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  1. Ferrell: We’ve got a bullseye on our back being the No. 1 team in the Big Ten now.

    Yogi…Yogi…Yogi. You put the ‘og’ in Anunoby, Keep the “bullseye” on the other guy…You have played the crap of the league thus far. Season begins in February….though count your blessings and you “bullseyes” full of Crean bullsh__ that you only play Maryland, MSU, and Purdue only once each(two of which are at home)..

    Right when Crean has the hot poker to his ass, he pulls the easiest schedule in the history of the candy stripes out of his happenstance hat to pile up his early season ‘tour de spectacular’ against cupcakes and soft-baked Big 10 bottom-feeders. Amass the wins of the giant Crean bullseye! .Hilarious.

    If it’s this easy, I fully expect us to sail through the Big 10 Tournament…Wait, there’s six more weeks of BIG season to be played.

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