Hoosiers land Ohio athlete Jonah Morris #iufb

Kevin Wilson’s Sunday started with a boom.

A big boom.

Wilson tweeted his customary “#boom” Sunday morning to announce Indiana’s latest commit, Ohio athlete Jonah Morris.

The former Michigan State commit represents Indiana’s highest-rated verbal commitment so far in the 2016 class. Scout.com assigned four stars to Morris, a 6-foot-4, 200-pound athlete who could begin his college career as a receiver. 247 Sports and Rivals each have Morris as a three-star caliber recruit, though 247 slots him at the top of IU’s list of high school commits for 2016.

Scout lists Morris as the No. 1 athlete in the midwest, while 247 ranks him as the No. 18 overall. He confirmed his commitment in a tweet on Sunday afternoon.

“I have a great bond with coach McCullough, coach Wilson and coach Johns, and (the) rest of the Indiana staff,” Morris wrote. “I am confident and know they will get me where I need/want to be, and that they will never give up on me after a simple mistake or something.”

Morris had a long list of offers, and had reportedly focused serious consideration toward Ohio State, Notre Dame and Pittsburgh. The in-state option at Ohio State seemed to take a back seat, however, when the Buckeyes took a commitment last week from four-star Florida receiver Binjimen Victor, according to Cleveland.com.

Morris, who attends Archbishop Hoban in Akron, Ohio, previously announced his commitment to Michigan State in May before decommitting in November.

“I have finally (come) across the school that’s best for me,” Morris wrote. “I feel I have the best chance to achieve my ultimate goal of making it to the NFL a lot sooner, as well as receiving a great degree. I will be joining the No. 1 passing offense in the Big Ten.”

Just as the Hoosiers added Morris, they lost one piece to their 2016 class. Three-star defensive end D.J. Wonnum, who confirmed his commitment to IU Friday, reportedly flipped for South Carolina on Sunday, per a report by 247 Sports.

That leaves Indiana with 12 high school seniors lined up in its 2016 class. Signing Day is Feb. 3.


  1. Great get for the Hoosiers……saw morris play last year in high school good hands can go up an win jump balls from DB,s.. keep up good work coach wilson….

  2. with signing day Feb 3….have no idea how many of these good (recruits) athletics IU will get signed, but at least IU recruiting is getting listed and in some cases going to the last minutes with a lot of good three star or better recruits/athletics…..hopefully IU can get a few more of these good athletics signed….welcome to IU Jonah Morris…..Great get for Coach Wilson and his staff……keep up the great work.

  3. The upgrade in talent for football is good to see. With the addition of Jonah Morris iu adds another big body and big play receiver. Just a hunch, but I think the Hoosiers will add kiante Enis and maybe Desmond Fitzpatrick by signing day. I have been watching iu football since I was three in 1965, and this has to be the most talent they have had on the offensive side of the ball.

  4. One of the most encouraging things I see in Wilson’s recruiting history is the fact that he very rarely loses guys on signing day. There’s a track record for closing strong. I have a feeling this week could get interesting, too, with a few more additions.
    I also agree with Jim. From everything I’m hearing — the way the wind is blowing, if you will — IU seems to be the spot for Enis.

  5. Welcome aboard young Mr. Morris. This coaching staff has recruited hard since their arrival. We’ve seen an upgrade in talent in all three phases. Between now and signing day, they WILL add one more 4 star as well as closing the deal on some guys who are leaning towards IU. Get these kids signed and continue building this program. BOOM. GO HOOSIERS! ! !

  6. Great news for the offense but if the flip by Wonnum is true it is a major loss for IU’s defense as he was the kind of player IU needs on defense. IU’s offense is reloading and looks like it is improving but what should we expect from the #1 offense in the Big Ten. It is good to see IU benefit from the product they are putting on the field.

  7. Looks to me as if none of the schools have landed any players yet. Lot’s of flipping going on right now. Commit on a Friday and then flip on a Sunday? This process is just filled with chaos, and it makes you wonder what’s going on to make these kids do 180s in a period of two days. Can’t wait to see who signs on February 3rd.

  8. PO- what’s going on is that 17 and 18 year-old boys are being cajoled, enticed, flattered (i.e., seduced) by grown men whose careers are on the line. That kind of attention would make anyone’s head spin.

  9. Keith – maybe I am not sitting in the same stadium as you, or watching the same game on television, but I have not experienced seeing an upgrade in all three areas of the game. IU’s defense has been abysmal before Wilson arrived and it hasn’t gotten any better after five years. At this point I don’t know if it is a talent issue, a coaching issue, or both?

    Offense is prime time. Special teams play has been above average, but defensively it hasn’t been happening. We have been able to get an occasional stud, but he is typically surrounded by mediocre talent. Now that we have Allen as our DC we’ll see if it is a coaching issue or a player issue.

    Mike Miller the reason Wilson hasn’t, or doesn’t lose any recruits on signing day is that IU is typically their best offer. We are part of a power five conference, an excellent academic institution, but we’re still not a favored destination for many of the higher ranked recruits from our own state, let alone outside the state of Indiana.

  10. Well said davis.

    I try to keep a distance in following recruiting news too closely. Hanging hopes and dreams of your favorite team on the emotional and intelligence quotient of kids without fully developed brains is a recipe for sadness.

    These individual decisions aren’t things to get too worked up about (remember Gunner Kiel and Jeremy Finch [sp?]). The things to look at are the coach’s relationships with coaches at successful high school programs. These are “adults” who programmatically can deliver results. The pattern over time is more important than any one individual decision.

    Hence my concern about Crean, but my hope for Wilson. One doesn’t have very good relationships with top high school coaches and the other has been building solid foundations and hiring assistants that can solidify and even expand on them.

  11. Davis good thoughts. It has been over the last 8-12 years the poaching of verbally committed teenagers has gotten to its present artless aggressiveness. These prospects have always been immature but coaching staffs used to behave above the radar. No more. It has been 6-7 years since I’ve seen anything in recruiting that really surprised me. It would help if the signing day were several weeks, maybe months earlier or option #2 is when you verbal you have 30 days to sign a conditional NLOI. That would bind recruits and programs and keep both from pissing around with verbals.

  12. It’s crazy but it does matter. Look at the playoff teams and they almost all have had top 5 recruiting classes for the 2-3 years prior to their playoff birth. If a team plays significantly higher than it’s recruiting rankings, its usually because of a great QB. Clemson did it this year with Deshaun Watson who was the top rated high school qb in 2014. With Wilson’s offense and the play makers we have there, seems like we could slide into a top 20 spot in a couple of years if the defense can just be average. I’d love to see some impact defensive ends or tackles in this year’s recruiting but that’s probably not going to happen until 2017 because of the late D coordinator change. As far as these kids switching schools, let them. I’ll bet most of the people on this board either switched schools or switched majors during college. Let them decide whats best for them.

  13. HC, I agree. National signing day should be moved up by about three weeks. Having a brother-in-law that was once a 5-star recruit coming out of High School, I’ve heard a lot of stories about some of the enticements that were offered to get him to sign with schools back in the day. I can only imagine what young men are offered these days.

  14. The thing I really like about Coach Wilson and his staff is how they build relationships with recruits. I hope the addition of Coach Allen improves the quality of defensive athletes for IU. We have seen an upgrade in defensive talent so now we will see if the defense can improve. Once IU shows an improved defense we will start to get much better athletes as they will see IU as a place to be with the top offense in the Big Ten.

    It has been a long process with fits and starts due to injury and not having the right DC. It looks like IU is getting all the pieces in place to start putting wins on the board and not just close losses.

    Coaches have been calling for an earlier signing date to eliminate the flipping that is going on. As far as enticements go I wouldn’t want a player that only comes for what they can get off the field. Too many of the top players have been treated differently their whole life and you are asking for trouble if you have too many on your team. There are enough top quality players that are good young men looking for an education and a chance to play pro football. With IU’s success in moving players to the Pro’s I would expect recruiting to get better in 2017. It doesn’t hurt having a WR from IU playing in the Super Bowl this year.

  15. I have been under the weather lately and haven’t kept up with the class of 2016 the way I usually do but I did check it out tonight. When was the last class IU had almost all 3 and 4 star recruits in a recruiting class. I hope the coaches can finalize the players they are working on to make this a stellar class for IU. Add in Lagow and Thompson coming in from JC along with Green and Patrick becoming eligible in 2016 and this is great class for IU. Lagow was the top JC QB, Thompson was rated a 4 star HS athlete, Green was a 4 star HS athlete and Patrick was the top WR coming out of JC last year. I have talked about pieces of the 2016 class but this is the first time I have put it all together in my mind. We also have at least four preseason starters coming back from injury to add to the talent pool. Those players were all three and four star players coming from HS.

    As verbals came in I hadn’t stepped back to see what talent IU was bringing to the 2016 Team and it is impressive now only a step or two behind the big guns. Yes IU needs to finish strong with this class but the exposure this year and the results of being only one of two Power Five teams to have two 1000 yard rushers, 3500 yard passer, with a 1000 WR and a second WR with 900 yards. Add to that the image of Latimer playing in the Super Bowl, Coleman being drafted by Atlanta along with the other Hoosiers playing in the league, and the four or more Hoosiers getting drafted this year; shows recruits they can come to IU and be recognized as one of the top players in the country.

    We are seeing some of the results this year in recruiting but I expect the real rewards will be with the 2017 class as we already have 3 verbals in this class. We also will have the addition of two quality coaches to the staff which seems to be leading to a big improvement in 2016. Now we need to see the wins to match all the good goings on with the program and IU football could take off in ways we can only dream about.

  16. waitingforwins,

    I said an upgrade in talent. When I was on campus I was a better athlete than many of the DB’s (which isn’t saying much). You agree that play has improved on offense and special teams as a result of improved talent. I’m telling you from experience, the talent (athleticism) is better on defense than it was in the 90’s.
    Go Hoosiers!!!

  17. Last year the defensive secondary was terrible but the d line and linebackers were definitely better than the year before. While we’ve been able to get impact players on offense, we haven’t had a defensive player that you had to scheme for since maybe Tracy Porter. I hope this Jonah Morris will at least consider one of the hybrid linebacker positions. Sounds like he has both the size and speed to be an impact player there. Hope also we can get some of the UCF defensive prospects to give us a look now that Coach Allen is at IU. Some of those kids that liked his scheme may like the B1G exposure they would get from an IU that they wouldn’t get at UCF.

  18. IU won’t be hurting for hybrid players as incoming JC Safety Thompson played a hybrid position last year. Also we have Dutra coming back that would fit one of those spots and several LBs that could fill the role. Scales is a small LB that can cover along with this could be the niche for Chris Covington. There will be a number of players we aren’t thinking about that can see this as their chance to shine and see the field.

    The good thing about the 4-2-5 is you end up with a more athletic team on the field. Coach McDaniel will have a key role as the front six will have to hold down the fort against power running attacks. We will need players that will sell out leaving play making up to the perimeter players in many instances. It will be interesting to see how the defensive players fit into the scheme but I think there is enough talent on the field to get the right players in the new positions. I will breakdown the players and how they rated out of HS but I will wait until signing day has pasted. I think people will be surprised at the level of talent on the defensive side of the ball which means it is just a matter of getting the most out of talented players to improve this defense. Coach Allen has turned around defenses in one year so I am excited to see what he can do with IU’s players. I do think the defense will be more fired up and play with enthusiasm we have only seen at certain parts of games this year. Can the 2016 defense play entire games like they did during the third quarter all season? If they can Coach Allen and the other defensive coaches will have IU’s defense right up to the level the offense can win games as they score enough points to win.

  19. V- yes and we got feel good stories all last Spring and Summer about how the new defensive backs were coming along great and would be more athletic than the previous year’s team. Then they gave up almost 50 to a D2 school for the first game. This team has 1 returning player on the d front. Then we have a bunch of question marks and mediocre backups. They’ve also struck out on this year’s higher rated defensive tackle and end prospects. Maybe we can still get some 5th year players or JUCO’s as a stop gap measure but it looks like we will have trouble stopping the run. Expect another year of trying to win shootouts. Great players make great coaches. Don’t expect a big leap in progress on the defensive side until 2017.

  20. 123 you’re wrong about only 1 returning on the DL. There is Hoff, Greene and Mc cray all returning. All seasoned veterans. Then to name a couple of 2nd and 3rd year guys is Meminger, Barwick, Wilson and Robinson. Mangieri and Latham’s skills will be missed but someone will rise up either singly or in combination. There are lots of potential Hybrids for the new D on the roster. Also just listening to Knorr over the last 2 years and Allen in the last week it is easy to see Allen is a much more effective and enthusiastic communicator. I also caught he is a more involved Coordinator for in games he will be on the sideline and not in the booth. I like that hands on awareness about him. Players and assistant coaches need that and the results will show up on the stat sheets in practice in the games.

  21. HC- Hoff, Green and McCray are the mediocre backups. Hoff played better as a freshmen but didn’t do much last year. All three were used sparingly because they weren’t very good. In addition to Mangieri and Latham, we lose Rainer and Zach Shaw– what would you call those guys? Lets call them what they were, the starters.

    Yes, Barwick, Wilson and Robinson MAY grow into good players but they are unproven. We lack size at both defensive end positions and the 2 tackle positions. There will always be players on the roster that can fill positions, but that doesn’t mean they have the talent, size and strength required. Hope for the best, but we are going to have problems with physical running teams with the front we have now.

    Ralph Green III played really well at times and hopefully he can have a big year. But other than that, too many questions to expect huge improvements. Not pessimistic- just realistic. Expect a team that again has to outscore opponents but should also has the weapons to do so. I think Allen will prove a great hire over time but I don’t expect miracles until he has a chance to recruit more players that fit his system. I think a realistic expectation would be to go from the worst in football on 3rd and long to top of the bottom third in the B1G- that would be a big improvement and would give us a chance to go from 6-6 to 7-5 or even 8-4.

  22. HC- sorry but you missed the point. The starting d line is not coming back and the guys replacing them are unproven or just not as good.

  23. 123 my point exactly. Hoff did not lose a step this year, Green and Rayner simply gained a half step and played more minutes than the year before. Hoff is the younger player so the rotation was not strange. McCray is a potential stud as his performance this past season speaks for it self. Wilson spoke his praises more than once. His minutes grew and grew as the season progressed. So the returning veterans are tested and experienced. On many occasions during the last half of the season Wilson spoke how hard it was not to play Jacob Robinson more. In other words he and Mangieri were near equal. He will be a stud for the IU D. Barwick and Meminger both were RS’ed. But both accomplished and achieved this year by earning multiple scout team player of the week awards. These players and their future under Allen is positive.

  24. HC- in the same way that everyone expects the D backfield to improve next year because of the experience we have returning along with the 2 proven players we’ve added, the D front should take a step back because of the experience we are losing and the lack of proven talent to take their place. Put it this way- Danny Cameron and Zander Diamont have experience and Payton Ramsey and Austin King have a lot of skill. But to expect those 4 players to outperform Sudfeld’s 2015 numbers would be unrealistic. I think you are being unrealistic.

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