the diversity of clutch and savant….The mixture of unheralded with “next level” talent that lives a short hour more humbled for a team coming together and rising like a perfect souffle; the magic int the result bigger in flavor than any NBA TV dinner.
    When all comes together, it is basketball. Everything else a microwave dinner served with foil removed…It’s fast. It’s prostituted, It’s undressed. It’s a game of billboards and profit potential.

    But when the phenom has all the money of time and “All-Star” games dominated locked away in the chest, they will long for the days of learning with the first high school coach or practicing on the eve a deep tournament run with the forgotten and unheralded that came to big games with no choke in throat. They will want that day back….They will seek the streams of memories branching back to tiny locker room celebrations with no cameras or reporters. The game was always the rush of the waters..The rocks it danced upon were the teammates they miss. Basketball will bring them back..

  19. No body can guard him at the Kohl center where if you get within a foot of him it’s a foul! When you get to single handidly shoot more free throws yourself than the whole Indiana team something smells kinda fishy to me? I hope we draw these bozo’s in the first game of the conference tourney when Wisky doesn’t have their hometown refs providng the hometown cooking to the tune of nearly 20 more free throws? Then we will see if he is unguardable!

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