Hoosiers return to AP poll at No. 25 #iubb

It took nearly two months, but Indiana is back in the Associated Press poll.

The Hoosiers returned to the AP rankings on Monday, coming in at No. 25. IU last appeared in the AP poll during the week of Nov. 23 — prior to taking two losses at the Maui Invitational — when it climbed as high as No. 13.

Indiana carries a 10-game winning streak into Tuesday’s home game against Illinois. The Hoosiers are tied for first place in the Big Ten standings, having won all five of their conference games to date.

IU also climbed two spots to No. 23 in this week’s USA Today Coaches poll. The Hoosiers returned to that poll last week.

The full polls can be found after the jump.

Associated Press
1. Oklahoma (65)
2. North Carolina
3. Kansas
4. Villanova
5. Xavier
6. West Virginia
7. Maryland
8. SMU
9. Iowa
10. Texas A&M
11. Michigan St.
12. Arizona
13. Baylor
13. Virginia
15. Miami
16. Providence
17. Louisville
18. Butler
19. Iowa St.
20. Duke
21. Southern Cal
22. Purdue
23. Kentucky
24. South Carolina
25. Indiana
Others receiving votes: Pittsburgh 184, Clemson 53, Wichita St. 38, Valparaiso 30, Notre Dame 14, Dayton 9, Saint Mary’s (Cal) 8, Gonzaga 5, Hawaii 3, Utah 3, Monmouth (NJ) 1, Navy 1, Oregon 1, UALR 1.

USA Today Coaches
1. Oklahoma
2. North Carolina
3. Kansas
4. Villanova
5. Maryland
6. Xavier
7. West Virginia
8. Texas A&M
9. Iowa
10. Michigan State
11. Arizona
12. Duke
13. Virginia
14. Miami
15. Baylor
16. Louisville
17. Providence
18. South Carolina
19. Kentucky
20. Pittsburgh
21. Iowa State
22. Purdue
23. Indiana
24. Butler
25. Southern Cal


  1. I just want the defense to continue to improve. This group is definitely progressing on that end of the floor. GO HOOSIERS!!!

  2. Good to see the Hoosiers back in both polls…. hope they can stay there for rest of the year!!!

  3. USC finally getting a bit of respect, but surprising to not see UCLA or U. of Washington in the polls

    Nice to see Calipari’s toll plaza to the NBA having some struggles. Still strange that so few fans and journalists alike care to make any commentary with regard to the lost storied rivalry/clash of borders game. It’s shameful that the Indiana and UK can’t come to terms on something….It’s also shameful that Glass can take trips to Maui and Manhattan while burying the fans without deep pockets to watch a sea of cupcake offerings at Assembly. What a glaring underachievement of this administration..And how glaringly inept that no singular “COMMENTARY” is found in any of the Indianapolis, Bloomington, or campus newspapers to demand better on behalf of the best basketball fans in the world

    Such horrors made of illegal 3-way calls….while seeing nothing horrifically defeatist and insulting to the fans in the destroying the fun and passions of a half-century old border rivalry game; a game that all previous coaches and administrators of both institutions could put aside put aside petty differences, egos, and the bathing in their own narcissism to maintain. All these stupid reunions with no mention by any of the famous players from famous Hoosier teams of the past of how the UK vs IU games were so highly anticipated proving grounds of said defining achievements…Those game were wars.

    Now we get spoon-fed “rankings” and ScoopTV instead of having journalists with rocks in their shorts to demand more of the cheap egos destroying the luster of storied games and forever respecting the fans via the true tests required of fight songs demanding an “undaunted” spirit.


  4. @Harvard

    Why is it surprising to not to see UCLA? They’re 11-7 (2-3). They get a nice win and then fall apart in the next game.

  5. I guess you’re right, JimmyO. But unlike Indiana, they’ve played the meat of the Pac 12 early…They lost in double OT up at Washington…They have wins against UK, Gonzaga, and Arizona.

    I think you’ll see them near the Top-10 before March Madness. Pac !2 looks far stronger than the Big 10 this year…at least to my “novice eyes” as opposed to rankings “expertise.” I was thoroughly impressed by the young USC Trojans….Very fun team to watch.

  6. I think UCLA is a better team than we are, but they’re still not good.

    Ron’s listing of IU’s opponents in the KenPom rankings was nails. I have no idea what to make of Indiana this year. That Duke loss is looking even worst as they went winless last week. We’ve eeked out some wins against some really bad teams.

    Some folks think “a win is a win.” I’m not talking about our W-L’s record, just trying to figure out if we have a real team or not. Until we play a decent team to see what we’re really made of, we are no more than a 9-seed at this point.

  7. UCLA will be there, DD…They have talent and that awkward looking 7-footer has a really nice shooting touch….He’s come a long way. Can’t remember his name at the moment…Heading out the door for groceries. Wair? Ware? Weir?…Something like that.

  8. Imagine that. IU is 5 – 0 in conference play, has won 3 conference games on the road, and is tied for first place in the Big Ten. All that with a “Clown”/ “Cheerleader”/ “Walk-on” head coach. Oh that’s right, I forgot. The Big Ten is weak this year. But given that Kentucky lost to another unranked team (for the first time in 19 games), Duke lost to N.D. (a team IU beat this year), MSU lost to Wisconsin (another team IU beat this year), AZ lost two games in a row to unranked teams, etc., it must be a down year for college basketball all around. No reason to get excited because the toughest part of IU’s conference schedule is yet to come and as everyone knows, Crean’s IU teams always fade down the stretch.

  9. UCLA is not going to be anywhere near the top 10. They already have 7 losses. I know IU fans fawn over Alford, and have been saying all year that they’ve turned the corner, but they continue to lose inexplicable games. And the guy isn’t poised to make a deep run, as he has never been past the Sweet 16.

  10. Per ESPN:

    “There haven’t been 5 different #1 teams before the end of January since the 1993-1994 season.”

  11. Thanks Jeremy…

    You are wrong, JimmyO. I said “near” the Top-10….Want to go with #12? Loser has to buy Price and Co. a $15.00 White Castle gift certificate. I do not fawn over Alford. I never wanted him as a head coach at IU. I challenge you to find one Scoop post where I advocated such a thing. He was on a banner team…And he had a little something to do with some pretty accomplished seasons in his college days.

    But rankings in January mean crap anyway. UCLA was a bubble team last year and they got to the Sweet 16…Bryce is a very underrated point guard and his stroke is phenomenal….The guy in the middle, Welsh, is the difference come March…The young man has a great mid-range touch..Tournament runs almost always hinge on the post play surging….I think UCLA has as much as a legit shot to get to an Elite 8(probably a year away from a Final Four) as any team from the Big 10. I believe they are definitely deserving Top-25 consideration when you considered the victories against UK, Gonzaga, and Arizona. And other than the USC loss(USC now getting noticed), they’ve battled with the better teams from their conference.

    Podunker- Wake the hell up….The collective conference record of our first six opponents is 10-24. It’s been beyond weak. I don’t think I’ve seen crappier Wisconsin, Minnesota, and OSU teams in the last 10 years. Uninspiring in Maui….Embarrassed against Duke…No UK rivalry game….One decent win in Indy against a ND team that is figuring things out after some pretty significant roster hits. And don’t get your panties all in a fuss over ND”s win against Duke.. Duke is without Amile Jefferson. I thought you paid attention to Dakich…? Our schedule has been beyond weak…

    Season starts in February, Bro-Po Apologist.

  12. Iowa, Purdue, Maryland, MSU…..are the Big teams that may get past the first weekend in March. Other than Iowa, I don’t see any making the Sweet 16. Iowa has the talent and coaching to be a Final Four team. Doesn’t mean they’ll get there, but the pieces are in place. Indiana, Northwestern, Michigan will be fighting for the second tier and “bubble” consideration. OSU, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Illinois are likely making up the bottom and staying home.

    Penn State? Haven’t seen enough of them…Probably middle pack. But they do have a very capable coach.

  13. Syracuse team getting better…

    Could you imagine Crean possibly getting in a bracket with Alford(avoided in Maui), Syracuse(again), Sampson(Houston could win their conference…SMU on probation), or Calipari….? It’s hilarious. Might be better just to chuck that last half in, Bahama Clown. There are a ton of places you’re going to be out-coached by familiar names, friends, and foes alike.

  14. UCLA does not play defense. Bryce is very talented but his dad has made the team around him and is using him too much. He never gets benched for lack of D or poor choices in offense. Hamilton is playing better but the key to the future is Holiday and the Brooklyn guy (Prince Ali). Parker and Holden will be part of the surge that you mention come tourney time but they need to play defense now. They also lost GG Goloman who was playing well last year with a stress fracture but he’s now back. There’s hope for UCLA but they need a string mindset. Once they win two in a row away from Pauley they will be unstoppable. As the Monmouth game showed from the beginning they’re too volatile, they need to big stage or they’re asleep. I like the Huskies too this season. Dat Romahr guy great guy. Rooting for Bobby Hurley. Liked him as a player. Impressed by USC. Impredictable Stanford, California and Utah and the Oregon teams are now up front for Alford so let’s see how he handles that.

  15. Po, the facts aren’t on your side in this one. Right now, I feel like I’m watching you recreate Pickett’s Charge. The artillery is blasting you away in an open field with a grade and no cover. Instead of preserving your army to fight another day, you’re sending another brigade in reserve.

    The North has a lot of cannon balls left in this fight.

  16. Bryce looks like a spoiled snot….on first impression.. But when I watched him in an interview with Walton(when Bryce buried the last second game-tying shot against Arizona to send it to overtime…along with numerous other huge plays and triples) , I found him surprisingly humble and, almost, infectious. Seems like a very nice kid when you hear him speak…Of course, that was just one interview after he had a great game….. But, man, oh man, did he have some moxie in his socks when he drained that step-back triple in front of Russell Westbrook at his court level seats. That was a “Wow” Bryce moment….

    He also had some unbelievable heroics and clutch buckets at U of W. …though in a losing effort. Daddy knows how to teach shooting form….and that may also be contributing to Welsh’s wonderful soft touch for a BIG.

  17. I feel like I’m watching you recreate Pickett’s Charge

    Damn you, Double Down. You are funny. That was very creative.

  18. DD, what a waste of a good analogy. Had that one sitting around for a while? Had to use it before you forgot it? But hey, I admire all you folks who can predict the future.

  19. Tom Crean is a waste of a good analogy. …

    In other news, Sno Bol® has decided to endorse our strength of schedule..

  20. Po, I’m certainly not predicting the future. I said Indiana was untested. We’ll see how they play against real competition soon enough. I’m disappointed in our non-conference scheduling in which we played one ranked team, which probably won’t be ranked when the next poll comes out (Duke). Plus, the data supports that the B1G is significantly and objectively down this year. That’s not Indiana’s fault.

    Regardless, you keep jumping up and down and saying that we’re being negative about it. I’m saying, I don’t know what to make of this team. We’ve won 10 in a row, which is a good thing, but of those ten games, I feel like we only played well in one of them (vs OSU). I’m not counting any of those sub 300 KenPom teams because they don’t tell you anything. In our schedule, Duke is probably the only team that’ll make the tournament. We lost to UNLV and they fired their coach for underperformance already.

    Now for the third time, until I see them play someone that matters, we’re playing at the level of about a 9 seed in the tournament. I’ll gladly revise as the season continues and we start playing any team that might find itself on a bracket on selection Sunday.

  21. No, our schedule is very inspiring…It’s exactly the reason for our new “ScoopTV” and “Hoosiers in the NBA” features..

    Pop another bottle of Dos Equis, we just sent the 1-4 Illini to 1-5. Just knocked their conference winning % from .200 to .167.. Yippee. Get that Crean extension ready. He is the most interesting coach in the world.

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