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Nick Zeisloft kept shooting until he gave Indiana the shot in the arm it needed at Minnesota, Mike writes.

Indiana’s ascension in Big Ten play is surprisingly a credit to its defense, I wrote.

The IU women’s basketball team lost another close call at Minnesota Sunday, we reported.

A look at Yogi Ferrell’s second-half performance at Minnesota in the latest film session, by Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall.

Yogi Ferrell’s stock is up as a piano player for the Hoosiers, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Troy Williams and Yogi Ferrell are included in the latest top performers from Tom Dienhart of BTN.com.

IU is 5-0 in the Big Ten, but what to make of the Hoosiers’ backloaded schedule, asks Brody Miller of the Indiana Daily Student.

IU football has a new defensive coordinator, but will it make any difference, asks Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel.

Former Hoosier and current Rams offensive tackle Rodger Saffold talks football, Pinstripe Bowl and more, with Max Gelman of The Postgame.

A Monday morning dedication to Nick Zeisloft — “A Clean Shot” by The Myriad.


  1. McDonalds All American Game roster, UK, Louisville, Duke & UCLA recruits pretty much fill the roster. Don’t recognize any IU recruits names. Kid from Indianapolis area committed to Virginia. Not that having one the last 4-5 yrs has put us over-the-hump and into big time.

  2. So far , per KenPom 1-17-16, IU has won games against #’s 25 (ND), 42, 63, 78 & 90 (Neb). Really nothing to get excited about, except they count as ‘wins’. Loss games to #’s 17 (Duke), 77 & 127.

    Soon the challenge – against #4 twice, #10, #11, #14 & #31. Going to be interesting.

  3. Not landing 5 of the last 6(including the last 4 recipients) of Indiana’s coveted ‘Mr. Basketball’ award is probably more telling….Three of the last four were also McDonald’s All-Americans.

    Of course, McGary could have easily been a Mr. Basketball if he had not left Indiana to attend a prep school in the East.

    Runner-ups to Indiana Mr. Basketball ain’t to shabby either…Nic Moore @ undefeated SMU finished as runner-up in 2011(Dee Davis and Branden Dawson also in the hunt in 2011). Demetrius Jackson @ ND was runner-up in 2013…and Trevon Bluiett @ Xavier was runner-up in 2014.

    The talent in this state is simply incredible…It’s a shame that so many want nothing to do with Bloomington. Cody aligned with Crean’s prayer circle…and saved Crean from being the worst coach in IU history. But look at all those fabulous ballers we didn’t get(most of which were also McDonald’s All-Americans).

  4. Rutgers, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and OSU are, collectively, 9-20 in the conference. Remove OSU(4–2) and the first four aforementioned teams are 5-18. Rutgers, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are a combined 2-15. . Up next is Illinois…Yippee! Illinois is 1-4.
    Add the Illini into the pot and that makes our first six conference games against a collective 10-24 (.294 winning %).

    Six teams collectively 10-24…..? That’s the cream of the Big 10 crop that we’re thumping our chests over.

    Season begins in February, sports fans. But Double Down was also correct a few days ago by pointing out how the back half is still with its fortunes(e.g. We only play MSU, Purdue, and Maryland .once each…Two of those three games are at home)…Between the “cupcakes” and softest BIG schedule imaginable, this is about as weak of a season in the history of the program.

  5. Trump speaking at Liberty University today….It appears Trump’s Christian Right bus tour is hitting all of Crean’s favorite early season cupcakes.. Wonder if we could just get Trump to fill in for Bobby?

  6. So far Indiana teams looking good. Purdue @ #12….Valpo #20, IU #25,….ND #26…..Evansville #34…& Butler @ #36.

  7. Bob Knight did not always get the top talent in Indiana either. Lots of top players went to places like Kentucky and North Carolina. Kyle Macy, Winston Bennett, May, Blackmon, etc.

  8. He picked the pocket of Ohio in bringing Scott May..Knight continued to pluck just outside the borders in bringing in Isiah Thomas from Chicago…Buckner from Illinois…And he got some nice bench talent from NW Indiana(completely ignored during the Crean era….e.g. McGary, Robinson, Dawson, Albrecht, Novak).. Unlike Crean, Knight successfully recruited the entire state.

    Alan Henderson was pretty good. Bailey was pretty good. Alford was pretty good…Green…Abernathy…Wilkerson…Jeffries…Coverdale….Benson. Seems like a pretty sufficient group…And he did inherit McGinnis and Steve Downing(the cream of the Indiana talent when Knight first arrived). And there was that kid from Goshen……? John Ritter? (not to be confused with ‘Three’s Company’ dearly departed). Where was Jim Crews from? Rich Valavicius? They weren’t always the stars, but they provided much of the grit and warlike mentality that comes with the proving ground of Indiana hoops(especially in the day of our all-inclusive, singular class, h.s. basketball).

    I’m sure that I’m forgetting a lot of Indiana names on Knight teams…Chet could probably help.

  9. How could I forget “Super-Sub!”…..LAZZZZZZZZZZZ! (John Laskowski…The Polish Assassin)

    Who was the kid from Michigan City Rogers that later transferred to Providence? Michigan City Elston used to have some great ballers too. They may have had too many convictions to play on a Knight team.

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