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Four DUIs and a 21-month incarceration later, former IU basketball player Todd Jadlow is finally finding purpose off the court, Mike writes.

Former Hoosier Victor Oladipo scored a season-high 27 points on the court Thursday, and off the court received the NBA’s December NBA Cares Community Assist Award, Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press writes.

Forget about being a “stretch four,” Cody Zeller’s natural position is center and he’s excelling there for the Charlotte Hornets, Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer writes.

Indiana isn’t there yet, but the Hoosiers are steadily climbing back to being the team everyone expected in the preseason, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

The talent in Indianapolis making for a high-stakes recruiting battleground that includes Indiana, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Former IU coach Bob Knight will join former Purdue coach Gene Keady at a Boiler alumni event in Indianapolis in February, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star reports.

Chicago Blackhawks anthem singer and IU grad Jim Cornelison dreams of singing the national anthem at Assembly Hall, Will DeWitt of AssemblyCall.com writes.

IU football has some productive players to replace on the defensive line, Brody Miller of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Faith and preparation have helped IU wrestler Nate Jackson climb his way up to No. 6 in the nation, Sam Beishuizen of IUHoosiers.com writes.

A song for Todd Jadlow, who went on his very own “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC.


  1. This is also “it’s Indiana”……but for some reason EJ is ignored on Scoop.

    Gordon poured in 24 points (9-19 FG, 6-12 3Pt), six assists, five rebounds, three steals, and a block over 43 minutes in Wednesday’s 109-97 win over the Kings.

    EJ 3P% .375 2P% .457 PPG: 15.3 (Career: 16.7)
    VO 3P% ..345 2P% .431 PPG: 13.5 (Career 15.3)

    Jared Jeffries(13 seasons) 11th pick, 1st round, 3P% .250 2P% .447 PPG 4.8

    I sorta think it’s funny how Davis haters tell a tale of his getting to an NCAA Championship game because of the abundance of rich talent he inherited….It was a team with guys that would never set the next level on fire…He had clutch performers that played every second on defense…He had some phenomenal 3-pt shooters as well. Davis and the Hoosiers took down a #1 Duke team with Jarrad Odle(15 points) functioning as the go-to post player….Call me when Crean takes a similar bunch to a Final Four….because the bunch he currently has is better than what Davis “inherited.”

    It ain’t just about high draft picks. It’s coaching …It’s defense…And It’s guys that collectively play above anything they’ll ever do individually at the “next” level. Jeffries goes from a Hoosier that scores 24 points against Duke to a “next level”: guy that averages 4.8 over 13 seasons in the NBA.

    I also get a kick out of Doyel’s piece above….that talks of UK, Crean, and Groce(Illinois) recruiting at the Southport vs. NC game filled with Hoosiers high school talent that is NBA material…. Yup, all kinds of top draft picks that don’t make a damn bit of difference if you have a crap coach..or guys that don’t play defense…or don’t bring it in the clutch.

    “Winning” should be a 4-letter word.. Just when you think showing up at a high school gym to land future NBA talent is your punched ticket to future deep tournament runs, it will smirk at you and eff you up.

    Put every IU Hoosier in his college prime since 1972 who played a minimum of 7 seasons in the NBA onto one team and its likely a opening round exit…It’s always the unsung with the “talent” ….It’s always the coaching and the heart(especially on the glass and defending)…and a lot of luck.

  2. So, RMK will be a speaker at the Purdue alumni fish fry.

    Isn’t that special.

    That speaking gig in which he is pictured sounded pretty sweet, too.

  3. Meeting Keady at a fish fry? ‘Catch and Release’ Banner ceremony?….I have a feeling there will be a price toupee.

    This is where my “inexhaustible contempt” for Crean ends…There is no way in hell Crean is slimier than a ‘catch and release’ Keady comb-over…More mouth and wormier smelling Knightcrawler breath than a largemouth bass, but not slimier.

  4. To anyone who knows how Knight operates this is not a bit different than any appearances he has made for folks for decades. He is genuine in that he will and always has gone out of his way to be part of making a successful event. For decades while out on the recruiting trail he would drive miles out of his way to stop and see someone that a friend of his would ask if he could stop by and say hello to if he had the time. These off the court actions of kindness are a big reason I’ve always thought made RMK a special person.

  5. Exceptionally said, Clarion..

    Found this in today’s “Indiana Game Notes” over at the official IU Athletic Site:

    NEW CASTLE, Indiana

    Damon Bailey
    remains the all-time leading
    scorer in Indiana high school basketball
    history 26 years after he graduated from
    Bedford North Lawrence High School
    with 3,134 points.
    The 1990 Indiana Mr.
    Basketball, he led the Stars to three state
    finals appearances, including the 1990 state
    championship. A 1994 All-American as a
    senior at Indiana University, he graduated
    having won more games in an IU jersey than
    any other player (108) including a school-
    record 11 NCAA Tournament wins, tied for
    2nd in games played (132), the all-time
    leader in three-point field goals made (166),
    5th in three-point % (.437), tied for 2nd
    in assists (474), and 5th in career scoring
    Bailey is inducted in his first year eligible
    (26 years after high school graduation), and
    becomes just the 9th player inducted into
    the Hall in their first year of eligibility
    Steve Alford, Kent Benson, Larry Bird, Dave
    Colescott, Kyle Macy, George McGinnis, Rick
    Mount and Oscar Robertson).

  6. Still sticking up for bob knight i see you people are hypocrites no matter what he does all you people do is make excuses for this jerk he cant make to celebrate his best team but he can go to a purdue banquet please defend the rationale behind that

  7. Stop the victim act, Crean… Knight was the greatest to ever coach. Period.

  8. George Washington / Dayton game – So many fouls called which appeared to be no-contact. Archie Miller, impressive coach..

  9. Dorien, it doesn’t matter what he does or has done. It’s only about his successes.

    That’s how worship works.

  10. The ‘Banners Three Sisters’ asked Bob Knight if he’d go to the fairgrounds to give Papa Purdue a kiss on cheek before he croaks.. Is there really such harm…? They hoped it would remind of a time when there was once resistance and decorum under their Banners’ skirts. Now a Boiler rides into Bloomington like sailors with ‘We’re Back!’ trousers.

    And guys are worried about a kiss on the cheek?

  11. Dorien I really don’t think I am a hypocrite on the life of RMK but if you are unable to fathom all the good things he did which represents about 99% of all his actions in the limelight and behind the scenes then you are full time ignorant. What I stated above in post #5 is absolutely true. Just as I also acknowledge the poor decisions he has made in life. If you enjoy those negative headlines about him then please print them all out, all you can find and wallpaper your house with them and be happy in your ignorance. For every person like Chet who will support your bias there are 30 who will not share it. Certainly not the hundreds whom have received his special thoughts, words or a helping hand. And here’s a hint to authenticate that statement, I personally know of a couple of dozen myself.

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