Indiana dominates Ohio State, 85-60

This is the Indiana team the country has been waiting to see.

In their most complete end-to-end performance of the season, the Hoosiers ran Ohio State out of the building in an 85-60 victory on Sunday afternoon at Assembly Hall.

It was a reintroduction of sorts for IU, which has begun to match signs of defensive improvement with the hallmark production of an elite offense. Against a young Buckeyes program that has exceeded expectations to this point, the Hoosiers announced themselves as a team that has visions of contending for a Big Ten crown.

Sunday’s win, which was Indiana’s ninth in a row, marks the program’s best start to a conference season since 2008 and keeps IU tied with Maryland for first place in the early league standings.

On a snowy day in Bloomington, the Hoosiers saved their best effort for their biggest home crowd of the year. Despite a lack of students on the final day of winter break, the announced crowd of 16,382 had a list of things to cheer for.

That included the re-emergence of junior Troy Williams, who tied his career high with 23 points, while posting six rebounds and — perhaps most encouraging — only one turnover.

Thomas Bryant added a double-double of 18 points and 13 rebounds, Yogi Ferrell scored 16 points and Robert Johnson broke out of a slump with 11 points, six assists and six rebounds. Indiana returns to action on Saturday afternoon at Minnesota.

This was all Indiana from the earliest moments. The Hoosiers scored the game’s first 10 points and held the Buckeyes without a field goal over the first five minutes of the game. IU snapped a seven-game winning streak for the Buckeyes, who had found much of their recent fortune through the emergence of outstanding defensive play. Over the course of the streak, the Buckeyes did an excellent job of defending the rim, while keeping teams form exploding from deep.

The Hoosiers answered their challenge with 38 points in the paint and 11 3-pointers, while shooting 46.3 percent from the field. Indiana also cut its turnovers to 12, including only five during the big first-half run.

JaQuan Lyle led Ohio State with 29 points and eight rebounds.

With five minutes to play in the first half, Indiana opened a 20-point advantage on an alley-oop dunk by OG Anunoby. From there, the Hoosiers built their advantage to as many as 36 points. They led 48-18 at halftime — the program’s largest halftime advantage since going up by 27 at Northwestern in 2000 — and refused to let that advantage dip below 20 the rest of the way.

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  1. I finished watching the game on delay. This was the best game we’ve played in 2 years. OG is changing the makeup of this team for the better.

    I know this isn’t a very good OSU team, but we did exactly what you should do against an inexperienced and inferior team: crush them beneath your feet and hear the lamentations of their women.

    Great game today, Hoosiers.

  2. Sorry I had to miss this one, although I did manage to see IU’s first two scores. Does anybody know if/when the BIG Network will rebroadcast this game?

  3. Did Thomas Bryant get injured towards the end of the game? He looked a little hobbled just before he left the game with 3 minutes to go.

  4. Very impressed with the unselfish team play at both ends of the floor. I too am very excited about OG’s emergence as a force. Hope to see more of THESE Hoosiers in the weeks to come.

    Congratulations Coach and Team. Well Done!

  5. What did I just watch? Please don’t do this to me Hoosiers… If you play like this again I’m going to be forced to have hope again. Troy couldn’t possibly play that under control again. The good news is we’ve identified the problem.

  6. Don’t worry Geoff, IU will lose a few BiG Ten games this season and their will be no shortage of people jumping off the bandwagon and vigorously reminding you that today’s performance was just a fluke. You see, there is no reason for hope until the second coming of Bob Knight arrives in Bloomington. LOL!

  7. Random stat of the day. Ziesloft had a rough one being 0-7 from the 3pt range. Dug into the team stats and in conference play he is only shooting 18.5% for 3? Is there something to that more than just a slump?


  8. The best played game by I U , I have watched at Assembly Hall in the past two years. Our play around the basket was the highlight of the game. The 3 freshman make a Big difference in our rebounding and inside.

  9. Congratulations to IU. Great performance today. When Bryant stays out of foul trouble, he can be a dominating player. He seems to be improving as the season progresses. Troy played much more under control and the results were outstanding. A key factor is the emergence of OG. With him in the lineup, the defense is simply much better. JB is a great shooter, but his defense is not of the same caliber. Great hustle today, and would love to see them continue playing with the same intensity next Saturday at Minnesota. The main drawback for IU going forward is the lack of a replacement for Bryant, when he is not in the game. There simply is not a good option on this team. So, stay out of foul trouble, Mr. Bryant!

  10. PD, it was hard not to miss how off Ziesloft was with his three-point attempts yesterday. I am no expert on shooting technique, but you could see that his form was off, even before the shot missed. He looked off balance when he launched one. Slumps happen to everyone, but I hope he regains his form soon.

  11. PB, I didn’t think Ziesloft was squaring up his shoulders. Also, his feet were not quite in proper position, either. Plus, there was a tendency to rush the shot. All items correctable.

  12. Due to computer issues, I’m late to respond to all of this but Geoff #6 post is hilarious. Kudos.

    We certainly saw the best so far from this team. Will they be able to do that consistently on the road? That remains to be seen. But it was a dramatic a turnaround as I’ve seen in a matter of 4 days previous vs. WI. As I wrote in Dec., we need more OG & Howard time and less Blackmon the matador.

    Ziesloft is way off. My bet is he’s working on it very hard. He alone could replace the loss of Blackmon points, but OG is doing more than his fair share. This kid looks good.

    Troy was unconscious positive. After being unconscious negative in the prior 2 games.

    Let’s see what we’re made of at MN, who sucks.

    Either way, this was the type of game that drive hardcore fans nuts. We’ve seen their potential and yet we will experience far less here and there during the league season.

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