IU survives scare from Minnesota in 74-68 win

After a late scare, Indiana put together its best escape act of the season.

The No. 19 Hoosiers survived a second-half surge from Minnesota and hung on for a 74-68 victory on Saturday afternoon at Assembly Hall.

Indiana, which led by as many as 16 points late in the first half, found itself trailing by one with four minutes remaining in regulation. The Hoosiers saw the return of the porous defense that defined their non-conference season and it nearly cost them.

IU returns to action on Tuesday at Michigan.

Indiana started slow, missing its first six field goal attempts and committing two turnovers before Thomas Bryant scored the team’s first basket three-plus minutes into the game. The Hoosiers didn’t take their first lead of the day until the 9:56 mark of the half, when a block by OG Anunoby turned into a coast-to-coast dunk by Bryant.

The freshman center was IU’s only consistent offensive weapon, scoring a career-best 23 points on 11-for-13 shooting. Bryant’s outstanding effort came on a day when his Hoosier teammates never settled in from the perimeter, shooting on 2-for-18 from 3-point range. Yogi Ferrell, who had been playing some of the best basketball in the Big Ten over the last month, didn’t hit his first field goal of the day — a 3-pointer — until the 16:33 mark of the second half. He finished with 13 points.

After IU took a 39-27 lead into halftime, Minnesota swung back and outplayed the Hoosiers for much of the final 20 minutes. The Gophers outscored IU 41-35 in the second half, erasing a 16-point Indiana lead with easy runs to the basket.

Minnesota guards Nate Mason and Kevin Dorsey ran through the Hoosiers in the second half, with each scoring 21 points. The Gophers scored 30 of their 48 total points in the paint in the final half, while 15 of Minnesota’s 17 second-half field goals were either layups or dunks.

Dupree McBrayer stole the ball from Troy Williams near halfcourt with 3:54 to play in the second half and raced it to the basket for a go-ahead dunk that put Minnesota ahead 67-66.

But IU answered with the game’s next six points — four of which came from Bryant — and sealed the win at the free throw line.

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  1. great coaching by our inTompetent coach awesome game management let’s hear the presser: “they’re a great team 0-10 in conference but they clearly showed today they can play with the best”. contract extension is now clearly in the air bi-atch-es. 😆

  2. I am not in favor of IU playing a lot of changing defenses during possessions or zones.However, today it seemed to me that when Minny was driving to the basket,at will, an adjustment needed to be made, maybe a zone. A 2/3 zone was played for a couple of possessions, and finally, during the last 3 minutes,CTC seemed to tweek the man2man. The BIG annoucer kept saying how wide open the lane was and no help side defense. As a coach or an assistant, how do you miss that clearing probleml? IU needed this win, but here’s hoping the annual ‘end of season fade’ hasn’t started!

  3. IU switched to zone with 2:30 to go and got a stop that probably saved the game and then went back to man to man. The zone also worked in the first half. Man to man. ????? To close for comfort.

  4. Troy Williams has no business being a point guard. Poor decisions.

    How many fouls per 40 minutes is Hartman averaging? It has to be high.

  5. Very thankful for this one. Last year we would have lost. It has been fun to watch Bryant develop this year. IU can be a big man destination.

  6. Banner Talk : you are correct ..there is only “so good” an 0-10 team is ..It truly seems the soft schedule has NOT produced the good habits that were on display. It seems that the “soft” teams were so bad , they made IU look good…when the defense comments come back, and the most assuredly will, it will be Fans v Fred Glass time. It will be the will of the fans to get Crean out of Bloomington.

  7. A win is a win! That is the good news against a bad Minnesota team. Some days the outside shots do not fall, but how in the world doesn’t Crean go to a zone much earlier? IU’s defense was horrible and only the zone kept Minnesota’s guards from scoring lay ups. Troy Williams has no business handling the ball away from the basket. He has not improved his ball handling since his freshman year. Need to really clean up things to beat Michigan!

  8. Underestimated the competition and played badly, but still won the game. Back, tied for first place in the conference. Need to win one of the next two games on the road.

  9. I don’t see it as a regression. Now if there is a 3-4 game sample size of this type of defense, then that is an issue. It was an off game from the offense and defensive side simple
    as that. They survived, onto the next game.

  10. Everyone complains about coaching, but what about leadership and communication on the floor? Nowhere to be found when the going gets tough! For all the praise heaped on Farrell he loses his composure just as quickly as his teammates, and he should know by now how to rally his cohorts. Poor communication continues to plague Crean’s teams. Is it on the head coach, the players, or is it a sign of the times? Seems like I see unacceptable mental lapses throughout the college game.

  11. Yes, this game was closer than many fans thought. Iu would have lost a game like this the last couple of years. Look iu is 8-1 in the conference at the start of February. I think everyone would have taken that after the Duke game.

  12. We look great when the 3s fall & when they don’t everything goes to hell. Yogi got schooled on both ends today. Troy was awful yet again on both ends. OG & Bryant were the only bright spots in this game & even OG had 2 nasty TOs late. The coaching, as usual in a tight game, was horrific. The sub pattern was erratic. This guy has no plan that is discernible. However, this was; he put Troy the Human TO at the PG spot to get Yogi some looks. Brilliance at its best…..

    On both ends we were standing around. On several possessions, we stood at the 35 ft. mark and watched the clock run to 10 SEC. or less. What sense does that make? I think the last two games show that this team is tired. There were also a lot of short shots all day. This makes me think that perhaps the reason Crean’s teams fade in Feb. & Mar. is because of tiredness, fueled by the non-stop up and down out of control pace in the prior 20 games.

  13. Strength of Schedule: Non-conference / Conference

    Iowa 82 / 3
    Maryland 99 / 43
    Michigan State 127 / 68
    Michigan 105 / 98
    Purdue 114 / 99
    Indiana 219 / 158

    Out of those five BIG teams dusting our SOS numbers, guess which teams we haven’t played yet?

    RPI Rank

    #9 Maryland
    #10 Iowa
    #19 Michigan State
    #26 Purdue
    #29 Michigan
    #38 Valparaiso
    #46 Indiana

    Bryce Drew and Valparaiso petition to enter the Big 10…

    Meanwhile, season begins Tuesday @ Michigan, folks.
    We can stand proud in knowing that we have sprinted to the top of the BIG standings..Of course, our first five weeks of hurdles in a 100 meters BIG hurdle race was over five very thick yeast doughnuts. I feel bloated. We have just encountered the softest and cushiest(non-conference/conference) first two months of NCAA D-1 Basketball in the history of our Hoosier program…It’s really unprecedented. Hoosier Rising? There should be some sort of ‘baking powder banner’ offered for pulling this lofty result off while a coach is on the “hot seat.” The Mop Lady is soon to be replaced the Clabber Girl.

    Yeast..? Baking powder..? add six cups of sugary Big teams….add one generous ESPN teaspoon of vanilla Dakich-hype extract..and another half cup of Wisconsin butter…and two farm fresh, cage-free, Minnesota chicken eggs …? …one cup of non-conference semi-sweet mini morsels. Bake.

    But this team is on a roll, I would suggest examining all external links detailing how Crean’s “hot seat” numbers were conquered..

  14. I agree with those who point out that IU’s recent history is littered with teams that would have lost this game. However, it’s entirely likely that unless we show uncharacteristic late-season growth we’re going to be looking at this team in a month and saying, “Can you believe that this team at one time was 8-1 in first place in the conference, 18-4 overall, and ranked in the top 20?”

  15. …and rightfully so.

    Minnesota is awful.

    On the contrary, fans are exercising a great deal of self control following yesterday’s performance.

  16. It is quite measured around here considering the way the Hoosiers played on Sat. Could be the lack of enthusiasm for having to endure a barrage of emotional responses about being a true fan if one even dares to analyze and criticize.

    I have to credit Minnesota. They didn’t even flinch coming out of the locker in the 2nd half. Looking up at a sea of red, they just kept attacking and attacking. It seemed like Indiana sans Bryant were the ones playing in their heads.

    We won the game, but we were outplayed and outhustled. Going to have to bring more effort against Michigan. They won’t miss the open looks that Minny missed.

  17. Indiana at the half way mark is 8-1….I think we finish at the very best 4-5 the second half of the conference season for a 12-6 record good for maybe 4th or 5th place.Indiana really has not played a tournament team yet.Indiana is not ready for Iowa…Mich.State or Purdue…Maryland is a maybe.Another one and done NCAA tournament team but good enough for Glass to want to keep Crean.This is the best we can hope for with Tom being the coach…4th-5th and one and done.Until the Alumni quits funding the pockets…Tommy boy is in B-town for a very long time.Stop the funding and we will see a change…not sure at this point who IU could get much better than what we have…but will see.

  18. I can’t imagine what Purdue fans were saying about their team after Minny took them to overtime!

  19. Why should they say anything? Despite what the Boils would like to think, Purdue has no rich basketball tradition. Sure, before any of us were born they won a bunch of Big Ten titles. Whoopie. They’ve never done anything on the big stage. OK, they made a Final Four 36 years ago and actually got to the title game, what was it, 50 years ago. Indiana State has been to a title game more recently.

    Muddling around in mediocrity is what Purdue fans are used to. That is their tradition.

    Purdue fans are just happy to see they are still in the Big Ten.

  20. There was that John Wooden guy that played there a long, long time ago….He went on to pretty big things. Poor Boilers…If only John would have returned to his alma mater..’The Wizard of West Lafayette’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

    Minnesota is a real heartbreaker case….They have some really nice looking freshman..Their avg. margin of defeat over the last five games is just over 5 points. They’ve played Michigan, MSU, Purdue, and Indiana x 2. Compared to our first half, that’s a much more challenging group.

  21. I doubt that John Wooden could have achieved the same success at Purdue that he did at UCLA for a variety of reasons.

  22. Purdue also had back-to-back Sweet 16’s (2009, 2010) just prior to our duplication.

    ND(Elite 8 appearance in 2015) did get within and eyelash of a Final Four last year…Had UK on the ropes and sorta let it slip away. And they sure have had their way with Duke of late…Hell of a lot more than we can say going against Coach K.

    And Butler did have the back-to-back trips to the Championship game(2010 & 2011)..

    I guess when it comes to NCAA tournament success in the past seven or so years for noteworthy colleges from the state of Indiana, we are in a tie for 3rd with Purdue.

    We really should have higher standards. We’ve dipped so low that mocking Purdue or Minnesota satisfies the apologists more than approaching the reality of big stage moments seized by Bulldogs and Irish.

    An even sadder reality…….? Even with all of Butler’s troubles post Stevens leaving, and ND losing some top players from last year’s excellent team, it’s not a risky proposition to believe they’ll both find a way to make the Big Dance and go deeper than the Hoosiers this March. Purdue will be a very tough NCAA match-up for many teams as well…All of that inside muscle usually helps in March Madness.

  23. Chet, you don’t think Sam Gilbert’s check would have been cashed in West Lafayette? 😉

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