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Tom Crean’s excited about his 2016 recruits, but not as excited as they are about Indiana, Mike writes.

The Hoosiers proved that where there’s a will, there’s a rebound against Ohio State, I wrote.

College basketball analyst Bill Raftery likes Indiana’s spirit and potential, Mike writes.

IU women’s basketball wants to get the most out of unselfish sophomore Amanda Cahill, Jon writes.

A look at Troy Williams’ standout performance, including just one turnover, against Ohio State in the latest film session, by Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall.

Indiana hasn’t lost in six weeks, and Tom Crean’s Hoosiers need to continue the momentum, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Thomas Bryant continues to show his improvement as IU wades deeper into Big Ten play, Michael Hughes of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Tim Priller is carving out his own place in IU basketball lore, Chris Goff of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette writes.

A belated bowl game film study of the Indiana defense, by Dan at puntjohnpunt.com.

Kevin Wilson’s new contract is a bad deal for Indiana, Justin Albers of AllHoosiers.com writes.

IU women’s basketball coach Teri Moren talks about her team’s struggles in the Big Ten, Teddy Bailey of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Former Butler standout Andrew Smith died from cancer at age 25 on Tuesday, David Woods of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Former Bulldog Andrew Smith inspired with his passion for basketball, life and his wife, Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News writes.

For the Andrew Smith family, “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths.


  1. Many predicted this would be Crean’s last season, but I didn’t hear anyone predict what a horribly down season it would be for the Big 10. I can’t remember a year in the last decade when the conference was so absent headline-stealing stars and. at minimum, a handful of teams that could make a realistic deep run to a Final Four.

    I’m not sure if Valparaiso couldn’t win this conference this year. Wisconsin goes down at Northwestern after going down at IU…An average Michigan year at best and they takes down a Maryland team that was supposed to be the cream of the conference….This isn’t simply parity…This is a lot of teams in down, down, down years….

    All the glowing and reassuring links in this morning’s Hoosier Morning fooling the masses that read Hoosier Scoop that this is “improvement” and a Crean team finally getting it. They may be getting it…But they are “getting it” in a season that the BIG ain’t “got it.” The crowds are flat..The teams are flat.. Melo Trimble scored 2 points last night…..He’s one of those “big stars” of the league…He’s currently FLAT.

    MSU? Maybe they are the diamond amongst the bubble gum machine rings…..But if Valentine is out or has a flat night, they are as flat as the rest.

    Tom Crean, your job is safe….Just when the stovetop burners were turned on highest setting under your nearly impenetrable,steel bottom of holier-than-thou shorts, your happenstance fortunes strike again. The Big 10 is weak as hell… I can only believe it is divine intervention for you….Any other BIG season in the past half dozen and you get swallowed by the flames under your butt….Suddenly, the entire conference goes from legit contenders to one Fraternity of the Rut….

    Read your Hoosier Morning glowing reviews …Polish all those apologists links, but, in truth of matter, the Big 10 stinks…U. of Washington or UCLA could rule our cesspool. Nothing has changed since Duke…Our entire conference stinks more than West Lafayette and reeks of sour puke.

    Write that Crean extension…Make it a Crean and Glass union until ’76 team is wheeled with pudding trays for itheir 50th reunion….The conference has blessed InTompetent with its happenstance day his greatest complement…. Our average team since Blue Devil beat-down is 9-0 but in any other year a conference kettle, this season to cook, this pieced together puzzle of a team and Happenstance Chalkboard King would blow.

  2. And you can’t reward Wilson with an extension after a mediocre season in a mediocre football conference(we all know there was immense improvement in the football product, but the Crean apologists will sell it with similar mediocrity) without rewarding the same to Crean in a flat BIG basketball season.

    I like Wilson …But the sad reality is this..If Wilson would have been ousted….If Wilson would not have won that contest in West Lafayette to get us to a pimple of a bowl game, then what? Then, even in a down basketball year in the Big 10, the flames stay just as intense under CharlaTom ValvoCrean’s shorts. If Wilson doesn’t win that game in West Lafayette, there’s even a pretty viable debate on whether or not Glass’s job is safe.

    For all the Hoosier love in any trip to W. Lafayette that results in spanking them silly, this was the year that less spanking may have involved more long term thanking….We needed a housecleaning ….Now we are left with more apologizing…more contentment with average…more defeatist talk of how it’s still so much better than “Sanctions’ or Davis…or whatever.. We won a crappy-town football game and we bought 10 more years of b-ball suck in that Oaken Bucket.

    I was defending the Wilson extension…..but upon further review….? NOPE. That was an incomplete pass and should not be called as big gainer…. I know what you’re doing here, Mr. Glass. I simply can’t support this in glowing review….for I know who hired you. Crean hired Glass….Glass hired Wilson. Zero x anything + anything = Zero sum gain. These extension protect the AD that has turned nothing around at IU(other than a cannon shooting confetti at reunion parties)… That’s my simple math to any equation justifying mediocrity rewarded…..It should be conference wins and losses they are measured…It should be deep NCAA tournament runs that mirror exaggerated preseason rankings with cheap “We’re Back” slogans……Wilson may be the best average coach to ever bless Memorial…But I don’t want that at the cost of burying IU Basketball for another decade…And it just did at a West Lafayette football game sports fans. It’s the “Hoosier Rising” caddyshack committee room forever with the Glass ceiling that never keeps on giving……I don’t want anymore giving…I want men running this Athletic Department that believe in earning. I want an IU President that stops these extensions in their tracks ..”Because it’s Indiana” ..and just good enough isn’t Indiana.

  3. Justin Albers was a numbskull at the IDS and displays the same character at Allhoosiers. i consider him the Dan Dakich of print when it comes to anything IU.

  4. Glass, Crean, and Wilson form the Bermuda Triangle of Extensions: The dollars and hype fly in, but what was sold as better results forever disappear.

  5. College basketball in general is down this year or there is so much parity that everyone is playing at the same level. The vaunted UK team in the preseason is just another team that will do well in a weak SEC but not sure they will do well in the tourney. Most gamed have been pretty boring to watch. B

  6. Haha. Clarion, I’m tracking with you. Albers is the worst. Skip Bayless is a rocket scientist versus that guy.

    As the Pinstripe Bowl came to an end, he actually said this on Twitter, “For IU football, this result is better than if the FG was good. People are talking #iufb now. Winning a crap bowl not as significant.”

    Justin Albers said, then defended to the death, that losing that game was better for Indiana than winning it.

    It was a complete pile-on after that. No wonder Terry Hutchens left All Hoosiers. Imagine having to get people to subscribe to 3 articles a day from that genius.

  7. …like I said, Dakich in print…never misses an opportunity to be a numbskull…as with you I doubt he lasts long at the new gig…why would he?…

  8. Darn. The Hoosier HQ stuff looked interesting, so I bought the HT paper. Was worth it. Well written articles.

  9. Right on schedule and just as I predicted, here comes the “the Big Ten is weak this year” argument. Oh so predictable. Anything to maintain the anti-Crean narrative. How many Big Ten teams are ranked in the top 25 right now? And as an extra little treat, we get yet another serving of the “Crean hired Glass” nonsense. Reminds me of those commercials where the Dr. Pepper vendor claims to have invented the college football playoffs. Just another post in a long line of delusional, incoherent, “thread-killing” posts from the ebullient H4H.

    Albers is a little short on logic in supporting his argument. I laughed when I read, “it just is.” I think “numbskull” is appropriate and I’ll bet the Dean of IU’s School of Journalism is so proud.

  10. They don’t deserve that ranking, one of Toenail Clipping Deficiency Syndrome. Your nibbling is right on cue.

    There will not be a BIG team that will get beyond the Sweet 16. Count it. That doesn’t make any of those teams Top-16 material, it’s merely a fact that the ‘Power Conferences’ are always given preferred status…You could likely put Kelvin’s Houston team into the BIG and they would beat up on 3/4 of the this “power” conference.. There football would probably do the same.

    The Rubble Resurrector is a blessed man… Not only a fabulous opportunist, but a man that has positive happenstance reunite with him faster than he and Fred can plan the next get-together of one of Bobby’s great teams of the past.

    Glass rewards Wilson with 6 more years for a 2-6 conference record…? Upon further review, the extension is overturned….Too many Creans on the field…..and in committee rooms.

    Did I tell you that Joey Glass wrote a glowing letter from Marquette endorsing Crean before the return of service in a committee room to bring in the Dreadable Fred-able?.. Joey makes Albers look like Einstein.

  11. Po,

    In your efforts to jump on Harv, you don’t really have the facts to back it up. The B1G is indeed down this year. I can’t post a spreadsheet here, but can do my best to back it up with data. According to KenPom Rankings current versus 2015 End-of-Year, the average rankings of the B1G are down to 78.4 from 67.2. Obviously, the lower the number, the stronger the ranking.

    Here’s the messy text breakdown between the two.

    Some of the best teams have dropped significantly. The B1G, so far, is objectively weaker than last year.

    Team 2016 2015 Difference 15 vs 16
    Rutgers 277 215 -62
    Minnesota 198 58 -140
    Penn St. 151 82 -69
    Michigan St. 4 15 11
    Nebraska 103 133 30
    Illinois 98 69 -29
    Wisconsin 66 3 -63
    Ohio St. 61 21 -40
    Northwestern 49 118 69
    Michigan 30 75 45
    Indiana 21 53 32
    Iowa 12 19 7
    Purdue 13 48 35
    Maryland 14 32 18

  12. Wow…Clemson takes down Duke…Some schools just have it all going for them.

    At least Duke still has a great basketball program to go along with Pinstripe Bowls…..What do we have? We have the Happenstance Rubble Resurrector soon to be getting his next Glass apologist extension before the bottom falls out in the barely challenging back half of a very down BIG year.. I think Glass already had Tom’s 6-year extension ready after going 2-6 heading into March last year…He just had to wait for Wilson to match the number…

    Q. What do you call getting to a bowl with only 2 conference wins?
    A. Bowlogna

    I won’t cry for Duke’s substandard results tonight too much…Nor will I cry for Geoff who named his son after Greyson Allen….Dakich says not to panic, Geoff…Duke basketball is just as elite as Duke or IU football once/if (?) they get Jefferson back.

  13. Also, this year, we have as easy a B1G schedule in probably Indiana’s history. Ok, that’s hyperbole, but I can’t remember an easier schedule.

    Looking at the rest of Indiana’s schedule, we only play a ranked team in 5 more games. The two best teams, MSU and Mary, we only play once (and the Mary game is at home). They are the only teams we play who are ranked in the top 10 the rest of the year.

    That means we’ll only play 6 ranked teams in the regular season, ALL YEAR.

  14. Double Down,

    How about you quit getting in the middle of arguments and take care of your sick mother.

  15. Duke has Coach K of West Point…..We have Coach K-tastrophe.of No Point

    Duke has Coach “Elite.’ We have Coach “Elitist.”

    Duke has Coach Final Four…We have Coach Vinyl Floor

    Duke has Coach Knight Prodigy….We have Coach Knight Lobotomy.

    Duke has a Coach with stars and Greyson…We have Coach with stores of grease on.

    Buddy Hield is the next Dipo

  16. Within 2 weeks you’ll see USC, UCLA, and U. of Washington all in the Top-25.

    USC is a real sleeper…Young,….but they have a very intelligent coach, Andy Enfield(formerly of Florida Gulf Coast)..His team is already playing with surprising chemistry for such youth on the roster…. Very athletic at every position.
    Marquette is a sleeper #1 …U. of Washington is a sleeper #2….Add in USC is sleeper #3. UCLA just isn’t getting any respect, but Alford will have them fighting for the Pac12 title as the finish line grows closer.

  17. Of course the Big Ten is down this year. Everyone knows that except the straw man. His obsessive compulsive
    disorder is flaring up again.

  18. Just found the details of Crean’s new 6-year extension(announcement to follow our first huge road test against defending national champs, Minnesota):

    Letter to the Editor

    September 28, 2006

    After an athlete or coach signs a large contract, it’s easy to list reasons why he or she might not deserve the money. I was therefore not entirely surprised to read your editorial ripping Tom Crean’s new contract extension.
    Common sense, however, says that Marquette is right to do everything possible to keep Crean here. He took over a struggling program and helped push it back into the national forefront. This year, he heads a squad that many believe to be one of top 20 in the nation.
    To compare Crean’s situation with Tom Izzo’s is ridiculous. Izzo inherited a basketball powerhouse at Michigan State, while Crean revived a program that hadn’t succeeded in years.
    One must also consider that basketball is the sole source of athletic revenue at Marquette and therefore a much bigger investment. Saying that Crean owes his success to Dwyane Wade is equally absurd. Having marquee players like Wade and now Dominic James is only a testament to his ability as a recruiter.
    Marquette is lucky Crean hasn’t already been lured by other bigger name programs (he was reportedly on the short list at both Ohio State and Indiana) and should feel good about securing such a vibrant, successful coach for the next 10 years.

    Joey Glass is a freshman in the College of Communication.

  19. o.k….We’ll close this hijacking out with what I nominate as my #1 March Madness Song for 2016….All credit goes to “:Joey” for stumbling on this tune. It is absolutely perfect….Pay attention, CBS.

  20. Good morning,

    Turning from basketball to football, here’s some good news for the morning. Every year the Austin American-Statesman ranks the bowl games from worst to last. While the criteria for the rankings are not clear, they include: whether the game was “full of drama, had explosive plays, and enormous individual performances.” Also considered are “attendance and game day atmosphere.”

    Yesterday, January 13, 2016, prior to the 41 bowl games, the Pinstripe game was ranked as the 30th worst to watch. After all bowl games were played, it was ranked 5th best to watch. Only four other games were considered the best to watch than IU vs. Duke. And that’s the observation from the heartland of football, Central Texas. Go Hoosiers!

  21. Well, Duke is down this year. They just lost to Clemson. Kentucky is down this year, they lost to LSU. Arizona is down this year, they lost two in a row in southern California. But what about Maryland? Didn’t the #3 ranked team in the nation just lose to a really weak Big Ten team? Maybe all of college basketball is down this year outside of Kansas, Oklahoma and SMU! Hey, here’s a great idea, let’s go back and retroactively evaluate the Big Ten in all those seasons when IU won the Big Ten Championship. Let’s re-consider Bob Knight’s record relative to some subjective criteria the measures the relative strength of the Big Ten Conference in those years where his teams did well. If, by some good fortune, IU were to win the Big Ten Championship this season, do you think anyone 20 years from now will be saying, “yea, but that was a down year for the Big Ten Conference.” TCDS is a debilitating disease.

  22. You have the debilitating Toenail Clipping Deficiency Syndrome..You love them Harvard toes…..nibble…nibble…nibble. Joey’s letter works you up…I get it. It’s really the only tale that matters. That’s the problem with these keyboards that type into cyberspace…They forever leave a trail…of, dare I say, CLIPPINGS. When you’re sold on something …or when you’re not sold on something, the narcissist in all of us just wants to tell the world……We want to save the world of all the cop killings, horrible schools in inner cities….machine guns in the hands of radical nutbags and defunct breathing shells of loveless human beings with no soul…And then we scream to the heavens and say no more from our keyboards by saving a coach’s job at tiny Marquette while hinting just how lovely he would be for Indiana.
    And this is what we have at Indiana…We have people that want to change the world; they’re world. The world they own for the rest of us. The “committee room” of not zero tolerance, but of zero accountability.

    Eight years of what has to be the worst X’s and O’s coach in all of college basketball….and you guys call out Justin Albers? Football gets massaged over, and over..and over…..Why does it get massaged so much? Answer: You’ve bought in. It’s what Tom Crean refers to as “defense.” The way to defend any glaring incompetence is via the biggest DEFLECTION you can find.

    Duke was on the road and without Jefferson. Don’t you listen to Dan Dakich on ESPN? Dan knows Bobby’s motivations…Dan knows Cody’s family before Cody picked IU…Dan knows everything…including knowing how backroom “hijacking” committee room deals with lawyers whom you ain’t got a shot, will trade you in for a puppet on a string….

    I’d say the entire Pac 12 is on the upswing…USC is on the upswing…Hired a the sort of coach that will demand intensity rather than apologize and massage excuses…Good coach..I can look at that guy and tell he gets it..U of Washington is also on the upswing…UCLA hired their next Wooden of the Hoosier state….We decided on a different form of ‘wood.’ .Here’s his extension.. See that extension…? It never lost a game in Maui because it didn’t want to face the next Wooden..See that extension grow a bit longer…? Yeah, it just couldn’t get that neutral site deal done with Kentucky….UK was experiencing some down years and why should Indiana, with a coach on the up-string….waste time with lowering his RPI? That would be just silly…Kennebunkport State is such a more highly anticipated game for the “GREATEST” fans in the world to enjoy..We need to give them what they deserve and long(as in my extension)…”BECAUSE it’s Indiana.”

    I appreciate Double Down’s efforts to dig into the RPI numbers that highlighted what any fan not wearing their tinted crimson Crean apologist spectacles or.following BIG basketball can assess via the obvious(e.g. what happens to a program when they lose a Bo Ryan)….Hell, it disintegrates a program to a level of dust almost as much as Bo forever dusted Mr. Extension in ANY year. . .

  23. Harv, I’ll give you this; even without reading the nonsense above, it’s obvious that you possess inexhaustible contempt (hate is probably too strong of a word) for Tom Crean. I think your disdain for him sustains you and gives you a reason for living. I fear for you if IU ever wins a National Championship under Crean. It would destroy your grasp on reality and make you the unhappiest person in the world. But I doubt it would even slow you down in posting your monotonous rants on The Scoop. If it ever happens, I might actually start reading your posts again. I imagine it will be quite funny to see how you justify Crean achieving such success. Just the thought of that makes me smile.

  24. I will agree with you’re recent comments about rankings….They really only apply to the best of the best….Everything else is a crap-shoot and motivated by feeding the machine of sports in the areas of the country that have little else for a world to revolve…..If you live in Southern California, your level of interest is at the table of culture and sun…and celebrities…and beaches…and fine dining….and national parks…and fighting traffic…etc, etc…..The marketing to your interests in college sports lives in a sea of diversions and deflections….They can only pulled and pushed in various directions so much….Ranking your Pac 12 teams in the Top-25 is going to have a much smaller impact on moving viewership than what a voting sportswriter or coach can accomplish by massaging these numbers and subjective evaluations to the markets of the Midwest or South…or, even Southeast.

    For the most part, the teams of the BIG 10 are in cities hit hardest by downturns in the economy….and the least amount of cultural diversion…Sports have always been the lifeblood of these working class heroes… These are not bandwagon fans..These are fans that watch all sports all of the time….For the machine to survive, the interest level of these markets must be constantly considered and injected with PEVD(performance enhancing viewership drugs)…..I tend to believe that the Big 10 gets far too many teams undeservingly ranked high because the product of sports(as in overall viewership to feed cable) relies on the market with the same level of excessive dependency as a population that needs it to be more a significant part of their pedestrian lives.. And even in those years that the BIG is obviously weak, the rankings reflect injected hype upon the Midwest to help the overall “product.”

    USC, U. of Washington, UCLA…? None have cracked into the Top-25…All three are currently strong enough to give fits to all but a couple teams from the BIG.

    Conclusion: You are right, Podunker….But for a few “elite” teams that are easily measured for consistency and year-after-year dominance(Duke, Kansas, UK, etc), most other “rankings” are manipulations to feed the machine and prop up interest where the viewership numbers can be most easily influenced. That is not California…or Madison Ave….

  25. People that really “need” sports…or blogs…or constant discussion of “their” teams(college, pro, whatever), are probably not living in Georgetown…or Chicago’s Gold Coast…or San Francisco’s Sausalito…

    Chasing Crean…Chasing comment boxes…It’s all the same thing. To not be here obsessively is the proof you have something else worth doing…watching…loving….being. So if you really want to stop beating around the bush, then you best take the same hard look into the mirror…Why? Because we’re old and we’ve yet to leave college.

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