Hoosiers jump six spots in both polls #iubb

A significant climb in the polls has accompanied Indiana’s 12-game winning streak.

The Hoosiers jumped six spots in both polls Monday, entering the week at No. 19 in the Associated Press Top 25 and slotting at No. 17 in the USA Today Coaches poll. Indiana ran away with a pair of sizable victories last week, beating Illinois and Northwestern by an average margin of 33 points.

In the AP poll, the Hoosiers leapfrogged Duke, Purdue and Kentucky on the way to their place at No. 19. IU is one of five Big Ten teams in the Associated Press Top 25, joining No. 3 Iowa, No. 8 Maryland, No. 12 Michigan State and the No. 21 Boilermakers.

You can see how both polls shook out after the jump:

Associated Press Top 25:
1. Oklahoma (36)
2. North Carolina (29)
3. Iowa
4. Kansas
5. Texas A&M
6. Villanova
7. Xavier
8. Maryland
9. West Virginia
10. Providence
11. Virginia
12. Michigan St.
13. SMU
14. Iowa St.
15. Miami
16. Louisville
17. Baylor
18. Arizona
19. Indiana
20. Kentucky
21. Purdue
22. Wichita St.
23. Oregon
24. Duke
25. Notre Dame
Others receiving votes: Dayton 77, South Carolina 74, Saint Mary’s (Cal) 42, Pittsburgh 38, Southern Cal 27, Butler 26, Clemson 18, VCU 17, Hawaii 9, Valparaiso 9, UConn 5, Utah 5, UAB 4, Chattanooga 2, Colorado 1, Grand Canyon 1, Michigan 1, Navy 1.

USA TODAY Coaches poll:
1. North Carolina
2. Oklahoma
3. Kansas
4. Iowa
5. Texas A&M
6. Villanova
7. Maryland
8. Xavier
9. West Virginia
10. Providence
11. Michigan State
12. Virginia
13. Miami
14. Louisville
15. Arizona
16. Iowa St.
17. Indiana
18. Baylor
19. Kentucky
20. Duke
21. Purdue
22. South Carolina
23. Pittsburgh
24. Oregon
25. Wichita St.


  1. Excitement and momenTom is building….I’m currently envisioning a speech from Crean on the eve of March Madness.

  2. Wish ‘they’ had never done that. It’s like the kiss of death. And undeserved. Got whooped by #24, squeaked by #25. Looking good now but real life starts soon.

  3. It’s good to see IU climbing in the polls. Tonights game will be a good test. I’m sure they will do just fine. GO HOOSIERS!

  4. Ron, hardly a “squeaked by” win over ND. Trailing by 19 in the 2nd half, IU won going away!

  5. How is it possible for a team coached by a “clown”/”cheerleader”/”walk-on” to be ranked at all? Obviously the people who vote do not read The Hoosier Scoop!

  6. Clowns can still bring people to the circus. Run around, clap, chase people, do silly things like dumb handshakes, always grabbing the microphone, hunting down the pretty girl at center ring(Joyce)…The clown can often be the biggest draw…Add in some high wire NBA acts to surround the antics…Doesn’t mean he’s bright enough erect the tents or do the books….
    CharlaClown also brings out the “Good Christian” as a sort of a higher-flying-than-thou trapeze act to give himself an extra advantage already present at a ‘Big Top’ basketball school like Indiana.

    Now, according to Double Down, not many seasoned Indiana high school coaches buy into this sort of traveling circus clown.. And thus creates the problem of often losing out on the best showstoppers from our state.

    But this guy is a born again clown salesman…You have to give credit where credit is due. He knows how to work a room and hire his own ringmaster AD. He’s very smart in manipulation and conniving his way into a room..He marries into other circuses for extra security and abundance of dressing room makeup. He is Bozo the Opportunist….

    He had a #1 ranked team…We all saw what happened against Syracuse when the red nose and the chasing reunions and make-believe villains won’t get it done. Syracuse was a real bad guy….and the clown merely cried in the postgame and was seen tripping over Dustin.

    There are some people on acid that believe selling is the same thing as coaching. They seem to ignore the fact that many of these kids were coached at the high school level by a guy with higher basketball intellect than the Bloomington circus act selling the seats to the same people that probably enjoy “professional” wrestling.

  7. How high do you think they’d be ranked with the same level of talent under Brad Stevens(?)…or just about any other coach that is proven on the biggest stages. Hundreds of coaches can ride talent to a couple Sweet 16’s or even a Final Four given the right superstar and pathway through the brackets.

    Without Zeller, Crean’s clown act and Freddie’s circus would have long left town…And we all know why Zeller came….He always made it very clear on his Twitterpage. It wasn’t to win championships….It was merely to be at a safe compoun….before he moved on to the important motivators in life.

  8. ^^^Like that, Chet. How do you really feel? Oh, I know that answer already…Flawlessly with scissor hands.

    I “drop acid,” Chet. Did you see Geoff’s poem today? Did you ask how he feels? Have you read much of Double Down lately? Maybe you put the rose colored glasses on with them. But don’t worry about how I feel…My “feeling” (nor my acid dropping) won’t change a damn thing and it certainly won’t turn Crean into an adept coach.

  9. oops…How you like that? …”safe [compound]” I had accidentally dropped the ‘d’ …I go right to the source of the crime and blame James Blackmon. ..That’s what we do at Indiana,…We blame everyone but the flawless guy in the cute checkered shirt.

  10. “big fella…?” That’s cute. Should I send a condescending salutation back your way, “Little Joe” Cartwright? Nah.

    The ’24 Hours of Lamaze’ ..? What does auto racing have to do with this?

  11. The season Indiana is having will insure that CTC will be back for at least 1 more year or maybe he might even finish out his contract. This allows the Scoop to enjoy Uncle Lord of the Harv will never let the Scoop forget any Transgressions of CTC. Showstopper, no….Showkiller, yes.

  12. UCLA lost again. 12-8. But they’re just so darn WELL COACHED and Harvard has assured me they will be near the top 10 at the end of the year.

  13. The BIG is weak, Bart Even weaker than your weak sauce.

    It will all come out in the wash….Once March Madness gets on its way, the better teams will rise like cream and most from the Big 10 will revert to their natural lower condition(currently artificially inflated by the rankings necessary to keep the conference “relevant”).

    And I beg to differ on Crean….Even when there was a pendulum swinging in disfavor of our brilliant coach by a few Scoopers(and maybe some in local press)wanting to ‘sell’ his condition as being on the hottest of hot seats, I was never buying in. It doesn’t matter how average he is. It doesn’t matter that he “sucks” in the eyes of our forum’s resident basketball expert(Geoff)…It doesn’t matter what our Oscar Wilde of Scoop, Double Down thinks, along with how he cleverly shuts down Crean’s greatest Scoop aPOlogist. ..

    As Bill Murray famously said in Meatballs, :”IT JUST DOESN”T MATTER! IT JUST DOESN”T MATTER! IT JUST DOESN”T MATTER!” Tombastic ValvoCrean was involved in the backroom deals of hiring his own AD. It would take a scandal of unprecedented nature(something that would make 3-way phone calls look like the tinker-toys that it was) to unseal the deals made in those rooms. Heat on Crean? What a laugher… Did I mention Joey Glass wrote a letter at Marquette? Have you seen a new Joey letter to defend Crean? There is not heat. There was never any heat.

    The only time Crean is near “heat” is when he’s caressing one of Dwyane’s swollen knee caps at his Bloomington crib..

  14. How is it possible for a team coached by a “clown” to be ranked? Oh I don’t know. Maybe the “clown” realized (after about 100 games) that his wacky defensive scheme wasn’t working and changed to one that does for starters. I for one don’t think TC is a clown or a cheerleader or a walk on. I do think at times his stubbornness has caused him to be an ineffective coach. I will continue to speak out win I see that happening and praise him when it’s warranted. It’s not about who the coach is ( which those who have an obvious man crush on TC fail to recognize) It’s about Indiana basketball. GO HOOSIERS!

  15. You know how you measure the irrelevance of a Hoosier basketball program..? Do you know how you can determine such irrelevance even as our candy stripes near a Top-15 ranking?

    Do you know what a soft and uninspiring schedule with no signature rivalry game(UK) does to an average college student already more interested in getting the newest ‘Call of Duty’ game or latest Apple product ?

    Rankings have nothing to do with interest or genuine passion among living like mushroom fungus in the hills of Bloomington.

    Is our football program really that ‘showstopping?’ Interest in IU Basketball is so ‘soft’ that changes in coaching personnel for IU Football(hard to keep a straight face) gets more comments on Hoosier Scoop than our “ranked” and “resurrected” hoops program under this extremely gifted coach.

    I’m Crean’s biggest billboard here. If I collapse of fatal gas pains at my keyboard, the only fading drum of anger a result of lost hoops passion goes to well of silence its obvious death. The only thing that could ever stir passions amongst a young fan base would be a game controller at every seat hooked up to Crean’s over-firing clapping and pacing neurons…

    Let’s get real…Even Brad Stevens can’t bring true passion for the game back to the southern hills of Indiana. Old men chat here in late January about football..Do I need to throw water in your faces? If that’s not a barometer to where hoops passion has settled in its tank of boring muck, then there is no hope for you. IU FOOTBALL for GOD”S SAKE!
    Brad Stevens can’t fix that. Our stands look like Sunday school meets retirement home…Do you watch Big 12 basketball fans? Do you watch Kansas games? Duke games?

    As I said before, everything from the 1970’s left with Bobby, except the stale and lifeless sweaters still in the best seats of Assembly Hall. The students would rather play on their devices….That sort of a lack of youthful passion makes any stale fart’s job safe. Many of Crean’s top recruited kids would rather sit in convenience store parking lots bragging of jugs of vodka ….Nobody lives hoops in that town anymore. It’s been dead for a very long time….Even when #1 rankings came on white chariots…the passion remained pulled by slow mules. The money in the wallets of Glass and Crean is plenty safe. The passion died long before those checks were written.

    Some film student will make a new ‘This is Indiana; video that will get some hits on YouTube…That’s the extent of the passion. That’s why I find these reunions of 40-year-old banners so god-awful depressing…It’s just sad. And then we placed the cherry on top of that fading love of the game with a guy like Crean…I just wish we could have seen it die with a teacher…I wish I could have seen it die with some dignity.

  16. That’s pretty much the same camp I am in. CTC didn’t marry a family member or buy the house next door. I have no personal agenda. If the team is mucking it up I’m a critic. If he is coaching the Hoosiers to wins without raising the ire of the NCAA, that’s great.

    Do I think he’s a great coach? Nope.

    Is he capable of becoming a good coach? I have no idea.

    Right now they are winning the games they are supposed to win and looking pretty good doing it. If they hit the meat of the schedule and crash and burn I’ll be right there with the other peasants holding a torch or a pitchfork.

    Brad Stevens isn’t coming to Bloomington. Coach K isn’t , either. Steve Alford might but he doesn’t look like anything special. Who else is on the list?

    I just want to see the Hoosiers put a good team on the floor. I’m not looking for a new friend or spiritual advisor..

  17. Team defense is obviously going to be stronger against competition that doesn’t contain the most elite of offensively talented ‘individual’ opponents each Hoosier is matching up against.

    Help defense will be better…Team defense will be better….Individual defense will be better when the competition is lower tier BIG quality or ‘cupcakes.’ Guys don’t get burned and schooled when going against non-premier offensive talent.

    I don’t think the improvement has much to do with schemes ..It’s mostly added effort buy guys having the back of their coach who was experiencing some “make-believe” heat. The rest of the improvement is based on simpler rotations and a lack of premier individual talent(in the offensive skill sets) found in most our softer BIG opponents.

    When Collins brought out his highly talented freshman(don’t know why he didn’t bring him in earlier…I think he was riding too much on Olah’s return), Dererk Pardon, he got to the glass with more layups and dunks than that Wichita State guard that made our “defense” look like stellar jello last March. That NW team will be much tougher in March…though still a little lacking in ‘elite’ quality and depth in their backcourt.

  18. Though your post was for RAM, it is so terribly defeatist. It hits to where the passion has gone. You don’t raise the torches for that horribly ridiculous patsy schedule?

    Your passion lives with the status quo? And that is simply measured with victories and losses? If the monster is ‘good of heart’ but ‘ugly of face’ he shall still burn?

    Many on this blog are of senior citizen age….Our torches on here have no consequence. Those with the fabulous ideas in Bloomington are attempting to stir kids away from ‘Call of Duty’ games with Kent Benson in his Depends finally passing the backed up season tickets he ate during the Sampson years? That’s where the passion for Hoosier basketball currently resides.

  19. JimmyO- In addressing your concerns over ‘average’ Alford at UCLA..

    Dig a bit deeper into their schedule…They have four out of their last six at home…USC is a very underrated team(their ‘bad’ loss at home)…UCLA’s two final road games are not against the premier teams of their league. They lost in double OT at a very up-and-coming U. of Washington team. The Bruins schedule is the opposite of ours…It’s been heavily weighted with the better teams and most of those better teams were in the front half…(four of the opening seven on the road). They get all the best of the Pac 12 twice(unlike Indiana who gets MSU, Maryland, Michigan, and, in-state rival, Purdue only once each)…The Bruins get the cupcakes of their league only once.

    We probably have a more talented team, but I’m willing to bet Alford will take his bunch deeper. They will definitely be more tested based on their highly competitive conference schedule. It’s not looking like they’ll flirt anywhere near the Top-10, but they’ll be just fine.

  20. I predict IU will lose tonight against Wisconsin. Hope I’m wrong, but 13 in a row is a tall order for any team, and Madison is a tough place to play. If so, it will be interesting to note how fast the Scoop’s comment sections light up with the “Crean can’t coach” comments. But if IU continues to win, aside from the obvious enjoyment of that, it will be fun to observe how creative the Crean-haters become in finding ways to justify their criticism. And Harv will surely become even more manic in his efforts to sustain his “quest.” Either way, it will be entertaining.

  21. Oh, one more thing of note….I’m not a big follower of the recruiting scene, but I’ve also heard(ESPN analysts during games I’ve watched) that Alford has one of the top recruiting classes slated for next year.

    It’s weird….I’ve actually enjoyed watching Pac 12 hoops this year…They’ve received quite a bit of coverage on the ESPN networks….USC, U of Washington, Arizona, and UCLA….are all very dangerous teams. Haven’t seen enough of Oregon or Oregon State to draw any conclusions on the level of pleasing appeal to my novice basketball eye. I do like the coaches as well… USC coach took that small Florida school to a Sweet 16 in last year’s tournament…? Pretty sure it was last year. He’s got that team playing very well for just taking over the reins…

  22. I’ve posted in here four different times showing the SOS and performance of the B1G versus past years with actual data. The facts are in, the B1G is down.

    Anyway, just for fun while on hold this morning, I looked up our 2012-2013 schedule.


    There’s a pattern developing. 😉 This regime does not schedule a very tough non-conf schedule. Normally they rely on the B1G season to pick up our SOS. This year, that won’t help us.

    Lets look at the B1G in 2012-13. We played a total cupcake schedule in the non-conference season. The only ranked team we played was North Carolina (who we destroyed at home), which is something the B1G is contractually obligated to play. But we lost to a then unranked Butler team in Indy.

    But, the B1G season picked up. We played two teams in the top 10 by Jan 26 then. We lost to a then unranked Wisconsin team in Madison who would later be ranked and beat us once more in the B1G Tourney. Overall we’d play 8 teams ranked the rest of the season, with 4 of them in the top 10. The #2 team in the conference, Michigan, we played twice. Of the top 8 teams in the conference, only ONE of them did we play only once in the regular season. That was Illinois, who we played and beat in the opening round of the B1G Tournament.

    Anyway, please stop trying to defend the schedule this year. It isn’t anything diabolical on Crean and Glass’s part that the B1G sucks this year. But, they were in control of our pathetic non-conference schedule. And they have scheduled a pretty weak slate of teams in the non-conf (which is in their control for the most part).

    The facts are undeniable, this is a bad year for the conference. AND, Indiana is very fortunate in that the top teams in the conference only come by once with the exception of Iowa.

    Before you guys go off half cocked, I’m not hating. I’m just stating facts. This is why we are only projected to be a #7 seed and while ranked fairly low at #19 & #17 with only 3 losses. I hope we win out and hang a banner (the legit kind..#6). BUT, regardless of how you feel about the head coach, the conference is down substantially this year.

    Draw whatever conclusions you want about what that means to you. Create an interpretive dance, finger-paint, get some clay and recreate the Ghost scene with your favorite friend, or come to the Scoop and complain loudly. Choose Your Own Adventure.

  23. Harvard,

    Alford already has a ton of talent. You’re making excuses for him because he played here 30 years ago. What are you basing he will “take them deeper” on? He’s never been past the Sweet 16. They might not even make the tournament.

  24. LOL!.. That’s what we’re here for Straw man, to entertain your contemptible and senile old mind. Glad we can be of service. God bless you anyway!

  25. He took them deeper last year when they were as big a bubble team as Indiana….And they made a Sweet 16 …..with something in talent far less than what Crean has taken preseason #1 teams with. It’s not like I’m predicting something farfetched when they were already a pretty big surprise last season. Most pundits thought they’d be on the outside looking in.

    UCLA has a better bunch this year..Welsh will progress even more in the coming 6 weeks…Bryce is a phenomenal shooter with another year under his belt. Most experts on Scoop claimed Alford would die a slow and agonizing death of irrelevance and New Mexico State. Most on here have already lost all bets on Alford…I was not one of those people…And why shouldn’t I like a guy that helped bring a banner to Indiana? I’ll cheer for them against all other teams of West.

    You didn’t dig into the facts, Jimmy. We’ve been playing a cupcake BIG schedule while UCLA has had the premier teams of the Pac 12 in their first half(four of those six games on the road)…

    There’s nothing long shot when it comes to betting against the Tombastic the Clown in March. The guy can’t even communicate to his team to commit a foul and stop the clock….Alford doesn’t spaz out under pressure. He didn’t as a player and he doesn’t as a coach.

    Hell, Mike Davis got to a championship game….but for some reason the apologists think Sweet 16 banners and reunions are a bigger deal. I’m not the guy planning those reunions for great teams even before Alford’s short shorts…..It’s Crean and Glass that are short short on successes and thus they must cling to those shorts shorts they had nothing to do with….for sunshine, lollypops, and rainbows.

  26. Boring…

    I don’t need to add anything to the list of names Po created because Uncle Harv is just boring…the same paragraphs of gibberish that add nothing of interest to the Scoop!

  27. But the irony, Bartrisha…You keep commenting on how disinterested you are….You sound like you want a prom date but you’re too shy to admit your crush. The former baseball coach’s wife was also disinterested….NoMendacity was disinterested and bored too….And then we got that cute new “Ghostrida” contributor..

    All so, so, disinterested and bored. Like I said, I’m Crean’s best billboard. Without my “rants” he probably would already be on the bus. You might want to use your big interesting brain and think about that a bit.

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